22 SEPTEMBER - 14 JUNE 1855

22 Sep 1854 Sailed from Cape Palmas.
25 Sep 1854 Arrived at Monrovia -- "Recd. Maryatt's Code of Signals..."
27 Sep 1854 Liberian schooner LARK noted sailing for the south.
28 Sep 1854 Discharged Ordinary Seamen Edw Hall, Wm Anderson, Wm Simpson, Jas Douglaes [sic], Wm J. Nichols, Wm Thompson #2, and Jas Robinson, and Landsman Jas Brown at Monrovia – shipped Landsman Solomon Davis at Monrovia.
29 Sep 1854 "The Ariel broke from her davits (by the stern bolt drawing) and James Lee (OS) was killed and sunk to the bottom before assistance could reach him." -- discharged 38 Kroo tribesmen.
30 Sep 1854 Shipped Ordinary Seamen Jas Still, Richd Watts, Wm Grey, and Jas Lesure [sic], Landsmen Thos Fordyce and Jno Herring, and1/c Boys Henry Naylor and Wm McCall at Monrovia -- sailed.
3 Oct 1854 Ordinary Seaman Wm Connor rated Seaman.
9 Oct 1854 "...painting the white streak..."
17 Oct 1854 1230 Carried away the crossjack.
19 Oct 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.
20 Oct 1854 Shipped Ordinary Seaman Chas Anderson at Porto Grande.
21 Oct 1854 Crossjack back up.
23 Oct 1854 Surgeon's Steward J. M. Falk discharged at Porto Grande -- sailed.
24 Oct 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya -- shipped Landsmen Francis A. Watts and Edw Deman at Porto Praya, to rate from 1 Oct.
25 Oct 1854 Called all hands to read the new Act of Congress increasing the pay of the Navy --shipped 2/c Musician Antonio Pereira and Landsman David R. Truesdell at Porto Praya.
27 Oct 1854 1530 Whaling barque OSCEOLA (American) missed stays and hit the ship in the waist, carrying away the accommodation ladder, starboard gangway and two half ports on the gun deck level; OSCEOLA lost bowsprit, cut water, and foretopgallant mast.
28 Oct 1854 Shipped Landsman Jno A. Le Barron and 2/c Boy Wm Dangler at Porto Praya – Quartermaster Geo Hare, Seaman Wm Brown #2, and Ordinary Seaman Patk Ragan sent aboard American brig PLANET in exchange for 2nd Mate Henry Barnard and Seamen Benj Butler and Thos Clarke at master's request.
31 Oct 1854 Landsman Jno Mote shipped at Porto Praya -- Seaman Jno Bartlett and Ordinary Seamen Josp A. Noble and Jno Herman discharged to ship in PLANET.
7 Nov 1854 Captain of the forecastle Andrew Anderson disrated Seaman -- Ordinary Seaman Wm Anderson shipped at Porto Praya.
8 Nov 1854 Seaman Andrew Anderson and Privates Hyer and McCauley transferred to DALE.
9 Nov 1854 OSCEOLA sailed, her repairs in part done by CONSTITUTION's crewmen.
10 Nov 1854 1/c Boy Michl Blume and 2/c boys Henry S. Long and Chas S. Baker shipped at Porto Praya.
11 Nov 1854 Jas W Worcester, Oliver M. Sawyer, Henry A. Hanson, Arthur H. Elton, and Wm Lamone, deserters from OSCEOLA, came on board to ship-- Worcester, Lamone, and Elton shipped as Landsmen and Sawyer as a 2/c Boy.
16 Nov 1854 Landsman Chas McDermott shipped at Porto Praya, to rate from 1 Nov -- Ernest Land and Jas Martin deserted from a boat and were returned the next day.
17 Nov 1854 Sailed.
20 Nov 1854 Lieutenant Clarey mentioned.
21 Nov 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.
22 Nov 1854 Abbot remains sent ashore for temporary reinterment.
23 Nov 1854 Seaman Chas Anderson discharged for at Porto Grande for bad conduct.
24 Nov 1854 Sailed.
25 Nov 1854 Captain of the Mizzen Top Owen Duffy disrated Seaman for bad conduct -- Seaman John Kearly [sic] rated in his place -- Ordinary Seaman Francis Watts rated Seaman.
1 Dec 1854 Used Maryatt's signal system with Hamburg ship ST. PAULIS.
10 Dec 1854 Arrived at Funchal, Madeira.
12 Dec 1854 Corporal Jas Robinson demoted to Private for disrespect to his superior -- Private Peter Masterson promoted corporal.
