October Calendar

01 Oct
1843-Two men deserted.
1879-Oscar Fitzalan Stanton assumed command.
1931-Departed Philadelphia, PA.
1933-Departed Monterey, CA.

      02 Oct
1825-Maintopman Peter Osborn fell from the main topgallant yard to the port
     hammocks and broke his right leg.
1836-Arrived at Alexandria, Egypt.
1840-Departed Puna, Ecuador.
1853-Departed Fernando Po I.
1880-Departed Yorktown, VA.
1881-Sailed from Newport, RI, to New London, CT.
1931-Arrived at Newport News, VA.
1933-Seaman confined overnight for insolence, per Captain's order.

      03 Oct
1803-Two men deserted from a boat on watering service.  Departed Gibraltar.
1811-Arrived at Deal, England.
1826-Court martial of a Lieutenant concluded with a finding of guilty.
1844-A man given 8 lashes for theft.
1933-Arrived at Santa Barbara, CA.

      04 Oct
1803-Five men given 12 lashes each for negligence.  Arrived at Tangier,
1843-A man given 12 lashes for desertion.
1844-Ship entered Indian Ocean for only time.
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1932-Two Seamen AWOL 2 hours; both received warnings.
1933-Proceeded from Santa Barbara to Ventura, CA.
1976-Ship awarded first Meritorious Unit Commendation recognizing her
     contributions to the national bicentennial.

      05 Oct
1799-One man flogged for riotous behavior.
1821-Two deserters caught and returned at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1825-Ordinary Seaman (Maintopman) Henry L. Eaton died and was buried at sea.
1837-Departed Lanarca, Cyprus.
1846-John Percival placed the ship in ordinary at Boston, MA.
1850-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses. One man attempted desertion
     by swimming in Port Mahon, Minorca, but was caught.
1880-Arrived Hampton Roads, VA.
1933-Proceeded from Ventura to Santa Monica, CA, then departed again that
     same day.

      06 Oct
1800-Five men deserted in the pinnace.
1810-Arrived at Hampton Roads, VA.
1933-Arrived at Long Beach, CA.

      07 Oct
1798-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1799-One man flogged for riotous behavior and another for seditious language.
1800-One man flogged for desertion.
1836-Departed Alexandria, Egypt.

      08 Oct
1800-Three deserters returned and were confined in irons.
1803-Seaman James Chamberlain died and was buried at sea.
1810-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1811-Departed Deal, England.
1826-Quartermaster Gustavus Headlow fell from the main yard and died about 15
     minutes later; buried at sea the next day.
1842-A man given 12 lashes for desertion and another the same for smuggling
     liquor; a Marine got 12 for sleeping on post.
1850-Four men were flogged for unspecified offenses.
1879-Departed Philadelphia, PA.
1933-Petty officer AWOL 20 hours and an Seaman, 2.

      09 Oct
1810-One man given 12 lashes and another 9 for theft; and another got 30 for
     drunkenness and mutinous language.
1821-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1822-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1825-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1840-Arrived at Payta, Peru.
1848-John Gwinn recommissioned the ship at Boston, MA.
1849-Sailed from Spezzia to Genoa, Italy.
1931-Proceeded from Newport News to Norfolk, VA.
1933-Mast gave AWOL a petty officer 3 weeks restriction, a Marine 25 hours
     extra duty for shirking, and a petty officer a suspended summary court
     martial for disrespect.

      10 Oct
1823-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1835-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1850-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Arrived off mouth of Gaboon (Gabon) River.

      11 Oct
1799-One man flogged for riotous behavior.
1806-Surgeon Patrick Sim (Simms) died and was buried ashore.
1879-Arrived in Hampton Roads, VA.

      12 Oct
1799-Seaman Gustavus Harnod fell overboard from starboard gangway and
1810-Arrived at New York City.
1811-Arrived at Cherbourg, France.
1840-Departed Payta, Peru.
1853-Departed vicinity of mouth of Gaboon (Gabon) River.
1867-John Rudd, Captain 1852-5, died in Philadelphia, PA.

      13 Oct
1775-Continental Congress authorized formation of a Navy.  Celebrated as
     Navy's birthday since 1975, even though the service has not existed
     continuously since that date.

      14 Oct
1803-Departed Tangier, Morocco.  Private John Morgain died and was buried at
1807-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1825-Daniel Todd Patterson relieved Thomas Macdonough as Captain.
1835-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1853-Arrived at Man of War Bay, Sao Tome I.

