20 JANUARY - 25 JULY 1878

20 Jan 1878 Officers: Captain Oscar C. Badger; Lieutenant Commander William Henry Whiting; Lieutenants Charles M. Thomas (Navigator), Edward W. Very, James W. Carlin, and Karl Rohrer; Masters Henry T. Stockton and Freeman H. Crosby; Cadet Midshipmen Orenzo G. Dodge, John M. Orchard, William V. Bronaugh, and John H. Jordan; Surgeon William H. Jones; Passed Assistant Surgeon Ezra Z. Derr; Paymaster Charles E. McDaniel; First Lieutenant James B. Breeze, USMC; Boatswain Edward Bonsall; Gunner Joseph Swift; Carpenter Philip T. Mager; Acting Sailmaker Herman Hansen; Captain's Clerk John A. Wilson; Paymaster's Clerk Richard C. Thompson; and Chaplain Sylvester Boorom --total complement: 23 officers, 141 sailors, 26 Marines -- armament: 2 VIII-inch smoothbores (#196 and 197) of 6412# and 6420#; 20 .50 Remington rifles -- boats: 1 iron steam launch, 1 wooden sailing launch, 5cutters, 1 gig, 1 dinghy, 2 "life balsas (rubber)" -- Seaman Jas Hayes declared a deserter.
21 Jan 1878 Seamen Chas Carpenter, Thos Miller, Jno Williams, and Edw. D. Handlin, Landsmen Jno A. Haley and Jacob H. Baker, and Private Josp Philips AWOL -- Chief Quartermaster Henry West, Quartermasters Jno Smith and Edw Croasdill, Quarter Gunner Danl Eldridge, Captain of the Hold Jno Leary, Ship's Corporal Wm Robinson, Captain of the Top Jno Hickey, Captain of the Forecastle Jno Neil, Captains of the Afterguard Michl Mugiraw and Wm Davis, Coxswain A. B. Ackerman, Armorer Jno B. Smith, Wardroom Cook Josiah W. Cline, Seamen Jno McGrath, C. H. Collins, Francis Evans, Jno J. Burke, and Robt T. Ferguson, Ordinary Seaman Jas McCann, and Landsmen Wm Conway, Frank G. Sullivan, Jno J. Stewart, Jacob Harps, C. H. Bonner, and Jno T. Leahy discharged at Philadelphia -- Chaplain Sylvester D. Boorom detached – Sergeant Sweeney and Privates Crowley, Savage, Donnelly, McMullen, and Phillips sent to Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard -- 1 sergeant and 5 privates received from Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard.
22 Jan 1878 Sergeant Jno O'Brian a new AWOL – Midshipman Templin M. Potts joined -- Landsman Alphonse Gichard received from ST LOUIS -- Captain of the Forecastle Chas R. Berwick, Coxswain Jno Wright, and Seaman Chas Hearn sent to Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.
25 Jan 1878 Paymaster Robert W. Allen and Paymaster's Clerk James H. Chapman joined -- Private Jno R. O'Kelly sent to Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard -- 2/c Boy Wm J. Caldwell discharged at Philadelphia.
26 Jan 1878 Private Jno H. Nash received from Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard.
28 Jan 1878 Armorer Jno B. Smith AWOL -- Private Edw Richmond received from Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard -- Landsman Jno Brockney received from ST LOUIS – Private Ferdinand Cloud sent to Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard.
29 Jan 1878 [ ? ] Neil and Thos Millin rated Captains of the Forecastle; Wm Reese, Robert Conley, Jno Hickey, Chas Gray, Edw Hickey, and Jno Williams rated Captains of the Top; Philip LeBlonde and Wm H. Flatten rated Coxswains; Michl Mugirau, Jno Leary, and Wm Davis rated Captains of the Hold; Jno Brockington and Jno H. Burns rated Boatswain's Mates; Henry West rated Chief Quartermaster; Edw Corasdill, Jno Smith, and Geo F. Williams rated Quartermasters; Danl Eldridge rated Quarter Gunner; Henry Williams and Jno Thompson rated Carpenter's Mates; Chas E. Malloy rated Jack of the Dust; Jno B. Smith rated Armorer; Josp McClain rated 2/c Painter; Milton G. Dix rated Ship's Corporal; Alphonse Gichard rated Wardroom Cook; Geo T. Spencer rated Warrant Officers' Cook; Wm Robinson rated Ship's Cook; Wm J. Gwinn rated Wardroom Steward; Robert B. Manliff rated Steerage Cook; and Jas E. Beaston rated [ ? ].