21 Dec 1854 Ordinary Seaman Wm Rankin shipped at Funchal.
27 Dec 1854 Jno Thompson, Wm Perkins, and Wm Williams attempted desertion at Funchal -- "Mr. Bradford" mentioned.
30 Dec 1854 Landsman Jno Johnson shipped at Funchal to rate from 1 Oct.
1 Jan 1855 Master's Mate Jno Collins disrated Seaman for bad conduct -- Coxswain Wm S. Howard appointed Acting Master's Mate -- Wm Johnson rated Coxswain -- Alex Ferrara #1 and Jose Pereira discharged at Funchal -- Landsmen Manuel Norrego and Francisco De Silva shipped at Funchal.
2 Jan 1855 Ordinary Seaman Jno De Silva and Landsman Henry Thompson shipped at Funchal.
4 Jan 1855 Ship's Corporal Geo E. Cole disrated and Geo W. Paris rated in his stead.
7 Jan 1855 Sailed.
8 Jan 1855 Captain of the Mizzen Top involuntarily extended in service with a 25% increase in pay.
12 Jan 1855 Arrived at Funchal, Madeira.
14 Jan 1855 Sailed.
15 Jan 1855 Seaman Wm Brennan shipped over at sea, as did Landsman Antonio De Fratas #2[sic].
18 Jan 1855 Arrived at Teneriffe.
19 Jan 1855 Landsmen Jno Cronan, Jno Byrnes, and Walter Gurnea [sic] shipped at Teneriffe -- sailed.
27 Jan 1855 Courts martial decisions: Seaman Wm Williams fined $30 and got 4 days in double irons; Seaman Jno Thompson lost 2/3 pay not allotted to family for 10 months, nightly double irons for 4 months, and to be transferred to a ship remaining in African waters; Ordinary Seaman Wm Perkins fined 2/3 pay not allotted to family for remainder of enlistment; and Landsman Peter Vanderveer lost 1/2 pay for 6 months.
30 Jan 1855 Arrived at Porto Grande -- Seaman Jno Collins and Private McKenny transferred to MARION -- sailed.
2 Feb 1855 Arrived at Porto Praya.
3 Feb 1855 Sailed.
6 Feb 1855 Arrived at Bathurst on the Gambia River.
7 Feb 1855 Court martial decision: Wm martin #2 fined$55 and given 30 days in solitary confinement-- sailed.
9 Feb 1855 Arrived at Goree, Senegal.
10 Feb 1855 Thos C. Berry appointed Acting Boatswain.
11 Feb 1855 Jno Thompson, in double irons in the brig, deserted by jumping out of #1 gun port; recaptured the next day.
12 Feb 1855 Captain of the Foretop Henry Hand rated Boatswain's Mate to date from 10 Feb and Josp Bowden rated as his replacement – Ordinary Seamen Jno Rily #1, Michl Logue, [?] A. Truck [sic], and Jas Hagan reduced to Landsmen, and Jno Livingston to 2/c Boy, all to date from 1 Feb.
13 Feb 1855 Sailed.
16 Feb 1855 Arrived at Sal Island -- sailed.
17 Feb 1855 Arrived at Porto Praya.
22 Feb 1855 Fired a 17-gun salute.
1 Mar 1855 Seaman Rufus Todd rated Quartermaster, Landsman C. D. Springer rated Captain of the Hold, Ordinary Seamen Wm Anderson and Jas Still rated Seamen, and Landsman Arthur H. Elton rated Ordinary Seaman, all as of this date.
2 Mar 1855 Sailed -- rendezvoused with MARION -- practiced maneuvers.
6 Mar 1855 Arrived at Porto Praya.
7 Mar 1855 Bandmaster Zeferio Gomez Donrenco and 1/c Musician Manuel De Abbron discharged at Porto Praya.
8 Mar 1855 Kroo tribesmen Jack Dandy, After Dinner, Black Will, Jno Cuba, Flying Jib, I Laughing, Jno Africa, Tom Davis, Tom Newman, Jim George, and Tom Two Dollar received from MARION -- sailed.
9 Mar 1855 Arrived at Maio Island.
12 Mar 1855 Sailed from Maio I. to Porto Praya -- court martial decision: Ordinary Seaman Bill Riling [sic] given 30 days solitary confinement.
13 Mar 1855 Court martial decision: Jacob O. Witham acquitted.
15 Mar 1855 Court martial decision: Seaman Wm Brennan fined $40.
16 Mar 1855 Court martial decision: Jno Hillman acquitted.
17 Mar 1855 Court martial decision: Seaman Jno Thompson reduced to Landsman, fined all pay due, and confined until discharged.
21 Mar 1855 Quartermaster Jno Moore involuntarily extended in service with 25% increase in pay.
23 Mar 1855 ARIEL carried in the port davits.
24 Mar 1855 Lieutenant C. S. McDonough an Midshipman E. E. Potter transferred to MARION (Hugh Purviance, CO) -- Lieutenant William R. Gardner received from MARION for passage to US -- Landsman Jas Lefren transferred from MARION.
