22 JANUARY - 24 JULY 1880

Crew allowance per Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting,

20 June 1879: 1 Chief Boatswain's Mate, 2 Boatswain's Mates, 1 Gunner's Mate, 1 Chief Quartermaster, 3 Quartermasters, 3 Coxswains, 2 Captains of the Forecastle, 6 Captains of the Top, 2 Captains of the Afterguard, 2 Quarter Gunners, 1 Carpenter's Mate, 1 Sailmaker's Mate, 1 Armorer's Mate, 2 Captains of the Hold, 1 Ship's Cook, 3 Ship's Corporals, 1 Cooper, 2 Carpenters/Caulkers, 1 Nurse, 1 Master-at-Arms, 1 Apothecary, 1 Ship's Yeoman, 1 Paymaster's Yeoman, 1 Jack of the Dust, 1 Schoolmaster per each 50 boys [4], 1 Ship's Writer, 2 Tailors, 1 Baker, 1 1/c Painter, 1 Bugler, 1 Cabin Steward, 1 Cabin Cook, 1 Wardroom Steward, 1 Wardroom Cook, 1 Steerage Steward, 1 Steerage Cook, 1 Warrant Officers' Steward, 1 Warrant Officers' Cook, 14 Seamen, 31 Landsmen, 1 Seaman (Engineer Force), 1 Ordinary Seaman (Engineer Force), 1 Landsman (Engineer Force): 106 total.
23 Jan 1880 [Friday] Sailing regatta.
24 Jan 1880 2/c Boy Philip Doherty rated 1/c Boy from 1 Jan.
26 Jan 1880 0530 Sailed from Friederickstadt, Santa Cruz.
1 Feb 1880 1820 Arrived at Aspinwall, Colombia -- Commander Stanton promoted to Captain.
5 Feb 1880 Ship's Corporal Jas Gilmore mentioned.
6 Feb 1880 Schoolmaster F. P. Tighe disrated to Landsman and detached for transfer to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
7 Feb 1880 0930 Sailed.
12 Feb 1880 1858 Returned to Limon Bay (Aspinwall).
23 Feb 1880 Ordinary Seaman Thos G. Roberts so ill that the national salute for Washington's Birthday, delayed because the 2nd was a Sunday, was not fired -- Ordinary Seamen Pascal Bailone, Herman Bicky, Jas Harold, F. W. Myers, Jno Mangold, Albert Parks, Wm K. Sniffen, Danl Sullivan, A. P. Shuck, Wm H. Tierney, Andrew Tilling, Francis Vance, and Geo White; and 1/c Boys Thos L. Clinton, Thos G. Hardy, Alex Henricks, Wm G. Hittafer, Guy Langdon, Peter Reth, Wm Reinhardt, Alfred Seibrecht, and Jno W. Thompson, under the charge of Lieutenant C. S. Richmond, received from INDEPENDENCE. [Note these men all recruited in San Francisco Bay area and transported to Aspinwall to join CONSTITUTION.]
24 Feb 1880 1/c Boys Geo V. Broderick, Wm Bartlett, T. J. Brasslone, C. C. Burns, H. D. Basse, Wm J. Dower, Wm H. Hardy, Geo Kern, Jno L. Lumberg, Wm J. Noble, W. L. J. Reese, Jno M. Rose, Wm Thom, Jno Labor, Jas Woods, and Wm J. White rated Ordinary Seamen as of 1 Feb -- 2/c Boys Edw F. Miller and F. H. Cogswell rated 1/c Boys as of 1 Feb.
