26 JULY 1878 - 31 JANUARY 1879

Note: Captain is Captain Oscar C. Badger -- at Le Havre, France, on "Special Service" -- crew of 141 with 26 Marines
-- 2 VIII-inch smooth bores -- 1 iron steam launch, 1 sail launch, 5 cutters, 1 gig, 1 dinghy, and 1 balsa raft.

31 Jul 1878 Seaman Philip Harris, Ordinary Seaman Andrew Osso, and Private Abraham H. Striker received from ALLIANCE; all hospitalized.
1 Aug 1878 Private Wm Gardiner transferred to PORTSMOUTH-- Private Jno A. McCarthy transferred to ALLIANCE.
2 Aug 1878 Boatswain's Mate David Hickey disrated Seaman.
3 Aug 1878 Seaman David Hickey transferred to ALLIANCE.
4 Aug 1878 Ordinary Seamen Joshua Hardie and Paul Frank rated Seamen as of 1 Aug; Seamen Francis Evans and Jno Neil rated Captains of the Forecastle as of current date.
5 Aug 1878 [Monday] 5 divisions noted -- Seaman Otto K. Lockhardt AWOL -- Ordinary Seaman Louis Silver mentioned.
6 Aug 1878 Master-at-Arms H. O. Metius mentioned.
7 Aug 1878 Landsman Jno J. Foy mentioned.
8 Aug 1878 Seaman Philip Harris reported from hospital.
12 Aug 1878 Private Striker reported from hospital.
13 Aug 1878 Ordinary Seaman Wm Melgrew AWOL – Ordinary Seaman Thorval Alvar Marsval shipped at LeHavre, France.
15 Aug 1878 1000 General court martial of Seaman Andrew Parker.
17 Aug 1878 Court martial adjourned to await instructions from Sec Nav.
18 Aug 1878 Ordinary Seaman Jas E. Ryan declared a deserter from 8 Aug.
21 Aug 1878 Seaman Heinrich Enno declared a deserter from 11 Aug.
24 Aug 1878 Ordinary Seaman Danl Lyons shipped at Le Havre, France.
26 Aug 1878 Captain Badger returned from leave in the evening -- Ordinary Seaman Jas T. Carlisle shipped at Le Havre, France.
27 Aug 1878 Ordinary Seaman Osso reported from hospital.
4 Sep 1878 Seaman Josp Matthews, Ordinary Seamen Jno Jackson, Olif Thompson, and Theo A. McMahon, Landsman Wm H. Barteau, and Private Jacob Hills AWOL -- Private Garrett Dalton received from Exposition Guard.
5 Sep 1878 Corporal Wm Buckley AWOL -- Private Simon Mallinger sent to Exposition Guard.
6 Sep 1878 Ordinary Seaman Felix J. Sherner AWOL.
9 Sep 1878 Seaman Joshua Winslow shipped at Le Havre, France.
13 Sep 1878 Wm Barteau declared a deserter as of this date.
15 Sep 1878 Ordinary Seaman Jas Munn mentioned.
26 Sep 1878 Landsman Hannibal Ferrari shipped at LeHavre, France -- Wardroom Cook NicholasGuirand discharged at Le Havre, France.
1 Oct 1878 Private Edmund H. Richmond received from Exposition Guard.
3 Oct 1878 Ordinary Seaman Chas J. G. Kuhlman mentioned.
4 Oct 1878 Ordinary Seaman Jas T. Carlisle sent ashore to serve 2 months in jail for assault and battery.
8 Oct 1878 Landsman Louis H. Keller shipped at Le Havre, France -- Private Edw Drake sent to PORTSMOUTH.
9 Oct 1878 Privates Rook and Carberry mentioned.
11 Oct 1878 Coxswain Wm Baker declared a deserter as of 1 Oct.
12 Oct 1878 Seaman Jas J. Burke rated Coxswain as of 1 Oct -- Ordinary Seaman Wm T. Simon shipped at Le Havre, France.
13 Oct 1878 Ordinary Seaman Patk Downey declared a deserter as of this date.
14 Oct 1878 "Ensign Cameron Mc R. Winslow's boat detaching apparatus..." -- Ordinary Seaman Olif Thompsen and Landsman Jno J. Patterson each given 7 days extra duty for fighting.
22 Oct 1878 "...fitting Ensign Winslow's boat detaching apparatus in 5th cutter..." (completed on 24 Oct).
26 Oct 1878 Received more gear for Winslow's rig --Landsman Richd Wallach sent to PORTSMOUTH.
27 Oct 1878 Fitting Winslow's apparatus in PORTSMOUTH's boats -- Captain Badger inspected the installation job in CONSTITUTION's boats -- Midshipman T. M. Potts sent to PORTSMOUTH.
28 Oct 1878 Seaman Henry Davis shipped at Le Havre, France.
30 Oct 1878 Ensign H. F. Reich sent to SUPPLY.
5 Nov 1878 Wardroom Cook Roberto Piazetti mentioned.
