15 JANUARY 1870 - 16 JANUARY 1871

15 Jan 1870 Crew List:
Lieutenant Commander George Dewey
Mate Joseph Rodgers
Paymaster Worthington Goldsborough
Mate Frederick Miller
Chaplain Henry B. Hibben
Mate William G. Smith
Captain's Clerk Philip Rutter
Mate Roscoe Wickes
Paymaster's Clerk James McGregor
Apothecary Augustus Prosperi
Quartermaster Daniel Thomas
Master-at-Arms George Brooks
Captain of the Forecastle Henry Coffin
Yeoman Jno Lee
Captain of the Forecastle Peter Thomas
Boatswain's Mate Bruce Hunter
Ship's Cook William Smith
Gunner's Mate Thomas McDonald
Cabin Steward Jose De Freitas
Cabin Cook William Bentley
Carpenter' Mate George Walters
Wardroom Steward John Little
Armorer Henry Pooler
Painter 1/c Richard Thornton
Chief Quartermaster John Young
Quartermaster William Brown

Seaman: Antonio Peterson

Ordinary Seamen: Saml Manderville and Thos E. Lewis

Landsmen: Henry Jackson, Lewis Carr, Jno T. Davis, Wesley Fields, Jno Jefferson, Saml Pollard, Geo Chew, Geo Richardson, and Henry Gecks.

