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Earliest Photo of Constitiution
under sail, May 1881


7 Feb 1881 3/c Boy Frank H. Figanotta shipped at Philadelphia.
10 Feb 1881 Landsman C. Sewell and 3/c Boy G. J. Smart received from ST LOUIS.
11 Feb 1881 Gunner's Mate M. Whelan discharged at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boys R. McMullin and W. Harris shipped at Philadelphia.
12 Feb 1881 2/c Boy H. T. Mathis and 3/c Boy W. Evans Scott declared deserters.
17 Feb 1881 2/c Boy O. Vetter discharged at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boy R. J. Reed sent to Municipal Hospital -- 3/c Boy Jno P. Meyers declared a deserter -- 3/c Boy Robt Douglass died in Municipal Hospital of smallpox.
18 Feb 1881 Boatswain's Mate A. J. Turner discharged at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boy Houston Smith shipped at Philadelphia.
21 Feb 1881 Landsman J. Wallace rated Ship's Corporal from 23 Jan; Seaman D. Lewis, Quarter Gunner from 12 Feb; and Captain of the Top P. Doyle rerated Boatswain's Mate from 19 Feb.
23 Feb 1881 Landsman Wm Holmond sent to Municipal Hospital with smallpox -- Private Alex Bogg sent to ANTIETAM.
24 Feb 1881 Private R. Curren received from Marine Barracks, League Island.
25 Feb 1881 "Boatswain Thos W. Brown returned to the ship..." from hospital.
1 Mar 1881 "Repairing half ports..."
3 Mar 1881 3/c Boy C. Jacobs discharged at Philadelphia.
4-5 Mar 1881 [Friday] "Carpenters at work building a messroom for the Warrant Officers on the berthdeck."
7 Mar 1881 Carpenter/Caulker G. Smith disrated Seaman -- Boys Clyde J. Jackson, Jno P. O'Neil, Benj Roper, Hugh Moore, Jas E. King, Abraham L. Millard, Wm Johnson, Thos Lairless, Henry J. Burkhardt, Josp R. Grair, Chas L. Hubbard, Jno Schlegel, Ernest H. File, Geo B. Moncrief and Gustav Elasser received from ST LOUIS -- 3/c Boy W. V. Loos received from rendezvous, Philadelphia -- 3/c Boys W. J. Chance and J. A. McGinley shipped at Philadelphia.
8 Mar 1881 3/c Boy D. McPherson discharged at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boys W. H. Lane, J.F. Leonard, Jno P. F. Heenan, and J. S. O'Connell shipped at Philadelphia.
9 Mar 1881 Apothecary H. Eidenmuller discharged at Philadelphia.
10 Mar 1881 "...putting boxes in hammock nettings..." -- 3/c Boy Robt L.[?] Dawson shipped at Philadelphia.
11 Mar 1881 3/c Boys Jno Crandell and W. H. Hennessy shipped at Philadelphia -- Private Henry Bearn received from Marine Barracks, League Island.
12 Mar 1881 2/c Boy C. F. Anderson sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
14 Mar 1881 3/c Boys Robt Fischer, Thos Settle, and Stephen S. Lawrence shipped at Philadelphia.
15 Mar 1881 3/c Boy Chas R. Edmundson shipped at Philadelphia.
16 Mar 1881 Apothecary W. H. Malpas, Seaman Matthew Whalen, and 3/c Boys Geo W. Sweeney, Chas J. Reiser, Frank Simpson, and Jas Houser shipped at Philadelphia -- Captain of the Top Albert Olsen; Seamen Edw Warren, Geo F. Spachman, Edw McBride, Josp Johnson, Anthony McFadden, Wm A. Arey, Wm Christmas, Alex Adams, Jno Mangan, Jno Somers, T. Hurley, Peter Mullen, and Patk S. Duffy; Ordinary Seaman Wm Riley; and Landsman Jas Dwyer received from COLORADO.
