Constitution Poems    

Throughout her career, Constitution has been the subject of poems and songs.  Some political, some dignified, most intensely proud and patriotic.  Some can still be sung with confidence, as with “The Constitution long shall be the glory of our Navy…,” to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” 

Presented here is a representative collection, by no means complete, of such poetical efforts beginning in the year of her launch, 1797.

A Nation Borne By Your Masts And Spars

A New Song

All Hands, Ahoy

Bainbridge's Victory

Captain Hull's Victory

Constitution and Guerriere

Death of John Lancy

Glorious Naval Victory

Hailfax Station

How We Burned The Philadelphia

Hull's Victory

Huzza! Old Iron Sides

Huzzah For The Constitution

Naval Victory

Old Ironsides (Holmes)

Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides At Anchor Lay

Old Ironsides In Drydock

Old Ironsides Returns

On The Capture Of The Guerriere

On The Frigate Constitution

On The Launching Of The Frigate Constitution

Parody On Woodsman Spare That Tree

Rock Concert

The American Constitution Frigate's Engagement With The Guerriere

The Constitution and Java

The Constitution's Last Fight

The Frigate Constitution 1815

The Frigate Constitution 1931

The Old Constitution, The Gem Of The Ocean

The Old Constitution, The Pride Of Our Navy

The Siege Of Tripoli

To The Frigate Constitution


Yankee Thunders