23 FEBRUARY 1826 ‑ 30 MARCH 1828,





23 Feb 1826  "...received a chain Cable length 117 fathoms from the Brandywine..." ‑ "Joined the ship from the Brandywine Hansford, Hoff, Brant, Pope, Bache,

 Deacon, Radford, Capt. Clerk John Fairlie, George Jones Schoolmaster and Lieut. Ralph Voorhees as 3d."


27 Feb 1826  (Monday)  "Joined the Ship as teacher of French & Spanish Joseph Arno (m. mate)."


 5 Mar 1826  "Reduced John Neill to a Seaman and made John Ward Quarter Master in his place."


13 Mar 1826  "At 7.30 Edward Ross fell from the main topmast Cross trees and broke his thigh."


 1 May 1826  "At 5 AM departed this life Dr. Dewitt Birch." ‑ "At 5 PM entered [sic] the Body of Dr. Birch on the Neutral ground [at Gibraltar] with the usual honors."


 2 Jun 1826  "In the morning sent the 1st & 3rd Cutters to sweep for the Anchor lost last July returned without success..."


24 Jun 1826  Ship is organized into 5 divisions.


10 Aug 1826  Stowed the kedge anchor in the main chains.


16 Sep 1826  Lieutenant Randolph of NORTH CAROLINA exchanged with Lieutenant Wyman.


18 Sep 1826  Lieutenant Voorhees and Dr. Osborne exchanged with Lieutenant McCulloch and Dr. Smith of ERIE; Midshipmen Morris and Deacon to ERIE bound for the US.


19 Sep 1826  "...blacking tarpaulings [sic]..."


25 Sep 1826  Court martial for Lieutenant Carpenter convened at 1000.  Concluded at 1430 on 5 October.


 8 Oct 1826  "At 5 Gustavus Headlow Q. Master fell from the main yard on deck, and died in about 15 minutes."


 9 Oct 1826  1030 read the sentence on Lieutenant Carpenter.  Headlow buried in afternoon.


23 Oct 1826  1800 Lieutenant Carpenter to NORTH CAROLINA for passage to Gibraltar.


 8 Jan 1827  1200 fired 17‑gun salute in memory of victory at New Orleans.


13 Feb 1827  "...painting the Main Deck..."


14 Feb 1827  "...painting the Gun Deck..."


20 Feb 1827  "...blacking the Carronades..."


23 Feb 1827  "...painting Spar Deck..."


 5 Mar 1827  Hoisted out the mainmast and took it ashore for repairs at Port Mahon.


12 Mar 1827  1000 Court martial began on Seamen Robert Owens and Joseph Russell.


21 Mar 1827  Restepped the mainmast.


22 Mar 1827  Punished Robert Owens with 70 lashes; Joseph Russell acquitted.


 2 Apr 1827  1630 Carried away the larboard side of the crossjack.  Got a spare main topsail yard from the chains and rigged it as a crossjack.


18 Apr 1827  "...the Larboard waist anchor..."


20 Apr 1827  "...blacking guns..."


25 Apr 1827  "...painted the mast heads..."


14 Jun 1827  (Thursday)  "...unshipped the spar deck Capstern [sic] and sent it on shore for repairs..."  [At Smyrna.]


19 Jun 1827  Reshipped the capstan.


27 Jun 1827  "...fitting new straps for the Bobstays..."


29 Jun 1827  "At 2 PM returned on board...Lieut. Pope, Midshipmen Turner, Armstrong and Doctor Brook Surgeon's Mate..."


 6 Jul 1827  "Left the ship to return to the U States Acting Sailing Master Allen H. Harwood."


 7 Jul 1827  "Mid. John H. Marshall ordered acting Master of this ship."


12 Jul 1827  "At 10 [AM] Abram Brown (Sea) departed this life."  Buried at sea at 1530.


14 Jul 1827  Ship has four cutters, a barge, and a whaleboat referred to at various times; also quarter and stern boats.  Two, perhaps the quarter boats, were named SPARROW and PELICAN.


20 Jul 1827  [Friday; at Coulori, Salamis I.]  "At 2 o' [sic] received intelligence from the Governor of Salamis, that a piratical expedition was fitting out for sea from this port, also a request to prevent them from going.  At 2.20 discovered 3 suspicious sail standing out.  At 2.40 fired a Gun & despatched [sic] 2 Boats in pursuit.  At 3.20 the Boats returned with 3 strange sail.  Examined the passports of two and dismissed them, detained the third and permitted the Commander to visit the shore for the purpose of obtaining a passport.  At 3.40 Captain Patterson left the ship for Corinth.  At 5 permitted the suspicious sail to return to town."


21 Jul 1827  [PM] "...boarded several small craft and examined their passports...  During the night...the Launch, 3rd & 4th Cutters rowing Guard to prevent suspicious vessels from leaving the Harbour..."


11 Aug 1827  "...rec'd on board a Lighter load of coal."


29 Aug 1827  Midshipmen E. O. Blanchard and P. H. Hayns [sic] transferred to JAVA (flag, Commodore William Crane).


11 Dec 1827  Mizzen topgallant yard sprung; fished it the next morning.


13 Dec 1827  "At 5 committed the body of Owen Sullivan to the deep."


31 Dec 1827  "At 4.15 [AM] Lt. George B. McCulloch departed this Life."  Buried ashore, Port Mahon, on 1 Jan 1828.


 4 Feb 1828  "Carpenters making a Cross Jack yard."


 7 Feb 1828  Ordinary Seaman Nicholas Post died and was  buried ashore at Port Mahon.


12 Feb 1828  During the night, Seaman Joseph Williams drowned attempting to swim ashore.  Body interred on the 27th, after it had been found.


22 Feb 1828  Hoisted ensigns to the fore and mizzen in honor of the day; at 12 fired a 17‑gun salute.


28 Feb 1828  Painting wardroom and steerage.


18 Mar 1828  Armorers repairing the galley.


30 Mar 1828  Seaman William Staples died; buried the next day.