(22 SEPTEMBER 1824 ‑ 4 JULY 1828),




22 Sep 1824  Reported aboard.


29 Oct 1824  Sailed from New York.


24 Nov 1824  Arrived at Gibraltar.


30 Nov 1824  Sailed from Gibraltar with CYANE.


 5 Dec 1824  Arrived off Algiers.


11 Dec 1824  Arrived at Tunis.


15 Dec 1824  Sailed from Tunis.


19 Dec 1824  "John Norton (a colored man) died of a consumption..."


22 Dec 1824  Anchored at Syracuse ‑‑ repaired the rotten main mast near cap.


14 Jan 1825  ONTARIO fouled CONSTITUTION, losing an anchor in the process.


23 Jul 1825  Arrived at Tunis.


25 Jul 1825  Sailed from Tunis, losing an anchor in the process.


 7 Aug 1825  Off Milo Island.


 9 Aug 1825  Arrived at Paros Island for watering.


14 Aug 1825  Sailed from Paros.


19 Aug 1825  Arrived at Smyrna, Turkey.


30 Aug 1825  Sailed from Smyrna to Vourla, 20 miles away ‑‑ 95 degrees in the shade.


 2 Sep 1825  Marine William Sawyer "departed this life" of a fever ‑‑ buried on Uras Island off Vourla.


 3 Sep 1825  Marine David Lockhart died of a fever and was buried on Uras.


 7 Sep 1825  Marine James W. Swords died of a fever and was buried on Uras ‑‑ Maintopman John Sloan died of the flux.


 8 Sep 1825  Sailed from Vourla ‑‑ 1330 grounded ‑‑ Commodore Rodgers came aboard  ‑‑ 2100 refloated after dumping 8000 gallons of water.


 9 Sep 1825   Sailed from Vourla.


12 Sep 1825  Arrived at "Napola de la Romeii," Greece.


17 Sep 1825  Seaman John Day died of consumption and was "buried in the harbor."


18 Sep 1825  Sailed ‑‑ 1600 off Milo.


26 Sep 1825  Found the ship leaking aft near the stern post.


27 Sep 1825  Passed Malta.


 1 Oct 1825  Passed Tunis.


 2 Oct 1825  Maintopman Peter Osborn fell from the main topgallant yard to the port hammocks, breaking his right leg.


 5 Oct 1825  Maintopman Henry L. Eaton died and was buried at sea.


 9 Oct 1825  Arrived at Gibraltar.


20 Oct 1825  Captain Daniel T. Patterson took command ‑‑ Captain Mcdonough [sic] returning to the United States due to ill health.


22 Oct 1825  Doctor Jackson relieved Doctor Turk as Surgeon.


26 Oct 1825  Lieutenant Dominic detached.


 9 Nov 1825  Quarter Gunner William Morrisson died and was buried in the Neutral Ground.


16 Nov 1825  Sailed from Gibraltar.


19 Nov 1825  Off Malaga, Marine Michael Hurley died and was buried at sea.


29 Nov 1825  Arrived at Port Mahon.


 1 Dec 1825  In the Navy Yard.


 2 Dec 1825  Lieutenant William Dulany relieved Lieutenant Nicholson as commanding officer of the Marine guard.


 22 Jan 1826  Captain George C. Reid [sic] assumed command of ship.


 3 Feb 1826  Ended yard period.


20 Feb 1826  Captain Daniel T. Patterson relieved Captain Reid [sic].


16 Mar 1826  Boy Edward Ross fell from the main topgallant crosstrees into a boat alongside, breaking his right leg.


10 Apr 1826  Sailed from Port Mahon.


16 Apr 1826  Arrived at Gibraltar.


 1 May 1826  Surgeon's Mate Dewitt Birch died after a short illness and was buried in the English burying ground.


10 May 1826  Sailed from Gibraltar.


20‑23 May 1826  Lay off Algiers, finally anchoring on the 23rd.


