††† On Sunday April 17 [1814], arrived in the Harbor, the U. S. Frigate Constitution.She has captured four Prizes during her cruise, viz. The Pictou, a British government sch'r (destroyed); ship Lovely Ann, sent into Barbadoes with prisoners, after taking out part of her cargo; a brig and packet sch'r destroyed



††††††† Once more John Bull may stamp and rave

†††††††††† Because the Yankees trick him so,

††††††† For on the land and on the wave,

†††††††††† Her naughty flaunting flag lies low.


††††††† Our Constitution o'er the tides,

†††††††††† With Stars and Stripes display'd,

††††††† Makes Britain fear her iron sides,

†††††††††† And shows 'em all that fight's our trade.


††††††† Twice has the thunder of her guns,

†††††††††† Made Britons roar and bellow,

††††††† And now they think that he that runs,

†††††††††† Will find that he's the better fellow.


††††††† So frighten'd are they at her sight,

†††††††††† They fear to singly face her,

†††† †††And to make certain of the fight,

†††††††††† They sent a fleet to chace [sic] her.


††††††† But safe in Harbour now she lies,

†††††††††† Despising all their threats,

††††††† Their force superior she defies,

†††††††††† Whilst Britain storms and frets.


††††††† Long may she baffle all their skill,

†††††††††† And as a stubborn bulwark stand,

††††††† And what she had been, be so still,

†††††††††† The boast and glory of our land.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ‑‑ Anonymous


The Captainís Clerk
1989, TGM