6 Nov 1878 Ordinary Seaman Carl Brant AWOL.
14 Nov 1878 Lieutenant Edward W. Very joined.
17 Nov 1878 Wardroom Cook Roberto Piazetti declared a deserter as of 15 Nov, Seaman Paul Frank as of 16 Nov, and Ordinary Seaman Frank Evelyn as of 17 Nov.
23 Nov 1878 1300 Summary court martial for Ordinary Seaman Theo A. McMahon: given 30 days solitary confinement in double irons on bread and water, with full rations every 5th day, for AWOL.
24 Nov 1878 Private Edw Splain given 1 week extra duty and 2 weeks restriction for upsetting a spit kid on the gun deck and refusing to clean it up.
28 Nov 1878 Seaman Andrew Parker released from irons and placed in sentry's charge.
30 Nov 1878 1230 The American Ambassador to Paris, the Consul General, the Consul at Le Havre, and the U. S. Commissioner-General to the Paris Exposition came aboard and inspected ship and crew.
2 Dec 1878 Shifted berth to the Customs Wharf -- Andrew Parker returned to single irons.
3 Dec 1878 Ordinary Seaman Albert Swift deserted during the night at Le Havre, France.
4 Dec 1878 Moved guns down to gun deck – began back loading exhibits -- Ordinary Seaman Jas T. Carlisle returned from jail.
7 Dec 1878 1300 Summary court martial for Captain of the Top James Horton, deserter.
8 Dec 1878 Landsman Mathurin Guehennic shipped at Le Havre, France, effective 30 Nov.
9 Dec 1878 Landsman Jules Guerand shipped at Le Havre, France.
10 Dec 1878 Captain of the Top Horton awarded 30 days in double irons and fined 3 months pay -- Wardroom Steward Hannibal Ferrari declared a sdeserter as of 1 Dec.
14 Dec 1878 Ordinary Seaman Jas H. Smith shipped at LeHavre, France -- Ordinary Seaman Albert Swift declared a deserter as of 4 Dec.
15 Dec 1878 Ordinary Seaman Andrew Osso declared a deserter as of 5 Dec.
18 Dec 1878 Jack of the Dust Chas E. Malloy disrated Landsman and in double irons for AWOL -- Landsman Chas M. Sherwin rated Jack of the Dust.
21 Dec 1878 1400 Summary court martial for Seaman Philip La Blonde for AWOL: given 30 days in double irons and fined 3 months pay.
26 Dec 1878 Midshipman O. G. Dodge, Seamen Joshua Winslow, Jno Jacobson, and Geo Nilson, and Ordinary Seaman Geo Thamburg mentioned.
3 Jan 1879 Ordinary Seamen Stephen Dolores and Candido Del Rosario shipped at Le Havre, France.
4 Jan 1879 First Lieutenant J. B. Breeze detached.
5 Jan 1879 Seaman Jno W. Curnow injured while back loading exhibits in Paris (report received this date).
7 Jan 1879 Ordinary Seaman Chas Erwin Pohl shipped at LeHavre, France -- May deserter Seaman Henry Collins brought back by police -- 1st Lieutenant B. R. Russell, 2nd Lieutenant W. F. Zeilin, and Exposition Guard returned.
8 Jan 1879 Captain's Clerk J. A. Wilson resigned.
10 Jan 1879 Boatswain's Mate Jno Neal declared a deserter from 1 Jan -- Seaman Chas Williams shipped at Le Havre, France.
13 Jan 1878 Second Lieutenant W. F. Zeilin detached.
14 Jan 1879 Summary courts martial for Ordinary Seaman Joseph Lawles [sic] and Private Jefferson Erickson: each confined 30 days in irons, fined 3 months pay, and given 3 months extra duty -- loading completed, having taken on more than 700 crates, cases, etc.
16 Jan 1879 1530 Sailed in tow of steamer NEPTUN.
17 Jan 1879 Grounded off England.
18 Jan 1879 1530 Arrived at Portsmouth, England.
21 Jan 1879 Dry docked in dock #11 -- Captain, HMS SERAPIS paid a call.
24 Jan 1879 Undocked.
26 Jan 1879 Jas T. Carlisle deserted the 5th cutter at Portsmouth, England.
30 Jan 1879 Sailed -- Seaman Philip Le Blonde absent upon sailing, as was Captain of the Main Top Chas Gray.
31 Jan 1879 Carlisle, Le Blonde, and Gray declared deserters -- Coxswain Jas J. Burke rated Captain of the Top and Seaman Chas Hart Coxswain, as of 27 Jan.

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