November Calendar

01 Nov
1804-Departed Malta.
1835-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1849-Arrived at Spezia, Italy.
1933-Two Petty Officers involved in an auto accident.

      02 Nov
1804-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1823-Departed Gibraltar.
1839-Arrived at Valparaiso, Chile.
1844-Arrived at Bembetooka Bay, Madagascar.
1845-Crossed the International Date Line, west-to-east.
1848-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Departed Spezzia, Italy.
1931-Proceeded fom Baltimore to Annapolis, MD.
1933-Proceeded from San Pedro to Avalon, CA, then departed
     again that same day.

      03 Nov
1803-One man given 36 lashes for drunkenness, neglect of
     duty, and theft; 6 others given 24 each for
     drnukenness and neglect of duty.
1823-Arrived at Cadiz, Spain.
1853-Captured slaver H. N. GAMBRILL off Angolan coast.
1931-Arrived at San Diego, CA.

      04 Nov
1844-Twelve men who had been on liberty the day before
     in Majunga, Madagascar, and who had had to be
     returned to the ship forcibly, given 12 lashes each.
1850-Arrived at Genoa, Italy.

      05 Nov
1880-Reigert Bolivar Lowry, Captain 1877, died in
     Brooklyn, NY.
1881-Departed Newport, RI.

      06 Nov
1812-Seaman John Toothaken [sic] died and was buried
     at sea.
1837-Two deserters returned.
1843-A man deserted at Portsmouth, VA.
1853-Departed Ambriz, Angola.
1867-Thomas Henderson Eastman rellieved by George Dewey
     as Captain.
1869-Charles Stewart, Captain 1813-15, died in Bordentown,
1883-Louis Joseph Gulliver, Captain 1931-34, born in
     Portland, ME.

      07 Nov
1803-Arrived at Algeciras, Spain.
1810-One Marine given 12 lashes for misconduct and
     another 24 for drunkenness and abusive language; a
     seaman was flogged for drunkenness.
1844-Arrived at Nos Beh (Nossibe) I.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Departed Genoa, Italy.
1853-Arrived at Sao Paolo de Loando (Luanda), Angola.
1931-Arrived at Washington, DC

      08 Nov
1835-Arrived at Athens, Greece.
1841-Daniel Turner placed the ship in ordinary at Norfolk,
1845-PVT Charles G. clyde died and was buried at sea.
1933-One man given 10 hours extra duty for being out of
     uniform, late hammock, unauhtorized smoking, and
     disobedience; another the same for disrespectful

      09 Nov
1804-John Rodgers relieved Stephen Decatur, Jr., as
1805-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1811-Departed Cherbourg, France.
1812-Captured American brig SOUTH CAROLINA operating
     under British license.
1825-Quarter Gunner William Morrisson died and was buried
     ashore in the Neutral Ground north of Gibraltar.
1931-Two leadsmen commended for their performance on trip
     up the Potomac River.

      10 Nov
1798-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1807-Departed Boston, MA.
1825-Thomas Macdonough, Captain 1825-24, died at sea
     after leaving the ship.
1841-forty men deserted at Portsmouth, VA.
1842-Departed Norfolk, VA.
1869-Half-masted colors in memory of Rear Admiral Charles
     Stewart, the ship's Captain, 1813-15.

      11 Nov
1811-Arrived at Portsmouth, England.
1820-Hugh George Campbell, Captain 1807-07, died in
     Washington, DC.
1823-Departed Cadiz, Spain.
1841-Nineteen men found to have deserted during the
     previous night at Portsmouth, VA.
1854-Five deserters from an American whaler brought
     aboard at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is. Three
     subsequently shipped in the Navy.
1931-President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover and Secretary of
     the Navy Charles Francis Adams visited the ship.

      12 Nov
1822-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1837-Nine men given 12 lashes each for drunkenness.
1844-Departed Nos Beh (Nossibe) I.
1866-Court martial fines Seaman 2 months pay and gives him
     15 days solitary confinement on bread and water for
     drunkenness and AWOL.
1877-Three boys given 1 day's confinement each, 1 for
     profanity and 2 for overstaying liberty.

      13 Nov
1803-Departed Algeciras, Spain.
1837-A Petty Officer and 4 men given 12 lashes each for
     mutinous conduct and smuggling liquor.
1844-A man received 12 lashes for threatening the Captain.