30 Jan 1878 Seaman Wm Conway and Landsman Frank Sullivan AWOL -- Seaman Chas Carpenter mentioned.
31 Jan 1878 Seaman Fredk Hamilton AWOL – Paymaster Charles A. McDaniel and Paymaster's Clerk Richard C. Thompson detached.
3 Feb 1878 Jack of the Dust Chas Malloy, Seamen Henry Simpson and Andrew Robinson, Ordinary Seaman Frank Evelyn, Landsmen Wm Conway, Chas H. Bonner, Jno Eckert, and C. Sherman, and Private Jno Cox AWOL.
4 Feb 1878 "...experimented with boat-detaching apparatus under the direction of Commander A. P. Cook..."
6 Feb 1878 Landsman Antonio Morgia rated Cabin Steward effective 28 Jan -- Seaman Jno Connors and Landsman Wm Baker received from ST LOUIS.
7 Feb 1878 Private Edw Drake AWOL.
8 Feb 1878 1100 Sailed -- 1120 grounded on the tail of the Horseshoe -- 1130 off -- 1220 grounded on upper side of the Horseshoe -- 1225 off -- 1500 arrived at Walnut Street Wharf, Philadelphia.
9 Feb 1878 Seaman Geo Nelson and Ordinary Seaman Felix Shesner each given 1 month extra duty for AWOL -- Ordinary Seaman S. G. Haskell mentioned.
10 Feb 1878 Seaman Josp McCann AWOL -- Seaman Fredk Hamilton declared a deserter – Ordinary Seaman Saml G. Haskell 2 days in single irons for AWOL.
11 Feb 1878 Loaded 2 cases for Exposition.
13 Feb 1878 [Wednesday] Loaded freight for Exposition (beginning of daily effort) -- Landsman Thos Renyan shipped at Philadelphia.
15 Feb 1878 Seaman Robt Morrissey AWOL -- Ensign Henry F. Reich and Midshipmen E. D. Bostick, Alexander Sharp and Cameron Mc R. Winslow joined -- Landsman Jas Guy shipped at Philadelphia -- Landsman Geo Rogers 5 days in single irons for AWOL, returning drunk, and smuggling liquor.
17 Feb 1878 Landsman Jno T. Leahy "ran away from the ship."
19 Feb 1878 Landsman Richd P. Freeman shipped at Philadelphia.
20 Feb 1878 Private Thos O'Donnell AWOL -- Cabin Steward Antonio Morgia discharged at Philadelphia -- Midshipmen Alexander Sharp, Cameron Mc R.Winslow, and Edward D. Bostick promoted Ensigns. William A. K. Radford joined as extra Captain's Clerk.
22 Feb 1878 Dressed ship
23 Feb 1878 Marine Guard for Exposition embarked: 1st Lieutenant B. R. Russell, 2nd Lieutenant W. F. Zeilin, and 29 Marines.
24 Feb 1878 Seaman Robt Morrissey and Landsman J. T. Leahy declared deserters.
25 Feb 1878 Seaman Thos O'Neill shipped at Philadelphia -- Wardroom Steward W. R. Given taken ashore under civilian arrest, charged with taking money under false pretenses -- Captain of the Fore Top Robt Connelly ran away from a working party.
26 Feb 1878 Completed loading -- 1210 left wharf -- 1430 anchored off League Island Navy Yard.
27 Feb 1878 Took on 5 tons of coal -- Seaman Henry Simpson and Ordinary Seaman Patk Downey mentioned -- Seamen Jno Burns and Wm McCann, and Landsman Jno Leary, sent to ST LOUIS -- Private Dulzell M. Severns received from Marine Barracks, League Island Navy Yard.
