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Tom W. Freeman's meticulously researched "Old Ironsides" series depicts the famous frigate at significant moments in her career.

Please note: All prints shown herein are
courtesy Tom W. Freeman, all rights reserved.

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"Payment In Iron"

Limited edition lithograph depicting "Old Ironsides" leading her squadron in an attack on the pirate lair at Tripoli on 3 August 1804. First in a series. Print size 25" x 34".

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"Divide And Conquer"

Limited edition lithograph depicting USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides") at a dramatic moment in the 20 February 1815 battle between the American frigate and British men-of-war Cyane and Levant when she delivered withering raking fire into the latter's stern, wrecking her steering. Print size is approx. 25" x 34".

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"Lady Luck Was An American"

Limited edition lithograph depicts the battle between Constitution and HMS Guerriere on 19 august 1812 at the moment when the Briton's mizzenmast was shot away and she began to swerve out of control.  It was from this event that Constitution earned the name "Old Ironsides".  Print size is approx. is approx. 30" X 21"

"Ship of State"

The original painting was presented to Pope John Paul II by the artist in April of 2002

This limited edition lithograph depicts the moment when Pope Pius IX boarded Constitution off Gaeta, Italy, in August 1849. Because any commissioned warship is considered to be a piece of its nation's territory, this was the first time a pope set foot in America.  Print size is approx. 28" x34".

"A Perfect Wreck"

This limited edition lithograph shows Constitution closing in on a ruined HMS Java, just moments before the latter ship surrendered, on 29 December 1812. Print size approx. 25" x30".

"Catch Me If You Can"

This limited edition lithograph shows Constitution in the process of kedging away from a pursuing British squadron that tried, unsuccessfully, for three days during July 1812, to capture the big American. Print size approx. 25" x30".

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A link to a PDF of a drawing that shows everything that you need to know about how this ship was rigged and what the correct names are for each item.

Drawing of the USS Constitution