(24 JUNE 27 OCTOBER 1812)



23 Jun 1812 Exercised at general quarters installation of gun deck capstan completed


24 Jun 1812 (Wednesday) Fitting preventers for lower rigging.


25 Jun 1812 1130 Lieutenant Morris rejoined ship ‑‑ mounting guns


26 Jun 1812 Employed filling cylinders ‑‑ exercised at general quarters.


27 Jun 1812 Standing up Chesapeake Bay ‑‑ exercised at general quarters ‑‑ 1730 anchored off Annapolis.


28 Jun 1812 Exercised at general quarters.


29 Jun 1812 Fitted preventer breeching to the carronades.


30 Jun 1812 "...1st cutter...& 2d..." ‑‑ exercised at general quarters.


1 Jul 1812 Exercised at sail drills.


2 Jul 1812 Received 6 new men from Baltimore ‑‑ received 20 Marines from Norfolk.


3 Jul 1812 Pilot Welch replaced by Pilot Carol.


4 Jul 1812 All hands scrubbed clothes ‑‑ 1200 fired a 15‑gun salute.


5 Jul 1812 0700 Underway from Annapolis.


6 Jul 1812 Rain showers ‑‑ discharged 12 men and sent them into Norfolk in gunboat ‑‑ employed stationing new men.


7 Jul 1812 Anchored off Point Lookout ‑‑ received stores.


8 Jul 1812 0430 Underway ‑‑ 1000 anchored.


9 Jul 1812 0500 Underway ‑‑ 1000 anchored ‑‑ employed in stationing the crew for making and taking in sail ‑‑ exercised at general quarters.


10 Jul 1812 0400 Underway beating down the bay ‑‑ 0500 Lieutenant Morgan and Midshipman Belcher, with 20 new recruits and a recaptured deserter, John D. Allen, reached the ship ‑‑ 2000 anchored off Point Comfort.


11 Jul 1812 0500 Underway ‑‑ 1000 anchored off Cape Henry ‑‑ Midshipman Griffith joined ‑‑ deserter John Russell brought back ‑‑ rigged a new spanker boom.


12 Jul 1812 0500 Underway out to sea ‑‑ 0900 discharged the pilot ‑‑ 1730 exercised the guns.


13 Jul 1812 (Monday) Rainy morning ‑‑ chased a Spanish schooner ‑‑ chased an American brig.


14 Jul 1812 Exercised the guns.


15 Jul 1812 Test fired double‑shotted, double‑charged carronades with no problems.


16 Jul 1812 1400 4 sail in sight ‑‑ 1600 another ship in sight to NE ‑‑ 1930 cleared for action.


17 Jul 1812 6 ships in chase at daylight ‑‑ cut away taffrail to permit guns to be run out aft ‑‑ 2 guns run out cabin windows ‑‑ 0700 began kedging ‑‑ 1000 started 2335 gallons of water ‑‑ 1900 towing with 8 boats ‑‑ 2300 with breeze, boats hoisted in.


18 Jul 1812 Enemy still chasing ‑‑ 0900 set fore and main skysails ‑‑ 1100 took in skysails, range opening noticeably ‑‑ 1900 all pursuers now hull down ‑‑ 11 kts (2 hours).


19 Jul 1812 Four enemy still in sight at daylight ‑‑ 6 AM wetting sails ‑‑ 0800 chase given up ‑‑ 10 kts (4 hours).


20 Jul 1812 1330 Buried Henry Fales at sea.


21 Jul 1812 Squally.


22 Jul 1812 Exercised at the guns twice.


23 Jul 1812 Exercised the guns and boarders ‑‑ 10 kts (1 hour).


27 Jul 1812 0100 Anchored in President Roads off Boston ‑‑ mention of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cutters.


29 Jul 1812 "Sent a gang on shore to work at a Splinter netting" ‑‑ rainy.


30 Jul 1812 Received 4 new seamen ‑‑ exercised at general quarters ‑‑ Midshipman Gilliam mentioned.


31 Jul 1812 Rainy and foggy ‑‑ exercised at general quarters.


2 Aug 1812 0430 Underway for sea ‑‑ received 5 men from Gunboat 81 and discharged 10 into her ‑‑ 1300 Mustered the crew and read Articles of War exercised at general quarters.


3 Aug 1812 (Monday) 0130 Cleared for action [apparently a drill].


4 Aug 1812 Fitting caps for boarders.


5 Aug 1812 Fitting caps for boarders ‑‑ exercised at sail handling.


6 Aug 1812 Exercised the guns.


7 Aug 1812 Exercised at general quarters.


10 Aug 1812 1830 Captured an English merchant brig; burned her.


11 Aug 1812 1220 Captured British merchant brig ADONIA; burned her ‑‑ exercised the guns.


12 Aug 1812 Read the Articles of War to the British prisoners and gave each 12 lashes for insolence to the Officer of the Deck ‑‑ exercised the guns.


