16 JULY 1879 - 21 JANUARY 1880

Third Rate Training Ship (18)

Note: Crew of 97; Oscar C. Badger, Captain; a schoolmaster for each 50 boys; armament: 18 32-pounders (Model 1842),
2 20-pounder breech-loading rifles; 2 12-pounder howitzers; boats: 1 steam launch, 1 sail launch, 4 cutters, 1 gig, 1 dinghy, 1 balsa raft.

17 Jul 1879 Sergeant A. Winters and Private Edw Costello joined from Marine Barracks, League Island.
18 Jul 1879 Machinist Geo W. Dane; Boiler Makers Henry Burns and Jno Yokam; Semen, Engineer Force, Jno McNeil; Ordinary Seaman Louis E. Nolanand Privates Augustus Martin and Thos Parker AWOL -- Seaman Jas L. Ritter; Ordinary Seamen C. J. Anderson, C. L. Bossan, Walter Fabien; Landsman F. W. Nieman; and 3/c Boys W. H. Dodd, Louis W. Wissler, Chas B. Rhees, Fredk G. Johnston, W. Martin, and Bernard Murray joined from ST LOUIS.
19 Jul 1879 1130 Underway from Philadelphia Navy Yard in tow of PILGRIM -- draft: 21'11" aft; 19'3"fwd -- 1510 anchored off Marcus Hook.
20 Jul 1879 0945 Under tow of PILGRIM -- 1940 anchored off Port Penn.
21 Jul 1879 0545 Under tow of PILGRIM -- 1430 anchored behind breakwater.
22 Jul 1879 0500 under tow of PILGRIM -- 0730 PILGRIM cast off; at sea.
24 Jul 1879 1315 Arrived at New York Navy Yard cob dock assisted by tug CATALPA.
25 Jul 1879 Machinist Geo H. Dame [sic]; Boiler Makers Henry Burns and Jno Yokam; Seaman Benj F. Ritter; Seamen, Engineer Force, Jno McNeiland Chas Smith Ordinary Seamen Chas J. Anderson, Chas L. Bosan, and Walter Fabien; and Landsman F. W. Niemann sent to COLORADO.
26 Jul 1879 Offloading ordnance stores brought from Philadelphia -- Warrant Officers' Cook Wm Crippen mentioned.
28 Jul 1879 3/c Boys Wm P. Turner, Fredk Shulze, Edw. Henry Herbert, Dennis E. Dailey, and Jno Cleary joined from COLORADO.
31 Jul 1879 "...dismounting the battery..." -- "...four gun carriages ashore..." -- "...putting iron ballast in the hold..."
1 Aug 1879 Paymaster's Yeoman Frank P. Tighe discharged at New York -- Edw Allen appointed Paymaster's Yeoman from 2 Aug.
2 Aug 1879 [Saturday] Captain Francis H. Baker relieved Captain Badger -- appointment of Apothecary R. S. Barry revoked -- Captain Oscar C. Badger; Lieutenant Commander W. H. Whiting; Lieutenants E. W. Very and J. W. Carlin; Masters L. L. Reamy and F. H. Crosby; Ensigns C. Mc R. Winslow, F. S. Carter, Alexander Sharp, and E. D. Bostwick; Boatswain Edward Bonsall; Carpenter P. T. Mager; and Passed Assistant Surgeon E. Z. Derr detached -- Lieutenant Commander T. F. Jewell, Lieutenant Arthur P. Nazro, Master J. B. Murdoch, Boatswain T. W. Brown, and Carpenter E. D. Hall joined -- Captain Baker rated J. B. Smith, Chief Boatswain's Mate; Chas Hart, Chief Quartermaster; G. F. Bailey and Alex J. Turner, Boatswain's Mates; Peter Nielsen, Thos Harris, and Jno Williams, Quartermasters; Matthew Whalen, Jno Hutchings, and Jno Smith, Quarter Gunners; [ ? ] Smith, Gunner's Mate; Chas Williams and O. Lockwood, Coxswains; Thos Miller, Captain of the Forecastle; Josp Roberts, Captain of the Afterguard; [ ? ] Jackson, Wm Johnson, Josp Matthews, J. M. Taylor and Geo Kelson, Captains of the Top; Henry Williams, Carpenter's Mate; A. P. Boardman, Carpenter/Caulker; Saml Turner and Alex Gallington, Captains of the Hold; Francis Evans, Sailmaker's Mate; Jacob Hayes, Cabin Cook; J. Lasselt, Wardroom Cook; Joshua Hardy, Ship's Cook; Louis Cheared, Steerage Cook; Wm Crippen, Warrant Officers' Cook; W. D. Bartley, Jack of the Dust; Wm Nash, Baker; A. Richardson, Cabin Steward; Robt Cornell, Wardroom Steward; L. A. Thompson, Steerage Steward; J. E. Beaston, Steerage Steward; and Jno Bates, [ ? ].
