The Tune is: Greenwich Pensioner


Huzza! Old Iron Sides


The Constitution's glory!

††† Her crew so bold and brave!

Are fam'd in brilliant story!

††† Our rights defend and save.

Who true to every duty,

††† For their country's honor fight;

While ashore, wealth, fame, and beauty,

††† Reward them with delight.

†††††††† Ahoy! brave boys, superior!

††††††††††††† Weigh anchor -- nothing fear,

†††††††† Our enemy's inferior!

††††††††††††† Then fight, for all that's dear.


Wasn't Hull a Nelson? Tell me,

††† With stern chase-guns and sweeps;

To "clear off" -- boys, and quell ye,

††† While grim Britannia weeps!††

By the noble Constitution,

††† Was captured la Guerriere;

John Bull's complete confusion,

††† Huzza! boys -- nothing fear.

†††††††† Ahoy! my lads, superior!

††††††††††††† Chaunt Hull's deserving praise,

†††††††† Your enemy's inferior!

††††††††††††† Huzza! for better days!


Huzzah! for valiant Bainbridge,

†††† Who on Brazilian coast;

The pride of Albion -- Java hitch,

††††† The Constitution's second boast.

Who after a smart beating,

††††† Gave up to her brave foes;

For cooling off her heating,

††††† To the bottom snug she goes.

††††††††† Ahoy! my boys, superior!

†††††††††††††† Pass round the flowing can,

††††††††† Your enemy's inferior!

†††††††††††††† A prize -- for every man.


At the Madeira station,

††††† Two cruisers hove a sight;

Our Captain made the motion,

††††† My boys! 'tis time to fight?

Now let us prove the spirit,

††††† And show Britannia's boys;

That Yankees make a merit,

††††† That two to one are toys.

††††††††† Ahoy! my tars superior!

†††††††††††††† Our thunders shall proclaim,

††††††††† Our enemy's inferior!

†††††††††††††† Huzza! for Naval Fame.


We came into an action,

††††† Two ships along side ride,

Our bull dogs told by fraction,

††††† From honest Iron-side.

Our lads they cry'd with spirit;

††††† We'll give you balls -- by heart!

Shall prove to yoou the merit,

†††††† Of Commodore Stewart.

†††††††††† Ahoy! my boys, superior!

††††††††††††††† Three cheers -- give every man;

†††††††††† Our enemy's inferior!

††††††††††††††† We'll beat them two to one.


After fifty minutes fighting,

††††† They both "gave up the ship,"††††††

"Old Iron-side" was riding,

††††† Had scarcely lost a chip.

While the sloops Levant, Cyane,

††††† In less than in an hour;

Acknowledged on the Main,

††††† Columbia's Naval Power!††††

†††††††††† Ahoy! brave lads, superior!

††††††††††††††† True honor now invites,

†††††††††† Your enemy's inferior!

††††††††††††††† "Free trade and sailors' rights."


The Captainís Clerk
1989, TGM