27 Feb 1880 Seamen Wallace Vanderbeck, Jno Johnson, Geo H. Peterson, and August Riebe; Landsmen J. C. Koch (disrated from Carpenter/Caulker this date), Josp S. Baptiste, Thos W. Kirby, Jas Morris, Thos F. Neyland, Chas E. Herman, and Nelson C. Dusenberry; 1/c Boys Wm Crimm, Frank H. Cogswell, Philip Doherty, David Hennessy, Fredk W. Lamoreaux, Thos McAuliff, Edw G. Miller, Alfred W. Methonic, Edw W. Pierce, Paul A. Smith, Fred W. Sage, Herbert Sargent, and Union Van Nostrand; and 2/c Boys Arthur S. Banks, Matthew Chadwick, Jas Gray, Jno Henney, Chas Hoffman, Dennis A. Heffernan, Gustav Loehr, Chas Rikel, Jno S. Rounds, Geo B. Smith, Emil B. Severin, Wm H. Wise, and Chas Walthers sent to PORTSMOUTH in the charge of Lieutenant Arthur P. Nazro and Midshipman William S. Benson -- sent to PRINCETON for further transfer to ADAMS were Ordinary Seamen Wm Bartlett, Geo V. Broderick, Thos J. Brasslone, Chas C. Burns, Henry D. Basse, Alex Comissar, Wm J. Dower, Herbert D. Gilley, Wm H. Hardy, Geo Kern, Cecil Rounds, Wm Thorn, Jno Labor, Jas Woods, and Thos J. White; and 1/c Boys Chad H. Farrell, Fritz W. Gammert, Edw C. Hyde, Edw Hopkins, Jas B. Hunt, Robt L. Johnson, August Keebee, Jno McDonough, Thos F. McDonald, Jno S. Place, and Jas B. Richards.
28 Feb 1880 Writer C. M. Baker; Captain of the Hold Jno Day; Carpenter/Caulker Geo W. William; Seamen Richd Foley, Martin Conners, Fredk Hill, P. M. Cahill, and Jno Cressy; Ordinary Seamen Fredk Padelford, Jno F. Turney, Jno O'Connell, Henry Kelly, and J. F. Eagen; Landsmen Jas Alexander, J. M. E. Moore, Wm Tobin, and Andrew Petersen; 1/c Boys Cornelius O'Reilly, Jas Kelly; 2/c Boys Jas Reilly #2, Wm Rogers, Richd West, Josp Martin, Nicholas Cullen; and Privates Jas Murray, Jno Nevill, and A. A. Kain received from PENSACOLA.
29 Feb 1880 Ship's Corporal Wm Hayden disrated Ordinary Seaman.
1 Mar 1880 [Monday] Sailed.
8 Mar 1880 0230 Fore yard carried away on starboard side-- got pieces down and fished.
11 Mar 1880 0835 Got fore yard back aloft.
12 Mar 1880 Courts martial decisions: Seaman Philip Hazard given 1 month solitary confinement on bread and water in double irons and fined 2 months pay ($43); Captain of the Afterguard Henry Leonard given 20 days solitary confinement on bread and water in double irons and 2 months extra duty; and Seaman Richd Foley given 30 days solitary confinement on bread and water in double irons and fined 1 months pay -- Coxswain Jas Hoover disrated Seaman as of 1 Mar -- Ship's Corporal Jas R. Gilmore disrated Landsman as of this date.
16 Mar 1880 Off Havana.
20 Mar 1880 10 kts (2 hrs).
24 Mar 1880 Strong gale; heavy sea.
27 Mar 1880 10 kts (3 hrs).
29 Mar 1880 "...drizzling sleet..." -- "...rolling and pitching heavily..."
31 Mar 1880 2/c Boys A. C. Abele, Geo Dickson, J. T. Green, G. B. Hartly, A. C. Knipe, A. S. Kelly, H. C. Langendorf, R. D. Pierce, J. H. Scott, Louis Van Voast, and A. G. Worthington rated 1/c Boys as of 1 Mar -- 3/c Boys A. C. Barclay, C. E. Fitzgerald, C. K. Gallant, J. M. Dickbrader, W. J. Kanntz, K. F. Marshall, Eugin [sic] Nodler, Jas O'Toole, Hasting J. Pilsen, Saml Seelig, B. D. Town, Geo Wells, J. W. Waddell, F. M. Watke, and C. E. Wymond rated 2/c Boys as of 1 Mar.
1 Apr 1880 Sighted Cape Hatteras.
2 Apr 1880 1430 Arrived in Hampton Roads.
3 Apr 1880 Sailmaker's Mate Patk M. Cahill, Seaman Isaac Gardner, and 2/c Boy Wm Corley discharged at Norfolk with bad conduct discharges.
