22 AUGUST - 14 DECEMBER 1881

22 Aug 1881 [Monday] 0955 Sailed -- 1950 anchored off New Haven.
24 Aug 1881 1430 Sailed -- 1748 anchored off Faulkner's Island.
26 Aug 1881 0615 Sailed -- 1730 anchored off New London -- TENNESSEE there.
28 Aug 1881 ST MARY'S arrived -- VANDALIA present.
30 Aug 1881 2/c Boy J. F. Cody and 3/c Boys Geo A. Weid, Moses McIntyre, and E. A. Sedore declared deserters.
31 Aug 1881 Midshipman J. B. Blish sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
2 Sep 1881 [Friday] KEARSARGE and later YANTIC arrived.
5 Sep 1881 SARATOGA arrived -- Corporal J. S. Pennington sent to SARATOGA -- Armorer F. Smith and Seaman A. Mattson discharged at New London.
6 Sep 1881 "At sunrise began firing signal guns with Fort Griswold as the commencement of the celebration of the Groton Centennial --disabled the stbd B L 20 Pdr in firing..." -- 1050 fired 17-gun salute to Governor of Connecticut -- 1200 dressed ship and fired 21-gun salute -- 2000 "illuminated ships and fired rockets, at intervals, for 20 minutes - Expended, 22 Coston Signals & 14 Rocket [sic]..."
7 Sep 1881 0800 Dressed ship -- 21-gun salute at sunset -- 3/c Boy Washington Ogden mentioned.
8 Sep 1881 KEARSARGE departed, then VANDALIA, YANTIC, and TENNESSEE -- 3/c Boy B. B. Griffith discharged at New London.
9 Sep 1881 3/c Boy C. F. Smith declared a deserter.
11 Sep 1881 1315 Sailed -- 1415 anchored off Fisher's Island.
12 Sep 1881 1330 Sailed -- 1450 anchored off Fisher's Island: bad winds -- 3/c Boys Washington Ogden and Augustus Berg declared deserters.
13 Sep 1881 1140 Sailed.
14 Sep 1881 1800 Anchored off New Bedford, Massachusetts.
16 Sep 1881 Landsman Robt Shepard discharged at New Bedford.
19 Sep 1881 3/c Boys W. N. Andrews and Jno Schlegel declared deserters.
20 Sep 1881 0905 Half-masted colors on notice of President Garfield's death.
21 Sep 1881 1045 Sailed -- 1650 anchored off Cuttyhunk Island.
23 Sep 1881 0915 Sailed -- 1740 anchored off Brenton's Reef Light Ship.
24 Sep 1881 0615 Sailed -- 1625 grounded near Rose Island (Newport) -- towed free -- 1800 anchored off Goat Island -- Cooper August Smith discharged at Newport.
27 Sep 1881 Quarter Gunner Jas M. Taylor rerated Armorer from 6 Sep; Seaman C. E. Dodge rated Quarter Gunner from same date; Seaman Gustav Smit, Cooper from 25 Sep.
28 Sep 1881 Midshipman R. H. Miner joined.
29 Sep 1881 3/c Boys F. R. Glover and H. A. Greaney sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE.
30 Sep 1881 Landsman Robt W. Irons shipped at Newport.
2 Oct 1881 [Sunday] 0600 Sailed -- 1503 arrived at New London.
3 Oct 1881 Schoolmaster Jno McAnaspie rerated Ship's Writer; Quartermaster Jno Jefferson, Schoolmaster; Seaman Jno Wendt, Quartermaster; and Ordinary Seaman Patk Murray, Seaman -- 2/c Boys R. Coughlan and H. Connors rated 1/c Boys from 1 Oct -- 3/c Boys Betich, J. R. Coban, A. L. Collins, Chas Lloyd, E. McBride, W. H. McMellon, R. W. Miller, M. Murphy, J. A. Mites, H. F. Nicholson, C. A. Offinger, A. E. Robbins, F. Simpson, S. Shaughnessy, Wm Homan, Jas E. Treager, Harry Walke, E. F. Wood, H. B.Young, Jno J. Bradley, J. Clunie, Josp Houser, Chas Lindner, Thos U. Mitchell, E. F. Morgan, R. Mehsteris [sic], R. Marrett, J. McCarthy, J. P. O'Neil, H. E. Pickett, Wm Simpson, H. D. Sogle, C. A. Smith, F. F. Taylor, A. P. White, G. Wrightington, and W. P. Welsh rated 2/c Boys from 1 Oct.
