6 DEC 1798 - 20 OCT 1800


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Semuel Nicholson
1st, Captain


Silas Talbot
2nd, Captain


17 Dec 1798 Peter St. Medard reported aboard as Surgeon.
24 Dec 1798 Got the sheet anchor on the gunwale and stowed it.
28 Dec 1798 Lieutenant Charles Russell and Marine Lieutenant William Amory left the ship without relief -- Second Lieutenant John Cordis discharged and suspended from duty for oppression and disobedience of orders.
31 Dec 1798 At sea -- heavy gales and squally -- served 2gallons of rum to the wheelmen in 24 hours.
2 Jan 1799 1000 Mustered the crew and read Articles of War -- Mr Jarvis made 3d Lieutenant, Mr. Torrey an acting Lieutenant, Mr. Thayer the Lieutenant of Marines, and Mr. Moore, Gunner.
5-9 Jan 1799 Making splinter netting.
10 Jan 1799 Finished splinter netting and "hauled it out"-- making a quarter deck awning.
11 Jan 1799 1100 Exercised at great guns and small arms.
12 Jan 1799 Still making quarterdeck awning -- cross the Tropic of Cancer ("the line") and "performed usual customs."
15 Jan 1799 Exercised at great guns and small arms -- 1630 "loaded for service" and secured the guns.
16 Jan 1799 1230 Went in chase -- 1400 fired 2 guns to bring chase to; chase wore around and made more sail -- fired 2 more guns, wore, caught, and boarded her -- a British ship from Shields now a French prize of L'INSURGENTE -- took out 8 men and put aboard 10 in prize crew.
17 Jan 1799 Converted a main studding sail into windsails and curtains for the quarterdeck awning -- 0900 Captain Nicholson, unsure of his orders, took his men out of his capture, SPENCER, returned her to the French prize crew and released her.
18 Jan 1799 Converted "unfit" spare royal sails into wind sails and awnings.
19 Jan 1799 Making an awning for the "after part of the quarterdeck" -- 0900 sighted 3 American warships including UNITED STATES (Commodore Barry).
20 Jan 1799 Seaman Oliver Nester died of a "nervous fever" -- hove overboard 11 tons, 28 pounds of shingles and ballast.
21 Jan 1799 Hove overboard 9 tons of ballast -- cleaning main hold.
24 Jan 1799 "At 1/2 past 3 observed the fishes that were on the foremast to work very much and the foremast to incline to starboard. on [sic] examination found the mast badly spring. Got forward the forerunners and purchase tackle to secure the mast. Carryed [sic] away the maintopgallant crossbraces and main topmast stay. down topgallant yards" -- Seaman Cornelius Howard died of "a putrid and nervous fever."
25 Jan 1799 Current situation: foremast badly spring, main topmast spring, and jibboom carried away.
29 Jan 1799 Punished Seaman James Carey with 12 lashes for striking his superior officer.
30 Jan 1799 Seamen Robert Hillman, Henry Swift, George Bowers, William Cox, Abraham Millen, and James Featherson made to run the gauntlet for thievery.
31 Jan 1799 Woulding the foremast -- throwing out shingle and ballast from spirit room -- Seaman William Brooks given 12 lashes for fighting; Seamen Barrant Trueman, John Reville, Edward Siddons, William Holland, and Edward West also given 12 each for deserting a boat.
1 Feb 1799 Moved sheet and waist anchor 9' farther forward as they interfered with hoisting boats out and in -- Seaman James Meader died of a "bilious fever."
2 Feb 1799 Painting the sides and blacking the bends.
4 Feb 1799 Seaman Henry Kirk killed in fall overboard from main topsail yard.
7 Feb 1799 Seaman Jacob Phelps died of a "bilious fever."
8 Feb 1799 Carpenters making a jibboom out of a sprung topmast.
13 Feb 1799 Seaman Daniel Shuteswell died of a "bilious fever."
20 Feb 1799 Seaman Samuel Baily [sic] died of a "bilious fever."
23 Feb 1799 Seamen John Dade and Joseph Baker each given 12 lashes for riotous behavior.
27 Feb 1799 Seaman Philip Paine died by falling overboard from the mizzen topsail yard.
2 Mar 1799 Boatswain John Hancock killed by his pistol accidentally going off.
5 Mar 1799 "Sold to the mast" the personal effects of Boatswain Hancock and Seamen John Lewis, James Bates, Oliver Nester, James Johnston, Henry Kirk, Jacob Phelps, Samuel Bailey, and Philip Paine.