5 Aug 1879 Corporal Buckley mentioned.
6 Aug 1879 Lieutenant James M. Miller joined – Seaman W. T. Serrien sent to Brooklyn Naval Hospital.
7 Aug 1879 1000 Board of Inspection and Survey arrived -- 1445 Visited by Sec Nav, Commodore Nicholson, and party -- 1615 visitors departed -- Sergeant Gustavus Winters mentioned -- 1st Lieutenant F. D. Webster, USMC, joined.
9 Aug 1879 Ordinary Seamen Felix J. Sherner and Saml J. Haskell sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
11 Aug 1879 Apothecary Henry Eidermuller received from COLORADO -- Corporal Armstrong mentioned -- Seaman Chas H. Collins rated Captain of the Forecastle and Ordinary Seaman Josp Lawles, Seaman.
12 Aug 1879 [Tuesday] Commodore English, Chief of Construction and Repair, visited the ship -- Orderly Sergeant Elisha A. Clark mentioned -- Lieutenant John H. Moore joined.
13 Aug 1879 Landsman Jno Brackney and Private Nicholas Porter sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
15 Aug 1879 Fifer Wm McNamara received from Marine Barracks, Washington, DC -- Privates Casper Heckel and Thos Wilson mentioned.
19 Aug 1879 "...starboard sail room..."
20 Aug 1879 Landsman Wm E. Price discharged at New York -- Landsman Robt P. Finley and 3/c Boys Jno C. Annis, Arthur J. Bond, Peter Burnes, Theo. A. Bohne, Edwin Clarke, Edwin D. Cheatham, Thos M. Cotten, Geo M. Cook, Chas H. Daughtey, Richd H. Day, Jno F. Fuselier, Josp W. Flemming, Fredk C. Humphreys, Edw T. Holyland, Robt L. Hale, Jas F. Imhoff, Robt L. Johnson, Aaron S. Kelly, Edw T. Kerr, Wm H. Lewis, Solon F. Mitchell, Edw F. Mattie, Jasper C. Miller, Kunlock F. Marshall, Leon L. Myers, Jas F. Mabry, Geo J. Mullan, Eugene Nodler, Wm N. Price, Peason D. Peirce, Elias D. Safford, Alex N. Taylor, Geo Wells, Jno W. Waddell, and Saml P. Weiner received from WACHUSETT.
21 Aug 1879 Shifted berth to Long Dock for overhaul -- Captain Baker transferred to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
22 Aug 1879 Landsman Robt Finley rated Schoolmaster --Ordinary Seaman Carl Brandt sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Landsman Jno H. Craig received from COLORADO.
23 Aug 1879 Hoisted out 4 gun carriages for repair -- Landsman Jno H. Craig rated Ship's Corporal -- Landsman Jno L. Pomeroy received from COLORADO.
24 Aug 1879 Landsman Jno L. Pomeroy rated Carpenter/Caulker.
25 Aug 1879 Exercised boys at sail drill -- 3/b Boy F. C. Humphreys and Ordinary Seaman Lars Anderson sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