8 Apr 1880 Seamen Jas Hoover, Geo Bailey, Jno Cressy, Fredk Hier [?], Arthur Lloyd, and J. W. Powers; Ordinary Seamen Jno O'Connell, Thos G. Roberts, Jas Hard, Jas T. Egan, Pascal Bailone, and Jno Delmore; Landsman Michl Kelly; 1/c Boy Thos L. Clinton; 2/c Boys Geo A. Meyer, Albert T. Rowand, and Jas M. Riley; 3/c Boys E. T. Holyland and Frank A. Wilson; and Privates A. Kane, Albert Price, Jon Nevil, and Jas Murray sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- 1/c Boys Joaquin Agromonte, Frank Aldrich, A. J. Bliss, F. M. Blanchard, J. V. Cronin, Jno A. Dooker, Jno J. C. Howe, Jno Hayden, Chas Horn, J. P. Herman, Josp Krause, Jno M. Miller, B. Newgarden, W. N. Quinlan, Leslie A. Roberts, Hugo Steinmetz, R. E. Thomas, G. N. Tyson, Chas Webster, and Jas Wilson received from SARATOGA.
9 Apr 1880 Carpenter/Caulker Geo W. Williams; Ship's Writer Curtis M. Barker; Captain of the Hold Jno Day; Seaman Martin Conners; Ordinary Seamen Fredk Padelford and Jno F. Turney; Landsmen Jno M. E. More, Andrew Pedersen, Edw Hall, and Jas Alexander; Fireman 1/c Jas Kelly; and Firemen 2/c Josp Martin, Jas Reilly, Richd West, Nicholas Cullen, and Wm Roger discharged at Norfolk.
10 Apr 1880 0900-1600 Shifted to Norfolk Navy Yard in tow of FORTUNE.
12 Apr 1880 Half-masted colors for death of Rear Admiral Thatcher.
13 Apr 1880 Landsman Jno W. Thomas discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman G. W. Reddick shipped at Norfolk.
14 Apr 1880 Seamen Peter Guizot and Wm Mellgrew, and Ordinary Seaman Wm Hayden, sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth. -- Steerage Steward Lewis Thompson discharged at Norfolk.
15 Apr 1880 Cornelius O'Reilly discharged at Norfolk.
16 Apr 1880 Landsman Jefferson Woods shipped at Norfolk.
17 Apr 1880 Sailmaker Herman Hansen detached awaiting orders -- Landsman Jefferson Woods rated Steerage Steward -- Ordinary Seaman Henry Kelly and Landsman Wm Tobin sent to New York Navy Yard.
19 Apr 1880 Warrant Officers' Cook Edw Jones discharged at Norfolk.
20 Apr 1880 Landsman Robt Francis rated Warrant Officers' Cook -- R. H. Day, Jr., discharged at Norfolk.
22 Apr 1880 Boatswain's Mate Alex J. Turner, Coxswain Chas Williams, Wardroom Steward Robt Cornell, Wardroom Cook Josp Fassett, Steerage Cook Louis Cheared, Landsman Josp H. Miller, and 2/c Boy Wm E. Cook discharged at Norfolk.
23 Apr 1880 2/c Boy Saml Seelig declared a deserter --3/c Boy W. B. Frazier discharged at Norfolk.
24 Apr 1880 3/c Boy Josp E. Stradman discharged at Norfolk -- Landsman S. J. Morrow, 2/c Boy H. Perk, and 3/c Boys J. M. Poensalot and C. G. Glass declared deserters -- Seamen Wm B. Davis, Jno Brown, Walter Hart, Andrew Landers, Jas Walters, Wm Mellgren, and Landsman Robt Zugwood received from FRANKLIN -- Landsmen Josp B. Grinder, Jas Beagle, and Jno P. Britton shipped at Norfolk.
25 Apr 1880 Landsman Geo Massey rated Steerage Cook as of 23 Apr; Landsman Jno P. Britton, Ship's Corporal as of 24 Apr; and Seaman Walter Hart Ship's Corporal, Quartermaster Theodore Norris Coxswain, Seaman Wm B. Davis Boatswain's Mate, Landsman Robt Lugwood Carpenter/Caulker, Captain of the Main Top Jno Williams Boatswain's Mate, Quartermaster Josp Matthews Captain of the Main Top, and Seaman Jno Brown Quartermaster, all as of this date -- 2/c Boy Chas E. Fitzgerald and 3/c Boys Josp C. Schellinger, Baky Morison, H. H. Krickbaum, and J. A. Liebing declared deserters.
