22 DECEMBER 1852 2 JUNE 1855,




 List of Officers


 Commodore Isaac Mayo

 Commander John Rudd

 Lieutenant Samuel F. Hazard

 Lieutenant Benjamin M. Dove

 Lieutenant Samuel Larkin

 Lieutenant Christopher R. P. Rodgers

 Lieutenant A. G. Clary

 Lieutenant C. S. McDonough

 Fleet Surgeon

 Passed Assistant Surgeon J. L. Burtt

 Assistant Surgeon J. C. Coleman

 Purser J. H. Watmough

 Major N. S. Waldron, USMC

 Acting Master Colville Terrett

 Commodore's Secretary Llewellyn Boyle

 Midshipman Edward E. Potter

 Midshipman William H. Dana

 Midshipman W. L. Bradford

 Midshipman Aeneas Armstrong

 Commodore's Clerk Edward Cobb

 Captain's Clerk W. L. Swazey

 Purser's Clerk R. Reardon

 Acting Boatswain Ezra Chamberlain

 Carpenter Lewis Holmes

 Gunner A. S. Lewis

 Sailmaker William Bennett


22 Dec 1852 Placed in commission at New York.


23 Dec 1852 Commodore Mayo broke his broad pennant aboard.


24‑8 Dec 1852 Taking on powder and shot from Ellis Island.


 2 Mar 1853 Sailed: towed out of harbor by a steamer.


23 Mar 1853 Arrived at Gibraltar, having passed just S of the Azores.


28 Mar 1853 Sailed.


 8 Apr 1853 Arrived at Spezzia CUMBERLAND (Commodore Stringham) present.


12 Apr 1853 Commodore Mayo visited the Cararra quarries, then went on to Pisa and Florence, sightseeing.


24 Apr 1853 Sailed from Spezzia to Leghorn ‑‑ Commodore Mayo rejoined there.


29 Apr 1853 Sailed for Tunis carrying the Consul, Colonel Nicholson.


 6 May 1853 Arrived at Tunis.


 9 May 1853 Sailed with Nicholson still aboard.


14 May 1853 Arrived at Algiers.


15 May 1853 Colonel Nicholson disembarked to seek other passage back to the U.S.


18 May 1853 Sailed, "thousands" having visited the ship. Algiers thought to be the finest visiting and logistics port in the Mediterranean.


 2 Jun 1853 Arrived at Gibraltar.


 9 Jun 1853 Sailed to Tangiers.


10 Jun 1853 Sailed back to Gibraltar.


14 Jun 1853 Commodore saluted by HMS SANS PAREIL, ship of the line, commanded by the son of old HMS GUERRIERE's Captain, Dacres.


15 Jun 1853 Winds finally fair: sailed.


18 Jun 1853 Arrived at Funchal, Madeira.


27 Jun 1853 Visited by Civil Governor.


30 Jun 1853 Visited by the Military Governor and his wife, the Count and Countess of Taverade.


 1 Jul 1853 Gala on board; dancing until a late hour.


 3 Jul 1853 Sailed.


 5 Jul 1853 Called at Santa Cruz, Teneriffe.


11 Jul 1853 Arrived at Porto Grande, Sao Vicente Island.


12 Jul 1853 Gala aboard; dancing and fireworks ‑‑ guests included British General Hugh Wheeler and Lady Russel [sic].


13 Jul 1853 Sailed.


15 Jul 1853 Arrived at Porto Praya. stores ship JOHN P. KENNEDY of the Ringgold surveying expedition present.


19 Jul 1853 HANCOCK of the Ringgold expedition arrived ‑‑ watering and provisioning.


22 Jul 1853 Sailed ‑‑ met British schooner GEORGE in distress and escorted her back to port, calling on the 27th.


29 Jul 1853 Called at Porto Praya.


 4 Aug 1853 Arrived at Los Islands.


 9 Aug 1853 Sailed.


10 Aug 1853 Arrived at Sierra Leone.


14 Aug 1853 Sailed.


19 Aug 1853 Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.


22 Aug 1853 Visited by Liberian President, Roberts.


25 Aug 1853 Sailed.


27 Aug 1853 Arrived at Sinow, Liberia.


28 Aug 1853 Sailed.


29 Aug 1853 Arrived at Cape Palmas, Liberia.


 4 Sep 1853 Sailed to the mouth of the Cavally river (15 miles) to try and settle a 3‑year‑old dispute between the Barbo and Grebo tribes on opposite banks of the river ‑‑ Grebos amenable to mediation; but Barbos threatened emissary with death and vowed to fight any force sent against them.