26 Aug 1879 Landsman Edw W. Brady received from COLORADO.
27 Aug 1879 Warrant Officers' Cook Wm Crippen discharged at New York -- Landsman Edw W. Brady rated Ship's Corporal.
28 Aug 1879 Apprentices C. E. Hall, D. W. Marshall, L. C. Caniff, Barzie Bull, Jas H. Pait, W. B. Frazier, Geo Kraft, W. G. Johnson, J. H. Brooke, W. S. Browning, R. H. Kilpatrick, R. L. Kelgen, August Prange, J. H. Poensalot, W.D. Bonfils, M. E. Ellis, Saml Seeling, Benj Klipper, Baky Munson, C. L. Withers, C. W. Peters, W. J. Karnatz, Isaac D. Miller, C.R. Gallant, G. A. Guinard, C. L. Mott, B. L. Brady, C. L. Kelly, F. A. Henderlite, Thos Steinecke, C. L. Stokes, Jno Munn, C. E. Fitzgerald, W. L. Royse, L. McC. Dean, Jas H. Healy, Geo J. Meyer, Chas H. Calhoune, L. Breitenstein, W. L. Tobias, A. C. Barclay, J. L. Greene, C. A. Moseley, J. L. Turner, Patk H. Fowler, Walter Anderson, J. A. Leibing, E. L. Reddy, Thos W. Simpson, Harry R. Guild, R. L. Maxwell, B. J. Hibbert, Geo Hammel, W. Caughlin, Francis Dickey, Bernardino Sanfeliz, J. L. Davis, W. W. Francis, Jas Wyman, Jas O'Lisle, Frank Schmidt, C. G. Farley, Wm Sance [?], H. C. Dreiling, A. P. Manning, A. J. Feiferlick, G. L. Kelly, F. M. Walke, and W. L. Johnson received from ST LOUIS -- Ship's Cook Joshua Hardy and Seaman Isaac Gardiner mentioned – Landsman Christian Peterson and 3/c Boys Peter Burnes, Edwin Clark, Jno C. Annes, and R. L. Johnson sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn.
29 Aug 1879 Landed 4 more gun carriages for repair -- Landsman Edw Wiggins received from COLORADO.
30 Aug 1879 Landsman Edw Wiggins rated Warrant Officers' Cook -- Cabin Cook Jacob Hayes and Landsman Wm Johnson mentioned.
31 Aug 1879 Apprentices Michl Herbert, Jas H. Scott, Armand J. Rise, Chainy V. White, Albert Rathbun, Geo H. Plowright, Frank A. Wilson, Benj D. Town, Geo L. Marks, Josp Herr, Henry C. Langendorf, Rudolph W. Peterson, Jno A. Kittelson, Frank Harwood, Fredk F. Fisk, Avery J. Anderson, Saml M. Turner, Fredk H. Steeple, Harry H. Potter, and Henry S. Beckey received from MICHIGAN.
1 Sep 1879 Surgeon L. M. Dearborne, Cabin Steward Allan J. Richardson, Wardroom Cook Josp Fassett, and Seamen Josp Matthews and Louis Silver mentioned -- Quarter Gunner Matthew Whalen and Seaman Henry Collins AWOL -- Seaman Jno Jacobson, 3/c Boy Benj Klipper, and Privates W. E. Thompson and Edw Splain sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Landsman Wm M. O'Shea received from COLORADO -- Captain of the Top Jno Jacobson disrated Seaman.
2 Sep 1879 Landsman Wm M. O'Shea rated Schoolmaster -- Landsmen Ira H. Stevens, Chas L. Holden, and Chas Herman received from COLORADO.
3 Sep 1879 Seaman Patk Kelly and Landsman C. Sewell received from COLORADO -- Captain of the Top Geo Nelson mentioned – Schoolmaster Robt P. Finley discharged at New York -- Ira H. Stevens rated Ship's Writer; Chas Holden, Painter.
4 Sep 1879 "...vaccinated all apprentices..."
5 Sep 1879 1145 Drydocked -- Landsman Jas Morris received from COLORADO.
6 Sep 1879 Landsman Geo H. Southwick received from COLORADO -- Boatswain's Mate A. J. Turner mentioned.
7 Sep 1879 1045 Awarded Medals of Honor to Carpenter's Mate Henry Williams and to Captains of the Top Joseph Matthews and James Horton "for gallant conduct aboard this vessel the 13th Feb., last."
9 Sep 1879 Quartermaster F. T. Norris and Boatswain's Mate Geo E. Bailey mentioned.
10 Sep 1879 [Wednesday] Undocked and moored to cobb dock again -- boys punished by toeing a seam for 1/2 to 8 hours, or missing dinner, or extra night watches -- Chief Boatswain's Mate Jno B. Smith declared at deserter -- Seaman Thos Hitchcock received from COLORADO.
