1 OCTOBER 1845 ‑ 16 SEPTEMBER 1846,



Embarked Officers


          Captain John Percival

          First Lieutenant Amasa Paine

          Second Lieutenant William C. Chapin

          Third Lieutenant James Alden

          Fourth Lieutenant James W. Cooke

          Fifth Lieutenant John B. Dale

          Sixth Lieutenant Gough W. Grant

          Surgeon Daniel C. McLeod

          Purser Thomas M. Taylor

          Acting Sailing Master Isaac G. Strain

          1st Lieutenant Joseph W. Curtis, USMC

          Professor of Mathematics E. Estabrook

          Assistant Surgeon Marius Duvall

          Assistant Surgeon Richard McSherry

          Naturalist J. C. Reinhardt

          Midshipman Colville Terrell

          Midshipman John E. Hopson

          Midshipman John E. Hart

          Midshipman Cornelius Comegys

          Midshipman Washington P. Buckner

          Midshipman M. P. Nones

          Midshipman G. Bell Douglass

          Midshipman J. Jarvis Cook

          Midshipman W. F. Davidson

          Acting Midshipman John M. Maury

          Acting Midshipman Dominick H. Lynch

          Captain's Clerk Benjamin F. Stevens

          Boatswain Robert Simpson

          Gunner George Sirian

          Carpenter H. G. Thomas

          Sailmaker Isaac Whitney

          Master's Mate Charles Woodland


 5 Oct 1845  [Sunday]  "...main spencer..."


 7 Nov 1845  [Friday]  Ship pumped out twice daily ‑‑ 10‑18 inches!!


 5 Feb 1846  [Thursday]  One of the ship's boats is named SPARROW.


 7 Feb 1845  Finished painting hull.


 4 Jul 1846  [Saturday]  Spliced the main brace.


16 Jul 1846  Ordinary Seaman Michael Fritt died.


25 Jul 1846  "got up Guns No. 25 from the Berth Deck."


 29 Jul 1846  Painting the ship outside.