29 Mar 1799 Carpenters building a large cutter.
31 Mar 1799 Carpenters building an 8-oared cutter.
4 Apr 1799 Wetting the sails with firemen and Engines -- Sailmaker William Felt died.
6 Apr 1799 Seamen Thomas Jones, Edward West, and John Connelly deserted a cutter in St. Pierre's Bay -- Lieutenant Isaac Hull was boat officer.
9 Apr 1799 Carpenters building the large cutter.
13 Apr 1799 "...the blue cutter..."
16 Apr 1799 "...painting the ships sides..." -- ",,,the small cutter..."
20 Apr 1799 Making sails for the large cutter.
8 May 1799 Sprung the maintopmast yard -- "...rigged the flying jib boom..."
10 May 1799 "At 1/2 past 7 the carpenters reported the foremast spring in the gun deck partners. got [sic] down the foreyard and foretopgallant mast. Carryed [sic] aft the fore runners and secured the foremast with a messenger from the foremast head. Carpenters employed fishing the foremast. at 10 swayed up the foreyard..."
16 May 1799 Seaman Thomas Woodman died "in a fit of gout."
18 May 1799 Seaman Thomas While died "in a fit of gout" -- "...the Larboard waist anchor..."
21 May 1799 Gave 60 shore leave "till Saturday."
23 May 1799 Received the ship's launch from the boat builders.
24 May 1799 Repairing the launch and caulking.
30-31 May 1799 Paying off ship's company.
4 Jun 1799 1300 Captain Silas Talbot succeeded Captain Samuel Nicholson in command.
27 Jun 1799 1000 court martial of Lieutenant John Cordis convened: Captain Silas Talbot, President; Captain James Sever, Captain George Little, Lieutenant William Titcomb, and Lieutenant Cyrus Talbot.
29 Jun 1799 Blacking the yards and tarring rigging -- court martial continues.
3 Jul 1799 Painting the sides and blacking the bends.
4 Jul 1799 Continued painting and blacking -- 1200 fired a 16-gun salute.
5 Jul 1799 Continued painting.
10 Jul 1799 "Carpenters employed making the after hatchway..."
19 Jul 1799 Seaman Luther Eddy given 12 lashes for theft and drawing his knife on a Sentry.
20 Jul 1799 Seaman James Watson deserted, apparently by swimming.
22 Jul 1799 398 now in crew.
25 Jul 1799 Seaman John Robinson given 12 lashes for theft.
6 Aug 1799 Seaman Thomas Williams given 6 lashes for riotous behavior.
14 Aug 1799 Mr. Benjamin Brackett suspended and confined for riotous behavior.
22 Aug 1799 Seamen Thomas Moody and Jesse Defield given 12 lashes each for desertion -- Marine Sergeants Silas Cushman and Eustace Brunson deserted the pinnace.
30 Aug 1799 Organizing the crew into divisions -- cleared out the sail room.
3 Sep 1799 Seaman Lyman Amsden fell overboard and drowned.
4 Sep 1799 Private Simeon Cook given 12 lashes for sleeping on post.
13 Sep 1799 "...two of the starboard pumps..."
16 Sep 1799 Lieutenant Bosworth sent on board prize AMELIA.
20 Sep 1799 Seaman Luther Eddy given 12 lashes for theft.
6 Oct 1799 Punished Seaman Lewis Amsden with 12 lashes for riotous behavior.
9 Oct 1799 Punished Seaman Edward Marsh with 12 lashes for riotous behavior and Seaman John Greene with 12 for seditious language.
12 Oct 1799 Punished Seaman Robert Hillman with 6 lashes for riotous behavior -- Seaman Gustavus Harnod fell overboard from the starboard gangway and drowned.
13 Oct 1799 Employed painting and blacking the guns and ship's sides.
15 Oct 1799 Private Luke Bliss died of scurvy.
18 Oct 1799 Lieutenant William Amory, USMC, dangerously ill sent ashore at Cape Francois, Haiti, to sick quarters -- Seaman John Robson fell overboard from main yard and drowned.