28 Feb 1878 0745 Sailed down river in tow of steamer PILGRIM -- anchored at Delaware Breakwater to await a fair wind.
1 Mar 1878 1230 Seaman Henry Simpson fell from the mizzen top; died at 1255.
2 Mar 1878 Simpson's remains sent ashore for burial.
4 Mar 1878 0730 Sailed -- 10 kts (3 hrs)
5 Mar 1878 10 kts (2 hrs) -- stormy.
7 Mar 1878 10 kts (1 hr).
8 Mar 1878 10 kts (6 hrs) -- ship steady in storm.
10 Mar 1878 10 kts (3 hrs) -- heavy squalls.
11 Mar 1878 10 kts (3 hrs) -- very rough.
13 Mar 1878 10 kts (1 hr).
15 Mar 1878 10 kts (4 hrs) -- pumped out 1 foot of water.
20 Mar 1878 Sea smooth.
22 Mar 1878 10 kts (1 hr).
23 Mar 1878 10 kts (1 hr).
24 Mar 1878 10 kts (1 hr) -- rain and hail.
26 Mar 1878 Gentle breezes.
29 Mar 1878 1650 Ordinary Seaman Geo H. Young fell overboard from the bowsprit while stowing the fore topmast stay sail and was lost – heavy gale -- SW of English Channel.
31 Mar 1878 1930 Arrived at Falmouth, England (Carrick Bay).
1 Apr 1878 1410 Sailed.
2 Apr 1878 10 kts (3 hrs).
3 Apr 1878 0600 In tow of steamer JEAN BART -- while being maneuvered into berth in Le Havre, struck steamer VILLE DE PARIS, wrecking #4cutter in port davit -- 1100 alongside Custom House Wharf.
5 Apr 1878 "...hoisted out 3 cars & 1 case..."; unloading begun -- Seaman J. C. Stoneman mentioned.
7 Apr 1878 Commenced regular liberty parties – Privates Edw M. Bridgeman, Garrett Dalton, Thos F. Harisey, and Danl Kane transferred from PORTSMOUTH to Special Exposition Marine Guard.
8 Apr 1878 Captain of the Forecastle Jno Neill; Captain of the Mizzen Top Jno Williams; Coxswain Philip La Blonde; Seamen Jas Morrissey, Chas Cummings, and J. M. Taylor; and Ordinary Seamen Alex J. Turner, Jno Cline, and Geo Gilchrist AWOL.
9 Apr 1878 Private Jefferson Erickson AWOL.
10 Apr 1878 Lieutenant Edward W. Very detached -- Boatswain's Mate Jno Brockington AWOL -- Privates Wm Thompson and Jno McCarthy mentioned.
11 Apr 1878 Completed offloading.
12 Apr 1878 Captain of the Top Wm Reese, Captain of the Afterguard M. Mugiraw, Jack of the Dust Chas E. Malloy, and Ordinary Seaman P. Tobin AWOL -- Private Richd Finn received from Exposition Guard.
13 Apr 1878 Shifted berths -- cleaned ship – Ordinary Seaman Paul Frank and Landsman Chas Sherwin AWOL.
15 Apr 1878 Seaman Geo Nelson AWOL -- Landsman Josp Antoine shipped at Le Havre, France, effective 8 Apr -- Landsman Jacob H. Baker mentioned.
20 Apr 1878 Quartermaster Geo F. Williams, Boatswain's Mate David Hickey, Captain of the Main Top Jno Williams, and Captain of the Afterguard Wm Davis AWOL -- Ordinary Seaman Jno Cline declared a deserter at Le Havre, France.
22 Apr 1878 Private Richd Finn sent to PORTSMOUTH -- Private Fredk Ahrens sent to Exposition Guard.
25 Apr 1878 Landsman Nicholas Guirand shipped at LeHavre, France.
30 Apr 1878 Ship's Writer Geo H. Edds discharged at LeHavre, France.
3 May 1878 "...repairing wheel..." and copper sheathing -- 1400 Captain Badger went on leave --Captain of the Top Michl Mugavin, Coxswains Jno C. Stoneman and Arthur Murray, Ordinary Seaman Geo Rodgers, and Landsmen Christian McWharter and Jno A. Haley AWOL.
4 May 1878 Private Jno McCarthy 4 days in double irons for assaulting Ship's Corporal -- Seaman Jno McGrath 3 days in double irons for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
5 May 1878 Seaman Henry Collins and Mathew Whalen, and Private Patk Tobin, AWOL.
6 May 1878 Private J. Mills AWOL.
8 May 1878 "...white paint on spar deck..."
10 May 1878 1st Lieutenant Richard Wallach, USMC, and Master Lazarus J. Reamey joined -- Seaman Jno C. Stoneman sent to CONSTELLATION.
11 May 1878 Seaman J. J. Burke tried by civil authorities at Le Havre, France, and given 2 months in jail for assaulting police.
