1 JULY 1931 - 8 JUNE 1934


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Constitution with tug on port side in Panama Canal


1 Jul 1931 1555 Placed in commission "in an inactive status for exhibition purposes only" -- moored at east side of Pier 4A, Boston Navy Yard -- officers: Commander Louis J. Gulliver, commanding; Lieutenant Commander J.H. Carson, Executive Officer; Lieutenant C. A. Swofford, First Lieutenant; Lieutenant A. D. Clark, Gunnery Officer/Engineer; Lieutenant H. St. J. Butler, Navigator; Lieutenant H. D. Templeton (MC); and Lieutenant B. O. Kilroy (SC).
2 Jul 1931 Sec Nav Charles F. Adams and Lieutenant John Lord rode the ship to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
7 Jul 1931 Ordinary Seaman W. F. Richardson AWOL 2hours, 20 minutes.
12 Jul 1931 8 AWOL on sailing [including "Doggy" Morin, who had just reported 4 days earlier] due to an advance in sailing time.
13 Jul 1931 8 "AWOLs" returned in Bar Harbor, Maine.
23 Jul 1931 Meritorious mast held for 2 petty officers and 3 seamen "for excellence in the performance of duty under hazardous and trying conditions on handling anchor gear at Bar Harbor...on July 13..."
24 Jul 1931 1 AWOL at Gloucester, Massachusetts.
27 jul 1931 AWOL returned.
1 Aug 1931 Most recent AWOL awarded a deck court at mast; another man received 10 days restriction for "improper conduct in connection with visitors."
5 Aug 1931 Deck court awarded the AWOL a fine of $10 per month for 2 months -- a lady visitor fell down a ladder; right elbow contused.
15 Aug 1931 1 AWOL at New London, Connecticut.
16 Aug 1931 AWOL returned.
19 Aug 1931 Mast gave deck courts to the latest AWOL as well as 2 Marines who left their posts without proper relief.
21 Aug 1931 Deck court fined the AWOL $15 a month for 2 months; 1 Marine given 20 days confinement, and the other fined $5 a month for 2 months.
23 Aug 1931 1 AWOL at Fort Pond Bay, Long Island, New York.
24 Aug 1931 AWOL returned; 2 more declared.
25 Aug 1931 Mast awarded the AWOL a suspended deck court -- the other 2 AWOLs returned.
28 Aug 1931 Last 2 AWOLs also given suspended deck courts.
31 Aug 1931 1 Marine AWOL at New York City.
1 Sep 1931 3 more Marines AWOL.
2 Sep 1931 2 sailors returned drunk.
5 Sep 1931 1 Marine AWOL returned.
9 Sep 1931 Mast held on: a sailor for creating a disturbance (2 weeks restriction), 2 drunk sailors and 1 Marine AWOL (summary court each); and a Marine for sleeping on watch (20 days confinement and loss of $6.50 a month for 2 months).
23 Sep 1931 Mast held on a drunk sailor and an AWOL Marine and sailor; sentences not recorded.
18 Oct 1931 Sec Nav Charles F. Adams and Rear Admiral William D. Leahy visited the ship.
23 Oct 1931 1 sailor AWOL at Yorktown, Virginia.
27 Oct 1931 Mast awarded the recent AWOL a deck court – Sec Nav Adams and Rear Admiral Thomas C. Hart aboard -- Navy Day banquet -- airship AKRON officially accepted for service via National Broadcasting Company radio ship-to-air.
9 Nov 1931 Meritorious mast held to commend 2 leadsmen for performance on trip up the Potomac River to Washington, DC.
10 Nov 1931 Washington Navy Yard installed two 1-pounder saluting guns in preparation for visit by President.
11 Nov 1931 President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover and Sec Nav Adams visited the ship.
16 Nov 1931 Mast awarded a Marine 2 weeks restriction for "improper performance of duty."
17 Nov 1931 Saluting guns removed.
23 Nov 1931 Mast awarded a Marine 1 month's probation for unmilitary conduct, and the same each to a sailor and Marine for using obscene language at Wilmington, North Carolina.
8 Dec 1931 1 Sailor AWOL 9+ hours at Savannah, Georgia.
9 Dec 1931 AWOL given a warning at mast.
13 Dec 1931 1 Marine AWOL nearly 7 hours at Brunswick, Georgia.
14 Dec 1931 Mast gave the Marine AWOL a deck court; also another Marine received a warning, and a sailor 2 weeks restriction for improper performance of duty.