17 Mar 1881 Seamen Jno Brown, Wm Forrest, L. P. Peterson, Anias Parsons, Chas Rasmussen, and Henry Smith sent to COLORADO -- Landsman J. O'Shea rated Seaman from 8 Jan; Captain of the Top A. Kerns disrated Seaman from 10 Mar; Seaman J. O'Shea disrated Landsman from 16 Mar; Private R. M. Chambers promoted Corporal as of 16 Mar; and Seaman A. McFadden rated Captain of the Top; Seaman P. S. Duffy,Coxswain; Ordinary Seaman Wm Riley, Ship's Corporal; Seaman Jno Johnston, Ship's Corporal; Ship's Corporal J. P. Britton, Captain of the Hold; and Landsman J. Dwyer, Cooper, all as of this date -- 3/c Boy G. R. McAlpine shipped at Philadelphia, to date from 16 Mar; 3/c boys C. U. Wiley, L. J. Van Zandt, and J. Scanlon shipped at Philadelphia.
18 Mar 1881 3/c Boy Chas McCoy shipped at Philadelphia.
21 Mar 1881 Private Wm Lornegan received from Marine Barracks, League Island.
22 Mar 1881 2/c Boy G. A. Rudden and 3/c Boys Moritz Cahnand G. B. M. Miller declared deserters (Miller brought back later in day) -- 3/c Boys Jas Crandall, J. Delaney, and J. Garton shipped at Philadelphia.
24 Mar 1881 "...painting the poop deck..." -- 3/c Boy Edw J. G. Horton shipped at Philadelphia.
25 Mar 1881 Jack of the Dust Wm G. Bartley rerated Schoolmaster from 17 Mar; Writer Jno McAnaspie rerated Schoolmaster from 21 Mar; Landsman Jno O'Shea rated Jack of the Dust from 17 Mar; 2/c Boys Wm V. Armstrong, Julius Baen, F. W. Gilbert, H. J. Glenn, Frank Keim, Jas McKeough, A. P. Smallfield, Nicholas F. Sch__ch, Jno F. Spolden, Josp Webster, E. A. Mansfield, and Chas G. Metzler rated 1/c Boys from 1 March; and 3/c Boys Michl Conroy, Jno E. Dillon, Frank Gallagher, Saml T. Oatley, Sheridan Pressey, Benj Roper, Wm Tonsey, J. S. Cavenaugh, Chas A. Fietz, Jas W. Price, and G. J. Smart rated 2/c Boys from 1 Mar -- Boy Eugene Nodler sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
28 Mar 1881 3/c Boy Wm Thomas shipped at Philadelphia.
29 Mar 1881 Private J. L. Carberry received from Marine Barracks, League Island -- 3/c Boy R. J. Reed received from Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
30 Mar 1881 3/c Boys Jno Herron, Chas L. Feldon, Thos E. Barnes, and Thos Cronin shipped at Philadelphia -- Seaman Gustav Smith received from ST LOUIS.
1 Apr 1881 Seaman J. T. Hurley, Landsman Geo Patterson, and 3/c Boys Robt Reed and Jno Rowan sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia -- Paymaster L. A. Frailey and Paymaster's Clerk G. T. VanPatton joined -- Paymaster R. W. Allen and Paymaster's Clerk Jas H. Chapman detached.
2 Apr 1881 Private J. A. Allen received from Marine Barracks, League Island.
4 Apr 1881 Shifted into the stream -- 3/c Boy C. F. Anderson received from Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
5 Apr 1881 Midshipmen Hughes and Atwater suspended from duty 2 days, Hughes for smoking in steerage, and Atwater for using profane language in an altercation with Orderly Sergeant F. C. Neipman, who, in turn, was confined 2 says for insolence to an officer.
7 Apr 1881 [Thursday] 1230 Towed down river -- 1850 grounded off Wilmington, Delaware.
8 Apr 1881 0500 Pulled off by tug -- 0920 anchored off Reedy Island.
9 Apr 1881 0545 Sailed -- 1026 anchored.
10 Apr 1881 0530 Sailed -- 1415 anchored off breakwater.
11 Apr 1881 0530 Sailed.
12 Apr 1881 0540 2/c Boy J. W. Price died of "inflammation of the brain;" buried at sea the next morning.
15 Apr 1881 Lower and middle bob stays carried away on bowsprit.
16 Apr 1881 Set up new bob stays.
17 Apr 1881 1230 Anchored off Cape Charles -- 1900 in tow of YANTIC.
18 Apr 1881 1115 Anchored in Potomac River off Piney Point -- sent Marine detail to Washington in YANTIC to participate in unveiling of Farragut Memorial -- sent 3/c Boy Wm Hurd to Naval Hospital, Washington.