5 Oct 1881 3/c Boys G. E. Andrews, Ernesto Abbiatti, Warren Felt, Jas Gallagher, and Jno Duran declared deserters.
6 Oct 1881 Shifted berths -- Landsman Jno Walsh declareda deserter -- Lieutenant Commander F. W. Dickins detached on sick leave -- 3/c Boy Chas McCoy discharged at New London.
9 Oct 1881 Ship's Baker Wm Nash disrated Landsman and given 5 days bread and water for neglect of duty and insubordination.
10 Oct 1881 Finisher A. Alonquist sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE.
11 Oct 1881 Landsman S. Pleasants discharged at New London -- 2/c Boy Maurice Murphy declared a deserter.
12 Oct 1881 Landsman Jno Josp Banks shipped at New London.
13 Oct 1881 Seaman Alex Adams sent to Naval Hospital, Chelsea -- Sergeant Jno Madigan reduced to Corporal per court martial decision -- Landsman Jno F. Golden shipped at New London.
14 Oct 1881 Seaman Jno Horton shipped at New London.
15 Oct 1881 1455 Sailed -- 1755 anchored.
16 Oct 1881 0655 In tow by ROCKET -- 1607 arrived at Newport.
17 Oct 1881 Boatswain's Mate Patk Doyle discharged at Newport -- 3/c Boy R. McMullen declared a deserter.
18 Oct 1881 2/c Boys J. C. Odell and J. F. Gallup, and 3/c Boys Frank Hunkle, A. W. Hawkins, Geo A. Davis, M. A. Jackson, and M. Fitzgerald declared deserters.
19 Oct 1881 Landsman Andrew W. Olsen declared a deserter.
21 Oct 1881 2/c Boy Boswell W. Miller declared a deserter-- 1st Lieutenant C. P. Porter, USMC, joined.
23 Oct 1881 Ordinary Seaman E. A Clayton discharged at Newport.
26 Oct 1881 Captain of the Top Henry Leonard disrated Seaman from 25 Oct; Coxswain W. A. Arey rerated Captain of the Top from same date; and Seaman Willis Kenyon rated Coxswain.
28 Oct 1881 2/c Boys W. D. Sogle and P. A. Offinger, and 3/c Boys Thos Barnes and A. P. Gardner sent to Naval Hospital, Chelsea -- Midshipman J. B. Blish returned from hospital.
31 Oct 1881 Quartermaster Jno Wendt and Seaman Henry Leonard discharged at Newport.
1 Nov 1881 Seaman Jno Wendt shipped over at Newport.
2 Nov 1881 Private Watson sent to Marine Barracks, Boston, for discharge.
3 Nov 1881 [Thursday] 0027 Fire found in the fore passage in beam under boiler -- 0050 fire out.
4 Nov 1881 1600 Heavy squalls -- 1820 dragged anchor, going aground stern first off Goat Island on hard bottom -- not taking in water.
5 Nov 1881 0400 Ran guns forward -- 0451 hauled off; reanchored -- Landsman Edw Forde shipped at Newport -- 3/c Boy E. Smart discharged at Newport.
7 Nov 1881 Master C. H. Bartlett joined -- 3/c Boy M. Cunningham dishonorably discharged at Newport.
9 Nov 1881 3/c Boy Thos Whilo discharged per court martial decision at Newport -- Landsman Benj Townsend shipped at Newport.
10 Nov 1881 Four divisions of boys -- Schoolmaster J. W. Doyle disrated Landsman from 9 Nov; Seaman Jno Wendt rated Quartermaster from 2 Nov; Captain of the Top Chas Hansen disrated Seaman; and Seaman Wm B. Neal rated Captain of the Top -- Landsmen Jno W. Doyle and Walter Jordan sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Schoolmaster Harry R. Beadle discharged at Newport.
