None of the journals included here has been transcribed en toto.  To save time and effort by the sole researcher, "notes" and "quotes of significant passages have been recorded.  Thus, a particular journal may be represented here by a single "note" or "quote."  All instances of the ship making 10 knots or more are included, together with the duration of that speed.

Boy Samuel Sloan (1803-04)
Carpenter Henry G. Thomas (1844-46)
Commander's Clerk Edward Cobb (1852-55)
Commodore Edward Preble (1803-04)
Lieutenant John Taylor Wood (1860-61)
Lieutenant David Geisinger (1821-24)
Lieutenant Elie A. F. Vallette (1824-26)
Lieutenant Elie A. F. Vallette (1826-28)
Lieutenant John B. Dale (1844-46)
Lieutenant Melancthon T. Woolsey (1804-07)
Lieutenant William H. Kennon (1839)
Midshipman Chester C. Wager (1835-38)
Midshipman Colville Terrell (1845-46)
Midshipman Francis H. Bacon (1849-50)
Midshipman Francis H. Baker (1850-51)
Midshipman Frederick Baury (1811-12)
Midshipman Frederick Baury (1812)
Midshipman Frederick Baury )1812-13)
Midshipman Isaac Mayo (1813 excerpt)
Midshipman James Edward Calhoun (1824)
Midshipman James Pity (1798-99)
Midshipman Lucius M. Mason (1844)
Midshipman Meriwether P. Jones (1844-46)
Midshipman Nathaniel W. Thomas (1860-61)
Midshipman Philip A. Stockton (1846-26)
Midshipman Richard L. Page (1826-28)
Midshipman William P. Buckner (1844-45)
Midshipman Wright Smith (1803-05)
Passed Midshipman Frederick A. Bacon (1835-36)
Private John Hazlett (1879)
Private William Fleming (1824-28)
Second Class Boy Gustave Adolph Loehr  (1879-80)
Sailmaker Charles E. Tallman (1881)
Surgeon Amos Evans (1812-13)