 5 Sep 1853 0500 5 boats: the Barge (Commodore Mayo), ARIEL (Commander Rudd), Launch (Lieutenant DeCamp) with 12‑pounder howitzer, SEA GULL (Lieutenant Dove), and WATER WITCH (Passed Midshipman Bier), with upwards of 200 men, went on expedition ‑‑ an emissary under a white flag again was put ashore and repulsed ‑‑ rockets fired over the Barbo town on the river's left bank, as well as a few rounds from the howitzer ‑‑ after several huts were demolished, a white flag was hoisted and the native king "begged pardon" ‑‑ one woman had been slightly injured by a falling rocket ‑‑ deputations from both sides were brought together in the spar deck cabin Mayo held a "Grand Palava" with them, accompanied by “the spewing of Water & Shaking of Hands," and "going through various frantic actions," sealed the peace ‑‑ dinner and presents ("dash") followed.


 6 Sep 1853 Peace formally ratified aboard ‑‑ more "dash" ‑‑ sailed.


12 Sep 1853 Anchored at Dix Cove.


13 Sep 1853 Musical entertainment aboard for British Governor of Dix Cove.


14 Sep 1853 Sailed to Elmina (12 miles): Dutch.


16 Sep 1853 Sailed to Cape Coast Castle (British) in 2 hours.


19 Sep 1853 Entertained British authorities on board ‑‑ "The Gun Deck was handsomely decorated with Flags, and ornamental insignia, with tables spread, and heavily laden with choice viands, for the accommodation of the guests... Dined at 3 PM, after which dancing commenced and was prolonged until 7 PM at which time the entertainment was varied by the 'Musical and Dramatic' performances of the 'Associations 'formed on board..."


20 Sep 1853 Sailed.


21 Sep 1853 Arrived at Accra.


22 Sep 1853 Sailed.


25 Sep 1853 Arrived at Lagos.


26 Sep 1853 Sailed.


29 Sep 1853 Arrived at Fernando Po ‑‑ watered ship.


 2 Oct 1853 Sailed.


10 Oct 1853 Arrived at the Gaboon River.


12 Oct 1853 Sailed.


14 Oct 1853 Arrived in Man of War Bay, Sao Tome Island.


15 Oct 1853 Sailed.


26 Oct 1853 Off Malimba ‑‑ unsuccessfully chased a slaver for 6 hours headed for Kabenda.


 29 Oct 1853 Again of Malimba, a main source of slaves.


30 Oct 1853 Sailed to Kabenda.


31 Oct 1853 Sailed S.


 3 Nov 1853 Chased and brought to the American schooner H. N. GAMBRILL, which, when evidence of slaving was found, was made prize under Lieutenant DeCamp and sent to the U.S. (on the 13th) ‑‑ she apparently had been about to load slaves for delivery in Cuba and/or the Bahamas.


 5 Nov 1853 Brought to another schooner which proved to be a Portuguese warship.


 6 Nov 1853 Sailed.


 7 Nov 1853 Arrived of Loando and entered the next day ‑‑ water cost 1/2 cent a gallon.


17 Nov 1853 Sailed.


29 Nov 1853 Arrived at St. Helena Island.


 3 Dec 1853 "Dramatic" entertainment aboard for British guests ‑‑ dancing on the quarterdeck "until a late hour" ‑‑ arrangements made to maintain stores for the American squadron at St. Helena without charge.


 4 Dec 1853 Sailed.


 5 Dec 1853 Crew assembled to hear of the success of Commodore Perry's Japan Expedition and gave 3 cheers ‑‑ (In July, Commodore Mayo had requested to take the frigate and join the expedition; answer still awaited).


