July Calendar

01 Jul
1836-Departed Civitivecchia, Italy, and sailed to Naples on same day.
1844-Arrived at Tenerife, Canary Is.
1846-One man given 12 lashes for skulking.
1850-Departed Genoa, Italy.  Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1921-Hugh Albert Moore, Captain 1969-70, born in Chocowinity, NC.
1931-Louis Joseph Gulliver recommissioned ship in Boston, MA.
1933-Proceeded from Olympia to Bremerton, WA.
1960-Victor Bernard Stevens, Jr., relieved Edward Joseph Melanson, Jr., as

      02 Jul
1834-Ship's figurehead of Andrew Jackson beheaded by Samuel Worthington
     Dewey; susequently delivered to SecNav Mahlon Dickerson by Dewey.
1931-Proceeded from Boston to Gloucester, MA.
1933-Seaman AWOL 2 hours.

      03 Jul
1839-Arrived at Havana, Cuba, enroute to the Pacific.
1843-A petty officer was stabbed in the back by a seaman; 2 deserters were
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Funchal, Madeira I.
1931-Proceeded from Gloucester, MA, to Portsmouth, NH, enroute her second
     stop on her grand tour of the United States.

      04 Jul
1823-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1826-Arrived at Tenedos (Bozcaada) I.
1828-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1837-Arrived at Kumkale, Turkey.
1854-Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.
1976-First gun salute using newly modified 24-pounder long guns.
1977-First Turnaround Cruise on national birthday, beginning a regular

      05 Jul
1810-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1812-Departed Annapolis, MD.
1821-Ordinary Seaman Edward Ornsby died; body rowed out of Genoa harbor and
     buried at sea.
1838-Departed Funchal, Madeira I.
1839-Departed Havana, Cuba.
1843-Four men given 12 lashes each, 2 for desertion and 2 for drinking and
1850-One boy flogged for an unspecified offense.  Arrived at Marseilles,
1924-Oscar Fitzalan Stanton, Captain 1879-81, died in New London, CT.
1933-Mast gave a Marine 10 days restriction and 10 hours extra duty for

      06 Jul
1811-Court martial of a petty officer charged with mutinous and seditious
     language, misconduct, and disrespect, awarded him 100 lashes and reduced
     him to Ordinary Seaman.
1822-Seaman Robert Forbes died; buried at sea the next morning.
1827-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey, and arrived at Vourla (Urla), Turkey,
     the same day.
1837-Departed Kumkale, Turkey.
1844-Departed Tenerife, Canary Is.
1933-Mast gave Marine 2 weeks restriction for being AWOL 45 minutes.

      07 Jul
1822-Boy Richard Organ fell overboard and was lost.
1931-One man AWOL 2h20m.
1933-Proceeded from Bremerton to Everett, WA.

      08 Jul
1804-Departed Messina, Sicily.
1808-Court martial of a Marine for sleeping on post and allowing prisoners to
     escape awarded him 24 lashes.  A second, for a Marine NCO charged with
     drunkenness and disobedience, reduced him and awarded 70 lashes.
1880-Departed New York City.
1933-Seaman AWOL since 28 Jun declared a deserter.
1947-Harry Corrolli relieved Owen William Huff as Captain, the first USNR
     officer to hold the position.
1987-Joseph Zachariah Brown died in command, the second to do so.
1997-While tethered, ship set sail for about 30 minutes off Boston Light.

      09 Jul
1804-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1825-Departed Gibraltar.
1826-Departed Tenedos (Bozcaada) I.
1880-Arrived Gardiner's Bay, Long Is., NY.

      10 Jul
1843-A man turned over to "civil authorities" for unspecified reasons.
1973-House Resolution 264, 93rd Congress, reaffirmed assignment of Boston as
     ship's homeport.
1976-Led Tall Ships parade into Boston harbor; fired 79 minute guns enroute.

      11 Jul
1773-John Rodgers, Captain 1804-6 and 1809-10, born in Havre de Grace, MD.
1822-Arrived at Malta.
1826-Arrived at Mitylene (Lesbos) I.
1836-Departed Naples, Italy.
1841-Departed Callao, Peru, ending a tour as flagship of the Pacific
1853-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1976-Visited by Queen Elizabeth II of England and her consort, Prince Philip.

      12 Jul
1811-Court martial in the case of Quarter Gunner Thomas Macumber adjourned.
     Verdict not found in log.
1827-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey. Seaman Abraham Brown died and was buried
     at sea.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Departed Monrovia, Liberia.
1931-Departed Portsmouth, NH.  Eight men AWOL due to ship's early departure.

