9 APRIL - 14 OCTOBER 1866

[Note: Crew consists of 2 lieutenant commanders, 2 clerks, 1 master's mate, 26 petty
officers, 38 enlisted men, and 28 Marines -- ship had a gig, barge, and 3 cutters.]

9 Apr 1866 Geo Brook, J. Rodgers, Chas Hopkins, and Jno O'Neill all Quartermasters.
12 Apr 1866 Captain of the Forecastle David Howard deserted.
14 Apr 1866 Landsman Jno Freeman confined.
16 Apr 1866 Julius Wilson 5 days in irons on bread and water for disobedience.
17 Apr 1866 Seaman Fredk Seegurs [sic] in single irons for refusing duty.
18 Apr 1866 Seaman Gregory Stanley and Ordinary Seamen Jno Courtney and Dennis Harrington in single irons for refusing duty.
19 Apr 1866 Landsman Jno Freeman 4 days in double irons on bread and water for disobedience.
21 Apr 1866 Seamen Jas Rodgers, Wm G. Cruise, Wm Dyer, David Williamson, Francis Howard, Henry Rodgers, and Thos Arliner; Ordinary Seamen Lewis Morton, Chas W. Kittily, Jno Martin, and Wm Ogden; and Landsman Wm J. Riley received from PRINCETON.
23 Apr 1866 Julius Wilson and Bartlett Dudley 5 days in double irons on bread and water.
26 Apr 1866 1/c Boy Chas Stewart shipped at Annapolis.
27 Apr 1866 Yacht AMERICA at Academy -- 2300 "...all hands to extinguish fire in Yard..."
1 May 1866 Seaman Thos Archer mentioned.
3 May 1866 Seaman Lewis Morton AWOL.
5 May 1866 Jas Rodgers mentioned.
6 May 1866 Seaman Wm Smith in single irons 8 days for AWOL.
7 May 1866 Boy Thos Tyler on bread and water 5 days for "filthy conduct."
9 May 1866 Seaman Lewis Hart discharged at Annapolis -- Boy Julius Wilson in double irons 25 days for insubordination.
10 May 1866 Landsman Chas Worner in single irons 10 nights for AWOL.
12 May 1866 Seaman Lewis Morton declared a deserter --Ordinary Seaman Dennis Harrington confined for AWOL --Henry Rodgers mentioned.
13 May 1866 [Sunday] Midshipmen paraded to Divine Service in the Yard.
14 May 1866 Landsmen Josp Wiggins and Benj Manning in single irons 6 days for AWOL.
18 May 1866 Captain of the Forecastle Morris Fitzgibbon; Seamen Edmund Dee, Herman Zenner, Jno Ross, and Jno Steib; Ordinary Seamen Geo H. Allen and Enos Brown; and Landsmen Ephraim Anderson, Wm H. Brown, and Romain Hoven received from MARION.
19 May 1866 Captain of the Forecastle Jas McMullen rerated Ship's Corporal -- Thos Archer rated Captain of the Forecastle.
20 May 1866 Quartermaster Francis Howard signed log.
22 May 1866 Seaman Francis Howard rated Quartermaster [sic] -- Landsman Wm Lammer discharged at Annapolis.
23 May 1866 Landsmen Jno Mobry, J. H. Caldwell, Chas Jacobs, Jno W. Herbert, and Henry Brown shipped at Annapolis.
26 May 1866 Geo Ransom in double irons 5 days on bread and water for fighting.
27 May 1866 Jas Kimball and Jas Tyler in double irons for fighting.
28 May 1866 Landsman Josp H. Wayson shipped at Annapolis-- Landsmen Minor Tibbs and Lewis Vaughan discharged at Annapolis.
29 May 1866 Joshua Johnson in double irons on bread and water 5 days.
31 May 1866 Seaman Jas Rodgers mentioned.
1 Jun 1866 0800 Half-masted colors in memory of Lieutenant General Winfield Scott – Quarter Gunner Jno Martin in irons for drunkenness -- Quarter Gunner Wm Smith rerated Gunner's Mate -- Gunner's Mate Gustavus Strohmeyer received from the Naval Academy and rerated Armorer.
2 Jun 1866 Jas Rodgers in single irons 9 days for drunkenness -- Cox Thos Royston and Landsman Wm J. Riley AWOL; Royston returned that evening -- Thos E. Lewis on bread and water for AWOL.
3 Jun 1866 Jno Freeman on bread and water 5 days for AWOL -- Landsman Wm Taylor AWOL.
5 Jun 1866 Julius Wilson in single irons 13 days for insubordination.
6 Jun 1866 Quarter Gunner Jno Martin disrated Ordinary Seaman.
7 Jun 1866 Landsman Thos E. Lewis in solitary on bread and water 5 days.
10 Jun 1866 Ephraim Anderson in double irons 1 day for AWOL.
11 Jun 1866 61 Midshipmen transferred to MACEDONIAN for summer cruise.
12 Jun 1866 Wm J. Riley declared a deserter.
13 Jun 1866 Chas Warner in single irons 2 days for AWOL -- Coxswain Thos McCardell discharged at Annapolis -- Landsman Wm Taylor declared a deserter -- Quartermaster Jno Rodgers shipped over at Annapolis.