21 Jan 1870 Ordinary Seaman Jno Finley transferred to MACEDONIAN -- Landsman Peter Woods shipped at Annapolis.
26 Jan 1870 Seaman Josp Smith shipped at Annapolis.
1 Feb 1870 Landsman Herman Daute shipped at Annapolis.
2 Feb 1870 Landsman Jeremiah Wilson shipped at Annapolis.
4 Feb 1870 Herman Daute transferred to POTOMAC.
10 Feb 1870 Landsman Henry Jackson 3 days bread and water for AWOL.
11 Feb 1870 Ordinary Seaman Thos E. Lewis disrated to Landsman for being unqualified.
15 Feb 1870 Quartermaster Danl Thomas discharged at Annapolis.
16 Feb 1870 Seaman Danl Thomas shipped at Annapolis.
2 Mar 1870 Antonio Peterson 5 days on bread and waterfor drunkenness and noise.
7 Mar 1870 Landsmen Emmanuel Watkins and Jno McIntyre shipped at Annapolis.
8 Mar 1870 Landsman Jno Davis shipped at Annapolis.
12 Mar 1870 Henry Gecks transferred to MACEDONIAN as 1/c Boy.
18 Mar 1870 Landsman Saml Pollard discharged at Annapolis.
1 May 1870 Armorer Henry Pooler AWOL.
3 May 1870 Jno Young shipped over at Annapolis.
9 May 1870 Landsman Geo Chew discharged at Annapolis.
10 May 1870 Ordinary Seaman Saml Manderville discharged at Annapolis.
16 May 1870 "...painting midship house..." – Landsman Saml Mandeville shipped at Annapolis.
17 May 1870 Landsman Jas E. Howell shipped at Annapolis.
18 May 1870 Landsmen Wm Camper and Philip Buttes shipped at Annapolis.
20 May 1870 Chaplain Henry B. Hibben detached at Annapolis.
21 May 1870 Landsman Lewis Carr discharged at Annapolis.
25 May 1870 Landsman Jno T. Davis discharged at Annapolis-- Landsman Geo Chew shipped over at Annapolis.
4 Jun 1879 Landsman Wesley Fields discharged at Annapolis -- Landsman Wm Adams shipped at Annapolis.
6 Jun 1870 Landsmen Wesley Fields and Wesley Brown shipped at Annapolis.
7 Jun 1870 Landsmen Wm A. Tyler, Jno [ ? ]en, and Geo Gamble; and 1/c Boy Saml [ ? ]m shipped at Annapolis.
10 Jun 1870 Ship's Cook Wm Smith discharged at Annapolis.
11 Jun 1870 Seaman Wm Cook shipped at Annapolis; rated Ship's Cook.
14 Jun 1870 Landsmen Anderson Frazier and Lanson Brooks shipped at Annapolis.
16 Jun 1870 Landsman Thos E. Lewis discharged at Annapolis -- Seamen Wm Lewis, Geo August, Wm Finley, and Chas Robinson received from MARION.
29 Jun 1870 Chief Quartermaster Jno Young and Ship's Cook Wm Smith received good conduct badges from Navy Department.
10 Jul 1870 Landsman Jno McIntyre 3 days on bread and water for lying and being a nuisance.
15 Jul 1870 Half-masted the colors for the death of Rear Admiral John Dahlgren.
19 Jul 1870 Quartermaster Wm Norton discharged at Annapolis.
20 Jul 1870 Seaman Wm Norman shipped at Annapolis; rated Quartermaster.
21 Jul 1870 Landsman Jno Jefferson discharged at Annapolis.
1 Aug 1870 Lieutenant Commander George Dewey relieved as Captain by Lieutenant Commander Henry L. Howison.
2 Aug 1870 Seaman Antonio Peterson in "sentry's charge" for drunkenness.
3 Aug 1870 Seaman Geo E. Thomas and 2/c Fireman Wm Boaze shipped over at Annapolis.
10 Aug 1870 "Carpet of Spar deck Cabin condemned."
12 Aug 1870 Landsman Henry Troy shipped at Annapolis.
13 Aug 1870 Landsman Chas Davis shipped at Annapolis; rated Nurse.
15 Aug 1870 Half-masted colors for the death of Admiral David G. Farragut -- Landsman Jno Cherry shipped at Annapolis.
27 Aug 1870 "Spread carpet in reception room and Office."
30 Aug 1870 Landsman Wesley Fields 2 days bread and water for attempted swindle and lying -- Mate A. E. Bateman joined.
31 Aug 1870 Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter and Gunner's Mate Thos McDonald discharged at Annapolis; both shipped over and were rated Chiefs in their respective skills.
6 Sep 1870 1/c Painter Richd Thornton transferred to SANTEE.
10 Sep 1870 Landsman Jno Denvers shipped at Annapolis.
20 Sep 1870 Landsman Wesley Fields discharged at Annapolis -- Landsman Peter Woods transferred to AMPHITRITE.
23 Sep 1870 Landsman Saml Manderville discharged at Annapolis.
24 Sep 1870 Landsmen Jno McGregor and Patk Stanton shipped at Annapolis.
25 Sep 1870 Landsman Jno McGregor rated Baker.
28 Sep 1870 Seaman Jno Murray mentioned.
30 Sep 1870 Captain of the Afterguard Jno O'Brien and Coxswain Jno Nicholas mentioned – Cabin Steward Jose De Freitas and Wardroom Steward Jno Little discharged at Annapolis.
1 Oct 1870 Landsmen Wm Pointer, Saml Manderville, Jacob Carpenter, Josp Hall, Geo Miller, and Geo Thomley shipped at Annapolis.
2 Oct 1870 Landsman Geo Thomley rated Cabin Steward.
3 Oct 1870 Coxswain Jno Nicholas mentioned.
4 Oct 1870 Landsman Geo Robinson discharged at Annapolis -- Captain of the Afterguard Wm O'Brien AWOL.
5 Oct 1870 Landsman Geo Richardson shipped at Annapolis.
7 Oct 1870 "...took hatch houses on board..." – Chief Gunner's Mate Thos McDonald AWOL – Seaman Jno Murphy in double irons 5 days for disrespect.
11 Oct 1870 Chief Gunner's Mate Thos McDonald disrated Seaman -- Seaman Stephen Concil shipped at Annapolis.
13 Oct 1870 Seamen Wm Johnson and Jno Murphy transferred to VERMONT.
14 Oct 1870 Cabin Cook Wm Bentley discharged at Annapolis.
15 Oct 1870 Landsman WM Bentley shipped at Annapolis.
21 Oct 1870 Seaman Juan De Moura shipped at Annapolis.
28 Oct 1870 Landsmen Wm Bryan and Reuben Johnson shipped at Annapolis.
15 Nov 1870 Mate Thos W. Bonsall joined.
16 Nov 1870 Landsman Franklin Curtis shipped at Annapolis.
23 Nov 1870 Landsman Wm Harris shipped at Annapolis.
27 Nov 1870 Landsman Chas Davis AWOL.
5 Dec 1870 Jno H. Knowles sent to naval hospital, Washington, DC -- Chief Gunner's Mate Henry Seaman mentioned -- Captain of the Forecastle Peter Bruce rated Quartermaster – Robt Hardie received from DALE; rated Captain of the Forecastle -- Seaman Juan De Moura transferred to DALE; rated Captain of the Afterguard.
13 Dec 1870 Landsman Chas E. Dickson shipped at Annapolis.
16 Dec 1870 Cabin Cook Wm Bentley discharged at Annapolis.
19 Dec 1870 Landsmen Henry Jackson and Jno N. Davis shipped at Annapolis.
20 Dec 1870 Landsman Jno N. Davis rated Cabin Cook.
1 Jan 1871 Seaman Jas Wilson transferred to MARION; rated Captain of the Top.
7 Jan 1871 Ordinary Seaman Alex W. Stephens shipped at Annapolis.
12 Jan 1871 Seaman Josp Meekins and Landsman Chas Simms shipped at Annapolis.

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