19 Apr 1881 Exercised boys ashore.
29 Apr 1881 Master Charles H. Lyeth suspended from duty 1day for delay in reporting to Captain when sent for.
5 May 1881 [Thursday] Live small arms practice.
7 May 1881 0450 Sailed with SARATOGA and PORTSMOUTH (they had arrived the day before).
9 May 1881 Captain Stephen B. Luce came aboard and hoisted his pennant as commodore of the Training Squadron (CONSTITUTION, MINNESOTA, PORTSMOUTH, and SARATOGA)-- 1740 arrived in Hampton Roads.
10 May 1881 2/c Boy Arthur T. Hills discharged at Norfolk-- Master Aaron Ward, Midshipmen E. Lloyd, and R. K. Wright ordered to duty on Commodore Luce's staff; Chaplain Rose, Paymaster Frailey, Surgeon Dearborn, and 1st Lieutenant Webster, USMC, given duties on his staff in addition to their regular ship assignments.
11 May 1881 3/c Boy W. Singleman sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth.
12 May 1881 Shifted to Norfolk Navy Yard, arriving at 1050 -- Landsman J. Daley, Private J. F. Nelson, 1/c Boy J. H. Burnett, and 3/c Boys J. E. King, Jas Crandall, J. G. Hoster, C. J. Jackson, and D. W. Goldsborough sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth.
13 May 1881 "...hunting for rotten places..." – Landsman Jno Bailey shipped at Norfolk -- Wardroom Cook Albert Matthews discharged at Norfolk.
14 May 1881 Captain of the Afterguard E. Warren disrated Seaman; Seaman G. F. Spackman rated Captain of the Afterguard; Landsman Jno Bailey rated Wardroom Cook.
16 May 1881 3/c Boys T. Setter and J. Alexander discharged at Norfolk.
18 May 1881 1/c Boys J. M. Scanlon, Eugene Nodler, G. B. M. Markham, and L. Van Voast rated Ordinary Seamen 2/c from 1 May -- 1/c Boy H. T. Morgan and 3/c Boy W. R. Cornell discharged at Norfolk.
20 May 1881 Seamen Edw Warren and Jas Wilson sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth.
24 May 1881 Sailmaker's Mate Thos McKennett, Painter 1/c J. W. Bray, and 1/c Boy Chas P. Dunne declared deserters -- Boatswain's Mate Edw Griffin and Landsman Jno Fitzpatrick discharged at Norfolk.
25 May 1881 1/c Boys W. D. Stapleton and Geo A. Hoffman declared deserters -- Private Jno Leonard received from FRANKLIN -- 3/c Boy Josp Siebert discharged at Norfolk – Lieutenant Commander T. F. Jewell transferred to Torpedo Station, Newport, RI.
28 May 1881 3/c Boy Lemuel Hultz declared a deserter.
29 May 1881 Sergeant Jno Maddegan and Private Harry Campbell received from Marine Barracks, Portsmouth.
30 May 1881 "Carpenters boring holes in ship's side for placing braces." -- 3/c Boy W. C. Hurd declared a deserter -- Lieutenant Commander F. W. Dickins joined as Executive Officer.
31 May 1881 "...making preparations to run iron braces through the ship..." -- 3/c Boys W. P. Wertz, Edw Reilly, G. A. Rudden, G. W. Thomas, S. G. Ely, and J. R. Wilkinson declared deserters.
1 Jun 1881 Landsman W. J. Howard discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman Albert Halliday shipped at Norfolk -- Carpenter Thatcher sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- Coxswain Jno Sommers deserted.
2 Jun 1881 Steerage Cook Murray S. Peed discharged T Norfolk -- Captain of the Afterguard rerated Ship's Cook and Seaman Edw McBride, Captain of the Afterguard, both from 1 Jun; and Captain of the Hold J. W. Bond disrated Landsman -- Landsman Wm Smallwood shipped at Norfolk.
3 Jun 1881 Landsman Wm Smallwood rated Steerage Cook.
4 Jun 1881 Master-at-Arms Thos H. Ryder shipped at Norfolk -- Acting Carpenter M. F. Roberts joined -- Boatswain's Mate C. Martin and 3/c Boy G. L. Wolf sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- Paymaster's Yeoman Edw Allen detached, his appointment revoked -- Master-at-Arms H. C. Martin appointed Paymaster's Yeoman.