15 Jun 1866 Saml Melville given 5 days on bread and water for disrespect-- Landsmen Wm Simmonds, Robt Curtis, Henry Clay, and Saml Frazier; and Boys Jas Somers and Zachariah Camp transferred to SAVANNAH -- Seaman Jno Young and Landsman Clement Smith transferred to MARBLEHEAD -- Landsmen Lewis Williams, Jas Godfrey, and Jno W. Herbert transferred to WINNEPEG -- Landsmen David Addison, Henry Brown, Jno H. Caldwell, Saml Hamer, and Jno Mowbry transferred to MACEDONIAN – Landsmen Thos Bradford and Solomon Freeman transferred to SACO -- Jno D. Nichols transferred to AMERICA.
16 Jun 1866 Seaman David Williamson rated Coxswain -- Ordinary Seaman Geo Wm Taylor transferred to MARBLEHEAD.
17 Jun 1866 MACEDONIAN sailed.
19 Jun 1866 Ordinary Seaman Dennis Harrington in double irons for AWOL.
22 Jun 1866 Wm H. Ringgold discharged at Annapolis.
24 Jun 1866 Ordinary Seaman Chas W. Kellity rated Seaman.
26 Jun 1866 [Wednesday] Holystoning gun deck -- Seamen Jas Rodgers and Alex McNeill, and Landsman Ralph B. Gardner transferred to naval hospital, Washington, DC.
28 Jun 1866 Bartlett Dudley in double irons on bread and water 5 days for disrespect.
30 Jun 1866 Landsman Romain Hoven transferred to TONAWANDA -- Landsman Anderson Frazier in double irons -- J. B. Anderson received from SANTEE.
2 Jul 1866 Boy Julius Wilson in single irons on bread and water for disobedience -- Quartermaster Geo Brooks rated Chief Quartermaster -- Seamen Andrew Anderson, Geo J. Hagerman, Jno Williams, Robt W. Eddleman, Jno Hawkins, and Robt Mowbry; Ordinary Seaman Jas Mullen and Wm J. Mathews; and Landsmen Henry Blake, Francis Deamer, Michl Leonard, Jas Dennis, and Henry Helwig received from CONSTELLATION.
3 Jul 1866 Landsman Chas Peal in double irons on bread and water for AWOL.
5 Jul 1866 Seaman Henry Rodgers AWOL; brought back 10 Jul.
6 Jul 1866 Quartermaster Wm Dyer mentioned.
7 Jul 1866 Landsman Jno Keller transferred to TONOWANDAH.
11 Jul 1866 Landsman Chas O. Mullen shipped at Annapolis.
14 Jul 1866 Seaman Jno Hamilton received from MACEDONIAN.
17 Jul 1866 Jno Blackdon in solitary on bread and water for drunkenness and disobedience.
18 Jul 1866 [Wednesday]"...broke glass in the 'poop deck' skylight..."
19 Jul 1866 Coxswain Henry Coffin and Cabin Steward Moses Bishop discharged at Annapolis.
20 Jul 1866 Landsman Jas Fleming rated Cabin Steward -- "...recitation room.."
24 Jul 1866 Julius Wilson given 5 days in solitary for skulking.
28 Jul 1866 Landsman Chas Peal discharged at Annapolis -- Dewie [sic] Staley on board and water for drunkenness.
30 Jul 1866 Ordinary Seaman Jno Courtney given 5 days solitary on bread and water for neglect of duty.
31 Jul 1866 Signal Quartermaster Geo Brooks discharged at Annapolis -- Quartermasters Josp Brooks and Wm Dyer rerated Master's Mates.
1 Aug 1866 Wm Marsh in double irons on bread and water for 5 days for disobedience. -- Geo Brooks shipped over at Annapolis as Quartermaster -- Seamen Michl Switlet and Jno Williams rated Quartermaster.
2 Aug 1866 Jas Sullivan mentioned.
3 Aug 1866 Landsman Richd Pratt shipped at Annapolis --Carpenter's Mate Job Townsend in double irons for AWOL.
4 Aug 1866 Robt Eddelman mentioned -- Surgeon's Steward Fredk C. Flagstadt arrested for drunkenness -- David O'Connell in double irons.
5 Aug 1866 Coxswain Francis Howard disrated Seaman; in solitary for drunkenness and AWOL.
8 Aug 1866 Landsman Geo Cater shipped at Annapolis --Henry Lincoln discharged at Annapolis.
9 Aug 1866 Landsman Jno E. Walter shipped at Annapolis.
11 Aug 1866 Landsman Jno S. Atkinson shipped at Annapolis -- Landsman Geo Cater rated Ship's Corporal.
13 Aug 1866 Francis Deamer mentioned.
14 Aug 1866 Seamen Robt Mowbry and Jno Riley discharged at Annapolis.
15 Aug 1866 Michl Leonard mentioned.
18 Aug 1866 Robt Powers, Stephen Healy, Josp Dalney, and Thos Whitehead received from MERCURY.
23 Aug 1866 MAA Jno M. Carr and Cabin Cook Geo W. Thornley discharged at Annapolis -- Seaman Wm Smith rated Captain of the Forecastle --Captain of the Forecastle Wm Eldridge rerated MAA -- Landsman Moses Bishop rated Cabin Cook.
