Messmates 3 cheers for Captain Hull,

and other officers and crew of the CONSTITUTION




Captain Hull, Commander of the Frigate CONSTITUTION, took after a short engagement, the British Frigate GUERRIERE, mounting 49 guns



††††† Ye brave seamen all, where'er you be,

††††† Come hear of a battle late fought on the sea,

††††† To all true friends to our country we greet,

††††† Like, us, may be beat all foes that you meet.


††††† Our brave Captain Hull, will rise to great fame,

††††† Commands our ship, Constitution by name;

††††† We sail'd on a cruise, our shores to defend,

††††† Hoping to take some good prize in the end.


††††† On the 20th of August, as you may relay,

††††† At the close of the day, a sail we did spy,

††††† We then made all sail, for her we did steer,

††††† Which proved to be the saucy Guerriere.


††††† Three English colours she then did display,

††††† We set our colours without more delay,

††††† Then three cheers we gave, our flag to defend,

††††† Told our officers they could on us depend.


††††† "What ship is that?" then Dacres he cry'd,

††††† "The ship Constitution!" our captain reply'd.

††††† "Pull down those colours so high in the air,

††††† "And strike to his Majesty's ship Guerriere."


††††† "Not so!" said our Captain, "I'd have you to know,

††††† "I never will strike to so mean a foe."

††††† The enemy's cannon loudly they roared,

††††† Then we a good broadside into her pour'd.


††††† Fight on my brave boys, our captain did cry,

††††† For we are resolv'd to Conquer or Die!

††††† Firmly to your quarters let ev'ry man stand,

††††† Let ev'ry gun with bold seamen be mann'd.


††††† Ev'ry shot that we fir'd did very well tell,

††††† Their masts shot away and overboard fell;

††††† Their firing then ceas'd, no longer could fight,

††††† In forty minutes time were put in this plight.


††††† To us they did strike, her colours pull'd down,

††††† Captain Dacres was beat he fairly did own.

††††† Her decks they presented a horrible sight,

††††† Fifteen brave seamen was killed outright.

†††††† Sixty‑two wounded men lay in their gore,

††††† Ne'er was a ship had a worse drubbing before.

††††† We all went to work when the battle was o'er,

††††† In removing all of her baggage and stores.


††††† When to our ship the prisoners all came,

††††† The prize was quitted and left in a flame,

††††† Which quickly after blew up in the air,

††††† Here then was the end of the ship Guerriere.


††††† In the harbour of Boston we're safely moor'd,

††††† And brave Captain Hull by us all is ador'd,

††††† Like true Americans our rights will defend,

††††† And to our government we'll all be a friend.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ‑‑ Anonymous


The Captainís Clerk
1989, TGM