From Halifax station a bully there came,

To take or be taken, call'd Dacres by name:

But 'twas who but a Yankee he met on his way ‑‑

Says the Yankee to him, "Will you stop and take tea?"


Then Dacres steps up, thus addressing his crew:‑‑

"Don't you see that d____d flag that is red, white and blue;

Let us drum all to quarters, prepare for to fight,

For in taking that ship, boys, it will make me a knight."


Then up to each mast‑head he straight sent a flag,

Which shows, on the ocean, a proud British brag;

But Hull, being pleasant, he sent up but one,

And told every seaman to stand true to his gun.


Then Hull, like a hero, before them appears,

And with a short speech his sailors he cheers,

Saying, "We'll batter their sides, and we'll do the neat thing:

We'll conquer their bully, and laugh at their king."


Then we're off with our hats and gave him a cheer,

Swore we'd stick by brave Hull, while a seaman could steer;

And at it we went with mutual delight,

For to fight and to conquer's a sailor's free right.


Then we crowded all sail, and we ran along‑side,

And we wellfed our bull‑dogs with true Yankee pride.

'Twas broadside for broadside we on them did pour,

While cannon's loud mouths at each other did roar.


Says Dacres, "Fight on, and we'll have her in tow,

We will drink to Great Britain, and the cans they shall flow;

So strike, you d____d Yankee, I'll make you with ease;"

But the man they call Hull, says, "O no, if you please."


Then Dacres wore ship, expecting to rake;

But quite in a hurry, found out his mistake;

For we luff'd round his bow, boys, and caught his jib‑boom,

And, in raking them aft, we soon gave him his doom.


Then Dacres looked wild, and then sheath'd his sword,

When he found that his masts were all gone by the board,

And dropping astern cries out to the steward,

"Come up and be d____d, fire a gun to the leeward."


Then off with our hats, and we gave them three cheers,

Which bitterly stung all those Englishmen's ears;

Saying, "We'll fight for our country, do all things that's right,

And let the world know, that green Yankees can fight."


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ‑‑ Anonymous


The Captainís Clerk
1989, TGM