September Calendar

01 Sep
1845-Arrived at Macao.
1931-Three Marines AWOL.

      02 Sep
1799-Seaman Lyman Amsden fell overboard and drowned.
1825-Private William Sawyer died of a fever and was buried ashore on Uras I.,
     in the Aegean Sea.
1837-Arrived at Beirut, Lebanon.
1931-Two sailors returned drunk by New York authorities.

      03 Sep
1804-Fifth attack on Tripoli.
1822-Quarter Gunner George Wells died.  Arrived at Gibraltar.
1825-Private David Lockhart died of a fever and was buried ashore on Uras I.,
     in the Aegean Sea.
1837-Departed Beirut, Lebanon.
1845-Departed Macao.
1849-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      04 Sep
1799-One man flogged for sleeping on sentry duty.
1805-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1836-Arrived at Sidon, Lebanon.
1849-John Gwinn died at Palermo, Sicily, the first Captain to do so while in
     command.  Lieutenant James H. Rowan, the First Lieutenant, assumed
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Cape Palmas, Liberia.
1990-Second Meritorious Unit Commendation awarded for performance during
     1989, the first year in which visitation exceeded 1 million persons.

      05 Sep
1821-Departed Gibraltar.
1836-Departed Sidon, Lebanon.
1853-Arrived off the Cavally River, Liberia.  When officer sent to attempt
     peace talks between the Barbo and Grebo tribes was threatened, conducted
     boat assault which brought both parties to mediation and settlement.
1854-Arrived at Sao Paolo do Loando (Luanda), Angola.
1877-Augustus Paul Cooke relieved Reigart Bolivar Lowry at Captain.
1931-An AWOL Marine returned.
1933-Mast gave Seaman 25 hours extra duty and 3 months probation for

      06 Sep
1810-Seaman James Hunter killed in fall from fore yard.
1811-Arrived at Cherbourg, France.
1836-Arrived at Beirut, Lebanon.
1837-Arrived at Limasol, Cyprus.
1842-One man given 12 lashes for being drunk and insolent; two others got 9
     each for smuggling liquor.
1849-Captain John Gwinn buried in Palermo, Sicily, in funeral attended by
     over 150 of the crew (required); 15 deserted from procession and many
     others got drunk.
1853-Departed vicinity of Cavally River, Liberia.

      07 Sep
1810-Seaman Thomas Bailey died.
1825-Private James W. Simonds died of a fever and Maintopman John Sloan of
     the flux; both buried ashore on Uras I. in the Agean Sea.
1837-Departed Limasol, Cyprus, and arrived at Lanarca, Cyprus, the same day.
1849-Thirty-four men flogged for unspecified offenses, but almost certainly
     involving desertions and drunkenness during Captain John Gwinn's funeral
     procession the previous day.
1854-Chiefs of Loando (Angola) received on board and given presents,
     including 5 1/2 gallons of whiskey.
1862-John Percival, Captain 1844-6, died in Dorchester, MA.
1880-Departed New Bedford, MA., and sailed to Newport, RI, the same day.
1896-Augustus Paul Cooke, Captain 1871 and 1877-8, died in Paris, France.

      08 Sep
1798-Mistakenly captured British privateer NIGER (24 guns).
1801-Silas Talbot resigned his commission and command of ship.
1806-Arrived at Lisbon, Portugal.
1807-Departed Algeciras, Spain.
1809-Departed New York City.
1823-Departed Gibraltar.
1842-A boy flogged for desertion; a man deserted.
1844-Departed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The ship had been repainted lead white
     with a red gun streak in hopes the better to withstand tropical heat.
     Nine men flogged for various offenses like smuggling liquor aboard,
     drunkenness, and broken liberty.
1849-Departed Palermo, Sicily.
1854-Departed Sao Paolo do Loando (Luanda), Angola.

      09 Sep
1805-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1813-A court martial convened to try a Midshipman on a charge of public
1823-Arrived at Malaga, Spain, and sailed again the same day.
1825-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1827-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey, and arrived in Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey,
     the same day.
1837-Departed Lanarca, Cyprus.
1839-Departed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1843-A man given 12 lashes for desertion.
1849-Arrived at Naples, Italy.
1931-Man given 2 weeks restriction for creating a disturbance, and a Marine
     20 days confinement and fined $6.50 for 2 months.

