24 DECEMBER 1853 - 21 SEPTEMBER 1854

1 Jan 1854 Seaman Geo Hare rated Quartermaster; Seaman Benton Summers rated Quarter Gunner; Ordinary Seamen Jno Peterson, Jas Reid, Jas Brown #2, Wm Young, Worthy L. Howd [sic], Jas Morris, Danl W. Brannan, Robt Jackson, Wm Hing, Wm Smith #1, Jno McGovern, and Hamlet Lancaster rated Seamen; Landsmen Jas H. Boyle, Wm Ford, Robt Clarke, Matt Mannion, Jas Wilson, Josp A. Noble, Ernest Land, and Jno R. Herring rated Ordinary Seamen; 1/c Boys Edw Gillman, Jno Burke #2, Hugh Conway, Jno J. Nolan, Jno McGuire, and Jno McCormack rated Landsmen; Wardroom Cook Wm Anderson disrated Ordinary Seaman.
6 Jan 1854 [Friday] Arrived at Porto Praya -- DALE also arrived.
8 Jan 1854 A British schooner arrived.
10 Jan 1854 Landsmen Leander Barry and Geo Read shipped at Porto Praya.
11 Jan 1854 British schooner being caulked by A CONSTITUTION carpenter.
13 Jan 1854 Fired 21 guns at 5 minute intervals to mark the death of the Queen of Portugal.
14 Jan 1854 CONSTITUTION carpenters working on British brig TIGER.
15 Jan 1854 Kroo tribesman Jno Grampus died in an accident in the storehouse ashore --carpenters made coffin -- buried ashore --Sailmaker's Mate Edmund Ellsworth, Ordinary Seaman Chas Jones, and Kroo tribesmen Jack Crowbar, Jim Brown, Jno Smith, Jack Friday, Tom Crowbar, Jack Smart, and Ball Williston transferred to DALE -- Seaman Jno Riley and Supernumerary Lubin E. Lewis received from DALE.
16 Jan 1854 DALE sailed.
19 Jan 1854 Sailed.
22 Jan 1854 Arrived at Santa Maria, Sal Island.
23 Jan 1854 Took aboard the survivors of the wrecked American merchant SYLPH: Josp Cardova, Antonio Peirara, Danl Webster, Manuel Caldora, Juan Diaz, Antonio Bastista, Miguel Francisco de Silvarar, Jno May, Francisco Canaca, Josp F. Bunker, Wm Toby, Antone deRosa, Geo Emmet, Ebenezer Grennell, Albert Lewis, Wm Miller, Wm Darrell, Josp Williams, Thos Tucker, and Robt H. Kent.
24 Jan 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.
25 Jan 1854 Landed the survivors -- Landsman Jno H. Durgan shipped at Porto Grande.
27 Jan 1854 Landsman Jno J. Nolan shot in the face with a carbine in a target practice accident.
1 Feb 1854 Seaman Jas Reid rated Sailmaker's Mate, and Ordinary Seamen Jas Dorn and Jno Hopkins rated Seamen -- Seaman Jno Snow and Ordinary Seaman Wm Murphy deserted at Porto Grande.
8 Feb 1854 [Wednesday] DALE arrived.
9 Feb 1854 Ordinary Seaman J. R. Herring and Kroo tribesmen Pea Soup and Bean Hickman transferred to DALE.
11 Feb 1854 "...mercurial barometer which hangs in the spar deck cabin..." -- Seaman Geo Barcray transferred to DALE.
12 Feb 1854 Landsman Matthew Francis received from DALE.
16 Feb 1854 Landsman Vincente Gonsalvo received from DALE.
21 Feb 1854 Officers' Steward Felix Matthews discharged at Porto Grande.
22 Feb 1854 Fired a 21-gun salute at noon.
25 Feb 1854 Sailed.
26 Feb 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya.
27 Feb 1854 Rigging sizes: bowsprit shrouds - 5", fore rigging - 3", main rigging - 4", mizzen rigging - 2", main and maintopmast stays -6".
4 Mar 1854 [Saturday] Sailed.
6 Mar 1854 Off Preguisa, St. George's Bay, St. Nicholas Island.
7 Mar 1854 Kedge anchor stowed in port main channel -- arrived at Porto Praya.
8 Mar 1854 Sailed.
14 Mar 1854 "...painting the stern boats [sic]..." -- Landsman Wm Whelpley and Boy Wm Sinclair rated Ordinary Seamen -- courts martial decisions: Private Jas McKenny to lose 6 months pay and have 1 year restriction; Ordinary Seaman Geo Wilson to lose 6 months pay and be discharged in disgrace [done at Funchal, 2 May].
