25 JULY 1880 - 4 FEBRUARY 1881

25 Jul 1880 Midshipmen C. N. Atwater, Edward Lloyd, Jr., R. M. Hughes, and Robert K. Wright joined.
26 Jul 1880 Landsman Josiah McCarty shipped at Newport.
27 Jul 1880 Quartermaster Henry Wilson, Armorer's Mate Wm L. Lawson, and 1/c Boy Isaac Hall discharged at Newport -- Seaman Chas M. Chipman rated Schoolmaster; Seaman A. McFadden, Armorer's Mate; Landsman Jno McAnaspie, Ship's Writer; Captain of the Afterguard Jas Wilson, Quartermaster; Seaman Wm Wright, Captain of the Afterguard; and Landsman Josiah McCarty, Wardroom Cook.
28 Jul 1880 [Wednesday] Ship's Corporal Jas Thayer discharged at Newport -- Seamen Lars P. Peterson, Christin Rasmussen, Ludwig Mortensen, Josp Harold, and Landsman Jas H. Richmond received "from Boston" -- 1500 sailed.
31 Jul 1880 1650 Arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine.
4 Aug 1880 Landsman Bayard F. Salisbury shipped at Bar Harbor.
6 Aug 1880 1030 Sailed.
7 Aug 1880 Quartermaster F. D. Darragh disrated Seaman; Seaman M. Burke rated Quartermaster, both to date from 8 Aug.
8 Aug 1880 Private Timothy P. Quinn and 2/c Boy Walter L. Albert declared deserters from 5 Aug.
10 Aug 1880 Main topmast trestletrees carried away; lashing the main topgallant mast to the main topmast.
14 Aug 1880 1750 Arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia.
25 Aug 1880 0825 Sailed.
30 Aug 1880 [Monday] 10 kts (2 hrs) -- 2005 Arrived at Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts.
31 Aug 1880 Shifted to New Bedford, Massachusetts, arriving at 1530.
1 Sep 1880 Rowing drills -- Chief Boatswain's Mate Jno Williams disrated Seaman; sent to Naval Hospital, Chelsea.
2-3 Sep 1880 Small arms target practice.
7 Sep 1880 [Tuesday] 0640 Sailed -- 1835 arrived at Newport, Rhode Island.
15 Sep 1880 0900 Sailed -- 1250 anchored due to poor wind.
16 Sep 1880 0615 Sailed.
22 Sep 1880 0825 Arrived at Lewes, Delaware – Midshipman R. E. Paris detached, his resignation accepted.
23 Sep 1880 0915 Sailed.
24 Sep 1880 2045 Arrived at Lynnhaven Bay, Virginia.
25 Sep 1880 1305 Sailed -- 2100 arrived at Yorktown, Virginia.
26 Sep 1880 3/c Boy Jas P. Hennessy deserted 2nd cutter at Yorktown.
27 Sep 1880 Seaman Saml Turner discharged at Yorktown.
28 Sep 1880 Captain of the Afterguard Thos Miller discharged at Yorktown.
29 Sep 1880 Infantry drill ashore -- Seaman August Grass rated Captain of the Top; Captain of the Top Jas Kelly rated Captain of the Forecastle.
30 Sep 1880 Captain of the Hold Saml Travis discharged at Yorktown.
1 Oct 1880 Landsman J. W. Bond rated Captain of the Hold as of 1 Sep; Ordinary Seamen 2/c Jno Hall and Thos L. Clinton rated Ordinary Seaman; 2/c Boys J. H. Burnett, F. J. Doyle, S. F. Mitchell, G. B. McMarkham, Fredk Schulze, R. H. Franze [?], Jno Bafton, W. G. Venton [?], Guido W. Beck, E. T. Kerr, E. T. Matlie [?], J. M. Scanlon, H. A. Wallace, Louis Kern, A. P. Whitmore, and Edw C. Jones rated 1/c Boys; and 3/c Boys Wm Austin, H. T. Cameron, E, F, Davis, Jno De Forrest, P. Elgeshauser, T. Grupp, W. H. K____lesdorf, J. J. Hanshe, Jas McKeough, S. P. Smallfield, Jas J. Tuile [?], A. F. Walker, Jno Neil, J. F. Thompson, W. V. Armstrong, Jas G. Bucher, W. C. Carson, F. C. Dealing [?], R. M. Douglas, H. J. Glenn, A. T. Hills, J. S. Humboch, Josp McDonald, C. J.Metzler, N. F. Schurich [?], R. M. Wright, W.H. Hillman, and H. S. O[ ? ] rated 2/c Boys.
2 Oct 1880 [Saturday] -- 0900 Sailed -- "Carried away runner of Mizzen topsail halliards; the yard came down with a run carrying away the starboard yard arm at topgallant sheet sheeve hole." -- 1234 anchored off Wormley's Creek, Virginia.
4 Oct 1880 0510 Sailed -- 1540 carried away the main topgallant 4' above the main topmast cap -- began sending down the wreckage -- 1730 anchored.