19 Dec 1853 Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.


21 Dec 1853 Sailed.


 6 Jan 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya ‑‑ Mayo's request to join Perry denied.


13 Jan 1854 Colors half‑masted for 3 days upon receipt of news of the death of the Queen of Portugal; 21 minute guns fired at noon of the 14th.


16 Jan 1854 Commodore and suite attended memorial services at the Cathedral.


 19 Jan 1854 Sailed.


22 Jan 1854 Arrived at Sal Island.


23 Jan 1854 Sailed with 21 survivors of the wrecked ship SYLPH.


24 Jan 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande and offloaded survivors.


31 Jan 1854 Held a "theatrical and musical soiree" on the quarterdeck ‑‑ dancing until 11 PM.


 7 Feb 1854 A musical performance by the ship's "Ethiopian Minstrels."


25 Feb 1854 Sailed.


26 Feb 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya.


 4 Mar 1854 Sailed.


 6 Mar 1854 Arrived of St. Nicholas Island.


 7 Mar 1854 Arrived off Maio Island; thence to Porto Praya.


 8 Mar 1854 Sailed.


10 Mar 1854 Arrived at Funchal, Madeira.


 1 Apr 1854 Large farewell entertainment on board.


 2 May 1854 Sailed with Mr. Stoddard, the British Consul for Madeira, and his 2 daughters on board.


 4 May 1854 Arrived at Teneriffe.


 5 May 1854 Sailed.


 6 May 1854 Off the Grand Canary.


 8 May 1854 Sailed.


11 May 1854 Arrived at Sao Vicente Island.


22 May 1854 Sailed.


23 May 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya.


29 May 1854 Received the Governor‑General of the Cape Verde Islands aboard for a visit ‑‑ provisioned.


 12 Jun 1854 Sailed.


15 Jun 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.


16 Jun 1854 "Ethiopian Minstrels" again performed for guests.


22 Jun 1854 Sailed ‑‑ called at Porto Praya, then filled away.


 4 Jul 1854 At Monrovia, Liberia.


12 Jul 1854 Sailed.


15 Jul 1854 Off "Nefoo," Liberia.


16 Jul 1854 Arrived off Cape Palmas, Liberia.


18 Jul 1854 At the request of the local governor, a "palava" in Mayo's cabin (he then being bedridden by a "severe sprain") to settle a territorial dispute between the Grahway and Half Cavally tribes ‑‑ this was accomplished with the usual "spewing of water" and "dash" ‑‑ sailed.


21 Jul 1854 Arrived off Cape Coast Castle.


22 Jul 1854 Sailed.


23 Jul 1854 Arrived at Accra ‑‑ provided American ship WINNEGANCE with an anchor and cable.


25 Jul 1854 Off "Little Popo," pretending to be French, inspected a Spanish schooner and a Dutch brig, both lawful.


26 Jul 1854 Off Ahgway ‑‑ boarded 1 Hamburg and 2 British vessels, both lawful ‑‑ later, off Wydah, inspected several Portuguese traders, all legal.


27 Jul 1854 Sailed ‑‑ off Appi, checked out 3 British barques.


28 Jul 1854 Off Lagos River at 1400 ‑‑ anchored.


31 Jul 1854 King Docemo of Lagos and his principal nobles called on Mayo ‑‑ received 13‑gun salute with his flag at the fore ‑‑ an agreement was signed granting most favored nation status to the U.S. in Lagos ‑‑ sailed.


 3 Aug 1854 Arrived in West Bay, Prince's Island ‑‑ watered and provisioned.


 8 Aug 1854 Disinterred the remains of the late Mister Abbot, once Captain's Clerk of USS MACEDONIAN, encased them in canvas and pitch, and brought them aboard for return to the U.S.


 9 Aug 1854 Sailed.


16 Aug 1854 Off "Anna Bona" Island ‑‑ got fresh fruits and vegetables.


17 Aug 1854 Sailed.


19 Aug 1854 Spliced the mainbrace in honor of the GUERRIERE victory.


24 Aug ‑ 5 Sep 1854 Anchored 31 times between Malimba and Loando (a 70‑mile stretch) due to light airs, calms, and a northerly current.