17 Mar 1854 Landsman Jno Ratto rated Commodore's cook to date from 12 Feb.
23 Mar 1854 Patrolling an area SW of St. Marias Island, Azores.
25 Mar 1854 Midshipmen Thomas P. Pelot and Commodore's Clerk B. F. Waters detached for return to the US.
26 Mar 1854 Quartermaster Edw Cobb appointed Acting Commodore's Clerk.
31 Mar. 1854 Dr. Coleman mentioned
1 Apr 1854 [Saturday] Arrived at Funchal, Madeira --Landsmen Chas Splane, Henry Evans, Jno Hearley, Frank Mecham, Jno H. Durgan, Jno Harris, Richd H. Egan, and Henry Sanford rated Ordinary Seamen as of this date; Boys Henry A. Smith, Wm Traidt, Jno McCormick, Bill Riley, Cornelius Campbell, Jeremiah Cockran, Upson Bachelor, Jno White #2, and David P. Nichol___ rated Landsmen as of this date -- Landsman Matthew France discharged at Funchal.
3 Apr 1854 Landsman Francisco Silvia discharged at Funchal -- Jno Lowery brought off abusive to Officer of the Deck.
11 Apr 1854 Painting tops, trestletrees, and lower masts.
12 Apr 1854 "...painting the spar deck cabin..."
18 Apr 1854 Lewis Gomez Papa discharged at Funchal -- Jose Ferrara shipped at Funchal.
22 Apr 1854 2/c Musician Antonio Defreita shipped at Funchal.
24 Apr 1854 1/c Musician Carl Hine and Danl Brown discharged at Funchal.
1 May 1854 Musician Jno Varissimo discharged at Funchal.
2 May 1854 [Tuesday] Sailed -- British Consul Stoddard and 2 daughters took passage for Teneriffe.
4 May 1854 Arrived at Teneriffe – passengers disembarked.
5 May 1854 Sailed.
6 May 1854 Arrived at Palmas, Grand Canary Island.
8 May 1854 Sailed.
14 May 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande.
15 May 1854 Wm Whelpley transferred to MARION --Nathaniel J. Cross received from MARION.
18 May 1854 Ordinary Seaman Jno Thomas shipped at Porto Grande.
21 May 8154 Seaman Geo Fairbanks discharged at Porto Grande.
22 May 1854 Sailed.
23 May 1854 Arrived at Porto Praya -- Midshipmen Skivett and Cushman received from MARION; detached on 25 May for return to US.
26 May 1854 Landsman Sylvester Weitzinger shipped at Porto Praya.
29 May 1854 Seaman Moses Nickerson shipped at Porto Praya-- Seaman Edw C. Griffin discharged at Porto Praya -- Corporal Augustus Lawrence, 1/c Boy Danl Hare, and Jacob Dederick invalided home in American barque TALLY.
31 May 1854 "...painting the white streak..."
1 Jun 1854 [Thursday] Log format changes throughout the Navy.
3 Jun 1854 1730 Captain Marshal of the American barque KANAHWAH, of New York, requested help as his crew was mutinous -- a lieutenant and Marines sent -- crew found drunk, belligerent -- 4 taken into custody in frigate.
5 Jun 1854 Four volunteers discharged to join KANAHWAH's crew: Ordinary Seamen Jno Bruce, Thos Hare, Richd Barnett, and Jacob Brennock.
6 Jun 1854 KANAHWAH sailed.
7 Jun 1854 Ex-KANAHWAH crewmen Jno Thompson, Jno McCue, Wm Murphy, and Wm Moore shipped as Seamen -- Chas Sheppard and Kneeland A. Truel deserted the "sunset boat;" brought back on 12 Jun.
10 Jun 1854 Landsman Peter Vanderveer shipped at Porto Praya.
12 Jun 1854 Landsman Bernard Shultz shipped at Porto Praya -- sailed.
13 Jun 1854 Seaman Wm Johnson #3 rated Quartermaster as of 1 Jun -- Captain of the Top Jno West rated Boatswain's Mate and Seaman Henry Hinds Captain of the Top to date from 6 Jun.
14 Jun 1854 2/c Boys Andrew Hennessy, Jas Holdridge, Jno Livingston, Florence Sullivan, and Michl Harrison rated 1/c Boys to date from 1 Jun.
15 Jun 1854 Arrived at Porto Grande -- Ordinary Seamen Angello Vianello, Jas Myers, Josp Ninnes, and Thos Williams rated Seamen to date from 1 Jun-- Landsmen Saml H. Adams, Thos G. Barker, Albert Moore, Michl Holland. Wentworth Rilket, Chas Kelly, Wm Martin #2, Jas Lee, Jno Pettit, and Geo Orner rated Ordinary Seamen as of same date -- Boy Jas Martin rated Landsman as of same date.
22 Jun 1854 Sailed.
23 Jun 1854 Courts martial decisions: Chas Sheppard and Kneeland A. Truel to lose 6 months pay and restricted until discharged; Jas Brown fined $50 and restricted for 1 year.
5 Jul 1854 Arrived in Monrovia.
6 Jul 1854 Kroo tribesmen Prince Albert, Jack Dandy, Ben Jumbo, Tom Davis, Bottle Beef, Harry Bluff, Tom Kerrman, Tom Lee, Jack Poorfellow, Two Glass, and Jack Pea Soup shipped at Monrovia -- Ordinary Seaman Tom Brown (also 2nd Head Krooman) discharged at Monrovia.