11 Sep 1879 Passed Assistant Surgeon Howard Wells mentioned -- Landsman Johann Jantsen discharged at New York.
12 Sep 1879 1st Lieutenant F. D. Webster, USMC, mentioned -- Seamen Saml Travis, J. Flannigan, and Wm Toady; Ordinary Seaman Fredk Smith; Landsmen Thos W. Smith, Thos W. Kirby, Thos Henry, B. Broaston, and James Thayer; and Wm L. Lawson received from COLORADO -- Seaman W. R. Shockney; 1/c Boys W. J. White, C. E. Barker, and M. Greer; 2/c Boys A. S. Banks, W. H. Wise, M. J. Finley, Wallace Vanderbeck, and H. Davis; 3/c Boys W. M. Griffin, Josp Sahrbacher, G. Denham, H. G. Worthington, G. W. Shockney, Wm C. Shockney, Josp C. Schellinger, Asa Wilgus, C. D. Marcelis, M. Klemmack, G. B. Hartley, D. E. Ettinger, A. J. Knipe, J. J. Morgan, H. H. Krickbaum, A. C. Abele, F. A. Cochran, A. J. Rowand, W. J. Fisler, and C. F. Bush; and Jno Palmer received from TALLAPOOSA -- Seaman Patk Kelly rated Tailor from 11 Sep.
13 Sep 1879 20-pdr breech loading rifles received from TALLAPOOSA.
14 Sep 1879 Landsman Wm Lawson and Corporals Wm Buckley and Thos Armstrong mentioned.
15 Sep 1879 Captain of the Afterguard Josp Roberts, 3/c Boys Geo Hamill and H. Langendorf, Sergeant G. Winters, and Private Thos Wilson mentioned -- Landsman Saml C. Windsor received from COLORADO.
16 Sep 1879 Privates Jno D. McDonald and Alfred T. Price received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
17 Sep 1879 Seamen Jno W. Flanagan and Jas Munn, and Landsman Wm Conwell, sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Coxswain Otto R. Lockhardt discharged at New York -- Corporal Jas Thayer mentioned.
18 Sep 1879 Boys' examinations.
19 Sep 1879 Seaman Thos Hitchcock rated Chief Boatswain's Mate -- 3/c Boy W. S. Browning discharged at New York -- Gunner J. R. Granger joined --Seamen P. Guizot, C. K. Higgins, J. Hoover, Jas Kelly, G. Smit, and A. Parson, and Landsman C. Chipman received from COLORADO.
20 Sep 1879 Private Abraham Striker mentioned.
22 Sep 1879 Landsman Michl Kelly received from COLORADO.
23 Sep 1879 Bernardino Sanfeliz declared a deserter --Landsman H. L. Davis discharged at New York.
25 Sep 1879 Captain Baker, detached on sick leave, succeeded by Lieutenant Commander Theodore F. Jewell, the Executive Officer -- Landsman Frank P. Tighe received from COLORADO.
26 Sep 1879 Private Jno P. Nash sent to Marine Barracks, Brooklyn, under sentence of a general court martial -- Sergeant Gustav Winter; 2/c Boy M. J. Finley; and 3/c Boys R. L. Maxwell, D. E. Ettinger, Frank Harwood, Chas A. Moseley, and J. H. Pait sent to Naval Hospital, Brooklyn -- Cary W. Jefferson discharged at New York -- Landsman Jas Gardener received from COLORADO -- Private T. Wilson mentioned.
27 Sep 1879 Corporal Thos Armstrong disrated to Private at his own request -- 3/c Boy L. L. Myers discharged at New York -- Ordinary Seaman Jas Gillespie received from COLORADO -- Orderly Sergeant E. A. Clarke detached.
28 Sep 1879 Corporal Jno Hausler joined -- 3/c Boy Wm F. Karnate mentioned -- Boys Geo Dickson, F. L. Waller, W. A. Reinand, J. M. Dickbrader, Jas H. Riley, Herman Peck, Wm E. Cook, Jno J. Kelly, Jno O'Toole, Thos P. McHugh, Jno W. Barrett, H. J. Saxton, Chas E. Wymond, Giles N. Jeffrise [sic], Wm Corley, Chas C. Glase, and Edw E. Osmer joined.