16 May 1878 Captain Badger returned from leave in late afternoon -- Wardroom Steward Josp Antoine and Landsmen Josp Grandjean and Jacob Hayes mentioned.
17 May 1878 Private Edw Drake AWOL.
22 May 1878 Captain of the Mizzen Top Jas Horton and Wm D. Bartley each 1 day in double irons for fighting.
23 May 1878 Shifted into drydock.
24 May 1878 Working on port side -- preparing to unship the rudder.
25 May 1878 Unshipped the rudder -- repairing port quarter planking -- taking out 1 plank.
26 May 1878 Private Jefferson Errickson 7 days in double irons for AWOL.
30 May 1878 Seamen A. Curran, Wm Johnson, Jno Lughara, and C. H. Collins, and Ordinary Seaman A. P. Boardman joined.
31 May 1878 Passed Assistant Surgeon H. Smith mentioned.
1 Jun 1878 Shipped the rudder and tested it – 1500 undocked -- at former berth.
2 Jun 1878 "Discovered a leak in the after bread room coming from the flood cock pipe of the after magazine" -- stopped hole in pipe with a pine plug -- Ordinary Seaman Henry Schwartz shipped at Le Havre, France, to date from 1 Jun.
4 Jun 1878 Seaman Heinrich Enno "slightly stabbed" in the evening while ashore on liberty.
6 Jun 1878 Hoisted guns to the spar deck.
7 Jun 1878 1007 Summary courts martial for Seamen Andrew Barker and Robt Morrissey; both warned -- Ordinary Seaman Jas Munn mentioned.
10 Jun 1878 "...painting white stripe..." – Seaman Augustus Kirns mentioned.
11 Jun 1878 Private Noah Hancock received from - Ordinary Seaman Chas Williams shipped at Le Havre, France.
13 Jun 1878 Private Noah Hancock and Seaman Jno McGrath sent to USS WYOMING for return to US and medical discharge.
20 Jun 1878 Private Edw Splain given 10 hours extra guard duty for disrespect to Corporal of the Guard.
21 Jun 1878 Ensign F. S. Carter detached on leave awaiting orders.
26 Jun 1878 Jno J. Patterson given 12 hours extra duty for turning into hammock while on anchor watch.
28 Jun 1878 Tested the Winslow boat apparatus – Sergeant Elisha Alexander Clark shipped over at Le Havre, France.
29 Jun 1878 Captain of the Hold Saml Turner, Warrant Officers' Cook G. T. Spencer, Ordinary Seamen Paul Frank and Isaac Gardner, and Landsman J.H. Barker mentioned.
1 Jul 1878 Ordinary Seaman Alex J. Turner rated Seaman.
3 Jul 1878 Ordinary Seaman Josp Lawles [sic] and Landsmen Josp H. Miller and Jas Guy AWOL -- Seaman Jno W. Curnon and Landsman Jno Gabel shipped at Le Havre, France -- Landsman Jno A. Haley rated Ordinary Seaman.
4 Jul 1878 Dressed ship -- in the evening, fired 5 rockets, 3 blue lights, and assorted smaller pyrotechnics in fireworks display.
5 Jul 1878 Ordinary Seamen Lars Anderson, Geo Gilchrist, and Jno E. Ryan, and Landsman Benj Seon, AWOL.
6 Jul 1878 Seaman Thos O'Neal and Ordinary Seaman Albert Swift AWOL.
7 Jul 1878 Seaman Andrew Parker in single irons for stabbing Ordinary Seaman Jas E. Ryan -- Landsman Jno W. Prettyman given 6 hours extra duty for disobedience.
10 Jul 1878 Ordinary Seaman Josp Cappoen and Private Jas Hamilton mentioned.
11 Jul 1878 Seaman Jno Shugero and Landsman Chas McCarthy mentioned.
14 Jul 1878 Landsman Josp Grandjean declared a deserter at Le Havre, France.
15 Jul 1878 Seaman Jno Potter declared a deserter at Le Havre, France.
18 Jul 1878 Landsman Robt J. Campbell shipped at LeHavre, France, as wardroom servant -- Landsman Jas S. Durigan AWOL.
20 Jul 1878 Josp Antoine discharged as Wardroom Steward.
21 Jul 1878 Seaman Chas Cummings AWOL.
22 Jul 1878 Ordinary Seaman Josp Cappoen declared a deserter at Le Havre, France, as of 10 Jul.
24 Jul 1878 Seaman Chas Hart mentioned.

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