5 Jun 1881 Landsmen Nathan Harris and Mingo Connor shipped at Norfolk.
6 Jun 1881 "Painters...gilding the ship's bill [sic] head." -- Seaman (Engineer Force) Jas Smith shipped at Norfolk -- 1/c Boy Guilford P. Monell and 2/c Boy Noel B. Parks received from FRANKLIN.
7 Jun 1881 [Tuesday] 3/c Boys Thos Cook, W. H. Hennessy, F. B. Reed, J. S. Cavanaugh, G. J. Blakeman, Jno Heron, and W. J. Chance declared deserters -- Private A. B. Watts received from Marine Barracks, Portsmouth -- 1600 left Portsmouth Navy Yard -- 1700 anchored off Norfolk.
8 Jun 1881 Landsman Jas S. Pleasants shipped at Norfolk -- Landsman (Engineer Force) H. Horton rerated Landsman -- 1300 in tow of FORTUNE -- 1355 tug cast off -- 1525 anchored in Hampton Roads.
9 Jun 1881 0500 Sailed, POWHATAN in company – 1500 POWHATAN towing.
10 Jun 1881 3/c Boys Hugh O'Donnell and G. Lawton declared deserters.
11 Jun 1881 Captain of the Afterguard Geo F. Spackman, Coxswain Jno Sommers, Landsman W. L. Lawson, and Landsman Jno H. Bond declared deserters.
12 Jun 1881 0500 Arrived at Newport, Rhode Island.
13 Jun 1881 3/c Boy W. Hurd received from SARATOGA.
14 Jun 1881 Shifted berths -- 1345 Commander Edwin M. Shepard relieved Captain Stanton in command.
15 Jun 1881 Landsman Wm Moseby discharged at Newport.
17 Jun 1881 1/c Boy A. P. Whitmore declared a deserter from 16 Jun, and 3/c Boy Wm Fields from this date.
18 Jun 1881 Seamen J. Barrett, J. De Prie, P. Gaulen, H. Givens, N. Kenyon, T. Kenny, A. Mattson, M. Tibbs, J. Wendt, and J. Tennihan received from PORTSMOUTH -- Seamen C. Long, Geo W. Cane, Wm Forrest, J. J. Walton, A. Brown, Jno Brown, and K. Olsen, and Ordinary Seamen H. Newman and T. Conway received from SARATOGA.
21 Jun 1881 Midshipman W. R. Rush sent to Naval Hospital, Chelsea.
22 Jun 1881 Midshipman Atwater 2 days suspension for carelessness in performance of duty.
23 Jun 1881 Bayman G. A. Southwick and Landsman W. H. Bordley discharged at Newport.
24 Jun 1881 Master Geo H. Peters joined -- 44 boys sent to PORTSMOUTH.
25 Jun 1881 45 boys sent to SARATOGA.
26 Jun 1881 1/c Boy J. Webster sent to SARATOGA.
27 Jun 1881 2/c Fireman M. Kelly discharged at Newport --1/c Boys Jno Brees, and B. W. Flagg; 2/c Boys David Dempsey, W. Kleinhaus, H. F. J. Meyer, Wm Stewart, Henry S. Smith, S. Shaughnessy, T. C. Schaeffer, W. R. Soden, W. G. Tripp, A.Van Ette, Geo Vance, Wm Welsh, Jno Wendelkin, G. A. Weid, E. J. Welden, B. Wright, C. W. Wheelock, Wm Welsh, C. Walting, W. J. Westerman, P. Lemoraer, and Henry Young; 3/c Boys Ernest Abhle [sic], W. H. Butt, Max Beck, Cyrus T. Bull, Fredk C. Burkmann, C. C. Bracher, Robt Bleil, Emil Brizezinsky, M. Cunningham, L. Cociaceck, E. Cousins, G. J. Cobel, Thos R. Corell, Robt A. Dunlop, E. G. Dalby, E. H. Denegan, J. C. Dolly, Jno Duran, Geo A. Davis, J. Dowling, Geo Feling, L. J. Friedman, Warren Felt, C. R. Gillman, N. Golden, J. P. Gardner, Jas Gallagher, Josp Hailman, Jas Heywood, Geo Hasefield, Patk Hughes, F. L. Hunkle, D. H. Helwig, Wm Hepner, R. O. Ipson, Fredk S. Kleinknecht, H. C. Knox, H. T. Kunz, F. C. Lansing, W. J. Lepine, E. McDermott, S. H. C. Miller, E. Murray, C. H. Metzger, Moses J. McIntyre, Wm Mulcahy, L. C. Meyer, J. McGuire, F. Nauch, J. W. Moran, Chas Nowack, H. B. Nicholson, J. O'Halloran, J. C. Pegry, G. B. Reese, L. J. Ransom, G. W. Ritchie, W. H. Rose, R. J. Reed, E. L. Rice, F. Starsheck, T. Sullivan, F. F. Taylor, and F. Shea received from MINNESOTA.
