The Civil War and Final Active Service (1861 - 1881)


 Diario De Noticias (Lisbon,  Portugal)

28 February 1879:


    "The American frigate Constitution is expected to arrive within a few days at the dock of the Navy Arsenal to repair the damage that it suffered during its voyage.  The American ambassador has already requested permission to this effect.  The frigate Constitution is carrying on board to the United States the American products that were exhibited last year in Paris at the World Exhibition."


11 March 1879:


    "Yesterday, between three and three‑thirty in the afternoon, the American frigate Constitution entered the Arsenal dock; this operation was masterfully accomplished.  The channel that leads to the dock has a water depth of 22 feet, the frigate requires approximately 21 feet.  We will observe the work in the sternpost.  The rudder is almost reconstructed.  Also a new spar for the large [sic: main] topsail is being made."


25 March 1879:


    "Yesterday, the American frigate Constitution left the dock."


12 April 1879:


    "Yesterday, at seven‑thirty in the morning, the American military frigate Constitution departed from the buoy in front of the Alcantara fortress.  The ship had been waiting for wind for several days before it could depart."