5 Oct 1880 0500 Sailed -- 0630 anchored because of squalls -- 0900 sailed -- 1515 anchored in Hampton Roads.
6 Oct 1880 Ordinary Seaman Jno Kallenbach discharged at Norfolk.
9 Oct 1880 Schoolmaster Wm O'Shea disrated Landsman -- Landsman Jno T. Bynum shipped at Norfolk.
13 Oct 1880 Private Chas Mackay received from Marine Barracks, Norfolk -- Captain of the Top Patk Doyle and Seamen Jno Jefferson and Jno Worvin received from FRANKLIN -- Landsman Wm O'Shea, 1/c Boys A. O. Manning and F. G. Johnson, and 3/c Boy M. M. Rynd sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- Captain of the Top Geo Nelson disrated Seaman.
14 Oct 1880 Landsman Jeffrey Keeland discharged at Norfolk.
15 Oct 1880 Schoolmaster Chas M. Chipman discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman Jas W. Dandridge shipped at Norfolk.
18 Oct 1880 Armorer's Mate Anthony McFadden and Ordinary Seaman Geo H. Kann discharged at Norfolk.
20 Oct 1880 Steerage Steward Jefferson Woods discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman E. S. Williams shipped at Norfolk.
23 Oct 1880 3/c Boy Saml T. Oateley shipped at Norfolk.
27 Oct 1880 2/c Boy Jno F. Thompson discharged at Norfolk.
30 Oct 1880 Took on 25 tons of anthracite.
1 Nov 1880 Wardroom Cook Josiah McCarty and Seaman Fredk Wolfinger discharged at Norfolk.
2 Nov 1880 Landsman Albert Matthews shipped at Norfolk as of 1 Nov; rated Wardroom Cook.
4 Nov 1880 Target firing with starboard battery at 1200 yards.
6 Nov 1880 Landsman Fleming Johnson discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman Haywood G. Patterson shipped at Norfolk.
7 Nov 1880 Cooper F. S. Smith discharged at Norfolk.
8 Nov 1880 Small arms practice at 300 yards.
9 Nov 1880 Sail drill.
11 Nov 1880 The President, Cabinet, and Commodore English visited the ship; salute fired.
12 Nov 1880 Ordinary Seamen 2/c A. C. Barclay, Frank Schmidt, W. O. Cleveland, F. M. Noe, A. H. Vanevery, and H. C. Langendorf sent to TENNESSEE.
14 Nov 1880 Seaman F. D. Darragh discharged at Norfolk.
16 Nov 1880 [Tuesday] 0410 Sailed.
20 Nov 1880 3/c Boy W. J. Lloyd fell from Jacob's ladder leading to fore top.
28 Nov 1880 "...wet, ice or sleet, melting from the rigging..."
29 Nov 1880 1245 Arrived off Philadelphia Navy Yard.
30 Nov 1880 Shifted to west side of wharf.
1 Dec 1880 Boatswain Thos W. Brown sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, as were 1/c Boy B. E. Nodler; 2/c Boys Geo L. Smith, W. F. Grupp, and A. F. Walker; and 3/c Boys Geo Eberlein, Wm McKeoson, W. J. Smith, F. True, J. G. Charpentier, V. H. Ahlmeyer, J. J. Mead, W. J. Lloyd, W. J. Dixon, and G. J. Smart.
3 Dec 1880 Private Fredk H. Ahrens sent to Marine Barracks, Philadelphia.
7 Dec 1880 Private Thos D. McGrath received from Marine Barracks, League Island.
10 Dec 1880 Private Jno Hickey sent to Marine Barracks, League Island.
12 Dec 1880 Quartermaster Michl Burke and Seaman Jno C. Briggs declared deserters.
14 Dec 1880 Landsman D. J. Post; 2/c Boy Ulysses Owen; and 3/c Boys Edgar Stewart, C. F. Boyd, E. T. Roderback, and R. Loos declared deserters.
15 Dec 1880 [Wednesday] Borings being taken to check ship's timbers.
16 Dec 1880 Landsman Wm L. Lawson received from GALENA --3/c Boy Stanislaus Cavanaugh shipped at Philadelphia.
19 Dec 1880 Landsman J. R. Swuden declared a deserter.
20 Dec 1880 Ordinary Seaman 2/c Jno Hall discharged at Philadelphia.
21 Dec 1880 3/c Boy Geo H. Davis declared a deserter -- 3/c Boy Harry Montana shipped at Philadelphia.
22 Dec 1880 Private T. Watson received from Marine Barracks, League Island -- Landsmen Chas Fischer, Thos Wallace, and Frank Hoyt received from ST LOUIS -- 3/c Boy Jas W. Price shipped at Philadelphia.
23 Dec 1880 3/c Boys W. H. Jacobus and Geo Metcalf declared deserters.
31 Dec 1880 Landsman (Engineer Force) M. Kelly rated 2/c Fireman and Landsman H. Horton, Landsman (Engineer Force) (both as of 1 Dec); Ship's Corporal Jno Brown #1 disrated Seaman from 21 Dec.