29 Sep 1879 Sergeant Fredk C. Neipman and Private N. Porter received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
30 Sep 1879 "...received six water tanks..." -- 3/c Boy J. C. Schellinger given 5 days solitary confinement on bread and water for continued obstinacy at drills.
1 Oct 1879 [Wednesday] Commander Oscar F. Stanton relieved Lieutenant Commander Jewell as Captain -- Private Abraham Striker sent to Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
2 Oct 1879 "...received 5 water tanks..." -- Sergeant J.H. Eckert, Corporal Wm J. Dasent, and Private Danl Brennan received from Marine Barracks, Brooklyn.
3 Oct 1879 Landsman Josp Kieman received from COLORADO.
4 Oct 1879 Landsman Jas Tinsley received from COLORADO.
5 Oct 1879 Cooper Frank S. Smith, Steerage Cook Louis Chearrd, and Ordinary Seaman Patk Tobin AWOL.
6 Oct 1879 3/c Boy W. D. Bonfils sent to COLORADO -- Seamen Henry Leonard and Arthur Lloyd, and Landsmen Chas D. Matz and Saml J. Morrow received from COLORADO -- Corporal Wm Desant sent to Marine Barracks, Brooklyn -- 1100 in tow of CATALPA -- 1250 anchored in the stream.
8 Oct 1879 1030 Sailed.
11 Oct 1879 1500 Arrived in Hampton Roads.
12 Oct 1879 "...hoisted out...catamaran..." -- 3/c Boys Saml Seelig and Frank C. Potts mentioned.
13 Oct 1879 Quartermaster Jno Williams disrated Seaman for 7 1/2 days AWOL.
14 Oct 1879 1520 Visited by Sec Nav and the Chiefs of Medicine and Surgery, Provisions and Clothing, and Construction, Equipment, and Repair.
16 Oct 1879 Landsman Cecil Rounds; 1/c Boys Wm Bartlett, G. V. Brodnick, Wm J. Dower, P. Doherty, C. H. Farrell, Edw C. Hyde, Jno Hickman, J. J. McLaughlin, Jas McDonough, Wm J. Noble, and Jas Woods; and 2/c Class Boys Matt. Chadwick, Wm Crimm, F. H. Cogswell, Jas Gray, Chas Huffman, David Hennessy, D. C. Heffernan, Jno Heamy, R. L. Johnson, Benj Lamoreaux, F. W. Lamoreaux, Gustav Losler, A. A. Mathonic, Thos McAuliff, Jno S. Place, E. W. Pierce, J.P. Quigley, Chas Rickel, Jno S. Rounds, Paul A. Smith, Nathl Sinkler, Geo B. Smith, F. W. Sage, E. R. Severin, H. Sargent, Jas A. Scott, F. W. Stanley, Jno Tabor received from MINNESOTA -- 1/c Boys B. J. Burns, Augustus Gamtert, Robt W. Hardie, Jno Heamey, Frank E. Hale, Geo F. Kranse, Jno G. Kipple, and Andrew Smith received from MINNESOTA for further transfer to NIPSIC.
17 Oct 1879 Ordinary Seaman H. Camissal; 1st Class Boys C. C. Burns, W. Hardy, and E. Hopkins; and 2/c Boys A. Kobbe, T. F. McDonald, E. Miller,U. Vannostr and, C. Walthers, and G. W. Wooley received from PORTSMOUTH -- 1/c Boys T. J. Brasscom, H. D. Basse, F. W. Gamaut, J. B. Hunt, J. L. Lumbery, W. L. J. Reese, J. M. Rose, J. B. Richards, Wm Thorn, and Geo Tennant received from SARATOGA -- E. Y. Beggs, A. Eshenauer, H. F. Hede, Jno R. Jacoby, Robt Morrison, J. F. Pratt, D. J. Tennant, and J. E. Teicher received from SARATOGA for further transfer to NIPSIC -- Boys Thos W. Simpson, Max Klemmer, Clifford L. Mott, and Fred H. Steeple mentioned.