13 Aug 1812 Exercised at general quarters.


14 Aug 1812 1500 John Lindsy [sic] fell overboard; rescued by stern boat ‑‑ exercised the guns.


15 Aug 1812 0900 Recaptured an American merchant barque, prize of HMS AVENGER ‑‑ 1400 recaptured the American brig ADELINA, another AVENGER prize ‑‑ Midshipman Madison sent as prize master ‑‑ 10 kts (5 hours).


16 Aug 1812 Exercised the great guns.


17 Aug 1812 2315 Overhauled Salem privateer DECATUR, which had jettisoned 12 of her 14 guns attempting to get away.


18 Aug 1812 0500 DECATUR parted company.


19 Aug 1812 "At 2 PM discovered a sail to the Southd Made all sailing chase At 3 PM perceived the chase to be a Ship with her starboard Tacks on board close to the wind At 1/2 past 3 closing fast with the Chase who appeared to be a Frigate At 1/4 before 4 PM the Frigate laid her Main Top Sail to the Mast Took in Top Gallt Sails & Stay Sail, flying Jib & hauled the courses up Took the 2d reef in the Top Sail & sent down Royal Yards & got all snug for action Beat to Quarters at which the crew gave three cheers At 5 PM bore more up bringing the chase to bear a little off our Starbd Bow She then discovered herself to be an Enemy by hoisting three English Ensigns At 5" after 5 PM she discharged her Starboard BroadSide at uswithout effect her shot falling short She immediately wore round and discharged her Larbd Broad Side at us two shot of which hulled us and the remainder flying over us & through our rigging. We then hoisted two ensigns & two Jacks The enemy still maneuvering to take us firing her Broad Sides alternately at us & we returning his fire with as many of ur Bow Guns as we could bring to bear upon her At 3/4 past 5 the enemy finding his attempt fruitless to rake us bore up with the wind rather on his Labd quarter We then set our Main Top Gallt Sail & stood down on his Beam in order to bring him to close quarters At 5" after 6 PM hauled down the Jib & lay the Main Top Sail shivering and opened on him a heavy fire from all our Guns At 15" after 6 PM the Enemy's Mizzen Mast fell over his Starboard Quarter on which our Crew gave three cheers We finding ourselves fore reaching the Enemy attempted raking of his Bow But our Braces & Jib Halyards being shott [sic] away we failed in our attempt on which our Enemy attempted raking our Stern in which he also failed getting but one of his Guns to bear upon us which he discharged with little or no effect having his Bowsprit entangled in our mizzen rigging Our Marines during that time keeping up a very brisk & gauling fire [sic] on the Enemy from the Taffenrail [sic] & all our Boarders prepared to board at which time Lieut Charles Morris & Lieut Wm S. Bush of the Marines fell from off the Taffenrail [sic] the former severely wounded & the latter killed Filled away & shot clear of the Enemy when immediately (it being 30" after 6) his Fore & Main Mast fell over on his Larbd Bow

"Set Fore & Main Sail & stood to the Eastd (& took one reef in the Top Sail) in order to reeve new Braces & Halyards which had been shot away at which time the Enemy, a complete wreck under a Sprit Sail, fired a gunin token of submission to Leeward which we answered as soon as our Top Sails were set & Braces rove by wearing & running under his Lee, hauling up our courses & laying the Main Top Sail to the Mast and sending a boat with Lieut Reed on Board of the Prize. At 1/2 past 7 PM hoisted out all the boats to take the prisoners out & bring them on Board Sent the 2d & 3d Cutters on Board with the Surgeon's Mate to assist the Surgeon of the Prize to dress the wounded, & the 1st Cutter with a Hawser to take the Prize in tow At 8 PM the boat returned which took Lt Reed on Board with Capn Dacurs [sic] formerly of His B M Ship Guerriere mounting 49 carriage guns 30 of which were 18 pd (on the Main Deck) 14 ‑ 32 pd cannonades [sic] on her Quarter Deck with a 12" howitzer 4 guns mounted on her Fore Castle 2 of which were 32p & 2 long 12 pounders manned with 302 men including men & Marines

                          "Our loss during the action in killed & wounded was 14 ‑‑ 7 killed & 7 wounded ‑‑ Amongst the former was Lieut Charles Morris & W Aylven[sic] Sailing Master Our standing & running rigging much cut & one shot through our Fore & one through our Main Mast & one through the Heel of the Fore Top Gallt Mast The Larbd Yard Arm of the Cross Jack Yard & the Main Top Sail Yard shot away & the Spanker Boom & Gaff broken when the Enemy were locked in with us & also two boats which were torn from the Stern and Larbd Quarters

