On morning's tide she slipped her lines

And ran her colors high.

A century gone since last unfurled

Those sails against the sky.

No hero's blood will spill today,

No foe lie still and paled.

Her cannons sound in joyous roar,

Old Ironsides has sailed.


Her timbers sing a glad refrain,

Against the surging wave,

The memory of a distant past,

Now rescued from the grave.

Her bowsprit springs to life again,

Awakened in the spray.

She grasps the wind with eager arms,

By God, she's underway!


To dwell again in Neptune's realm

And dance amid the foam,

To brave the mighty deep once more

And safely turn to home.

Defying death yet once again,

Her name she's never failed,

She'll sail into eternity,

Old Ironsides' prevailed.



Tom Priest (July 1997)


The Captainís Clerk
1989, TGM