18 Oct 1879 Boys H. F. Berry, Geo H. Cook, T. L. Cunningham, C. Lopp, S. J. Lichtenstein, H. W. McGovern, T. J. Newman, and O. H. Porter received from PORTSMOUTH for further transfer to NIPSIC.
19 Oct 1879 Boy Jas Green mentioned.
20 Oct 1879 Boys B. J. Burns, Augustus Gamtert, Robt W. Hardie, Jno Heamey, Frank E. Hale, Geo F. Kranse, Jno G. Kapple, Andrew Smith, E. Y. Beggs, A. Eshenauer, A. F. Hede, Jno E. Jacoby, Robt Morrison, J. F. Pratt, D. J. Tennant, J. E. Teicher, H. F. Berry, Geo H. Cook, T. L. Cunningham, C. Lopp, S. J. Lichtenstein, H. W. McGovern, T. J. Newman, and O. H. Porter sent to FORTUNE.
23 Oct 1879 1550 Shifted to Norfolk Navy Yard in tow of FORTUNE; arrived at 1930.
24 Oct 1879 Shifted berth to Stone Dock -- Landsmen Jas Lacey and Jno J. C. Koch; 2/c Boy Louis Van Voas; and 3/c Boys Josp Sullivan and Hastrup J. Petson received from FRANKLIN – Carpenter E. D. Hall; Private Garrett Dalton; and 3/c Boys F. F. Fisk, F. L. Waller, Jno O'Toole, J. H. Brooke, R. H. Kilpatrick, F. A. Henderlite, G. N. Jeffries, and C. E. Hallsent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- Schoolmaster S. C. Windsor discharged at Norfolk.
25 Oct 1879 Private Chas Martin received from Marine Barracks, Portsmouth -- Ordinary Seaman H. D.Gilley and 3/c Boy Frank Farrington received from FRANKLIN.
26 Oct 1879 2/c Boy Jno S. Place mentioned.
27 Oct 1879 Private Thos Armstrong sent to Marine Barracks, Portsmouth.
28 Oct 1879 Midshipmen A. W. Dodd and R. C. Paris joined -- 2/c Boys Jas A. Scott and N. Sinkler sent to FRANKLIN -- 2/c Boy Jno Palmer sent to POWHATAN -- 2/c Boys Hackles Davis and E. F. Bush sent to KEARSARGE -- Ordinary Seaman Jno Dillon received from ESSEX -- Landsman Geo Massey received from FRANKLIN for steerage servant -- 3/c Boy Josp F. Imhoff, deserter, brought back and given 5 days solitary confinement on bread and water -- Boys Josp E. Stedman, Chas G. Glass, Jno A. Kittelson, Geo J. Hullan, and Saml M. Turner mentioned.
29 Oct 1879 "...heating apparatus..." -- Sailmaker A. J. La Barre joined from NEW HAMPSHIRE.
30 Oct 1879 Sailmaker H. Hansen mentioned.
31 Oct 1879 Boys Josp E. Stedman and Chas G. Glass each given 5 days bread and water for AWOL -- Midshipman J. K. Brice joined -- Landsman Geo E. Brady discharged at Norfolk -- Seaman Chas Carpenter, Private Jno Cox, and 3/c Boys J. F. Fuselier and C. L. Withers sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth. 1 Nov 1879 Privates W. Green and W. Oliver received from Marine Barracks, Portsmouth.
4 Nov 1879 Landsman J. R. Gilmore received from FRANKLIN-- Landsman J. J. C. Rock rated Carpenter from 26 Oct.
5 Nov 1879 Landsman Thos Mosly received from FRANKLIN --Seamen August Groso, F. D. Darraes, and Robt Landon received from ESSEX -- Private Robt Chambers received from Marine Barracks, Portsmouth -- Quartermaster Peder Neilsen sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- 1/c Boy Marcus Greer, 2/c Boy Merrit Bradford, and 3/c Boys Harry R. Gould and Jno A. Kettlesen mentioned.
7 Nov 1879 3/c Boy Jno A. Leibing given 2 days on bread and water for chewing tobacco -- 3/c Boys Jno A. Kittleson, Geo J. Mullen, Saml M. Turner, and B. J. Hibbert declared deserters --Landsman Jas M. Ivy sent to FRANKLIN -- 3/c Boys Edw Kerr, Geo Wills, and Eugene Nodler mentioned.
