16 Jan 1871 Crew List :
Lieutenant Commander H. L. Howison
Mate Josp Rodgers
Mate Roscoe Wickes
Mate Wm G. Smith
Mate Thos W. Bonsall 
Paymaster Worthington Goldsborough
Chaplain Henry B. Hibbens
Captain's Clerk Philip Rutter
Paymaster's Clerk James McGregor
Captain of the Forecastle Robt Hardie
Apothecary Augustus Prosperi
Yeoman Jno Lee
Master-at-Arms Geo Brooks
Captain of the Afterguard Thos McDonald
Chief Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter
Captain of the Afterguard Wm Dwyer
Chief Gunner's Mate Henry Seaman
Coxswain Jno Nicholas
Chief Quartermaster Jno Young
Coxswain Morrison Webster
Ship's Cook Wm Smith
Quartermaster Wm Norman
Quartermaster Danl Thomas
Cabin Steward Geo Thornley
Cabin Cook Jno A. Davis
Carpenter's Mate Geo Watkins
Baker Jno McGregor
Sailmaker's Mate Henry Coffin

Seamen: Antonio Peterson and Josp Meekins

Landsmen: Peter Woods, Jno Jefferson, Geo Richardson, Jas E. Howell, and Geo Chew.

20 Jan 1871 Landsman Peter Woods discharged at Annapolis.
1 Feb 1871 Captain of the Forecastle Geo Redman and Coxswain Morrison Webster disrated Seamen for drunkenness and fighting.
2 Feb 1871 Seaman Andrew J. Robinson shipped at Annapolis.
3 Feb 1871 Landsman Otto Muhl shipped at Annapolis.
6 Feb 1871 Antonio Peterson 5 days bread and water for drunkenness on duty and noise.
11 Feb 1871 Seaman Geo Redman discharged at Annapolis.
13 Feb 1871 Yeoman Jno Lee discharged at Annapolis.
14 Feb 1871 Seaman Jno Lee shipped at Annapolis.
15 Feb 1871 Seaman Jno Lee rated Yeoman.
17 Feb 1871 Seaman Michl Shannon shipped at Annapolis.
3 Mar 1871 Seaman Geo Kerwin transferred to MARION as Captain of the Forecastle.
4 Mar 1871 Coxswain Jno Nicholas transferred to MARION -- Seaman Edw Jones received from MARION.
8 Mar 1871 1/c Boy Jno C. Jones shipped at Annapolis.
14 Mar 1871 Captain of the Forecastle Robt Hardie and Captain of the Afterguard Thos Mcdonald transferred to PHLOX.
17 Mar 1871 Sailmaker's Mate Henry Coffin discharged at Annapolis.
18 Mar 1871 Seamen Henry Coffin and Jno H. Knowles shipped at Annapolis.
19 Mar 1871 Seaman Henry Coffin rated Sailmaker's Mate and Seaman Jno H. Knowles, Coxswain.
3 Apr 1871 Seaman Morrison Webster rated Coxswain.
10 Apr 1871 "...getting off hatch houses..." -- Landsman Matthew Johnson shipped at Annapolis.
17 Apr 1871 Coxswain Jno H. Knowles transferred to PHLOX; rated Quartermaster.
4 May 1871 Seaman Richd Lockyer shipped at Annapolis.
5 May 1871 Seaman Richd Lockyer rated Coxswain.
12 May 1871 Landsman Wesley Scott shipped at Annapolis.
15 May 1871 Captain of the Afterguard Wm Dwyer discharged at Annapolis.
16 May 1871 Landsman Jas E. Howell discharged at Annapolis -- Seaman Albert Wilson shipped at Annapolis.
17 May 1871 Landsman Jas E. Howell shipped at Annapolis.
18 May 1871 Commodore John Worden visited the ship -- Landsman Geo W. Tucker shipped at Annapolis.
19 May 1871 Landsman Wm Camper shipped at Annapolis.
20 May 1871 Augustus Prosperi's appointment as Apothecary revoked.
24 May 1871 Landsman Geo Chew discharged at Annapolis.
26 May 1871 Landsman Jno Davis shipped at Annapolis.
27 May 1871 President Grant visited the Naval Academy -- Landsman Solomon Douglass shipped at Annapolis.
29 May 1871 Landsmen Thos Manning, H. A. Freeman, and W. S. Jones, and 1/c Boy Jas Farrell shipped at Annapolis.
30 May 1871 Landsman Elijah Berry shipped at Annapolis.
31 May 1871 Landsmen Thos Henderson, Arthur Chambers, and Jas Hawkins shipped at Annapolis.
2 Jun 1871 Landsmen Wm H. Jackson and Jas W. Byas shipped at Annapolis.
4 Jun 1871 Chief Gunner's Mate Henry Seaman "under a sentry's charge" for AWOL.
5 Jun 1871 Chief Gunner's Mate Henry Seaman disrated Seaman; transferred to CONSTELLATION.
6 Jun 1871 Edw L. Rossi appointed Apothecary 3/c -- Seamen Chas Ogle and Thos Lewis received from CONSTELLATION.
9 Jun 1871 Chief Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter disrated Captain of the Forecastle for old age and deafness; transferred to MARION -- Boatswain's Mate Wm H. Spicer received from MARION as Chief Boatswain's Mate
3 Jul 1871 Quartermaster Peter Bruce rated Chief Quartermaster -- Captain of the Top Jno Bentley received from DALE; rated Quartermaster.
10 Jul 1871 Landsman Chas Parker shipped at Annapolis.
16 Jul 1871 Seaman Jno Nicholas shipped at Annapolis.
22 Jul 1871 Geo Thomas, Geo Poppen, and Alfred Migett shipped at Annapolis.
31 Jul 1871 3/c Apothecary Edw Rossi's appointment revoked.
2 Aug 1871 Apothecary Augustus Prosperi reported -- Seaman Jas Davis shipped at Annapolis.
3 Aug 1871 Seaman Chas Blackstone shipped at Annapolis.
16 Aug 1871 Landsman Wm Addison shipped at Annapolis.
21 Aug 1871 Mate R. V. Wickes resigned.
24 Aug 1871 Seaman Jno Young rated Captain of the Forecastle.
11 Sep 1871 "...tearing down the forecastle..." -- "...tearing forward house down on spar deck..." -- transferred stores to SANTEE -- Landsman Thos Williams shipped at Annapolis.
12 Sep 1871 "...removing lockers from berth deck..."
13 Sep 1871 Hauling away from the pier.
15 Sep 1871 Received 1 sheet anchor with 120 fathoms of chain from DALE.
16 Sep 1871 Got a gig and a whaleboat.
18 Sep 1871 "...main spencer..." -- temporary crew placed aboard.
19 Sep 1871 Lieutenant Commander Howison relieved by Commander A. P. Cook.
20 Sep 1871 0830 Sailed in tow of steamers PHLOX and PINTA -- 0930 PHLOX cast off -- passed incoming training squadron (CONSTELLATION and SARATOGA).
21 Sep 1871 Anchored in Hampton Roads.
23 Sep 1871 "...putting coverings over deadlights outside..." -- 1430 sailed in tow of PINTA --1930 cleared Cape Henry -- "...set main spencer..."
24 Sep 1871 2130 Anchored off the Delaware Capes.
25 Sep 1871 0530 Sailed in tow of PINTA -- 1830 anchored off Newcastle.
26 Sep 1871 0600 Sailed in tow of PINTA -- 1200 arrived at the Philadelphia Navy Yard wharf – hauled down the commissioning pennant, all officers detached and crew transferred to the receiving ship.

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