      10 Sep
1826-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1842-A man given 12 lashes for desertion; two Marines received 10 and 6
     lashes for fighting on post.
1932-Seaman AWOL 2 hours; later demoted by summary court martial.

      11 Sep
1804-Captured an armed "Ottoman" blockade running polacres off Tripoli.
1811-Departed Cherbourg, France.
1835-Arrived at Tangier, Morocco, beginning tour as flagship of Mediterranean
     Squadron, and sailed again the same day.
1836-Departed Beirut, Lebanon.
1837-Arrived at Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Palestine (Israel), and sailed again the
     same day.
1840-Departed Callao, Peru.
1845-Two men flogged for stealing knives.
1846-Gunner's Mate Thomas Hammons fell overboard but was rescued by a line
     from the main chains.  Several men were flogged for gambling.
1850-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      12 Sep
1798-Arrived at Hampton Roads, VA.
1803-Arrived at Gibraltar, beginning tour as flagship of the Mediterranean
1804-Captured 2 blockade runners off Tripoli.
1821-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1825-Arrived at Napoli de Romania (Nauplia), Greece,
1835-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1836-Arrived at Tarabulus (Tripoli), Lebanon.
1853-Arrived at Dix Cove, Ivory Coast.

      13 Sep
1835-Departed Gibraltar.
1845-Arrived at Manila, The Philippines.
1881-Departed New London, CT.

      14 Sep
1804-Departed waters off Tripoli, Libya, having been relieved as flagship.
1837-Arrived at Alexandria, Egypt.
1853-Departed Dix Cove, Ivory Coast, arrived at El Mina, Ghana, the same
1881-Arrived at New Bedford, MA.
1931-Departed New York City,
1981-Albert C. Messier, Captain 1952-4, died in Bristol, CT.

      15 Sep
1799-Captured ex-Hamburgh ship AMELIA (or AMALIA), a French prize.
1811-Arrived at Deal, England.
1812-William Bainbridge relieved Isaac Hull as Captain.  For a mutinous
     expression of dissatisfaction over this, Armorer Leonard Stayas was
     confined on board Gunboat No. 58.
1840-Arrived at Payta, Peru.
1841-Departed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1933-Proceeded from San Francisco, to Oakland, CA.

      16 Sep
1804-Arrived at Malta.
1810-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1811-Seaman John Fullington died and was buried at sea.
1840-Departed Payta, Peru.
1850-Seven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Sailed from El Mina to Cape Coast Castle, both in Ghana.
1880-Departed Newport, RI.
1931-Arrived at Wilmington, DE.

      17 Sep
1803-Departed Gibraltar and arrived at Tangier, Morocco, and sailed again
     same day.
1811-Departed Deal, England.
1813-A court martial found a Midshipman charged with public drunkenness not
1825-Seaman John Day died of consuption and was buried in the harbor of
     Nauplia, Greece.
1836-Departed Tarabulus (Tripoli), Lebanon.
1845-Three men unsuccessfully tried to desert at Manila, The Philippines;
     subsequently given 12 lashes each.
1846-Found dismasted USS WASHINGTON, a brig on coastal survey, and took it
     under tow for 4 days until turning it over to a pilot boat off the
     Delaware Capes.
1854-Crossed the Equator from South to North at the Prime Meridian.

      18 Sep
1803-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1805-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1825-Departed Napoli de Romania (Nauplia), Greece.
1849-Thomas Anderson Conover relieved Lieutenant James H. Rowan in command.
1850-Departed Genoa, Italy.
1931-Proceeded from Wilmington, DE, to Philadelphia, PA.

      19 Sep
1835-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1837-Two men given 12 lashes apiece for unspecified offenses.
1840-Arrived at Puna, Ecuador.
1842-A boy flogged for desertion.
1871-Augustus Paul Cooke relieved Henry Lycurgis Howison as Captain.