      15 Oct
1799-Private Luke Bliss died of scurvy and was buried at sea.
1803-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1844-Arrived at St, Augustine's Bay, Madagascar.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Man of War Bay, Sao Tome I.

      16 Oct
1805-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1843-A man who had deserted on the 4th, been returned and flogged, deserted
1881-Sailed from New London, CT, to Newport, RI.
1931-Proceeded from Norfolk to Yorktown, VA.

      17 Oct
1810-Departed New York City.
1814-A court martial found a Midshipman not guilty of disobedience of orders.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1936-John Christopher Kelleher, Captain 1963-5, born in Boston, MA.

      18 Oct
1799-Seaman John Robinson killed in fall from the main yard and Private Peter
     Allen died of "stomach cramp;" both buried at sea.
1803-Boatswain John Willson discharged as incompetent.
1814-A court martial convened to try four men: 2 for desertion, 1 for
     mutinous language, and 1 for mutinous conduct.
1840-One man given 150 lashes and another 75 by court martial for unspecified
1842-Flogged for men for unspecified offenses.

      19 Oct
1814-A court martial trying 4 men found 1 not guilty of mutinous language and
     awarded 2 others 100 lashes and the third 30 for desertion and mutinous
1836-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1848-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1849-Departed Genoa, Italy.  Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses, the last floggings conducted
     in the ship.
1854-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1933-Proceeded from Long Beach to San Pedro, CA.

      20 Oct
1803-Sailmaker Heal suspended from duty for 4 days for insolence.
1810-Arrived at Newcastle, DE.
1844-Departed St. Augustine's Bay, Madagascar.
1849-Arrived at Spezzia, Italy.
1933-Mast gave Seaman a suspended summary court martial for obscene language,
     and another 3 weeks restriction for drunkenness while on liberty.

      21 Oct
1797-Launched from Hartt's Yard, Boston, MA, on third try.
1798-Arrived at Charleston, SC.
1803-Two seamen deserted to English men-of-war.
1823-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1836-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1997-Shifted berth to site of launching, fired 21-gun salute, and returned to
     regular berth.

      22 Oct
1799-Seaman James Collins died of several disorders and was buried at sea.
1803-Departed Gibraltar.
1842-A deranged Marine jumped overboard and drowned.
1849-Departed Spezzia, Italy.

      23 Oct
1822-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1849-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1854-Departed Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1931-Departed Yorktown, VA.  One man AWOL.

      24 Oct
1798-Departed Charleston, SC.
1803-Arrived at Cadiz, Spain.
1837-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1854-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1931-Arrived at Baltimore, MD.
1933-Deck court gave Seaman 10 days in brig for unspecified offense.

      25 Oct
1799-Master's Mate John Sprague died of consumption and was buried at sea.
1811-One man flogged for smuggling liquor and 3 others for drunkenness.
1844-Arrived at Mozambique.
1854-Crew gave three cheers when read a Navy Department order announcing a
     pay increase.

      26 Oct
1836-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1853-Arrived at Malimba (Mayoumba), Congo.

      27 Oct
1812-Departed Boston, MA.
1843-A man who had already this month deserted, been returned, flogged, and
     again deserted, was again returned and again given 12 lashes.
1844-Departed Mozambique.  Two men flogged for general disobedience and
     neglect of duty.
1854-While anchored in Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is., ship struck by American
     whaling barque MALTA (or OSCEOLA), which had missed stays in going
     about.  Accommodation ladder wrecked.
1931-Airship USS AKRON officially accepted for service via NBC ship-to-air
     radio hook-up with USS CONSTITUTION.

      28 Oct
1804-Stephen Decatur, Jr., relieved Edward Preble as Captain.

      29 Oct
1811-Seaman David Brainsford died and was buried ashore in Cherbourg, France.
1824-Departed New York City.
1844-Two men given 6 lashes each for skulking below in their watch; another
     received 12 lashes for stabbing a shipmate.
1853-Departed Malimba (Mayoumba), Congo.

      30 Oct
1822-George Washington Rodgers, Captain 1860-1, born in Brooklyn, NY.
1853-Arrived at Kabenda (Cabinda), Angola.
1970-Jack Loren Reifschneider relieved Hugh Albert Moore as Captain.

      31 Oct
1798-Ordinary Seaman James Jones lost overboard in a storm.
1822-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1840-Arrived at Callao, Peru.
1841-Arrived at Hampton Roads, Virginia.
1849-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.  Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1853-Departed Kabenda (Cabinda), Angola.