24 May 1826  Sailed from Algiers.


 1 Jun 1826  Arrived at Tunis.


 4 Jun 1826  Sailed from Tunis.


10 Jun 1826  Anchored at Milo.


13 Jun 1826  Sailed from Milo.


15 June 1826  Arrived at Anti‑Paros [sic].


18 Jun 1826  Sailed from Anti‑Paros.


19 Jun 1826  Arrived at Vourla, which has good water.


30 Jun 1826  Sailed from Vourla to Smyrna.


 1 Jul 1826  Sailed from Smyrna.


 3 Jul 1826  Arrived at Tenedos.


 4 Jul 1826  "Being the Anniversary of American Independence at 11 A.M. the Turkish Squadron of 25 sailed past us.  At 12 all the Squadron saluted the Anniversary of our Independence, which made the hills and valleys of old Troy echo again with our thunder."


  8 Jul 1826  Sailed for the Dardanelles, then points S.


 9 Jul 1826  Arrived at Mytilene.


13 Jul 1826  Upon sighting "a large Squadron of men‑of‑war" standing in, beat to quarters ‑‑ found to be Turkish ‑‑ stood down.


14 Jul 1826  Commodore Rodgers and Captain Patterson and others called upon the Turkish commander, Ali Bey (Pacha [sic] of 3 tails), receiving a 24 [sic]  gun salute on departure.


16 Jul 1826  Sailed from Mytilene.


17 Jul 1826  Arrived at Vourla.


11 Aug 1826  Sailed from Vourla.


13 Aug 1826  Arrived at Athens ‑‑ hasty departure due to storm ‑‑ went to Milos.


21 Aug 1826  Sailed from Milos.


29 Aug 1826  Off Malta.


 7 Sep 1826  Arrived at Port Mahon.


 6 Oct 1826  Quartermaster Gustavus Headlow fell from the main yard and was killed.


 5 Mar 1827  Decayed mainmast removed for repair.


22 Mar 1827  Repaired mainmast reshipped.


30 Mar 1827  Sailed from Port Mahon.


 1 Apr 1827  Off Malta after a run of 500 miles in 48 hours ‑‑ split the main topsail and broke the mizzen topsail yard in gale winds.


 6 Apr 1827 Off Candi [sic] Island.


 7 Apr 1827  Arrived at Milo.


14 Apr 1827  Sailed from Milo.


17 Apr 1827  Arrived at Vourla.


24 Apr 1827  Sailed from Vourla.


25 Apr 1827  Arrived at Smyrna.


 3 May 1827  Sailed from Smyrna.


 4 May 1827  Arrived at Scio, where, in 1822, the Turks massacred 80‑90,000 Greeks and destroyed the city.


 6 May 1827  Sailed from Scio to Ephesus ‑‑ Captain Patterson visited the Temple of Diana and the church where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians.


 7 May 1827  Sailed from Ephesus.


 8 May 1827  Passed Zea Island.


10 May 1827  Arrived at Eginia Island.


11 May 1827  Admiral Canaris, Greek naval chief, visited the ship.


14 May 1827  Sailed from Eginia to Athens ‑‑ saw a 1/2‑hour fire fight between Turks and Greeks ashore.


17 May 1827  Sailed from Athens to Paro [sic], revolutionary Greek capital.


19 May 1827  A Mr. Jarvis, a young Bostonian serving as a Captain with the Greeks, visited the ship.


21 May 1827  Sailed from Paro ‑‑ passed Hydra Island and Spezia Island ‑‑ arrived at Napoli di Romani.


28 May 1827  Sailed.


29 May 1827  Anchored at Spezia.


31 May 1827  Sailed to Napoli di Romani.


 1 Jun 1827  Captain Patterson went ashore to settle a problem over provisions delivered to the Greeks by the American ship CHANTICLEER ‑‑ Greek General Colocotroni visited the ship.


 2 Jun 1827  Sailed, passing Spargo Island.


 6 Jun 1827  Arrived off Milo, passed on.


 8 Jun 1827  Arrived at Smyrna.


 4 Jul 1827  Observed Independence Day, the noon salute being returned by men of war from England, France, Holland, and Austria, also in port.