28 Jun 1881 3/c Boy Geo H. Brennan deserted the 5th cutter at Newport -- Landsman Chas Land discharged at Newport -- 1/c Boys Jno Verbist and J. J. Cannon; 2/c Boy J. G. Bucher; and 3/c Boys Geo R. McAlpin, S. J. Van Zandt, C. L. Felen, and Frank Van Harr [?] declared deserters.
29 Jun 1881 3/c Boys M. J. Durkin, Harry Montana, J. F. Creighton, and L. Schickling declared deserters -- Midshipman Atwater suspended 3 days for neglect of duty.
30 Jun 1881 Captain of the Top A. McFadden rerated Coxswain; Captain of the Afterguard Chas Hansen rerated Captain of the Top – Landsman Chas C. White shipped at Newport.
1 Jul 1881 2 Jul 1881 Seaman (Engineer Force) A. Coyle, Ordinary Seaman (Engineer Force) Jno Lyons, and Landsman E. Hanan received from COLORADO -- Midshipman C. H. Harlow joined – Landsman Augustus French shipped at Newport – Captain of the Top Jas Smith and 3/c Boys M. Mortenson, R. E. Moll, B. Burdett, S. C. Clarke, Geo Campbell, S. S. James, A. L. Mager, W. P. Hunt, J. Newman, C. F. Graber, A. Mercier, C. F. Anderson, and Frank Jones discharged at Newport.
4 Jul 1881 Sailing boat race: gig won -- 1200 38-gun salute from Fort Adams -- 3/c Boy C. J. Reiser declared a deserter -- Schoolmaster A. J. La Barre discharged at Newport -- Midshipman R. H. Miner joined.
5 Jul 1881 Midshipman F. P. Schwerin joined -- 3/c Boys Jno Garton, H. H. Street, W. W. Hawley, and J. N. Gordon declared deserters – Private Jno Burns received from Marine Barracks, Boston.
6 Jul 1881 Midshipman William S. Benson detached -- 3/c Boys Jas A. Connell and Rudolph Fischer declared deserters.
7 Jul 1881 Midshipman A. G. Winterhalter joined -- Seaman Jno Tennihan, Ordinary Seaman O. P. Jackson, and 3/c Boy J. B. T. Heman declared deserters -- Seaman J. Connell and Landsman J. W. Doyle received from MINNESOTA.
8 Jul 1881 Midshipmen Cook, Lloyd, Atwater, and Hughes detached -- Carpenter's Mate J. T. Pomeroy disrated Carpenter/Caulker, and Seaman J. Connell and Landsmen J. W. Doyle and A. French rated Schoolmasters -- Landsmen E. B. Dunning and C. A. Brightman shipped at Newport -- Ship's Corporal J. S. Johnson declared a deserter -- Ensign A. W. Dodd joined.
9 Jul 1881 3/c Boys Cyrus T. Bull, C. R. Gilman, and W. J. Westerman declared deserters -- 3/c Boy Damon discharged at Newport -- Midshipman J. A. Dougherty, Jr., joined.
10 Jul 1881 Ordinary Seaman J. F. Budson declared a deserter.
11 Jul 1881 Landsman Ah Sue shipped at Newport -- 3/c Boys G. W. Ely, Johnson Brown, and E. J. Jaccord discharged at Newport.
12 Jul 1881 Cooper Jas Dwyer and 3/c Boy Wm Dingleman declared deserters -- Landsman W. H. K. Johnson and 3/c Boy R. H. Greer discharged at Newport.
13 Jul 1881 Midshipman J. B. Blish joined.
14 Jul 1881 Painting white streak -- 3/c Boy J. H. Thompson discharged at Newport.
15 Jul 1881 3/c Boy Fredk C. Lansing declared a deserter -- deserters Jno Tennihan and J. S. Johnson returned -- Landsman Ah Sue rated Cabin Steward from 12 Jul; Carpenter/Caulker Robt Tugwood rated Carpenter's Mate; Carpenter/Caulker Gustav Smit rerated Cooper -- Landsman H. C. Patterson and 3/c Boys J. C. Barton and F. T. Raichle discharged at Newport.