11 Nov 1881 Captain of the Afterguard Jno Barrett discharged at Newport.
12 Nov 1881 Private Josp A. Allen declared a deserter.
14 Nov 1881 Board of Inspection and Survey under Commodore Rhind on board -- Quarter Gunner C.E. Dodge disrated Seaman from 5 Nov; Ordinary Seaman F. Hoffmann rated Seaman from 1 Nov; and Chief Quartermaster Chas Hart disrated Seaman and in double irons 10 days for AWOL.
16 Nov 1881 New coppers for galley.
17 Nov 1881 "...rubbing oil on ship's side..."
18 Nov 1881 3/c Boy Walter Hannis declared a deserter.
19 Nov 1881 Main[top?]mast noted as being split.
20 Nov 1881 Captain of the Top W. A. Arey disrated Seaman for disrespect to officer.
21 Nov 1881 W. N. Bailey discharged at Newport.
22 Nov 1881 Shifted berths -- 1300 Ordinary Seamen 2/c J.J. Black, J. H. Bennett, R. Coughlin, H. A. Conners, W. Flagge, J. P. Kelly, B. J. McKean, W. H. Otis, D. Sweeney, and F. Simpson; 1/c Boys C. Betsch, J. R. Coban, J. Clunie, E. S. Carr, G. G. Chipman, J. Farrell, T. Fisher, Josp Houser, C. Lloyd, D. McComb, R. C. Marett, J. J. McCarthy, J. P. O'Neil, A. E. Robbins, R. C. Sexaur, B. J. Southall, R. W. Turner, J. McUpton, A. Weiskettle, G. W. Writington, S. M. Brewster, and Wm Thomas; 2/c Boys H. J. Burkhardt, R. R. Dowd, W. Hammill, C. A. Lindner, W. H. McMellon, S. S. Laurence, L. N. Mitchell, J. A. Miles, H. F. T. Meyer, J. N. Ruppert, W. Sachs, C. P. Wendell, and J. Hartmann; and 3/c Boys W. Dugdale, S. H. C. Miller, and T. Sullivan sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE – Landsmen Nelson Smith and Clement Smith shipped at Newport.
23 Nov 1881 Landsman C. A. Brightman and 3/c Boys H. C. Korn and H. B. Nicholson declared deserters.
24 Nov 1881 Seamen Wm A. Arey, Geo W. Cane, Wm Chesnut, Wm Forrest, Jas Farrow, Willis Kenyon, Thos Kenney, Jno Hulton, Josp Nutt, Peter Mullen, Jno Williams, and Jno Jefferson; Ordinary Seaman Thos Connolly; Landsmen W. D. Bailey and R. J. Campbell; Seaman Apprentices A. H. Devitt, C. E. Dodge, C. G. Kidwell, W. A. Jefts, and W. B. Neal; Ordinary Seaman Apprentices Chas E. Brown, J. S. Eagle, L. J. McGuire, J. B. McKenna, H. A. Miller, F. W. Jepson, and Chas T. Pfeiffer; Ordinary Seamen 2/c Jno F. Leonard, W. L. Taylor, and W. R. Soden; 1/c Boys J. J. Bradley, A. L. Collam, L. S. Dudley, F. Dapper, E. G. Dolly, Jno H. Kelly, Edw W. Bude, E. F. Morgan, R. Mehrtens, W. E. Pickett, W. N. Stewart, W. impson, W. O. Suter, J. Starsuneck, S. Shaughnessy, F. F. Taylor, Harry Walter, W. Welch, Chas S. Waiting, and M. B. Goun; 2/c Boys F. P. Dow, Chas W. Austin, Geo H. Brennan, Emil Brzezinski, Jno Currance, Geo W. Conaway, F. G. Craig, R. J. Collins, J. F. Callahan, J. W. J. Doris, R. Q. Dawson, C. M. Dolly, W. Fisher, E. Fleig, J. L. Gandy, D. N. Goldsborough, C. L. Hubbard, Chas W. Hopkins, W. Johnson, J. A. E. Jarrett, Jacob Kempel, Saml Keuhtey, Walter Kleinhaus, C. H.F. Kellridge, A. J. Knox, Thos Lawless, W. H. Lane, Hugh Moore, Jno