19 Oct 1799 Private Peter Allen died of "a cramp in the stomach."
22 Oct 1799 Seaman James Collins died of "a complication of disaeases."
25 Oct 1799 Master's Mate John Sprague died.
7 Nov 1799 Carpenters repairing the main capstan.
14 Nov 1799 Articles of War read to crew -- John Burnett and Jesse Defield confined for 14 hours and given 12 lashes each for theft.
16 Nov 1799 Seaman Archibald Thompson died of "a complication of diseases."
30 Nov 1799 Seaman Francis Bouldfern, a retaken deserter from USS GENERAL GREENE, died in CONSTITUTION.
3 Dec 1799 "From our last anchorage to this is one hundred days which time we have been at sea three men we lost overboard and 6 died."
22-23 Dec 1799 Whitewashed between decks.
27 Dec 1799 Seamen Thomas Williams, Thomas Moody, and William Cooper given 6 lashes each for neglect of duty.
3 Jan 1800 Sailmaker Samuel Cavalier died of "a bilious complaint."
9 Jan 1800 William Shaw given 12 lashes for neglect of duty and insolence to his superior officer.
11 Jan 1800 Private Isaac Haskins died of "a complication of the lungs."
10 Feb 1800 Midshipman Longley and Carpenter Davidson suspended from duty for fighting between decks.
14 Feb 1800 Longley restored to duty.
18 Feb 1800 Seaman Dennis Murray died of consumption.
7-10 Mar 1800 Blacking and tarring down the rigging.
12 Mar 1800 Blacking the ship -- Lieutenant Amory returned from sick quarters ashore.
16 Mar 1800 Carpenters painting the ship outside; gunners painting the gun deck guns.
25 Mar 1800 Whitewashed between decks.
30 Mar 1800 Seaman Robert Hillman given 12 lashes for drunkenness and neglect of duty.
2 Apr 1800 Seaman James McKnight, temporarily on board CONSTITUTION from USS EXPERIMENT, died.
5 Apr 1800 Transferred to USS GENERAL GREENE 13 seamen and 3 Marines unfit for duty.
6 Apr 1800 Received 23 seamen from USS GENERAL GREENE.
30 Apr 1800 Ship making 14" of water: twice the usual rate.
1 May 1800 Unlocated leak now making 2" water per hour.
12 May 1800 "AM at 8 hauled up on a wind to the harbour of Port A Plate [sic] till at 9 at which time we saw two sail that appeared to be steering from the harbour of Port a Plate [sic] and made sail towards them. At 11 shortened sail and brought the sloop Sally and ship Sandwich in company. The ship Sandwich is a french [sic] ship from Nantz bound to Cape Francois. Mounting six guns and having on board 30 men. Put into Port a Plate [sic] discharged her cargo there and now partly laden with the produce of the island. This service was performed by Lt. Hull, Capt. Carmick and Lt. Amory, they boarded her at moonlight on the morning of the 11th of May 1800. The marine [sic] officer with a part of armed men landed and spiked up the cannon in the battery while Lt. Hull was swaying up the topmasts on board the Sandwich. Received 22 french [sic] prisoners from the Sandwich.
31 May 1800 Seaman Edward Smith given 12 lashes for drunkenness and neglect of duty.
7 Jun 1800 Private Rue Stanter [sic] died of a fever -- Seaman Daniel Flynn given 12 lashes for insolence to his superior officers.
8 Jun 1800 Seaman Andrew Freeman given 12 lashes for theft and fighting.
10 Jun 1800 35 French prisoners and 24 seamen transferred to USS RICHMOND -- Seaman Luther Eddy died of "a complication of disorders."
12 Jun 1800 Private Simon Cook given 12 lashes for neglect of duty and sleeping at his post.
16 Jun 1800 Almost 30 on the sick list, mostly scurvy and fever, with the number with the former growing daily.
17 Jun 1800 Seaman Thomas Nash given 12 lashes for quarrelling with his superior officer.
22 Jun 1800 The French prisoners were returned from USS RICHMOND.
1 Jul 1800 All principal sails almost totally unserviceable from wear, despite 40 bolts of canvas expended in their maintenance.
14 Jul 1800 "At 5 observed the mainmast to incline forward more than usual" -- found sprung from the catharpin legs downward for 4 feet.
19 Jul 1800 Fishing the mainmast with one of 51 feet extending down from the heel of the topmast -- fish made from a sprung topmast.