16 Jul 1881 3/c Boy Henry Kunz declared a deserter -- 3/cBoy R. A. Dunlap discharged at Newport.
18 Jul 1881 Landsman Josp Jas Hicks shipped at Newport -- 3/c Boy C. W. Wheelock drowned while attempting to desert by swimming from ship with 3/c Boy Moses McIntyre; McIntyre made shore, reported what had happened, and was returned to the ship -- search for body unsuccessful.
19 Jul 1881 Master-at-Arms Josp Castaldi mentioned -- Private B. Watts and 3/c Boy Edw McDermott sent to an unspecified Naval Hospital.
22 Jul 1881 Boys G. E. Andrews, C. W. Austin, J. J. Black, W. E. A. Boyd, F. T. Bogue, D. D. Butler, A. Berg, J. H. Bennett, A. L. Collum, J. T. Quody, J. F. C. Watson, E. S. Carr, C. M. Dalley, A. S. Gardner, D. Goldsborough, M.N. Hosewell, N. B. Hawkins, M. A. JACKSON, E. P. Livett, G. W. Leviness, A. F. Minturn, T. C. Morris, W. H. Otis, L. B. Poole, J. H. Ruppert, N. A. Rasky, A. E. Robbins, M. C. T. Schenck, R. A. Schnick, A. F. Smith, C. A. Smith, E. S. Tibbetts, J. E. Tracy, G. S. Tichenor, J. P. Wendel, N. S. B. Wilson, T. H. Whitney, and F. S. Younglof received from MINNESOTA -- Boys D. S. Bergin, D. P. Delany, F. G. Griffith, W. A. Ritchie, J. H. F. Kittridge, and A. J. Knox received from ST LOUIS.
23 Jul 1881 Seaman J. Tennihan discharged at Newport -- Landsman Richd W. Farr shipped at Newport.
25 Jul 1881 Midshipman C. C. Marsh joined -- Landsmen Henry A. Laurence and Jno B. Lawman shipped at Newport -- Landsman Jas Rainey rated Yeoman 3/c; Landsman Jno H. Carton, Painter; and Landsman Robt Farr, Ship's Writer.
26 Jul 1881 Seaman Jno Hoover sent to yacht WAVE --Landsman Avery N. Hayes shipped at Newport.
27 Jul 1881 Private Josp J. Hickey received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn -- 3/c Boys Garey Stovey, Alfred Ahrens, Jno J. McCarthy, and Henry Bailey received from MINNESOTA; Richd W. Linahen failed to report -- Seaman (Engineer Force) Andrew Coyle rated Fireman 1/c and Ordinary Seaman (Engineer Force) Jno Lyons, Fireman 2/c, both from 2 Jul; Landsman Avery N. Hayes rated Bandmaster.
28 Jul 1881 Seaman J. J. Fitzgerald shipped at Newport -- 3/c Boys J. J. Dowling, Henry Young, Jno Crandall, D. S. Beagen, H. S. Smith, Chas Dainegan, B. W. Betts, Jno Breese, and Nicholas Golden sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
29 Jul 1881 Seamen Jno Brown #1 and Josp S. Johnson sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE.
30 Jul 1881 Seaman Apprentice J. W. Gilroy and 3/c Boy J.S. Johnson received from COLORADO.
1 Aug 1881 3/c Boys Ernest Abbiati and Frank Shea mentioned -- Landsmen Francisco Avitabile, Frank S. Kemper, Alfonso Monaco, Jno J. Greenwood, and Wm A. Deplitch shipped at Newport -- Seaman Apprentice Jno W. Gilroy discharged at Newport.
2 Aug 1881 Seaman Jno J. Walton and 3/c Boy H. F. Shorey discharged at Newport, the latter due to physical disability -- Landsman J. J. Greenwood rated Musician 1/c from 29 Jul; Landsmen Enrico Defes, Frank N. Pember, Wm A. Deplitch, and Anastasio Vincenzo rated Musicians 2/c; Landsmen Alphonso Monaco and Francisco Avitabile rated Seamen Musicians --3/c Boy Richd W. Linahan declared a deserter -- Midshipman L. M. Garrett joined.
