30 DECEMBER 1868 - 14 JANUARY 1870

31 Dec 1868 Lieutenant Commander Dewey on leave -- Lieutenant Commander P. R. Bartlett took charge of ship until 7 Jan 1869 [Dewey also commanded MARION, DALE, SAVANNAH, and MACEDONIAN.]
23 Jan 1869 4th class Midshipmen and crew sent into Annapolis to help fight a fire -- gone less than an hour.
8 Feb 1869 Chief Quartermaster Jno H. Knowles; Captain of the Afterguard Richd Thomas; Captain of the Top Wm Johnson; Carpenter's Mate Alex Parke; Gunner's Mates Robt Kelly and Henry Jones; Coxswain Thos Darling; Baker Jno McGregor; Seamen Edw Barday, Robt Hardee, Jose Garcia, and Chas L. Lloyd; and Landsman Geo Richardson received from DALE.
11 Feb 1869 Seaman Edw Williamson rated Ship's Corporal.
11 Mar 1869 Carpenter's Mate Alex Parke AWOL.
25 Mar 1869 Seaman Edw Brady confined for AWOL and smuggling liquor.
31 Mar 1869 Quarter Gunner Robt Kelly in double irons 5 days.
3 Apr 1869 Seaman Edw Brady in double irons 5 days for AWOL and drunkenness.
17 Apr 1869 Ship's Cook Wm Smith in double irons 5 days for disobedience -- Seaman Edw Brady in double irons 7 days for insolence.
26 Apr 1869 Seaman Edw Brady in double irons 5 days for drunkenness.
1 May 1869 Seaman Edw Brady transferred to VERMONT.
2 May 1869 Seaman David Williamson AWOL.
5 May 1869 Ship's Corporal Edw Williams disrated to Seaman and sent of naval hospital, Washington, DC.
12 May 1869 Landsman Saml Mandevill received from MARION.
16 May 1869 Seaman Robt Kelly in double irons 7 days for AWOL.
24 May 1869 Landsman Calvin Bidlack received from VERMONT.
26 May 1869 President Grant visited the ship; no honors.
27 May 1869 Landsman Jno Robinson discharged at Annapolis.
30 May 1869 Landsman Jno Stemard received from MARION.
4 Jun 1869 Landsman Wesley Fields discharged at Annapolis.
7 Jun 1869 3/c Bay Gulio Veano transferred to SAVANNAH.
10 Jun 1869 Seaman Chas Robinson transferred to MACEDONIAN.
19 Jul 1869 1/c Boy Jno Jefferson discharged at Annapolis.
23 Jul 1869 1/c Boy Jno Jefferson received from MARION.
29 Jul 1869 Lieutenant Commander George W. Hayward became Acting Captain while Lieutenant Commander Dewey went on extended leave.
31 Jul 1869 Chief Quartermaster Geo Brooks discharged at Annapolis.
3 Aug 1869 Seaman Geo Brooks received from MARION; rated Chief Quartermaster -- Thos McDonald transferred to AMERICA.
10 Aug 1869 Had on board a "Packhard's Galley Range."
15 Aug 1869 Landsman Geo Chew AWOL.
17 Aug 1869 Landsman Moses Bishop received from MARION.
18 Aug 1869 Landsman Wm H. Willmer received from MARION.
9 Sep 1869 Half-masted colors for the death of Secretary of War J. A. Rawlins.
13 Sep 1869 Transferred Thos McDonald "to Washington."
16 Sep 1869 Lieutenant Commander George Dewey resumed command; rerated all men disrated by the Acting Captain.
1 Oct 1869 Jas Walker disrated Seaman -- Landsman Saml Mandervill rated Ordinary Seaman.
2 Oct 1869 Seamen Jas Walker and Jno Wilson AWOL -- Landsmen Chas Johnson, Jno A. Pounder, and Robt Paul shipped at Annapolis.