26 Mar 1855 Transferred all Kroo tribesmen to MARION, as well as Carpenter's Mate Jno De Silva, Ordinary Seaman Wm Perkins, and Landsmen Jno Thompson, Alex Ferrara #2, Antonio De Ferritas #1 and Antonio De Ferriats #2 --1/c Musician Antonio J. Demenezes discharged at Porto Praya.
27 Mar 1855 Sailed.
29 Mar 1855 Arrived in Porto Grande.
31 Mar 1855 Sailed.
1 Apr 1855 Wardroom Cook Francisco De Silva disrated Landsman; Landsman Manuel Mascarena rated in his stead.
23 Apr 1855 Met American ship ISAAC JEAMES of Philadelphia -- 1750 turned SW.
25 Apr 1855 0500 Captain of the Forward Hold Cornelius D. Springer; Seamen Chas Lacey, Henry Sandford, Danl W. Brennan, Josp Ninnes, Wm Conner, Robt Jackson, Wm Treadt, and Wm Rose; Ordinary Seamen Henry Jones, Jno Hillman, Michl Haley, Wm M. Albin, Geo Orner, Geo C. Blodgett, Orrin King, Saml Jones, Geo Collings, Stewart Goff, Geo Grates, Jas Carroll, Lewis A. Folson, and Wm Sinclair; Landsmen Jacob O. Witham, Chas Keefer, Walter Gurney, Francis Dolan, Chas Smith, Jno Cronan, and Jno Hamilton; Boys Wm Van Grate, Jno Green, Wm Dangler, Thos Brown, and Thos Jones #2; Privates Jno Kane and Thos Bartly placed in double irons for 28 hours for having staged a "sickout" in protest of Commodore Mayo's decision to delay the ship's return to the US because of rumored trouble with Spain. [Note: the Commodore was prone to title himself "Commander in Chief of American Naval Forces on the Coast of Africa."]
30 Apr 1855 11 kts (1 hr)
1 May 1855 Sighted Caicos Island.
3 May 1855 Carpenters removing spar deck cabin bulk heads in preparation for possible combat – sailing along the south coast of Cuba.
4 May 1855 1315 Private James Sherry died; 1750 buried at sea.
6 May 1855 0645 Sighted Little Cayman Island; 1640 saw Grand Cayman.
10 May 1855 2300 Saw Cape Antonio Light.
12 May 1855 1045 Near Colorado Reef.
14 May 1855 Took 8000 gallons of salt water ballast into fresh water tanks.
16 May 1855 Arrived at Havana, towed in by 2 steamers.
17 May 1855 Commodore's Secretary Llewellyn Boyle left the ship at Havana to proceed ahead to US in SOMERS with dispatches.
18 May 1855 Lieutenant William Ross Gardner detached for return to US -- Seamen Wm H. Jones and Wm Parker shipped at Havana.
19 May 1855 0415 Tried to get underway, but found to be aground -- tows unsuccessful -- 0900 warped off -- Landsman Jules Mignoley shipped at Havana -- SAN JACINTO arrived.
20 May 1855 Master's Mate Wm Howard; Ordinary Seamen Jno Hillman, Wm Sinclair, Jas Coffee, and Geo E. Blodgett; Landsmen Jno H. Dickerson, Geo Orner, and Jno Cronan; and Boys Amos B. Chapple, Jno Hamilton, Chas De Groot, Thos Brown, and Wm Wilson transferred to SAN JACINTO -- Quartermaster Thompson H. Moore received from SAN JACINTO.
21 May 1855 Sailed, towed out of harbor.
24 May 1855 Master's Mate Thos H. Lawrence; Seamen Chas Forbes, Jas Smith, Henry Lyons, Geo Moore, David Carter, Jno Riley, Alex Graham, and Geo Kerwine; Ordinary Seaman Jno Schermerhorn; and Landsman Geo Crosby received from JAMESTOWN.
2 Jun 1855 Arrived at Portsmouth, New Hampshire --exchanged 13-gun salutes -- Seaman David Carter transferred to naval hospital, Portsmouth.
3 Jun 1855 Dr. Dulaney detached on leave.
4 Jun 1855 Assistant Surgeon Jno L. Burt took Quarter Gunners Jas Softly and Jno Riley; Seamen Thompson H. Moore and Lewis Carter; and Landsman Elihu Morris to the naval hospital, Boston.
7 Jun 1855 Commodore Mayo departed for home; manned rigging and cheered -- Quartermaster Jno Moore discharged at Portsmouth -- Lieutenant Clary detached on leave -- 1330 ship shifted berths to the navy yard.
14 Jun 1855 1100 Paying off ship's company – Marine Guard transferred to Marine Barracks, Portsmouth -- Commander Rudd; Lieutenants Larkin, Dove, and William H. Dana; and Master Terrett last to leave ship -- colors hauled down during the first dog watch.

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