May Calendar

01 May
1804-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1806-Departed Malta.
1813-Court martial of a Marine for breaking and entering and theft began.
1826-Surgeon's Mate Dewitt Birch died of typhus and was buried ashore in the
     Neutral Ground, Gibraltar, with full honors.
1837-Departed Marseilles, France.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.  Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.

      02 May
1812-Boatswain's Mate Thomas Musto committed suicide by jumping overboard
     after 2 days of "irrational behavior."
1822-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1828-Seaman Michael Flynn died and was buried at sea off Malaga, Spain.
1849-Seven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Departed Funchal Madeira I.
1933-Departed Vallejo, CA.

      03 May
1804-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1807-Departed Malta.
1814-A Court of Inquiry, chaired by Captain Oliver Hazard Perry, convened to
     consider whether or not Captain Charles Stewart unnecessarily had
     terminated his recent war cruise prematurely.
1827-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1835-Departed Cherbourg, France.
1849-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1934-Departed Charlston, SC.

      04 May
1798-Samuel Nicholson ordered to ship as first Captain.
1806-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1827-Arrived at Scio (Chios) I.
1854-Arrived at Tenerife, Canary Is.
1855-Private James Sherry died of dysentery; buried at sea off south coast of

      05 May
1798-Lieutenant Lemuel Clark, first Marine officer, ordered to ship.
1806-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1813-Court martial of a Marine for breaking and entering and theft ended in
     his being dismissed from service with a shaven head.
1825-Boy Joseph Colson died; buried ashore at Messina, Sicily.
1835-Arrived at Le Havre, France.
1854-Departed Tenerife, Canary Is.

      06 May
1827-Departed Scio (Chios) I. and arrived at Ephesus, Turkey, the same day.
1835-Departed Le Havre, France.
1837-Arrived at Genoa, Italy.
1840-Departed Callao, Peru.
1853-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1854-Arrived at Las Palmas, Grand Canary I.
1933-Arrived at Astoria, OR.

      07 May
1774-William Bainbridge, Captain 1812-3, born in Princeton, NJ.
1827-Departed Ephesus, Turkey.
1837-Departed Genoa, Italy.
1881-Departed Piney Point, VA.
1934-Arrived Boston, MA.

      08 May
1800-Captured French privateer ESTER (3 guns) and her prize, ex-American brig
1804-Arrived at Naples, Italy.
1812-Seaman John Jeffries died ashore in hospital at Washington, DC; two boys
1823-Departed Gibraltar.
1854-Departed Las Palmas, Grand Canary I.
1861-Departed New York City.
1942-David Matthew Cashman, Captain 1987-9 ,born in Pittsfield, MA.

      09 May
1800-Captured American sloop SALLY, an illegal trafficker.
1814-The Court of Inquiry chaired by Captain Oliver Hazard Perry, convened to
     determine whether or not Captain Charles Stewart had terminated his
     recent war cruise unnecessarily early, adjourned, reporting that there
     was no basis for a court martial.
1828-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1861-Arrived at Newport, RI, as part of transfer of the Naval Academy away
     from the vicinity of the Confederacy.
1881-Arrived Hampton Roads, VA.  Commodore Stephen B. Luce made her flagship
     of Training Squadron, her final such assignment in normal service.

      10 May
1800-Captured French letter of marque ship (6 guns), ex-British packet
1812-Seaman Patrick McDonald died ashore in hospital at Washington, DC.
1822-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1823-Arrived at Malaga, Spain.
1824-Private John Moore died; buried at sea.
1827-Arrived at Eginia (Aegina) I.
1837-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1840-Arrived at Payta, Peru.
1845-Arrived at Turon (Danang), Cochin China (Vietnam). A musician named
     Cooke died after a long illness; buried ashore the next day.
1846-Crossed the Equator in the eastern Pacific, north-south.
1933-Mast warned 2 petty officers for disturbing the peace and another for
     leaving his post; also gave a Marine an extra midwatch for disregarding

      11 May
1825-Seaman Moses Williams died; buried ashore in Messina, Sicily, the next
1835-Arrived at Portsmouth, England.
1854-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1932-Proceeded from Washington, DC, to Alexandria, VA.

      12 May
1825-A lieutenant tried by court martial, publicly reprimanded, and restored
     to duty.
1828-Seaman Nathaniel Carin had his right leg amputated for unspecified
1932-Proceeded from Alexandria, VA, to Washington, DC.

      13 May
1821-Departed Boston, MA.
1828-Seaman Nathaniel Carin died a day after having his right leg amputated.
1846-Arrived at Valparaiso, Chile.

      14 May
1799-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1806-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.
1811-Departed Boston, MA.
1822-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1823-Departed Malaga, Spain.
1827-Departed Eginia (Aegina) I. and arrived at Athens, Greece, the same day.
1845-At Danang, Vietnam, learned of Catholic bishop threatened by natives;
     demanded his safe delivery.  Took 3 "mandarins" as hostages for same.
1849-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.