            "At 11 PM the 1st Cutter returned the Master ‑‑ finding it impracticable to take the Prize in tow having been obliged by the drift of the Prize to cast the hawser off During the night keeping at a convenient distance from the Prize on different tacks to receive the Boats with Prisoners Crew empd splicing & knotting the rigging & getting the Ship clear"


20 Aug 1812 "At 1 AM discovered a sail to windward bearing NW but could not discover what she was At 7 sent down the Fore Top Gallt Yard & Mast & sent up a new Mast 1/2 after 7 sent up FTG Yd & set the Sail At 1/2 past 7 AM was hailed by Lieut Reed & informed that the Prize had five feet water in her hold Empd the Carpenters in getting fishes ready for the Mast & the Crew in repairing the rigging..."

"...At 1/2 past 1 PM all the Boats returned from the Prize with Lt Reed & Carpenters who had remained to set her on fire it being impossible tobring her in port At 5" after 3 the Prize was in flames At 15 minut [sic] after 3 PM the Prize blew up..."


21 Aug 1812 Fishing the masts ‑‑ 206 prisoners on board ‑‑ British losses said to be 15 killed and 20 missing ‑‑ fitting new spanker boom and gaff ‑‑ 11 kts (1 hour).


22 Aug 1812 Gunners making cylinders and covering sponge heads ‑‑ boatswains fitting two preventer shrouds ‑‑ 11 kts (1 hour).


24 Aug 1812 Exercised at general quarters.


25 Aug 1812 Buried a prisoner at sea who had died the day before ‑‑ exercised at general quarters ‑‑ 10 kts (6 hours).


27 Aug 1812 Exercised at general quarters.


28 Aug 1812 Exercised the guns.


30 Aug 1812 0730 Anchored off Boston Light ‑‑ Lieut. Shubrick left ship with dispatches for Washington ‑‑ 1700 reanchored in President Roads.


31 Aug 1812 1045 Reanchored off Long Wharf ‑‑ sending prisoners ashore.


1 Sep 1812 Captain Hull went ashore with salutes ‑‑ crew scraping and blacking ship.


2 Sep 1812 Painting upper works and blacking hammock cloth ‑‑ 45 men allowed ashore on liberty.


3 Sep 1812 "At 6 PM sent 60 Men who had volunteered with Lieut Reed, Midshipmen Riley, Fields, Taylor & myself on Board the President who was making all preparation in company with the U States, Hornet, & Argus, for Sea ‑ having heard the information that an English Squadron was off Ban [sic] Island..."


4 Sep 1812 Strong gales.


5 Sep 1812 Moved the ship to an anchorage off the Navy Yard ‑‑ some of volunteers returned.


6 Sep 1812 Remainder of volunteers returned.


9 Sep 1812 Ship, partially unrigged, towed into Navy Yard.


10 Sep 1812 Crew employed stripping ship.


12 Sep 1812 A cartel arrived from Halifax bringing the prize crew from ADELINE, which had been taken by HMS STATIRA.


13 Sep 1812 Midshipman Belcher mentioned; also Midshipman Eskridge.


15 Sep 1812 1600 Captain Isaac Hull relieved by Commodore William Bainbridge, who hoisted broad pennant ‑‑ crew dissatisfied ‑‑ Armorer confined for "mutinous expression."


17 Sep 1812 Timothy Cristol [sic] also confined for mutinous expressions ‑‑ sheers got up for removing the main mast.


18 Sep 1812 Midshipman Griffith transferred to CHESAPEAKE.


19 Sep 1812 Exercised the guns.


21 Sep 1812 Carpenters cutting bridle ports in bows ‑‑ Lieutenant Morgan and Midshipman Taylor left on recruiting duty.


23 Sep 1812 Lieutenant Shubrick returned from Washington ‑‑ George Mitchell, a crewman who while on liberty, had enlisted in the Army to get the $8 bounty, brought back to the ship.


25 Sep 1812 Mitchell given 12 lashes ‑‑ exercised the guns.


26 Sep 1812 Midshipman McCarty joined the ship.


28 Sep 1812 New mainmast in place.


1 Oct 1812 (Thursday) Foremast removed from ship.


2 Oct 1812 Lieutenant George Parker joined the ship as 1st Lieutenant.


4 Oct 1812 Employed stationing the crew.


5 Oct 1812 New foremast in place.


9 Oct 1812 Lieutenant Babbit [sic] joined the ship.


13 Oct 1812 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cutters mentioned.


15 Oct 1812 Left Navy Yard and anchored off Long Wharf.


20 Oct 1812 Whitewashing berth deck and cockpit ‑‑ blacking the bends.


21 Oct 1812 Reanchored in President Roads.


22 Oct 1812 Exercised the guns.


24 Oct 1812 Exercised the guns.