26 Apr 1880 [Monday] Received a new spanker boom and 10 tons of coal -- 1/c Boy Jas H. Scott and 2/c Boy Michl Herbert declared deserters -- Landsman Edw Fagan shipped at Norfolk as of 23 Apr and rated Wardroom Cook; Landsmen Jno O'Shea and Jno W. Boyd also shipped.
28 Apr 1880 1100 Shifted to berth off hospital; took on powder --1/c Boys Joaquin Agramonte, F. Aldrich, A. J. Bliss, F. M. Blanchard, J. V. Cronin, J. A. Dooker, J. J. C. Howe, J. Hayden, C. Horn, J. P. Hernan, J. Krause, J. H. Miller, B. Newgarden, W. H. Quinlan, L. A. Roberts, H. Steinmetz, R. E. Thomas, G. H.Tyson, C. Webster, and Jas Wilson sent to ALLIANCE -- Landsman Michl Kelly received from FRANKLIN -- Seaman Jas Walters sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, unfit for sea duty -- Landsman Archie Thomas shipped at Norfolk to date from 25 Apr; rated Wardroom Steward as of same date --Landsman Jeffrey Keeland shipped at Norfolk -- Landsman (Engineer Force) B. Broastan, 2/c Boy H. C. Dean, and 3/c Boys C. D. Marselis and Josp W. Flemming discharged at Norfolk.
29 Apr 1880 1100 Sailed down Elizabeth River – 1245 arrived in Hampton Roads.
1 May 1880 3/c Boy Josp F. Imhoff discharged at Norfolk.
3 May 1880 Bayman S. A. Findley and Landsman Isaac Lewis discharged at Norfolk.
4 May 1880 Ordinary Seamen Chas Booth, Homer R. Collins, Robt Hopkins, Gustav Matter, Edw Moran, and Richd Murray, and 1/c Boy Thos L. Clinton received from PORTSMOUTH.
5 May 1880 Sailmaker Jno Martin joined -- 3/c Boy O. J. Rose discharged at Norfolk.
6 May 1880 Seaman Wm Mellgren rated Coxswain; Coxswain Chas K. Higgins disrated Seaman; Ship's Corporal Walter Hart rated Quartermaster; and Quartermaster Jno Brown rerated Ship's Corporal.
7 May 1880 Landsman Benj Ruffin shipped at Norfolk; rated Wardroom Steward.
8 May 1880 1130 Secretary of the Navy and Congressmen visited; 19 guns; yards manned -- 2/c Boy W. F. Johnston and 3/c Boys Geo F. Kelly and J. M. Barrett declared deserters.
11 May 1880 Landsmen Jas Beagle and Francis Bradley; 2/c Boys Fred H. Temple, Chauncey V. White, Clifford L. Mott, Alex N. Taylor, J. M. Dickbrader, W. G. Johnson, and Jas R. Healey; nd 3/c Boys Jas Klemmick and Morris E. Ellis declared deserters.
13 May 1880 2/c Boy Theo A. Bohne discharged at Norfolk.
16 May 1880 [Sunday] 0530 Sailed.
18 May 1880 1330 Arrived off Bedloe's Island, New York.
19 May 1880 Shifted to New York Navy Yard -- Ordinary Seamen Chas Booth, D. W. Hellen, and C. J. Owen discharged at New York.
20 May 1880 1/c Boys Jno Donnelly and Jno Fisher received from VANDALIA -- Boatswain T. M. Brown mentioned -- Lieutenant Charles M. Thomas promoted Lieutenant Commander -- 1/c Fireman Jas Gillespie rated Blacksmith from 1 Apr.
