21 APRIL 1861 - 12 MAY 1861

21 Apr 1861 Lieutenant E. Orville Matthews joined.
22 Apr 1861 Captain is Lieutenant George W. Rodgers -- went to general quarters and prepared to defend ship.
23 Apr 1861 Lieutenants F. B. Blake and R. W. Scott joined.
26 Apr 1861 Sailed in the morning in tow of steamer R. R.CUYLER -- draft 21'4" aft, 18' fwd -- HARRIETLANE escorting down Chesapeake Bay.
27 Apr 1861 0800 Clearing Cape Henry still in tow.
28 Apr 1861 1145 Cast off tow; awaiting pilot -- 1500 in tow again -- 2030 anchored off Governor's Island.
29 Apr 1861 Shifted berth to New York Navy Yard -- 2 companies of Volunteers left the ship; given 3 cheers.
30 Apr 1861 Sent midshipmen ashore on liberty.[Daily parties followed.]
1 May 1861 Quartermaster Jno Davis, Boatswain's Mate Thos Hunter, and Seaman [ ? ] Smith sent to Naval Hospital, New York -- Paymaster's Clerk Thompson and Acting Midshipman Renshaw joined-- Acting Midshipman Leary confined in guard room for drunkenness.
4 May 1861 Sent 1 27cwt 32-pounder ashore -- Seamen Jno Hefner and Geo Costen shipped at New York, both to rate from 25 Apr; Seaman Geo Blight shipped, to rate from 5 May.
6 May 1861 Lieutenant Blake detached -- Seaman Jno Gossmann sent to naval hospital, New York.
7 May 1861 Seamen Wm Ashton, F. L. Armstrong, Thos Slattery, Richd H. Anderson, Geo Duncan, Wm Frick, Josp Rush, J. A. Ball, and Jas Green; and Landsmen Lewis Burns, F. Millnott, and Josp Billings shipped at New York.
8 May 1861 1830 Sailed in tow of steamers FREEMAN and RESOLUTE -- 1900 passed Hell's Gate, going through Long Island Sound -- 2200 cast off RESOLUTE.
9 May 1861 1400 Arrived off Fort Adams, Newport, RI -- 1700 steamer BALTIC arrived with Commandant of Midshipmen C. R. P. Rodgers and Professors from Annapolis.
10 May 1861 Fired a 34-gun salute with the ensign and Rhode Island flag together at the main truck -- Lieutenants John H. Upshur and Edmund O. Matthews detached, as were 24 1st and 2nd Class Midshipmen.
11 May 1861 "...hoisted eight guns from the gun deck to the spar deck..." -- Lieutenant Bushrod B. Taylor transferred to COLORADO -- 3rd Class Midshipmen detached; cheered ship as they left.

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