7 Jul 1854 Kroo tribesmen Jack Liverpool and Jack Poorfellow discharged at Monrovia; Tom Dollar and Jim Crow were shipped.
12 Jul 1854 Sailed.
16 Jul 1854 Arrived at Cape Palmas.
18 Jul 1854 Governor Prout of Cape Palmas and suite, together with the headmen of the Cavally and Grahway tribes, came aboard -- 13-gun salute -- Commodore Mayo mediated settlement of a boundary dispute -- tribal representatives included Will Gray, Jack Massa, Bubblu Durah, Half Cavallo, Jim Liverpool, Tiblah Wah Rag, and Bill Williams (interpreter) -- put parties ashore -- sailed.
20 Jul 1854 Court martial decision: Seaman David Nichols to lose all pay and be discharged in disgrace as soon as possible.
21 Jul 1854 Arrived at Cape Coast Castle.
22 Jul 1854 Invalided to American barque CHUSAN for return to the US: Quarter Gunner Wm Jones #1 and Corporal Edw Sommers -- David Nichols, Wm Johnson #1, Richd Jones, Henry Fifield, and Thos Noble discharged at Cape Coast Castle for return to US in American barque BUCKEYE -- sailed.
23 Jul 1854 Arrived at Accra.
24 Jul 1854 Boat ARIEL now stowed in 1st cutter.
25 Jul 1854 Sailed.
26 Jul 1854 Arrived at Wydah (Long. 2-05E).
27 Jul 1854 Sailed from Wydah to Appi (Long. 2-26-20E).
28 Jul 1854 Sailed from Appi to Lagos -- King Docemo and advisors (Oloombong, Salaba, Oloochi, Achabong, Olercher, and Lerber) received aboard -- trade and friendship treaty signed -- King given a carbine, pistol, and ammunition -- sailed.
1 Aug 1854 Seaman Wm Johnson #2 rated Carpenter's Mate and Ordinary Seaman Michl Owens Quarter Gunner.
3 Aug 1854 Arrived in West Bay, Prince's Island --"...both dinghys..."
8 Aug 1854 In the morning: "Sent Lieut Rodgers on shore & disinterred the remains of N. M. W. Abbot (son of Capt. Joel Abbot of the U. S. Navy) preparatory to removing them to this ship." -- 1630 remains aboard -- deceased had been Captain's Clerk in MACEDONIAN [commanded by his father, and enroute to join Perry' Japan expedition when he died].
9 Aug 1854 Sailed from Principe Island.
14 Aug 1854 Court martial decision: Ordinary Seaman Jno Hillman to lose $20 and be confined in solitary on bread and water for 20 days.
16 Aug 1854 Arrived off north end of Anno Bon Island.
17 Aug 1854 Sailed.
24 Aug 1854 Arrived offshore west of Mayoumba -- sailed.
5 Sep 1854 Arrived at Luanda.
6 Sep 1854 Fishing party out using seine.
7 Sep 1854 1330 "Chiefs of Loando" visited the ship and received presents, including 5 1/2 gallons of whiskey.
8 Sep 1854 Sailed.
12 Sep 1854 Ordinary Seamen Alex Chisholm, Josp Chapman, Wm Rose, Wm F. Postell, Henry Clark, Peter Johnson, Jno Duffy, Robt Clarke, Saml H. Adams, Nathl J. Cross, Danl Lane, Thos Jones #1, Jas Hagan and Jno Thomas #1, rated Seaman to date from 1 Sep -- Landsmen Jno J. Quinn, Lionel B. Colbath, Jno Lynch, Traxton Taylor, Thos Greaves, Chas Stackpole, Thos Dutton, Wm Homestead, Stewart Goff, Washington Stoneall, Walter Coleman, Jno C. Jurgenson, Stephen Woodbridge, Jno Hinds, Philip McDermott, Wm Perkins, Silas F. Haywood, Chas Willard, Henry C. Neff, Timothy O'Donnell, Jas Kennedy, Hugh Kirkpatrick, Alex French #1, Elin [sic] Morris, Thos Cogan, Jno J. Nolan, Jas Martin, Thos B. Cutter, Terrence Smith, Michl Haley, Jno Delany, Danl Nunan, and Geo Wisner rated Ordinary Seamen to date from 1 Sep -- Boys Jno Livingston, Jonathan Berry, Chas De Groat, Wm Gomez, and Wm Van Alste rrated Landsmen to date from 1 Sep.
15 Sep 1854 "...single stick exercise..."
20 Sep 1854 Ordinary Seamen Robt Hunter and Wm Williams rated Seamen to date from 1 Sep – Landsmen Jno De Silvar, Henry Singleton, Lewis A. Folsom, Jno Purnell, Patk Ragan, and Luther C. Hall rated Ordinary Seamen to date from 1 Sep.
21 Sep 1854 Arrived at Cape Palmas.

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