1 MARCH 1865 - 14 FEBRUARY 1866


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Constitution and Santee at Annapolis


1 Mar 1865 Wm M. Leighton and Acting Master's Mate Robt Silver signed the log
2 Mar 1865 Jno O'Neill signed the log.
4 Mar 1865 Jno Little mentioned.
6 Mar 1865 Acting Master's Mates Robt Silver and D. C. Minor mentioned.
7 Mar 1865 Jas Sullivan mentioned.
15 Mar 1865 Geo Brooks signed the log.
10 Apr 1865 "...mast headed the colors in honor of the surrender of Gen. Lee's Army..." -- dressed ship.
18 Apr 1865 0516 Half-masted the colors in memory of President Lincoln (and continued to do so until burial).
27 Apr 1865 Midshipmen exercised at spar deck guns.
30 May 1865 1300 Clement Smith (Black) died.
3 Jul 1865 Received Seaman Wm Lowe and Boys Julius Wilson, Thos E. H. Coner, Geo Washington, Lovelis Jones, Jno Monroe, Bartlett Dudley, Jno Freman, Jno H. Brewington, Warker Niner, Jas Johnson, Virgionus [sic] Moulton, Edinbourgh Coggins, Thos Tyler, and Wm Harris.
6 Jul 1865 Chas King discharged at Newport.
7 Jul 1865 Diver cleaning ship's bottom -- 26 caulkers at work.
8 Jul 1865 Began 4-day task of bringing guns back from Goat Island.
15 Jul 1865 Lieutenant G. C. Wiltsie (Executive Officer) mentioned.
17 Jul 1865 Returned 11-gun salute from VANDERBILT.
19 Jul 1865 Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter brought aboard drunk.
20 Jul 1865 Boatswain Smith joined -- Seaman W. H. Stedman discharged at Newport -- Master's Mate J. Brown signed log.
21 Jul 1865 "...received 8 mess chests..." -- C. Howland mentioned.
22 Jul 1865 D. C. Miner signed the log.
25 Jul 1865 Lieutenant C. W. Wilson and Ensign H. E. Tinkham joined.
26 Jul 1865 Ensign W. H. Brown joined -- took aboard 8 Army howitzers for transport.
27 Jul 1865 Acting Midshipman J. D. Babb joined – Seaman Jno McCue deserted at Newport.
28 Jul 1865 A. J. Barker mentioned.
31 Jul 1865 Seaman Jno Clark transferred to MERCURY.
1 Aug 1865 Paymaster's Steward Porter D. Morris, Ship's Corporal Chas Howland, and Seamen Thos Clark and Jno McCue AWOL at Newport -- Lewis Blish mentioned -- loading Academy furniture for transport.
2 Aug 1865 Loading Academy furniture for transport.
3 Aug 1865 Thos Easton and Landsman A. J. Barker in double irons for insubordination -- Henry Lincoln mentioned.
4 Aug 1865 Patk Fitzpatrick discharged at Newport.
5 Aug 1865 Seaman Wm McWilliams AWOL at Newport.
6 Aug 1865 Wm Roberts in double irons for drunkenness and insubordination.
7 Aug 1865 Louis Bush mentioned.
8 Aug 1865 Naval Academy staff dependents aboard for transport.
9 Aug 1865 Ensign Brown detached -- 1015 sailed in tow of steamer MERCURY, which, in going ahead,carried away the end of the martingale -- Wm Roberts mentioned.
10 Aug 1865 Outrunning steamer at 6 kts -- 1830 cast off tow and "...we made all sail..."
11 Aug 1865 Making 8 and 9 kts -- exercised at general quarters -- Seaman Thos Melville in double irons on bread and water for insubordination.
12 Aug 1865 Sighted Cape Charles -- making 7 and 8 kts --2300 arrived in Hampton Roads.
13 Aug 1865 0810 MERCURY arrived -- Lieutenant Wiltsie mentioned.
14 Aug 1865 0515 Sailed under tow.
16 Aug 1865 1410 Insufficient water at planned Annapolis mooring prevented tie-up -- Alex McNeil seriously injured when towing hawser parted -- Seamen Wm Roberts and Thos Cole in double irons for drunkenness.