8 Nov 1879 Lieutenant Jas M. Miller sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- 2/c Boy T. P. Scott received from FRANKLIN -- 3/c Boys Walter Anderson, Jas O'Toole, Geo F. Marks, and ThosW. Simpson mentioned.
9 Nov 1879 Captain of the Hold Alex Gallington mentioned.
10 Nov 1879 Ship's Writer Ira H. Stevens and Landsman C. A. Rhodes discharged at Norfolk -- Yeoman Jas McClintock mentioned.
12 Nov 1879 3/c Boys C. H. Calhoun and B.F. Brady declared deserters -- Landsman Walter Jourdan received from FRANKLIN.
13 Nov 1879 Ship received report that Captain of the Hold Alex Gallington was serving 3 months in prison for assault and battery with intent to kill -- Seaman Josp Lawless, Ordinary Seaman Geo Gilchrist, Landsman Thos Heany, and 3/c Boy Henry Potter sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth.
14 Nov 1879 Landsman Francis Bradley received from FRANKLIN -- 3/c Boy Isaac D. Miller discharged at Norfolk.
15 Nov 1879 Rerated as "Ship, 2nd Class (20 guns)" --Ordinary Seaman Wallace Vanderbeck discharged at Norfolk.
16 Nov 1879 "At 8.45 [PM] Eugene Modler (3 C.B.) and Merrit Bradford (3 C. B.) attempted to desert: the former was captured in the Yard by Sergt Nietmann (O. Sergt.); the latter broke away from corporal of guard and attempted to escape by leaping from the starboard gangway into the water. He was rescued from drowning by Lieut. Nazro and dinghy's crew aided by J. Thayer (S, Corpl.) who jumped overboard to assist the deserter." -- both Nodler and Bradford put in double irons.
17 Nov 1879 Sailmaker's Mate F. Evans and 3/c Boys A. J. Fusilier, E. C. Latham, and Josp Sullivan declared deserters.
19 Nov 1879 Landsman Thos W. Kirby and 3/c Boy Geo Plowright sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- 1/c Painter received from FRANKLIN -- Ordinary Seamen Anthony McFadden and Henry Mullins received from ESSEX.
20 Nov 1879 Captain of the Afterguard Jno Bates rerated Schoolmaster; Seaman Henry Leonard rated Captain of the Afterguard -- Seaman Henry Collins declared a deserter.
21 Nov 1879 1/c Boy Chas E. Barker sent to NIPSIC -- Lieutenant Thomas C. Terrell joined -- Steerage Steward Lewis Thompson mentioned -- Alex Gallington brought aboard, having been released from jail.
22 Nov 1879 Carpenter Joseph L. Thatcher joined.
24 Nov 1879 [Monday] 0545 In tow -- 1115 anchored off Fortress Monroe.
25 Nov 1879 "...shipped port accommodation ladder..." -- 1/c Boys J. J. McLaughlin and Jno Hickman; 2/c Boys Benj Lamoreaux and J. P. Quigley; and 3/c Boy F. Farrington declared deserters.
26 Nov 1879 Private Martin Heckle sent to Marine Barracks, Portsmouth -- Sailmaker's Mate Francis Evans declared a deserter.
27 Nov 1879 "At 10.20 called all hands to muster. Read letter from the Hon. Secretary of the Navy commending the gallantry displayed by Master Aaron Ward, U.S.N., and Ship's Corporal James Thayer on the 16th inst., in jumping overboard and rescuing from drowning, at the risk of their own lives, a boy who had jumped overboard. Also commenting upon the zeal and celerity displayed by Wm Johnson (C. Top), C. Rounds (O.S.2C.), W. J. Dower (1C.B.) and John Place (2C.B.), in lowering the dinghy and picking up the three persons in the water." -- Landsman Wm J. Holmont shipped at Norfolk.
28 Nov 1879 3/c Boy W. G. Fisher discharged at Norfolk --Seaman W. Vanderbeck shipped at Norfolk.
29 Nov 1879 Landsman Chas Chipman rated Ship's Writer; Captain of the Hold Saml Travis rated Sailmaker's Mate; and Seaman Alex Gallington rated Captain of the Hold – Warrant Officers' Cook Edw Wiggins discharged at Norfolk -- Lieutenant Thomas C. Terrell sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth – Lieutenant C. M. Thomas is Navigator.