25 Aug 1866 Boy Julius Wilson in single irons 6 days for insolence -- Ship's Corporal Jas M. Caullen disrated for AWOL -- Coxswain David Williamson confined for disorderly conduct.
27 Aug 1866 Chas W. Keithley mentioned.
29 Aug 1866 Landsman Franklin Buchanan discharged at Annapolis -- Francis Howard and Jas Mullen in single irons overnight for drunkenness.
31 Aug 1866 Hugh Higgins discharged at Annapolis -- 1/c Boy Julius B. Wilson rated Landsman.
1 Sep 1866 "...pumping ship..." -- Seaman Jno Hamilton transferred to MARION -- Seaman Jno Hankins discharged at Annapolis -- Seaman Frank Howard rated Quartermaster -- Ordinary Seaman Jno Martin rated Ship's Corporal.
5 Sep 1866 Ship's Corporal Jas Pierson disrated for incompetence -- Seaman Wm Lammer rated Ship's Corporal -- Captain of the Forecastle Wm Smith, Ordinary Seaman Wm J. Matthews and Jas Mullens, and Wm Ogden brought back by police, who received $40 reward.
6 Sep 1866 Landsman Henry Blake mentioned.
8 Sep 1866 [Saturday] "Received on board for Recitation Rooms 462 feet of grooved and tongued boards..." -- Landsman Wm Darnall discharged at Annapolis.
9 Sep 1866 Landsman Henry Hewig declared a deserter -- AMERICA and MACEDONIAN arrived [separately].
11 Sep 1866 "Received on board for Recitation Rooms 412 feet of grooved and tongued boards..."
12 Sep 1866 Boy Chas Stewart confined for neglect of duty -- Mate Josp Rodgers mentioned.
13 Sep 1866 Ordinary Seaman Wm J. Matthews discharged at Annapolis -- Landsman Robt Powers in double irons 10 days for disrespect to Vice Admiral David Dixon Porter -- Seamen Edw McDonald, Richd Tobin, and Wm Hunnegan; and Ordinary Seamen Wm Collins, Saml B. Comstock, Josp Elliott, and Jno O'Niell received from MACEDONIAN.
14 Sep 1866 Jno Martin mentioned.
15 Sep 1866 Jno O'Niell 5 days in double irons on beard and water for AWOL.
16 Sep 1866 Richd Tobin in double irons on bread and water for AWOL.
19 Sep 1866 Assisted in putting out a fire in SANTEE.
22 Sep 1866 Jas McMullen and Jno Hamilton mentioned.
25 Sep 1866 Julius Wilson in double irons for AWOL.
29 Sep 1866 Boy Wm H. Kelly mentioned -- Seaman Richd Tobin AWOL.
30 Sep 1866 Boys Chas Warner, Jno Caldwell, Henry Brown, Henry Wells, and Jno Herbert, all Blacks, confined on suspicion of money theft.
1 Oct 1866 Boys Jno Herbert, Jno Caldwell, and Henry Wells released from confinement – Quarter Gunner Richd Pascoe received from SANTEE -- Quarter Gunner Jno S. Hare transferred to SANTEE -- Landsmen Jno Chery and Jas Hulton shipped at Annapolis.
2 Oct 1866 Held summery courts martial on 2 sailors -- Landsman Richd Pratt on bread and water for neglect of duty -- Henry Brown and Chas Warner eased from double irons to single irons -- Chas Warner reconfined for disrespect to Commanding Officer.
3 Oct 1866 Julius B. Wilson in double irons every night-- Ship's Corporal Jno Martin declared a deserter.
4 Oct 1866 Landsmen Collins Skinner, Jacob Berryman, Geo Davis, Saml Smith, Geo Brown, and Tilghman Jackson shipped at Annapolis -- Seaman Dennis Harrington rated Ship's Corporal -- Thos Cole on bread and water for skulking.
8 Oct 1866 Ordinary Seaman Saml B. Comstock mentioned -- Henry Rodgers in double irons for drunkenness -- Jas Mullen in double irons for AWOL -- Jno O'Niell and Edw McDonald AWOL.
9 Oct 1866 Richd Tobin declared a deserter.
10 Oct 1866 Boy Chas Johnson in double irons for disobedience.
11 Oct 1866 Chas Warner again in double irons for disobedience -- Landsman Geo Lowery shipped at Annapolis.
12 Oct 1866 Thos Cole in double irons on bread and water for drunkenness.
13 Oct 1866 Andrew Anderson mentioned.
14 Oct 1866 Jno Freeman, Jno S. Babbitt, Geo Washington, and Wesley Williams in double irons for leaving the ship with forged passes.

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