17 Aug 1865 Offloading guns, anchors, and chains; shifted along side.
18 Aug 1865 Master's Mate Jno Brown transferred to MERCURY.
20 Aug 1865 Seaman Josp Deary and Landsman Thos Royston AWOL at Annapolis -- Royston returned later in the day "slightly drunk."
22 Aug 1865 Ship found to be bedded in 3' of mud.
23 Aug 1865 Landed ammunition.
24 Aug 1865 Henry Young mentioned.
25 Aug 1865 Moving guns to the spar deck.
26 Aug 1865 Sailmaker's Mate Thos Easton, Seaman Timothy C. Sullivan, and Landsmen Jno Frank and J. B. Cozzens transferred to SANTEE -- Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter, Seaman David Smith, and Landsmen Geo Johnson and Oliver Smith AWOL at Annapolis -- Seaman Wm Roberts and Landsman Henry Oxx mentioned.
27 Aug 1865 Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter; Seamen Wm Cole, Jno Ford, and David Smith; and Landsmen Oliver Smith and Geo Johnson AWOL at Annapolis.
28 Aug 1865 Wm Barber received from PHLOX.
29 Aug 1865 Seamen Wm Johnson, Jno A. Ellerhann, Jno Lynn, and Em J. Sprague; Landsmen A. J. Barker and Henry Young; and 1/c Boy Henry B. Oxx transferred to PHLOX.
30 Aug 1865 Began fitting steam pipe connections --Landsman Albert Smith discharged at Annapolis.
31 Aug 1865 Seamen Wm Cole, Francis McGill, Thos Mooney, Jas Crowley, Jas Walker, Jas Lindsey, Frank Pacott, and Josp Deary; and Wm Smith #1 discharged at Annapolis.
1 Sep 1865 Acting Master Babb, Ensign Tinkham, Boatswain Smith, and Carpenter Laighton detached.
4 Sep 1865 Jno Clarke, Hans Heber, Jas McMullen, and Lewis Weiner transferred to MERCURY.
7 Sep 1865 Wm Barber transferred to PHLOX -- Wm Roberts in double irons for abusive language --"...wash room.."
9 Sep 1865 "...gas fitters at work on board..."
10 Sep 1865 Jno D. Nichols and Wm H. Marsh joined.
15 Sep 1865 Seaman Wm Lammer received from MARBLEHEAD.
16 Sep 1865 Ordinary Seaman Jno Frank and Landsman Jno Anglada transferred to MARBLEHEAD.
20 Sep 1865 Jno Courtney in double irons for insolence.
30 Sep 1865 Jas Brown transferred to PERIWINKLE.
7 Oct 1865 Lieutenant Charles W. Wilson detached.
14 Oct 1865 Seamen Jno Christian and Jno Duran deserted at Annapolis.
15 Oct 1865 Seaman Wm Lammer in double irons for disobedience -- Lieutenant Swann mentioned.
16 Oct 1865 Robt Stewart mentioned.
18 Oct 1865 Josp Rodgers signed log.
19 Oct 1865 Chas Hopkins signed log.
23 Oct 1865 Robt Stewart discharged at Annapolis.
24 Oct 1865 Lieutenant Thomas L. Swann is Executive Officer -- Thos Cole in double irons on bread and water for 2 days for AWOL and drunkenness.
25 Oct 1865 Shifting guns ashore -- Boy Henry West in double irons for fighting -- Boatswain's Mate Jno Young in double irons for AWOL and drunkenness.