3 Aug 1881 Landsmen Peter Malone, Geo E. Birdley, Giuseppe Monaco, and Jakey Smith shipped at Newport -- Geo Fleg declared a deserter -- 3/c Boys Wm F. Quick and H. T. Linderger received from COLORADO.
5 Aug 1881 [Friday] 1330 Rear Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers visited the ship; 13 guns.
6 Aug 1881 Seamen M. Frank, A. H. Devitt, J. W. Baker, P. R. Gallagher, P. J. King, H. H. Niles, J. Readon, J. B. Greaves, G. F. Doe, S. E. Weston, J. Dennis, W. L. Cole, G. F. Green, W. B. Neal, Q. F. Wilke, G. H. Barbour, C. F.Kidwell, P. F. Devanney, C. E. Dodge, Wm C. Montgomery, W. A. Jefts, and J. F. Sullivan; Ordinary Seamen C. A. Brown, F. W. Jepson, J.P. McKenna, L. J. McGuire, R. Peatty, T. Logan, J. James, H. A. Miller, J. W. McCarty, and J. F. Nagle; Ordinary Seaman 2/c Caleb Lucy, J. J. Doyle, J. G. Lutz, and C. Pfeiffer; and 3/c Boy W. E. Bleor received from COLORADO -- Landsmen Wm P. Blythe and Jno W. Batton and 3/c Boy Ralph H. Howard shipped at Newport -- 3/c Boy F. A. Scharf declared a deserter -- 3/c Boys Thos H. Bailey, W. A. Toner, H. A. Greaney, A. A. Woods, Frank E. Gover, and R. R. Dowd received from WABASH.
7 Aug 1881 Seaman Courtland Lough declared a deserter.
8 Aug 1881 Commodore Luce, Master Aaron Ward, and Midshipmen C. H. Harlow and R. K. Wright shifted his pennant to NEW HAMPSHIRE – Jas Connell disrated Seaman, and Jno Ramirez, Augustus French, R. W. Farr, A. W. Hayes, Ah Sue, Jno McCarton, Anastasio Vincenzo, Enrico Defes, Giuseppi Monaco, Peter Malone, Jakey Smith, J. J. Greenwood, Alphonso Monaco, F. S. Pember, Francisco Avitabile, H. Deplitch, and J. F. Pomeroy all disrated Landsmen, and sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Seamen J. Caleb, W. T. Cole, R. Beatty, F. R. Gallagher, G. H. Barbour, F. J. King, Wm Dennis, O. F. Wilke, P. Devanney, J. T. Sullivan, H. H. Miles, J. B. Greaves, J. H. Baker, L. C. Weston, Jno Dennis, Wm M. Frank, J. F. Doe, G. F. Green, J. M. McCarthy J. Reardon, and J. P. Lutz; Ordinary Seamen P. Logan and J. James; Ordinary Seaman 2/c J. J. Doyle; and 3/c Boys W. H. Butt, W. E. Boyd, L. Cociacach, J. P. Gardner, W. A. Hoswell, W. C. Lepine, M. McLaughlin, Josp Stokes, W. R. Sorder, Eli Cousins, W. Bradley, W. H. Poe, D. Dempsey, R. A. Ipson, N. B. Hawkins, L. Freidman, P. Lemercier, W. T. Walters, F. C. Bergman, J. C. Dolly, W. Hepner, Geo Holmon, Chas Lachner, G. H. Mancos, R. J. Reed. and J. Solferino sent to NEW HAMPSHIRE -- 3/c Boys F. C. Schaeffer and Alfred Ahrens discharged at Newport.
9 Aug 1881 3/c Boys F. Shea, Jno Wendlekin, and D. J. O'Leary declared deserter.
11 Aug 1881 0615 Sailed -- 1720 maintopmast trestletrees carried away -- repaired.
12 Aug 1881 1642 Arrived at New London, Connecticut.
15 Aug 1881 0615 Sailed "up L. I. Sound" -- 1750 anchored off New Haven.
17 Aug 1881 3/c Boys Leonard, Coughlin, McKenn, J. P. Riley, Brewster, McCombe, W. Flagg, W. R. Soden, W. F. Taylor, Odell, S. Laurence, Farrell, R. Fisher, D. Sweeney, and Dudley rated 2/c Boys from 1 Aug.
18 Aug 1881 Sailed -- 1725 anchored in Smithtown Bay.
19 Aug 1881 " rooms..." -- Seaman Michl Tibbs discharged at Smithtown Bay, Long Island.

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