21 May 1880 2/c Boys Geo Marks and Geo Kraft discharged at New York -- Lieutenant James M. Miller joined -- Landsman J. W. Viggers; Ordinary Seamen 2/c A. O. Bradley, J. A. Brew, Jno Clark, Francis Johnston, C. P. Kelly, E. J. Ridge, and P. N. W. Welsh; 1/c Boys N. J. Boon, Jno Bishop, C. W. Baird, J. L. Bobb, C. B. Childs, A. J. Dickenson, J. L. Donnison, Josp Dunn, A. Flemming, H. F. Gehant, Hardy Hackle, Isaac Hall, Fredk G. Johnson, Edw Karcher, Chas Kuehling, N. J. Lanning, J. H. Meehan, G. B. McMarkham, F. M. Noe, Geo Pomeroy, W. D. Plumb, C. D. Sorenson, A. H. Vanevery, and A. W. Whipkey; 2/c Boys W. L. Alberts, J. J. Black, C. F. Backley, G. A. Benezech, J. H. Bennett, H. M. Brennan, G. W. Bock, Jno Cleary, F. J. Doyle, C. W. Fay, W. J. Fenton, W. B. Ford, R. H. Franic, W. D. Greenleaf, E. J. Hall, A. Hencket, Chas E. Knox, Louis Kern, Franklin Little, Herman Leube, Jno Rafftery [sic], Leigh Stanley, J. M. Scanlon, H. A. Wallace, Augustus Wenninger, H. F. Zincke, and Peter Burns; and 3/c Boys N. H. Ablmayer, L. K. Bashforth, Geo P. Conant, Jno J. Cannon, H. F. Cameron, Edw F. Dignan, E. F. Davis, F. W. Gilbert, O. J. Hinckley, A. T. Hills, Geo W. Jones, Josp L. Johnston, H. J. Mansfield, H. T. Morgan, A. H. Maley, W. J. Smith, F. A. Steele, G. L. Smith, S. P. Smallfield, R. M. Wright, A. P. Whitmore, and A. F. Walker received from MINNESOTA.
22 May 1880 Ordinary Seaman Gustav Matter discharged at New York.
23 May 1880 Seaman H. Landers, Ordinary Seaman Louis Roth, 1/c Boy F. G. Johnson, and 2/c Boy A. P. Manning sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
24 May 1880 Drummer C. E. Whitesides and Fifer T. Bolan received from COLORADO -- Drummer Herbert Langley and Fifer T. McNamara sent to Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
25 May 1880 "...the battalion of boys..." – another Board of Inspection and Survey – Privates Flemming, Hausman, Hickey, Hawkins, Reddington, and Sleeper received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn -- Corporal Wm Buckley and Privates Thos Parker and Nicholas Porter sent to Marine Barracks, Brooklyn -- 1/c Boy A. J. Dickinson sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Landsmen Jno Fitzpatrick and Thos McKennett shipped at New York -- Sailmaker's Mate Saml Travis disrated Seaman; Landsman Thos McKennett rated Sailmaker's Mate.
27 May 1880 Ordinary Seaman 2/c Edw Moran discharged at New York -- 3/c Boy Jas Cogan shipped at New York -- Captain of the Top Wm Toby [?] disrated Seaman, as was Coxswain Theo Norris -- Seaman Edw Griffin rated Captain of the Top and Seaman Jas R. Duncan, Coxswain.
28 May 1880 2nd Captain of the Forecastle Fredk Smith rated 1st Captain of the Forecastle -- Landsman Jno McAnaspie received from PASSAIC.
29 May 1880 Landsman J. Daly shipped at New York -- 1/c Boys A. Whipkey and A. H. Vanevery sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
30 May 1880 3/c Boy H. J. Cameron sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
31 May 1880 Landsman Jas Laly discharged at New York.
1 Jun 1880 Bayman Jno Bailey mentioned -- Seamen Theo Norris and Wm Toabey discharged at New York.
5 Jun 1880 2/c Boy E. D. Cheatham and 3/c Boy A. J. Boud declared deserters.
7 Jun 1880 [Monday] 1110 Towed by CATALPA – standing down the North River and New York Bay -- anchored off Robin Island -- Carpenter's Mate Henry Williams warranted Carpenter -- Carpenter Henry Williams, 2/c Boy E. J. Hall, and 3/c Boy Josp A. Mabry discharged at New York.