3 Jan 1881 Seaman Jas Kelley and 2/c Boy E. F. Davies sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
4 Jan 1881 Seaman Henry Leonard and Landsman Jas L. Richmond sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
5 Jan 1881 Seaman Apprentice Philip Hazard discharged at Philadelphia -- Captain of the Forecastle Thos Miller received from ST LOUIS.
6 Jan 1881 Seaman Louis Silver discharged at Philadelphia.
7 Jan 1881 Warrant Officers' Cook Jobe Fenters declared a deserter -- 1/c Boy Eugene Nodler received from ST. LOUIS.
9 Jan 1881 Quarter Gunner Jas M. Taylor discharged at Philadelphia; shipped over next day as Seaman.
10 Jan 1881 2/c Boys Jno Neil and Otto Vetter, and 3/c Boys Geo G. Chipman, Jas Cogan, W. J. Arnold,and E. A. Tunison declared deserters; Vetter and Chipman returned by police 11 Jan.
13 Jan 1881 [Thursday] Commodore English visited the ship-- 3/c Boy Julius Sager declared a deserter -- Seaman Josp Harold, Landsman C. Sewell, and 2/c Boys Josp G. Bucher and J. L. Johnson sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia -- Landsman W. H. Bordley shipped at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boy Henry Hayes Street received from rendezvous, Philadelphia.
15 Jan 1881 Coxswain Wm Mulgren discharged at Philadelphia.
17 Jan 1881 3/c Boy Jno Alexander received from rendezvous, Philadelphia -- Landsman H. R. Beadle shipped at Philadelphia.
18 Jan 1881 "...fixing skylight in spar deck cabin..." -- 3/c Boys Raymond R. Slater, Jas R. Wilkinson, Wm Field, and Josp P. Ulean shipped at Philadelphia.
19 Jan 1881 3/c Boys Jno Rowan, R. D. Barr, Chas Lloyd, and Frank Gallagher shipped at Philadelphia -- Seaman Jas M. Taylor rated Quarter Gunner from 11 Jan; Landsman H. R. Beadle, Schoolmaster from 18 Jan; Landsman Geo W. Reddick, Warrant Officers' Cook from 8 Jan; Schoolmaster Alex J. Turner, Boatswain's Mate from 18 Jan; 2/c Boys F. K. Bashford, Saml H. Moore, and O. H. Knoblesdorf 1/c Boys from 1 Jan; and 3/c Boys B. M. Burdett, H. T. Mathis, G. M. Miller, and Josp F. Knoblesdorf 2/c Boys from 1 Jan.
20 Jan 1881 "...joiners at cutting a skylight in after part of wardroom..." -- Chief Quartermaster Chas Hart and Seaman John Brown#2 discharged at Philadelphia -- 1/c Boy E. Nodler and 3/c Boy Harry Montana sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia -- Seaman Jno Williams and 3/c Boy Wm N. Stewart shipped at Philadelphia.
21 Jan 1881 Seaman chas Hart shipped at Philadelphia -- Ship's Cook Joshua Hardy discharged at Philadelphia.
22 Jan 1881 Ship's Writer Jno McAnaspie, Seaman Geo Nelson, and Ordinary Seaman P. Tobin discharged at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boys C. A. Fritz, B. F. Boyer, and C. H. Gorman shipped at Philadelphia.
23 Jan 1881 Landsman Jno McAnaspie shipped over at Philadelphia.
24 Jan 1881 3/c Boy Edw McBride shipped at Philadelphia.
25 Jan 1881 Seaman Chas Hart rated Chief Quartermaster from 22 Jan; Ship's Corporal Frank Hoytre rated Ship's Cook from 22 Jan; Landsman Jno Mcanaspie rated Ship's Writer from 24 Jan; and Seaman Jno Williams, Tailor from 21 Jan -- Jack of the Dust W. D. Bartley and Ordinary Seaman 2/c Henry Mullins discharged at Philadelphia.
26 Jan 1881 Landsman W. D. Bartley and 3/c Boys Jas Farrell, Jno R. Savage, and J. M. Dillon shipped at Philadelphia.
27 Jan 1881 3/c Boy J. W. Price shipped at Philadelphia -- 3/c Boy Harry Montana received from ST LOUIS.
28 Jan 1881 Repairing the rudder head -- 3/c Boys Jas W. Gandy and Wm Simpson shipped at Philadelphia -- Seamen Geo Byrne, Wm Sinclair, and Harry Leonard received from ST LOUIS.
29 Jan 1881 "...spar deck cabins..." -- 3/c Boys G. Hultz, T. F. Sharkey, G. W. Thomas, W. R. Connell, Danl McRheeson, and Chas Lockner shipped at Philadelphia.
31 Jan 1881 3/c Boys T. U. [?] Mitchell and G. W. Conaway shipped at Philadelphia.
1 Feb 1881 3/c Boys F. B. Reed and Wm Sachs shipped at Philadelphia.
2 Feb 1881 3/c Boys J. E. Scotty and Conrad Jacobs shipped at Philadelphia.
3 Feb 1881 Unshipped rudder and put it ashore.
4 Feb 1881 Plumbers at work on pumps and steam coils -- 3/c Boys Martin Lowery, S. Pressy, and T. Cook shipped at Philadelphia.

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