 5 Sep 1854 Came to in Loando Bay ‑‑ natives "a fine race, and seem to be much more intelligent, than any other tribes we have heretofore visited" ‑‑ (On 4 Sep 54, the king at Loando had decoyed 2 Englishmen to his village and taken them prisoner. After the frigate arrived, the routine firing of her morning gun led him to believe retribution was at hand. He released his prisoners and subsequently held a "palava" with the white traders which resulted in a friendship treaty. Lieutenant Rodgers was an official witness.)


 8 Sep 1854 Sailed.


17 Sep 1854 0600 Crossed the Equator at 0 degrees longitude.


21 Sep 1854 Arrived at Cape Palmas.


22 Sep 1854 Sailed.


25 Sep 1854 Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.


29 Sep 1854 Ordinary Seaman James Lee, while preparing a quarterboat for lowering, was struck in the head by a parting block and knocked into the water and drowned.


30 Sep 1854 Sailed.


 14 Oct 1854 Off Porto Praya.


17 Oct 1854 While beating up to Porto Grande in a freshening wind, split jib, mainsail, and foretopsail, and carried away the crossjack ‑‑ stood away from land until repairs could be made.


19 Oct 1859 Arrived at Porto Grande.


23 Oct 1854 Sailed.


24 Oct 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya.


25 Oct 1854 A General Order from the Navy Department was read to the crew announcing an increase in pay for seamen ‑‑ 3 cheers given.


27 Oct 1854 1540 The American whaling barque MALTA standing off and on the harbor, missed stays in going about, and collided with the frigate ‑‑ CONSTITUTION lost an accommodation ladder, but the barque was much damaged in the bows.


 9 Nov 1854 At target practice, the 12‑pounder howitzer was loaded and fired 10 times in 1 minute.


17 Nov 1854 Sailed.


21 Nov 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.


24 Nov 1854 Sailed.


10 Dec 1854 Arrived at Funchal, Madeira.


 7 Jan 1855 Cleared the harbor due to bad weather.


12 Jan 1855 Returned to port.


13 Jan 1855 Sailed.


18 Jan 1855 Arrived at Teneriffe.


19 Jan 1855 Sailed.


30 Jan 1855 Arrived at Porto Grande ‑‑ 1900 sailed.


 2 Feb 1855 Arrived at Porto Praya.


 3 Feb 1855 Sailed.


 6 Feb 1855 Off the mouth of the Gambia River.


 7 Feb 1855 Stood northward.


 9 Feb 1855 Arrived at Goree.


13 Feb 1855 Sailed.


16 Feb 1855 Off Sal Island ‑‑ filled away.


17 Feb 1855 Arrived at Porto Praya.


 2 Mar 1855 Sailed with USS MARION ‑‑ cruised off the islands of Fogo and Bravo.


 6 Mar 1855 Returned to Porto Praya.


 8 Mar 1855 Sailed.


 9 Mar 1855 Arrived at Maio Island.


12 Mar 1855 Sailed to Porto Praya.


27 Mar 1855 Sailed.


29 Mar 1855 Arrived at Porto Grande.


31 Mar 1855 Called "all hands up anchor for home" at 1830 ‑‑ spliced the main brace.


23 Apr 1855 Spoke an American ship 4 days out from the Delaware Capes whose information led Commodore Mayo to believe they might be needed off Cuba ‑‑ headed S.


 4 May 1855 Off S coast of Cuba ‑‑ Private James Sherry died of dysentery, the first death by sickness of the cruise.


16 May 1855 Entered Havana, Cuba.


19 May 1855 USS SAN JACINTO arrived with Commodore McCauley ‑‑ he being senior, Mayo shifted to a red pendant.


21 May 1855 Sailed (towed clear of harbor by a steamer).


 2 Jun 1855 Arrived at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.



 Cruise summary: 429.5 days at sea

 392 days in port

 42,166 miles sailed