      20 Sep
1797-First (unsuccessful) attempt to launch ship.
1803-Midshipman Thomas Baldwin discharged for "degrading conduct."  Departed
1805-Arrived at Messina, Sicily.
1811-Arrived of Texel, The Netherlands.
1836-Arrived at Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Palestine (Israel).
1845-Departed Manila, The Philippines.
1850-Arrived at Spezzia, Italy.
1853-Departed Cape Coast Castle, Ghana.
1871-Departed Annapolis, MD.

      21 Sep
1842-Two men got 12 lashes each for desertion.
1853-Arrived at Accra, Ghana.
1854-Arrived at Cape Palmas, Liberia.
1881-Sailed from New Bedford, MA, to Cuttyhunk I.
1991-Richard Bradford Amirault relieved David Matthew Cashman as Captain.

      22 Sep
1797-Second (unsuccessful) attempt to launch ship.
1823-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1853-Departed Accra, Ghana.
1854-Departed Cape Palmas, Liberia.
1880-Arrived Lewes, DE.

      23 Sep
1861-George Washington Rodgers relieved by Edward Phelps Lull as Captain.
1880-Departed Lewes, DE.
1881-Departed Cuttyhunk I.

      24 Sep
1803-Arrived at Tangier, Morocco.
1837-Departed Alexandria, Egypt.
1849-Departed Naples, Italy.
1850-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1881-Arrived at Newport, RI.

      25 Sep
1798-Midshipman Samuel Nicholson, Jr., died of epidemic fever and was buried
     ashore, the first fatality in the ship.
1812-One man given 12 lashes for desertion and attempted enlistment in the
     Army, for which he had accepted a bonus.
1826-Court martial of a LT convened.
1853-Arrived at Lagos, Nigeria.
1854-Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.
1864-Thomas Anderson Conover, Captain 1849-51, died in South Amboy, NJ.
1879-Francis H. Baker invalided from command.
1880-Arrived at Yorktown, VA.
1920-Keel laid for battlecruiser #5, to be named CONSTITUTION, together with
     that for #6, to be named UNITED STATES.
1933-Mast gave a Marine 5 days solitary confinement for defacing government
1992-Ship docked in John Quincy Adams Drydock.

      26 Sep
1798-Surgeon William Read (Reed) died of epidemic fever and was buried
1803-In separate incidents, Seaman Robert Burrell and Joseph Marlet fell
     overboard and were rescued by the jolly boat.
1821-Able Seaman John Fitch died; body rowed out of Port Mahon harbor,
     Minorca, and buried at sea.
1822-Ordinary Seaman James Harkless died; buried ashore in Gibraltar the next
1845-Arrived at Irana Bay, Batan I., The Philippines.
1846-A boy was given 12 lashes for missing muster.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1853-Departed Lagos, Nigeria.
1871-Arrived at Philadelphia, PA.  Augustus Paul Cooke decommissioned the
     ship the same day.
1980-Herman Otto Sudholz relieved Robert Leo Gillen as Captain.

      27 Sep
1822-Departed Gibraltar.
1845-One man deserted.  Departed Irana Bay, Batan I., The Philippines.
1846-Arrived at Boston, MA.

      28 Sep
1799-One man flogged for theft.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.  Arrived at Spezzia, Italy.
1939-Joseph Zachariah Brown, Captain 1985-7, born in Warwick, RI.

      29 Sep
1810-One man deserted from the 1st cutter.
1811-Departed from off Texel, The Netherlands.
1836-Departed Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Palestine (Israel).
1853-Arrived at Fernando Po I.
1854-Ordinary Seaman James Lee struck in the head by a parting block, knocked
     overboard, and drowned.
1933-Proceeded from Oakland to Santa Cruz, CA.

      30 Sep
1803-Departed Tangier, Morocco, and arrived Gibraltar same day.
1810-Departed Boston, MA.
1837-Arrived at Lanarca, Cyprus.
1845-"Spliced the main brace" in honor of the Captain's 36th wedding
1849-Private James Ferguson died and was buried ashore in Spezzia, Italy.
1854-Departed Monrovia, Liberia.
1933-Proceeded from Santa Cruz to Monterey, CA.