“[Journal of Second Class Boy] Gustave Adoplh Loehr,
U.S.F.S. Pensacola, Panama, U.S.C.,”

in private collection



O. F. Stanton, Comanding [sic]


H. R. G. A. Loehr Was drafted to the United States Flag Ship Constitution Oct 17th 1879.


The following Ports where [sic] visited While in the U. S. F. Constitution

Hampton  Roads Va.


Guadiloupe [sic] W. I.  Small Pox Was so bad we Only there two or three hours.

Martinique W. I.  We buried one of our men while lying there we had two wade up to our waist half of the way to the grave it was the raining time of the year.

Santa Cruix [sic] W. I.

Aspinwall, USC  We had a very nice trip While going from Aspinwall to panama [sic] by Sail to the shipe [sic] USFS Pensacola 1880    Rear Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers

Feb 27 Arrived on board of the Pensacola


[Note: The journal continues to March 1883, by which time Loehr has been in at least two more ships, but never again mentions Constitution.  “U.S.F.S.” is believed to mean “United States Flag Ship;” “USC” is “United States of Columbia,” of which Panama then was a part.  “H. R. G. A.” is a mystery.]