21 Jul 1800 "In entering the channel [to Cape Francois] or the narrows which is a channel of 7,8 and 9 fathoms in depth and not more than 4 cables in length wide. It felt a dead calm [sic]. Came too with the best bower to prevent falling on the Western Breaker [sic]. At 7 a leading breeze spring up from the westward, weight [sic] and stood along by the western reef which was the weather side. Near the north part of the western breaker and nearly abrest [sic] of the outer fort, we were suddenly taken aback with the wind from the Eastward. Came too with the two bowers as the reef afforded no room to veer away clued [sic] up a main and furled sails a swell from the northward brought her stern home to the reef, the ship then struck abaft which shock was sensibly felt and violently repeated by every descend [sic] abaft. Made the signal for assistance by firing minute guns and swifting the ensign. Which was instantly obeyed by the American shipping which lay in the harbour. We ran the stern cable nearly two hundred fathoms to windward on which we have port [sic]. Transported the after guns forward and hove off weighed the two bowers and hove nearly into the middle of the channel.  It was 17 minutes past 8 in the morning when we first struck and 4 minutes past 9 when we hove off. At 10 fresh breezes from the Eastward let go the small bower and veered away on the best bower. The ship makes more water than usual."  Came too with the best bowerand veered to a third of a cable.
23 Jul 1800 USS HERALD returned French prisoners previously transferred to her.
28 Jul 1800 Whitewashing between decks.
4 Aug 1800 Scraped and painted the mainmast.
11 Aug 1800 Working up junk and blacking ship.
15 Aug 1800 Seaman Charles Leonard died of a fever.
25 Aug 1800 1400 Anchored in President Roads, Boston -- quarantined.
26 Aug 1800 "Between the hours of nine and ten in the evening a party of men between the decks who laid violent hands on some of the officers. Captain Talbot and the officers entered the crowd and secured four of them, they are orders in bilboes and confined in double shackles. Sent 150 men on a small island to wash and cleanse their clothes..."
27 Aug 1800 James Acomb drowned -- 1200 quarantine ended.
28 Aug 1800 1030 began paying off ship's company -- returned to the "Navy Yard" a foretopsail, mizzen topsail, mainsail, fore royal, main royal, fore topmast staysail, middle staysail, fore topgallant sail, main topgallant sail, mizzen topgallant sail, main topgallant staysail, mizzen topgallant staysail, jib, and fore topgallant studdingsail, all condemned.
31 Aug 1800 Landed the following repairable sails: a mizzen topmast staysail, a fore topmast staysail, topgallant sails for all 3 masts, foresail, fore topmast studdingsail, mizzen topsail, and 2 mizzen topmast staysails.
1 Sep 1800 Received 15 caulkers aboard.
5 Sep 1800 Completed paying off ship's company -- a draft of Marines "from the barracks" replaced the Marine Guard aboard.
11 Sep 1800 Captain Talbot departed on leave of absence; expected to return in 12-15 days.
12 Sep 1800 Received "a number of men."
14 Sep 1800 Six more men joined.
15 Sep 1800 Received 17 more men; also a supply of rigging.
17 Sep 1800 Shipping the maintopmast -- received more men and "a supply of blocks."
18 Sep 1800 44 in ship's company, including 7 seamen.
19 Sep 1800 Ship's company now at 47.
22 Sep 1800 Ship's company at 84, including 10 seamen.
25 Sep 1800 Crew at 117 men and 14 Marines.
28 Sep 1800 Crew at 144 -- stowing the guns in the main hold.
29 Sep 1800 Received more men from the rendezvous.
1 Oct 1800 Additional men received.
2 Oct 1800 Captain Talbot returned.
4 Oct 1800 More crew received.
6 Oct 1800 5 seamen deserted in the pinnace to Boston.
7 Oct 1800 Seaman George Froome given 12 lashes for desertion -- more men added.
8 Oct 1800 3 deserted returned and were confined -- received another group from the rendezvous.
9 Oct 1800 Captain Talbot ordered off to sit on a court martial.
10 Oct 1800 14 men received on board.
11 Oct 1800 2 men sent ashore sick.
12 Oct 1800 Got 9 more men aboard.
13 Oct 1800 Still more men came aboard from the rendezvous.
20 Oct 1800 Blacking ship

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