15 Dec 1931 Deck court gave the latest Marine AWOL 10 days confinement and a $5 fine.
3 Jan 1932 Lieutenant John Y. Dannenberg joined as a watch officer.
13 Jan 1932 Mast awarded a deck court to a sailor for "neglect of duty" at Mobile, Alabama.
18 Jan 1932 2 sailors AWOL when ship sailed.
20 Jan 1932 Mast broke 1 Marine for direct disobedience of orders and insolence.
23 Jan 1932 1 AWOL sailor returned.
26 Jan 1932 Mast awarded returned AWOL a deck court, and another sailor the same for "neglect of duty."
1 Feb 1932 Deck court gave 20 days extra duty to the "neglect of duty" case.
5 Feb 1932 At Corpus Christi, mast gave 1 sailor 10 days restriction for "shirking duty" and a Quartermaster 1/c 7 days restriction for "improper performance."
15 Feb 1932 Summary court gave AWOL 1 month confinement and a fine of $14.50 a month for 6 months.
16 Feb 1932 Mast gave Quartermaster 1/c "incapacitated for duty" a summary court (suspended for 3 months), and warned a Marine for "smoking on watch" at Houston, Texas.
18 Feb 1932 1 sailor AWOL 4 1/2 hours at Houston.
20 Feb 1932 Mast gave the AWOL 2 weeks restriction.
3 Mar 1932 Mast gave a Marine 20 hours extra duty for "insolence" at Galveston, Texas.
16 Mar 1932 1 sailor AWOL nearly 2 hours at Port Arthur, Texas.
21 Mar 1932 Ship received a message that Captain Gulliver was in the Hospital Hotel Dieu in Beaumont, Texas, with possible acute myositis.
31 Mar 1932 Captain Gulliver returned aboard at 2300 while the ship was in Port Joe, Florida.
5 Apr 1932 1 Ship's Cook 1/c AWOL.
6 Apr 1932 AWOL returned.
11 Apr 1932 Mast gave a sailor a summary court for "lying down and asleep while on watch as lifebuoy."
13 Apr 1932 Mast awarded Ship's Cook 1/c a summary court, as well as a suspended summary court given a sailor for sleeping on watch.
20 Apr 1932 Summary court martial gave the Ship' cook 1/c2 months confinement and loss of $20 a month for 4 months; sleeping sailor received 2 months confinement and a fine of $31.05 a month for 6 months.
30 Apr 1932 Captain Gulliver received a commendation letter from the Bureau of Navigation.
15 May 1932 Sec Nav Adams visited the ship.
24 May 1932 Mast gave a Ship's cook 1/c 2 weeks restriction for being "out of uniform" and "absent from quarters" at Washington, DC.
6 Jun 1932 Mast awarded suspended summary court to a sailor and a Marine for being out of uniform, disregarding orders, being AWOL, and violating 2 articles of Navy Regulations.
26 Jun 1932 [Sunday] Christened Henry Hartley, Jr., son of the new Executive Officer, on board.
21 Jul 1932 Mast warned a seaman for being out of uniform.
9 Aug 1932 [Tuesday] Gunner's Mate 1/c R. K. Paillou assaulted by a seaman and suffered several scalp lacerations, one of which required stitches.
12 Aug 1932 Mast awarded assaulting seaman a summary court.
16 Aug 1932 A seaman warned for being AWOL.
25 Aug 1932 Assaulter fined $31 a month for 6 months and awarded a suspended bad conduct discharge.
1 Sep 1932 Lieutenant William J. Dean (SC) joined.
6 Sep 1932 Lieutenant B. O. Kilroy (SC) detached.
10 Sep 1932 1 seaman AWOL 2 hours -- awarded a summary court, which later reduced him 1 grade.
4 Oct 1932 [Tuesday] 2 seamen AWOL 2 hours at Washington, DC -- both warned.
1 Nov 1932 Lieutenant C. A. Swofford detached.
6 Nov 1932 [Sunday] Lieutenant H. T. Wray joined.
16 Nov 1932 SecNav Adams and British Ambassador Sir Roland Lindsay and wives visited the ship.
27 Nov 1932 1 Boatswain's Mate 2/c AWOL at Washington, DC.
2 Dec 1932 [Friday] 1 seaman AWOL 3 hours.
5 Dec 1932 German Ambassador F. W. von Prittwitz visited the ship.
7 Dec 1932 1 seaman AWOL at Washington, DC.
8 Dec 1932 Sailed.
10 Dec 1932 Mast awarded extra duty to a 3/c petty officer for insolence, and a seaman for being out of uniform.
12 Dec 1932 Mast awarded 3 extra mid-watches each to a Marine and a seaman for improper watch relief during the Washington stay.