1 Dec 1879 Seamen F. H. De Forest, J. R. Duncan, J. W. Powers, Fredk Wolfinger, and P. S. Duffy; and Ordinary Seamen Jno Hall, D. W. Hellen, Jas Hacket, Geo H. Kahn, C. J. Owen, F. G. Roberts, W. C. Montgomery, and W. J. Linden received from ESSEX -- Landsmen Thos W. Kirby and Thos F. Neyland received from FRANKLIN.
2 Dec 1879 3/c Boys Louis Breitenste in and T. P. McHugh declared deserters -- Ordinary Seamen Wm Hayden, J. B. Stanley, and F. Tilghman received from ESSEX -- Seaman Amos Parsons mentioned.
3 Dec 1879 Master Boynton Beach joined -- Lieutenant James M. Miller sent to Naval Hospital, Portsmouth -- Seamen Chas Beardsley, Jas Kenyon, and P. Hazard; Ordinary Seamen Louis Roth, J. S. McClelland, A. T. Leigh, Jno Kallenback, and J. C. Jones; and Landsman Jas Lacey mentioned.
4 Dec 1879 Landsman Edw Jones shipped at Norfolk -- Captain of the Afterguard Wm R. Shockley discharged at Norfolk.
8 Dec 1879 0640 Sailed -- 1040 anchored off Cape Henry due to failing wind.
11 Dec 1879 [Thursday] 0630 Sailed -- ship's "number" (call sign): GQFC -- heading SSE – Seaman Chas Beardsley and Ordinary Seamen A. T. Leigh, and J. S. McClelland declared deserters.
14 Dec 1879 Seaman August Riebe rated Captain of the Afterguard as of this date; Seaman Henry Wilson rated Quartermaster as of 21 Nov.
15 Dec 1879 10 kts (1 hr) -- 11 kts (1 hr).
17 Dec 1879 2/c Boy W. O. Cleaveland mentioned.
19 Dec 1879 10 kts (4 hrs).
20 Dec 1879 10 kts (1 hr) -- heading S.
21 Dec 1879 Heading SSW.
22 Dec 1879 Private Elijah Costello mentioned.
23 Dec 1879 10 kts (1 hr) -- heading SWbW.
24 Dec 1879 1030 Sighted Guadeloupe -- 1755 arrived at Point au Pitre.
25 Dec 1879 [Thursday] 0830 Sailed -- 2345 Landsman Jno M. Ivy died of intermittent fever.
26 Dec 1879 1030 10-minute burial at sea.
27 Dec 1879 0940 Arrived at Port Royal (Fort de France), Martinique.
1 Jan 1880 Landsman Edw Hall shipped at Port Royal, Martinique.
2 Jan 1880 Ordinary Seaman Wm Hayden rated Ship's Corporal.
3 Jan 1880 0723 3/c Boy Albert Rathbun died of inflammation of the brain.
4 Jan 1880 [Sunday] Rathbun buried ashore at Port Royal, Martinique.
5 Jan 1880 Captain of the Afterguard August Riebe disrated Seaman and Ship's Corporal E. W. Brady, Landsman.
8 Jan 1880 0945 Sailed -- 1300 summary court martial for 2 in sodomy case.
10 Jan 1880 1215 Arrived at Freiderickstadt, Santa Cruz -- boat drills.
14 Jan 1880 Courts martial decisions: Seaman Isaac Gardener fined 3 months pay and given dishonorable discharge (sodomite); 2/c Boy Wm Corley fined 2 months pay and given dishonorable discharge (sodomite); and Seaman Peter Guzot fined 3 months pay, and given solitary confinement on bread and water for 10 days for AWOL.
21 Jan 1880 2/c Boys Wm Crimm, David Hennessy, R. L. Johnson, Augustus Kobbe, F. W. Lamoreaux, Thos McAuliff, Jno S. Place, W. A. Mathonic, F. W. Sage, Paul A. Smith, Wm N. Peirce [Price], and T. F. McDonald rated 1/c Boys as of 1 Jan.

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