27 Oct 1865 Sent boats to yard.
1 Nov 1865 Henry Cartwright and Bartlett Dudley in double irons for 5 nights for fighting.
4 Nov 1865 Jno Simonds in double irons on bread and water for 5 days.
8 Nov 1865 "...covering the Forecastle House with canvas..."
9 Nov 1865 Coxswain Thos Royston mentioned.
12 Nov 1865 Ship's Corporal Jas Pierson in double irons.
14 Nov 1865 Jas McMullen in double irons.
21 Nov 1865 Dennis Harrington in double irons for insolence.
23 Nov 1865 Thomas Royston mentioned.
3 Dec 1865 Jno Young in double irons for AWOL.
4 Dec 1865 Seaman Hans Heber in solitary on bread and water for AWOL.
5 Dec 1865 Julius Wilson and Bartlett Dudley in double irons for 1 week.
9 Dec 1865 Seamen Gregory Stanley and Jas McMullen in 7 days solitary for AWOL.
11 Dec 1865 Boy Jas Graham in solitary on bread and water for AWOL.
14 Dec 1865 Seaman Jno Courtney confined on bread and water for 1 week.
16 Dec 1865 Received 200 fire buckets.
19 Dec 1865 2 plumbers working on the gun deck.
20 Dec 1865 Jno Barber and Jno Graham transferred to SWATARA.
23 Dec 1865 Yeoman Jno Clancy and Andrew Munden mentioned.
25 Dec 1865 Seamen Hans Heber and David Howard confined on bread and water for 1 week for AWOL -- Jas Sullivan in double irons for fighting and insolence.
26 Dec 1865 Quartermaster Josp Rodgers mentioned.
1 Jan 1866 Geo Tomkins in double irons every night until further notice for AWOL.
2 Jan 1866 Hans Heber discharged at Annapolis.
3 Jan 1866 Seamen Jno Young and Wm Smith confined on bread and water 5 days for AWOL.
4 Jan 1866 Seaman Gregory Stanley in solitary on bread and water 5 days for AWOL.
10 Jan 1866 Quartermaster Josp Rodgers mentioned – Jno Courtney confined 5 days on bread and water for neglect of duty.
23 Jan 1866 Ordinary Seaman Jno M. Webster in double irons 5 days for disobedience.
1 Feb 1866 Jas McMullen and Seaman Alex McNeill mentioned.
4 Feb 1866 Captain of the Foretop Wm O. Eldridge mentioned.
5 Feb 1866 Ship's Corporal Josp Partridge mentioned.
8 Feb 1866 Alex McNeill mentioned.
16 Feb 1866 Lieutenant Commander Philip C. Johnson relieved as Captain by Lieutenant Commander Edmund O. Matthews.
26 Feb 1866 Lieutenant Commander Matthews relieved as Captain by Lieutenant Commander Thomas H. Eastman.
28 Feb 1866 Boy Henry Cartwright confined 4 days on bread and water for insolence to the Master-at-Arms.
2 Mar 1866 Quartermaster Thos Hunter mentioned – Andrew J. Munden and Benj Flores AWOL.
4 Mar 1866 Ship's Corporal Josp Partridge declared a deserter -- Ordinary Seaman Dennis Harrington and Julius Wilson in double irons for AWOL.
8 Mar 1866 Julius Wilson mentioned.
9 Mar 1866 Ordinary Seaman Jas Sullivan in double irons for AWOL.
12 Mar 1866 Seaman Andrew Munden and Ordinary Seaman Benj Flores declared deserters.
13 Mar 1866 Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter mentioned.
17 Mar 1866 Julius Wilson and Robt Davis in double irons for insubordination.
19 Mar 1866 Mate John Wallace deserted.
23 Mar 1866 Landsman Jas Fleming in irons for AWOL.
24 Mar 1866 Landsman Lewis G. Richardson died ashore of consumption.
27 Mar 1866 Gregory Stanley in double irons for AWOL.
1 Apr 1866 Landsman Geo Payne transferred to SAVANNAH.
3 Apr 1866 Landsman Julius Wilson in double irons; bread and water imposed next day for insolence.
4 Apr 1866 Seaman Jas McMullen in double irons for AWOL.
5 Apr 1866 Benj Manning in double irons 5 days for disrespect.
7 Apr 1866 Boy Jas Campbell in double irons for disobedience.


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