14 Dec 1932 Mast awarded an insolent Marine 3 days bread and water and later 27 hours in solitary confinement -- arrived at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
19 Dec 1932 Sailed.
22 Dec 1932 Arrived at Cristobal, Canal Zone.
27 Dec 1932 Transitted the Panama Canal.
29 Dec 1932 1 3/c petty officer and 1 seaman made prisoners-at-large for unspecified reasons.
30 Dec 1932 A 1/c petty officer made prisoner-at-large for intoxication at Balboa, Canal Zone.
4 Jan 1933 Drydocked in drydock #1 at Balboa, Canal Zone.
5 Jan 1933 Mast warned a petty officer for AWOL and 3 petty officers and a seaman for intoxication -- undocked.
13 Jan 1933 1426 BUSHNELL relieved GREBE as towing ship.
26 Jan 1933 Mast awarded a seaman 3 weeks restriction for intoxication at San Diego, California.
3 Feb 1933 Mast gave 5 days bread and water to a Marine for disrespect to a Chief Petty Officer at San Diego.
16 Feb 1933 Captain Gulliver went to the Naval Hospital, San Diego, "for treatment."
18 Feb 1933 Lieutenant Beverly E. Carter detached.
20 Feb 1933 Lieutenant (junior grade) David W. Tolson joined.
4 Mar 1933 Captain Gulliver returned aboard.
5 Mar 1933 1 seaman AWOL 4 hours; later awarded 2 weeks restriction.
10 Mar 1933 [Friday] 1730 10-second earthquake broke electrical connections.
6 Apr 1933 "At 0800 received despatch from Opnav (1606 1015) concerning contemplated bombing of ship. At 0920 searched ship and permitted San Francisco Bomb Squad under Lieutenant Mallory to assist." -- "At 1140 entire ship's company again searched ship with no results."
10 Apr 1933 Mast awarded summary court to a petty officeron assault charge; later confined for 1 month and fined $25 a month for 3 months.
10 May 1933 Mast warned 2 petty officers for disturbing the peace, and another for leaving his post; also awarded an extra midwatch to a Marine for disregarding orders.
15 May 1933 4 Marines AWOL nearly 2 hours, returned drunk, disobedient, disrespectful, and obscene; later summary court confined them for 2 months and awarded fines.
17 May 1933 1 seaman AWOL 1 1/2 hours at Grey's Harbor.
25 May 1933 Mast awarded a Marine a summary court for breaking arrest.
28 May 1933 [Sunday] Lieutenant Joseph C. Van Cleve joined.
1 Jun 1933 Lieutenant Harry St. J. Butler detached to be acting captain, GREBE -- Lieutenant John R. McKinney detached.
3 Jun 1933 Lieutenant David W. Lyon (MC) joined.
4 Jun 1933 Lieutenant Harry D. Templeton (MC) detached.
6 Jun 1933 1 seaman AWOL 2 3/4 hours at Seattle, Washington.
16 Jun 1933 1 seaman AWOL 1 1/4 hours at Tacoma, Washington.
26 Jun 1933 Miss Pauline Newman recorded at 4 millionth visitor.
28 Jun 1933 1 sea AWOL -- declared deserter on 8 July.
2 Jul 1933 [Sunday] 1 seaman AWOL 2 hours at Bremerton, Washington.
5 Jul 1933 Mast awarded a Marine 10 days restriction and 10 hours extra duty for insolence.
6 Jul 1933 Mast awarded a Marine a summary court for leaving his post, and gave another 2 weeks restriction for being AWOL 45 minutes.
17 Jul 1933 Mast awarded a petty officer 10 days restriction for having been AWOL 1 1/2 hours, and 2 weeks restriction and 10 midwatches to a seaman for creating a disturbance.