A. McGurley, A. F. Minturn, Jno O'Halloran, E. L. Rice, N. Seafert, Saml Strouse, Wm Surast, J. E.Tracey, J. P. Ulean, Arthur Van Ette, Geo E. Vance, E. W. Will, E. F. Wood, and R. L. Wright; and 3/c Boys D. H. Becker, C. H. Brown, Max Beck, Geo C. Brasher, Robt Bleil, T. T. Bogue, W. E. Bleas, Thos Cronin, Thos Core, Thos R. Corell, J. M. Dillon, N. L. Dimmy, J. P. Delaney, J. H. Figarotta, H. Frost, D. H. Helwig, Jas Heywood, Geo Hursfield, P. Hughes, H. R. Howard, G. F. Kennand, F. S. Kleinecht, E. P. Levitt, G. W. Leviness, L. B. Miller, E. Murray, E. M. Metzger, W. Mulcahey, L. C. Meyer, Jno McGuire, F. Maruch, F. W. Moran, D. Mullen, C. Nowak, C. C. Perry, G. B. Poole, G. B. Reese, L. J. Ransom, G. W. R___ctue, W. H. Rose, P. H. Rosky, J. F. Sharkey, T. S. Smith, M. C. T. Schmid, R. A. Schenck, A. F. Smith, C. A. Smith, G. Storey, W. G. Tuxa, E. S. Tibbetts, Geo S. Tichenor, W. A. Toner, B. Wright, E. J. Wedon, A. A. Wood[s?], F. B. Younglof, and H. D. Bailey sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Orderly Sergeant Josp H. Eckert; Sergeant Jno Hansen; Corporals Jno Madigan and R. W. Chambers; Drummer Chas E. Whitesides; Fifer Thos Bolan; and Privates Patk Cox, Jno Burnes, W. H. Bean, Chas Baur, J. W. Leonard, J. L. Carberry, J. H. Errickson, W. Lonnergan, Henry Campbell, J. J. Hickie, T. Mesow, R. Cussen, F. P. Sleeper, D. Brannan, J. D. W. Fernald, F. D. W. Grasti, and J. J. Lauson sent to MINNESOTA.
25 Nov 1881 1055 Under tow of TALLAPOOSA -- 2050 passed through Race going up Long Island Sound -- sent down topgallant masts.
26 Nov 1881 1740 Anchored.
27 Nov 1881 1005 In tow -- 1515 arrived at New York Navy Yard.
28 Nov 1881 Offloading powder -- Captain of the Top C. Thomas, Landsman E. Hanan, Ordinary Seaman 2/c A. White, and 3/c Boy W. N. Rickert sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
29 Nov 1881 Unreeving running rigging -- Master G. H. Peters sent to DESPATCH -- 1st Lieutenant C. P. Porter, USMC, sent to MINNESOTA.
30 Nov 1881 Lieutenant G. L. Dwyer sent to DESPATCH.
3 Dec 1881 [Saturday] Transferred sails and ordnance stores ashore.
5 Dec 1881 "Engaged in putting ship out of commission..." -- anchors on the dock -- boats to boat shed -- spare spars on the dock.
6 Dec 1881 Pumping water out of the tanks.
7 Dec 1881 Breaking out the fore hold -- sending the yards down -- jibboom on the dock.
8 Dec 1881 Hauling yards to the ship house.
9 Dec 1881 Sending down the topmast rigging.
12 Dec 1881 Light rain.
13 Dec 1881 1315 "...towed to ordnance dock and secured under steam derrick..." -- hoisted out guns -- Surgeon Mackie, Passed Assistant Surgeon Howard Wells and Midshipman Winterhalter detached.
14 Dec 1881 [Wednesday] Finished taking out guns before noon -- 1330 occasional showers -- 1430 hauled ship to cob dock with CATALPA -- 1640 put out of commission -- 53 remaining men sent to COLORADO.

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