8 Jun 1880 Carpenter/Caulker Jno F. Pomeroy rated Carpenter's Mate.
10 Jun 1880 Quarter Gunner A. Murray and Ordinary Seaman J. B. Stanley discharged at New York.
11 Jun 1880 Private Thos J. Reddington declared a deserter -- Captain of the Top Jas M. Taylor rated Quarter Gunner and Seaman Fredk Wollinger, Captain of the Top.
12 Jun 1880 Ordinary Seaman 2/c Richd Murray and Landsman E. W. Brady discharged at New York.
14 Jun 1880 Ordinary Seaman Robt Hopkins discharged at New York.
15 Jun 1880 Seaman F. H. De Forest discharged at New York-- 1300 in tow of CATALPA -- anchored off 23rd Street (North River).
16 Jun 1880 Chief Boatswain's Mate Thos Hitchcock disrated Seaman -- Seaman Josp Matthews, Ordinary Seaman F. C. Jones, and 3/c Boy A. H. Haley sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Privates Alex Bogey and Jas T. Laugon received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
17 Jun 1880 2/c Boy W. B. Ford discharged at New York.
19 Jun 1880 Seaman Homer R. Collins and 3/c Boy G. P. Conant discharged at New York.
21 Jun 1880 0615 Towed to Navy Yard -- 3 classes of apprentice boys --1/c Boys Saml M. Fox, Fredk G. Johnson, A. Whiskey, and A. J. Dickinson, and 3/c Boy H. T. Cameron received from COLORADO -- Seaman Jeremiah Gray shipped at New York.
22 Jun 1880 2/c Boy W. Griffin discharged at New York -- Chaplain F. B. Rose joined.
23 Jun 1880 Landsmen Jno Walch and R. Swuden, and 3/c Boy E. A. Tamison shipped at New York – Seamen Thos Doran, Bernard Foley, Chas Thomas, and Jas Farrow received from COLORADO -- Midshipman Jonathan K. Brice's resignation accepted.
24 Jun 1880 Seamen Jas A. Duncan, Robt Landon, and P. S. Duffy; Ordinary Seaman Jas Hackett; Ordinary Seamen 2/c J. A. Bun, Jno Clerks, F. Johnson, C. P. Kelly, E. J. Ridge, P. V. W. Welsh, Henry J. Worthington (newly rated), and A. C. Abele (newly rated); 1/c Boys C. B. Childs, A. J. Dickson, H. F. Gehant, Edw Karcher, V. J. Lanning, Geo Pomeroy, W. D. Plumb, C. D. Sorinson, J. L. Bobb, C. W. Baird, Josp Dunn, H. Hackle, Jno Bishop, Jno Cleary, G. W. Wooley (newly rated), and F. W. Stanley sent to MINNESOTA -- Boatswain's Mate A. J. Turner, Captains of the Top A. McFadden and Fredk Wolfinger, and Coxswain Jas R. Duncan, each disrated Seaman -- Seaman Thos Doran rated Chief Boatswain's Mate; Seaman B. Foley, Coxswain; Seaman Jas Farrow, Captain of the Forecastle; Seamen C. Thomas, Captain of the Top; 1/c Boy Thos L. Clinton, Ordinary Seaman 2/c (from 1 Jun); Seaman Jno Bates, Captain of the Afterguard; Captain of the Top Edw Griffin, Boatswain's Mate; and Captain of the Afterguard Henry Leonard, Captain of the Top -- 2/c Boys P. Burns and Edw F. Dignan, and 3/c Boy B. Bull, sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- 3/c Boy Geo G. Chipman shipped at New York.
25 Jun 1880 Landsman Laurence Tracimer shipped at New York.
26 Jun 1880 Ordinary Seaman Wm J. Lindon discharged at New York -- Master Boynton Leach sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Master Clinton H. Lyeth joined.
28 Jun 1880 Landsman G. Ritchie and 3/c Boy P. Elgeshauser shipped at New York.
29 Jun 1880 Chief Boatswain's Mate Thos Doran disrated Seaman; sent to COLORADO -- Seaman Augustus Kerns and 3/c Boy Edw C. Jones shipped at New York -- Midshipman William R. Rush joined -- Captain of the Mizzen Top Henry Leonard disrated Seaman; Seaman Augustus Kerns rated Captain of the Top.