      14 Nov
1799-Two men flogged and confined in irons for 14 hours
     for theft.
1823-Arrived at Cadiz, Spain.

      15 Nov
1799-Seaman Archibald Thompson died of a complication of
     disorders and was buried at sea.
1827-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1839-Departed Valparaiso, Chile.
1861-Fired 21-gun salute in honor of Union victory at Port
     Royal, SC, on the 7th.

      16 Nov
1803-A Marine was given 48 lashes for refusing duty,
     contempt to his commanding officer, insolence, and
     neglect of duty; a sailor was given 36 for
     drunkenness, insolence, and neglect of duty; and
     another received 24 for drunkenness and neglect of
1823-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1825-Departed Gibraltar.
1835-Departed Athen, Greece.
1845-Arrived at Honolulu, Hawaii.  Two men flogged for
     drunkenness and disobedience while members of a
     watering party.
1880-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1931-A Marine was awarded 2 weeks restriction for
     "improper performance of duty."

      17 Nov
1803-Seaman George G. Brown died.
1810-Departed Newcastle, DE.
1811-Seaman William Wallace deserted to the ship by
     swimming from a British frigate.
1842-A man flogged for striking his superior.
1849-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Sao Paolo do Loando (Luanda), Angola.
1854-Departed Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1861-Henry Martin Blue relieved Edward Phelps Lull as

      18 Nov
1811-Seaman Collins Frazier died during the night.
1814-A court martial awarded a deserter 100 lashes.
1835-Arrived at Cira (Siros) I.
1844-Arrived at Metony, Zanzibar I.
1931-Departed Washington, DC.

      19 Nov
1803-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.
1805-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.
1822-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1825-PVT Michael Hurley died and was buried at sea off
     Malaga, Spain.
1835-Departed Cira (Siros) I.
1842 Ordinary Seaman Robert Hayslett died and was buried
     at sea.

      20 Nov
1810-Seaman Samuel Francis fell from the mizzen rigging
     and drowned.
1811-Two men deserted from a ship's boat.
1835-Arrived at Vourla (Urla) Turkey.

      21 Nov
1803-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1805-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1810-Seaman Caleb Martin fell overboard and drowned.
1811-Departed Portsmouth, England.
1828-Philip Carrington Johnson, Captain 1864-66, born in
1835-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1854-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1931-Arrived at Wilmington, NC.

      22 Nov
1811-Arrived at Cherbourg, France.
1821-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1835-Arrived at Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1848-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1934-Thomas Coyne, Captain 1972-74, born in Boston, MA.

      23 Nov
1798-One junior officer placed in irons for "seditious
     words," a second arrested for "abusing" a superior
     officer, and a third arrested for "unofficerlike
1857-Foxall Alexander Parker, Sr., Captain 1842-3, died
     in Philadelphia, PA.
1931-Marine given 1 month probation for unmilitary conduct,
     and to a sailor and a Marine for using "obscene

      24 Nov
1824-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1837-One man given 24 lashes and 3 others 12 each for
1854-Departed Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.

      25 Nov
1880-Reigert Bolivar Lowry, Captain 1877, died in
     Brooklyn, NY.
1881-Departed Newport, RI.

      26 Nov
1812-A Marine court martialled at sea for threatening the
     life of a superior officer.
1839-Arrived at Callao, Peru.
1844-Departed Metony, Zanzibar I.
1846-Two men who deserted this date returned under arrest;
     subsequently given 12 lashes each.

      27 Nov
1805-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1849-Sailed from Spezzia to Genoa, Italy.  Five men
     flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1881-Arrived at New York, NY.
1932-A Petty Officer 2nd Class AWOL.

      28 Nov
1803-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1804-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1810-Arrived at New London, CT.

      29 Nov
1803-One man given 36 lashes for drunkenness, neglect of
     duty, and stealing rum from ship's stores; 4 others
     receive 24 each for stealing rum and drunkenness.
1825-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1837-One man given 12 lashes and another 6 for intoxication,
     and a third waas flogged for insolence to an officer.
1848-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Arrived at St. Helena I.
1880-Arrived at Philadelphia, PA.

      30 Nov
1803-Purser James Smith Deblois deied and was buried ashore
     in Syracuse, Sicily.
1824-Departed Gibraltar.
1931-Departed Wilmington, NC.