19 Jul 1933 Miss Inez Littlefield recorded as 4 millionth visitor [!].
31 Jul 1933 Mast awarded a petty officer 10 days restriction for intoxication, and the same to a Marine for disobedience at Port Townsend, Washington.
7 Aug 1933 Restricted petty officer missing at 2000 muster at Portland, Oregon.
11 Aug 1933 1055 The body of Coxswain Jno Josp Brennan, the missing petty officer, found floating alongside GREBE, moored ahead of CONSTITUTION.
18 Aug 1933 1 Marine AWOL -- returned after 3 days and nearly 15 hours.
22 Aug 1933 AWOL Marine awarded 5 days on bread and water.
30 Aug 1933 While enroute San Francisco, mast awarded a Marine 2 days solitary confinement and slow relief, a petty officer 25 hours extra duty for indifferent performance, and a seaman 10 days restriction and 15 hours extra duty for intoxication -- meritorious mast for Chief Yeoman J. H. Glass, the Captain's Writer.
1 Sep 1933 Lieutenant (junior grade ) Eugene S. Sarsfield joined.
5 Sep 1933 Mast gave 1 seaman 25 hours extra duty for insolence and 3 months probation.
25 Sep 1933 Mast gave a Marine 5 days solitary confinement for defacing government property.
2 Oct 1933 1 seaman confined overnight, per Captain's orders, for insolence.
8 Oct 1933 [Sunday] 1 petty officer AWOL 20 hours, and a seaman 2 hours at Long Beach, California.
9 Oct 1933 Mast awarded AWOL petty officer 3 weeks restriction, gave 25 hours extra duty to a Marine for shirking, and a petty officer a suspended summary court for disrespect.
20 Oct 1933 Mast gave a seaman a suspended summary court for obscene language, and another 3 weeks restriction for drunkenness while on liberty.
24 Oct 1933 Deck court gave a seaman 10 days confinement.
1 Nov 1933 2 petty officers involved in an automobile accident.
8 Nov 1933 Mast gave a seaman 10 hours extra duty for being out of uniform, late hammock, unauthorized smoking, and disobedience, and another the same for disrespectful language, at San Diego.
27 Nov 1933 Lieutenant John Y. Dannenberg detached.
20 Dec 1933 [Wednesday] Lieutenant (junior grade) William F. Royall joined -- Lieutenant (junior grade) David W. Tolson married Miss Helen Lee Turner in the Wardroom, Lieutenant Commander (Chaplain) Clinton A. Neyman, officiating.
29 Dec 1933 1 seaman AWOL nearly 4 hours; awarded 3 days restriction the next day.
11 Jan 1934 1 Marine returned drunk and obscene by Shore Patrol at San Diego.
15 Jan 1934 Lieutenant (junior grade) Eugene S. Sarsfield officially detached as of 8 Jan.
24 Jan 1934 Mast awarded a seaman a suspended summary court for public drunkenness.
23 Feb 1934 [Friday] Mast awarded a seaman a suspended summary court for an unspecified offense; also a meritorious mast for a petty officer.
2 Mar 1934 [Friday] Lieutenant (junior grade) Jack Maginnis joined.
17 Mar 1934 1600 Miss Grace Gulliver, the Captain's daughter, married Lieutenant (junior grade) (later Rear Admiral) Wells Thompson in the Captain's cabin with Chaplain Neyman again officiating.
20 Mar 1934 1 seaman AWOL on sailing.
29 Mar 1934 GREBE took tow from BUSHNELL enroute the Panama Canal.
31 Mar 1934 The 20 March AWOL declared a deserter -- personal effects sold at the mast by Paymaster.
18 Apr 1934 [Wednesday] Mast gave a petty officer an extra midwatch for neglect of duty at St. Petersburg, Florida.
27 Apr 1934 Exchanged visits with Spanish ship JUAN SEBASTIEN DE ELCANO in Charleston, South Carolina.
7 May 1934 Tug LUNA assisted frigate from President Roads to Boston Navy Yard Pier 4 East (1155-1500) -- "At 1630 hoisted commission pennant and hauled down homeward bound pennant, called crew to quarters, cut homeward bound pennant and gave each member of the crew about one foot of the pennant."
30 May 1934 [Wednesday] Lieutenant Joseph C. Van Cleve detached.
4 Jun 1934 [Monday] Hull and fittings inspected.
8 Jun 1934 1605 Out of commission -- visitors during commission: 4,647,578.

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