30 Jun 1880 Seaman Jas Wilson, Landsman Chas Lane, and 3/c Boy Jno Neil shipped at New York --Captain of the Forecastle Chas H. Collins and Captain of the Afterguard Jno Bates discharged at New York.
2 Jul 1880 3/c Boys Saml H. Moore and Frank Keim shipped at New York -- Midshipman Simeon Cook joined.
3 Jul 1880 Landsman Jas Salter and 3/c Boys Wm McKeown, Jas McDonald, and Albert Mercer shipped at New York -- Coxswain Bernard Foly disrated Seaman and sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Tailor Patk Kelly declared a deserter.
5 Jul 1880 [Monday] Full dressed ship ("...rainbow...") -- 1/c Boy Jno T. Green, 2/c Boys Chas F. Kelly and Edw F. Reddy, and 3/c Boy Jno T.Davis declared deserters -- Lieutenant Commander Charles M. Thomas detached awaiting orders -- Landsman Jas Lloyd shipped at New York -- Landsman Jas Salter rated Tailor.
6 Jul 1880 Bugler Thos Kearns and 2/c Boy Merrett Bradford declared deserters -- Landsman Jas Lloyd rated Bugler -- 2/c Boy Geo M. Cook sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
7 Jul 1880 Seamen Jno C. Briggs, Michl Bucke, Wm Forrest, Chas Hansen, Danl Lewis, Josp Nutt, Henry Smith, Wm Wright, and Chas H. Collins received from COLORADO -- Ordinary Seaman T. C. Jones sent to MINNESOTA -- Seaman Wm B. Davis and 2/c Boys J. J. Black and C. W. Simpson sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Quartermaster Wm B. Davis disrated Seaman -- Boatswain's Mate Jno Williams rated Chief Boatswain's Mate; Seaman Jeremiah Troy, Boatswain's Mate; and Seaman Jas Wilson, Captain of the Afterguard.
8 Jul 1880 0925 Towed by GEORGE L. GARLICK and MARY A. HOGAN through Hell's Gate -- Seaman Chas H. Collins rated Captain of the Forecastle and Seaman F. D. Darragh, Quartermaster – Tailor Jas Salter; Landsman Jas Gardiner; and 2/c Boys C. K. Gallant, W. J. Karnatz, and Geo Wells declared deserters.
9 Jul 1880 1010 Anchored in Gardiner's Bay, Long Island -- Seaman Gustav Smit rated Carpenter/Caulker; Bayman Jno Daley disrated Landsman; and Landsman G. H. Southwick rated Bayman.
10 Jul 1880 Captain of the Afterguard Wm Emery rerated Coxswain and Seaman Wm Forrest rated Captain of the Afterguard.
12 Jul 1880 Exercised great guns at 1200 yards -- 55 shots from port battery -- boat howitzer target practice.
14 Jul 1880 Small arms practice.
15 Jul 1880 Small arms practice.
17 Jul 1880 Cleaning ship.
19 Jul 1880 1400 Sailed -- 1505 reanchored in Gardiner's Bay -- 2/c Boys Herman Leube, Franklyn Little, F. C. Canniff, C. W. Fay, Wm C. Shockney, Frank Schmidt, Wm O. Cleveland, Jno L. Turner, Fredk P. Scott, Josp Sarbacher, Jno J. Morgan, F. M. Wotke, Bion D. Town, Eugene Nodler, Albert P. Manning, A. H. Prange, R. L. Hale, D. W. Marshall, A. J. Anderson, and Alfred C. Barclay rated 1/c Boys -- 3/c Boys H. F. Morgan, A. P. Whitmore, J. J. Cannon, F. W. Gilbert, S. F. Mitchell, Jasper C. Miller, E. T. Kerr, Thos M. Cotton, E. D. Safford, F. A. Cochran, Geo Hamall, C. S. Stokes, and W. A. Renaud rated 2/c Boys.
21 Jul 1880 0600 Sailed -- 1955 reanchored in Gardiner's Bay.
22 Jul 1880 Captain of the Hold Saml Turner disrated Ordinary Seaman; Seaman Saml Travis rated Captain of the Hold.
24 Jul 1880 1105 Sailed -- 2025 anchored off Newport, Rhode Island.

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