3 Oct 1869 Landsman Chas Johnson transferred to SAVANNAH.
5 Oct 1869 Landsman Geo Richardson shipped at Annapolis.
7 Oct 1869 Landsman Geo Williams AWOL -- Jas Bunk rated Cabin Steward; Wm Camper, Cabin Cook.
8 Oct 1869 Landsman Geo Williams, Wm Fleming, and Jas Wilson AWOL -- Seaman Edw Jones rated Quartermaster -- Wm Fleming brought back: 5 days bread and water -- Landsman Clement Smith shipped at Annapolis.
9 Oct 1869 Captain of the Top Wm Johnson 5 days bread and water for drunkenness and smuggling liquor -- Landsman Jno Duckey shipped at Annapolis -- Landsman Clement Smith transferred to MARION --Seaman Thos Jackson 5 days bread and water for drunkenness and AWOL.
10 Oct 1869 Landsman Jno Duckey transferred to MARION.
11 Oct 1869 Half-masted the colors for the death of former President Franklin Pierce – Seamen Henry Jones, Jno Bentley, and Stephen Coucil shipped at Annapolis.
12 Oct 1869 Henry Jones and Stephen Coucil transferred to SANTEE -- Jno Bentley transferred to MARION, where rated Boatswain's Mate -- Seaman Patk McKennan brought back by police.
14 Oct 1869 0800 Cabin Steward Moses Bishop died.
15 Oct 1869 Seaman Wm Fleming AWOL --Seaman Chas L. Wood received from LANCASTER -- Landsmen Wm Bentley and Danl Crowdy shipped at Annapolis.
16 Oct 1869 Danl Crowdy transferred to PHLOX -- Wm Bentley rated Cabin Cook; Wm Lewis Chief Boatswain's Mate; and Geo Kerwin Ship's Cook.
19 Oct 1869 Coal Heaver Chas Blackstone shipped at Annapolis.
20 Oct 1869 Landsman Chas E. Dixon shipped at Annapolis -- Boatswain's Mate Alfred Sinclair mentioned.
27 Oct 1869 Antonio Peterson received from MARION.
1 Nov 1869 MAA Chas Lough disrated.
2 Nov 1869 MAA Jno F. Hutchens received from MARION -- Calvin Bidlack discharged at Annapolis -- Landsman Richd Thornton shipped at Annapolis.
3 Nov 1869 Alfred Sinclair, Jas Wilson, and Timothy Cronin AWOL -- Franklin Curtis and Landsman Wm Phelps discharged at Annapolis – Landsman Josp Harlan transferred to MARION – Landsman Richd Thornton rated 1/c Painter.
5 Nov 1869 Landsmen Jas Godfrey, Danl Rice, and Wm Smith shipped at Annapolis.
10 Nov 1869 Half-masted colors for the death of Rear Admiral Charles Stewart [last of ship's War of 1812 captains].
12 Nov 1869 Landsman Saml Bush, Danl Rice, and Wm Smith discharged at Annapolis.
13 Nov 1869 Landsmen Howard Mathews and Oliver Watts, and1/c Boy Harrison Green shipped at Annapolis.
19 Nov 1869 MAA Jno Hutchens transferred to SANTEE – Geo Brooks rated Master-at-Arms, Jno Young Chief Quartermaster, and Jno Steil Captain of the Forecastle.
1 Dec 1869 Commodore John Warden succeeded Vice Admiral Porter as Superintendent of the Naval Academy.
11 Dec 1869 Landsman Henry Jackson AWOL.
17 Dec 1869 Landsman Wm Barnswell shipped at Annapolis.
18 Dec 1869 Seaman Peter Bruce received from DALE and rated Captain of the Forecastle -- Captain of the Forecastle Jno Steil transferred to SANTEE.
19 Dec 1869 Captain of the Forecastle Jas Murphy transferred to PHLOX.
25 Dec 1869 Seaman Jas Walker confined 3 days.
27 Dec 1869 Seaman Josp Crown shipped at Annapolis.
28 Dec 1869 Seaman Jas Walker confined for drunkenness and noise.

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