      15 May
1812-A boy deserted at Washington, DC.
1815-Arrived at New York City.
1843-A man given 12 lashes for drunkenness.
1845-At Danang, in continuing effort to free a missionary bishop from local
     threats, captured 3 war junks.
1933-Four AWOL Marines returned drunk, disobedient, disrespectful and
     obscene; later summary court martial gave each 2 months in brig and
     fine.  Departed Astoria, OR.

      16 May
1799-Seaman Thomas Woodman died of gout and was buried in the bay.
1826-Departed Gibraltar.
1835-Departed Portsmouth, England.
1855-Arrived at Havana, Cuba.
1880-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1933-Arrived at Gray's Harbor, WA.

      17 May
1799-Seaman Thomas White died of gout and was buried ashore.
1801-Departed Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti.
1806-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1827-Departed Athens, Greece, and arrived at Paros I. the same day.
1840-Departed Payta, Peru.
1933-One Seaman AWOL 1 1/2 hours.

      18 May
1837-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1853-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1880-Arrived New York City.
1991-Awarded Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation for participation in
     Coast Guard Bicentennial events during 1989-90.

      19 May
1804-Departed Naples, Italy.

      20 May
1803-Edward Preble assumed command of ship in Boston, MA.
1824-Arrived at New York City.
1839-Departed New York City.
1845-At Danang, Vietnam, 3 junks captured on 15th attempted escape but were
     retaken and reanchored near ship.
1846-Departed Valparaiso, Chile.

      21 May
1806-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1827-Departed Paros I. and arrived at Napoli de Romania (Nauplia), Greece,
     the same day.
1846-One man given 12 lashes for insolence to the Boatswain.
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Departed Spezzia, Italy.
1855-Departed Havana, Cuba.

      22 May
1849-Nine men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Departed Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.

      23 May
1821-Quartermaster James B. Davis died and was buried at sea.
1822-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1823-Seaman John Richards fell overboard from mizzen topgallant yard and was
1828-Departed Gibraltar, ending tour as Flagship, Mediterranean Squadron.
1836-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1843-A man given 6 lashes for drunkenness.
1850-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1854-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.

      24 May
1804-Arrived at Messina, Sicily.
1811-Arrived at Annapolis, MD.
1812-A man deserted at Washington, DC.
1815-Departed New York City.
1826-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.
1845-At Danang, Vietnam, 3 war junks previously taken in order to cause
     locals to free a missionary bishop were relaesed as a goodwill gesture
     -- without results.
1879-Arrived at New York City.
1932-A Petty Officer 1st Class given 2 weeks restriction for being out of
     uniform and absent from quarters.

      25 May
1826-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1836-Arrvied at Toulon, France.
1837-Arrived at Civitivecchia, Italy.
1849-Seven men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      26 May
1845-Departed Turon (Danang), Cochin China (Vietnam), after more than 2
     fruitless weeks of trying to free a missionary bishop said to be held
     under threat of execution.
1869-President Ulysses S. Grant visited the ship at Annapolis, the first
     President known to have been aboard.
1933-Departed Gray's Harbor, WA.

      27 May
1823-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1840-Seaman Henry Peterson fell overboard while furling the mizzen topgallant
     sail and was rescued.
1849-Sailed from Leghorn to Spezzia, Italy.
1933-Arrived at Port Angeles, WA.
1969-Hugh Albert Moore relieved John William Powers as Captain.

      28 May
1812-Two men deserted at Washington, DC.
1822-Arrived at Naples, Italy.
1827-Departed Naploi de Romania (Nauplia), Greece.
1837-Departed Civitivecchia, Italy.
1843-A petty officer and a man given 6 lashes each for breaking liberty.

      29 May
1806-Hugh George Campbell relieved John Rodgers as Captain.
1825-Departed Messina, Sicily.
1827-Arrived at Spezia (Cythera?) I.
1844-Departed New York City.
1924-John David McKinnon, Captain 1971-2, born in Salem, MA.

      30 May
1804-Departed Messina, Sicily.
1849-Nine men flogged, 2 for "being dirty."
1865-Seaman Clement Smith, a Black, died; buried ashore in Newport, RI.
1879-Departed New York City.

      31 May
1800-One man flogged for drunkenness and neglect of duty.
1804-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1824-Thomas Macdonough relieved Jacob Jones as Captain.
1826-Seaman Edward Cogswell died and was buried at sea.
1827-Departed Spezia (Cythera?) I. and arrived at Napoli de Romania
     (Nauplia), Greece, the same day.
1837-Arrived at Palermo, Sicily.
1843-A man given 12 lashes for desertion.
1933-Proceeded from Port Angeles to Seattle, WA.