 6 Jul 1827  Sailed to Vourla.


12 Jul 1827  Sailed ‑‑ Seaman Abraham Brown died and was buried at sea.


13 Jul 1827  Arrived at Athens, now totally in Turkish hands.


18 Jul 1827  Sailed to Culora Island.


22 Jul 1827  Sailed.


23 Jul 1827  Arrived at Paro.


25 Jul 1827  Sailed to Eginia.


27 Jul 1827  Captain Patterson visited Lord Cochrane in his flagship, frigate HELLAS ‑‑ sailed to Milo.


 2 Aug 1827  Captain Patterson became squadron commander, Commodore Rodgers having returned home ‑‑ sailed from Milo.


 7 Aug 1827  Arrived at Smyrna.


15 Aug 1827  Sailed to Vourla.


 9 Sep 1827  Sailed to Smyrna.


25 Oct 1827  Received news of the Battle of Navarino from HM sloop ROSE.


15 Nov 1827  Sailed.


17 Nov 1827  Passed Milo.


 2 Dec 1827  Passed Malta.


 5 Dec 1827  Arrived at Tunis.


 7 Dec 1827  Sailed.


 9 Dec 1827  Sprung the main yard and split the fore topsail in a heavy gale.


11 Dec 1827  Seaman Owen Sullivan died "of a debility" and was buried at sea.


15 Dec 1827  Arrived at Port Mahon.


 1 Jan 1828  Second Lieutenant J. McCulloch died after a short illness and was buried ashore with full military honors.


  9 Jan 1828  Entered the Navy Yard.


 2 Feb 1828  Seaman Nicholas Post died of consumption.


15 Feb 1828  Seaman Joseph Williams drowned while attempting to desert by swimming ashore.


 1 Apr 1828  Purser J. B. Timberlake died "of a consumption" and was buried ashore with full military honors.


 3 Apr 1828  Moved out of the Navy Yard.


 4 Apr 1828  Seaman W. Staples died of "the effects of intoxication."


 9 Apr 1828  Midshipman J. Hoover died and was buried ashore with full military honors.


28 Apr 1828  Sailed from Port Mahon.


 2 May 1828  Seaman Michael Flyn [sic] died off Malaga.


 9 May 1828  Arrived at Gibraltar.


12 May 1828  Seaman Nathaniel Carin had his right leg amputated above the knee.


13 May 1828  Seaman Carin died.


22 May 1828  "...thus day a most singular circumstance occurred.  About a weeks ago there arrived here a large black brig __________ mounting 6 brass guns. She into the hauled Neutral Ground, unbent her sails, and discharged her crew.  The next day, the captain of her was taking [sic] sick, and fearing that his end was approaching, sent for the Mr. Henry [sic], the American Consul, to whom he told that the brig which he commanded, and said belonged to him, was not his, but was owned in Boston by two brothers and a sister, that he sailed from Boston about nine years ago, on a trading voyage round the Horn, and that one of  the brothers went out as supercargo.  The vessel and cargo were valued at 70,000 dollars, on which there had been no insurance.  After doubling Cape Horn, the supercargo died; where the captain disposed of the cargo to great advantage.  From here he proceeded to Jamaica, in the West Indies, where he procured a new set of papers, and sailing under English colors, he called the vessel, the Mary of Jamaica.  From here, he proceeded up the Straits, where he has been trading for the last three years.  No intelligence of the vessel never having been received by the brother and sister in Boston, they concluded of course that she was lost ‑‑ by which they were reduced to poverty ‑‑ the sister living in the capacity of a servant and the brother, unable to withstand his adverse fortune; gave himself up to dissipation, and finally entered the U. S. Service as a Sailor.  Mr. Henry having communicated this information to Capt. Patterson, it became a topic of conversation throughout the ship.  A sailor, on board, by the name of R._________ having heard the circumstances, went to Capt.Patterson, and stated to him that the vessel belonged to him and his sister; that nine years ago she sailed from Boston, and that they had never heard of her, and by that means he was compelled to enter the service.  Capt.Patterson sent him on shore to the American Consul, with whom he went to see the captain of the brig, whom he recognized as the very man whom he gave command of his vessel to 9 years ago!  The Captain acknowledged everything to him, and begged his forgiveness for the great injustice he had done him.  The mate of her also divulged everything since their sailing from Boston (he left Boston as her cabinboy, and was now her Chief Mate).  The vessel was immediately taken possession of by the American Consul, and a guard of soldiers put on board.  A large amount of property was found on board, and spices to the amount of 60,000 dollars, was [sic] found secreted in her sails.  The Captain has been since put in prison; and the Sailor R._________ returned home with us to communicate the joyful intelligence to his sister; leaving to the American Consul the settlement of his affairs."


23 May 1828  Sailed from Gibraltar after 3 years and 8 months in the Mediterranean.


25 Jun 1828  Off Cape Sable.


 4 Jul 1828  Arrived at Boston.