      13 Jul
1804-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1805-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1822-Departed Malta.
1827-Arrived at Athens, Greece.
1837-Arrived at Gelibolu (Gallipoli), Turkey.
1853-Departed Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1931-Arrived at Bar Harbor, ME, and departed same day.  While there, 8 men
     AWOL the previous day returned.
1992-Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, again visits ship.

      14 Jul
1785-Jesse Duncan Elliott, Captain 1835-8, born in Hagerstown, MD.
1804-Boy David Darling died in a fall.
1810-Departed Boston, MA.
1821-Seaman John Wilson died in hospital ashore at Genoa, Italy.
1826-Reigart Bolivar Lowry, Captain 1877, born somewhere in South America.
1836-Arrived at Palermo, Sicily.
1837-Departed Gelibolu (Gallipoli), Turkey.
1842-Received four 8-inch (68-pdr) Paixhans guns via schooner MARTIN SMITH
     while in Hampton Roads.
1931-Arrived at Bath, ME.
1933-Departed Everett, WA.

      15 Jul
1800-Arrived at Cap Francois, Haiti.
1804-Arrived at Malta.
1805-Arrived at Malta.
1842-Foxhall Alexander Parker, Sr., recommissioned the ship at Norfolk, VA.
1853-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1933-Arrived at Bellingham, WA.

      16 Jul
1812-Commenced a chase of the ship involving HBM ship of the line AFRICA, HBM
1815-Charles Stewart furloughed from command of ship, which subsequently was
     placed in ordinary.
1837-Arrived at Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey.
1846-Ordinary Seaman Michael Fritt died and was buried at sea.
1854-Arrived at Cape Palmas, Liberia.

      17 Jul
1812-Second day of chase of ship by HBM ship of the line AFRICA, and HBM
1826-Departed Mitylene (Lesbos) I.
1844-Seaman Charles Lewis died and was buried ashore at Whampoa, China.
1931-Proceeded from Bath to Portland, ME.
1933-Mast gave a petty officer 10 days restriction for AWOL 1 1/2 hours, and
     a Seaman 2 weeks restriction and 10 midwatches for creating a

      18 Jul
1807-Arrived at Alicante, Spain.
1812-Third day of chase of ship by HBM ship of the line AFRICA, and HBM
1813-Charles Stewart relieved William Bainbridge as Captain.
1821-Departed Genoa, Italy.
1826-Arrived at Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1827-Departed Athens, Greece, and arrived at Culora I. the same day.
1834-Oscar Fitzalan Stanton, Captain 1879-81, born in Sag Harbor, NY.
1854-Settled a territorial dispute between the Grahway and Half Cavally
     tribes.  Departed Cape Palmas, Liberia.

      19 Jul
1799-One man flogged for drawing his knife on a sentry and theft.
1812-Chase of ship since 16 July by HBM ship of the line AFRICA, and HBM
     frigates AEOLUS, BELVIDERA, GUERRIERE, and SHANNON ends with escape.
1823-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1828-Daniel Todd Patterson placed the ship in ordinary at Boston, MA.
1836-Departed Palermo, Sicily.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1933-Departed Bellingham, WA.  Miss Inez Littlefield recorded as 4 millionth
      visitor of national tour.  (See 26 Jun.)

      20 Jul
1799-One man deserted by swimming ashore.
1810-Three Marines flogged for drunkenness and fighting.
1821-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.
1846-Seaman John Moore killed when hit in the head by a block while hauling
     out the weather main jigger.
1854-A First Class Boy discharged by order of court martial for unspecified
1933-Arrived at Anacortes, WA.

      21 Jul
1804-Departed Malta.
1853-Received 10 Kroo men from USS BAINBRIDGE, the first batch of African
     natives hired to serve in the ship while off West Africa.
1854-Arrived at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana.
1880-Departed Gardiner's Bay, Long I., NY.
1932-Seaman warned for being out of uniform.
1997-Ship sailed free for first time in 116 years, using fighting sails.

      22 Jul
1798-Samuel Nicholson, Sr., commanded ship on first voyage to sea.
1800-Departed Cap Francois, Haiti.
1821-Able Seaman Joseph Cox died and was buried ashore at Leghorn, Italy, by
     a party of 21 of his mates.
1827-Departed Culora I.
1836-Arrived at Messina, Sicily.
1837-Departed Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey.
1845-Seaman Charles Crohon died and was buried ashore at Whampoa, China.
1853-Departed Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1854-Departed Cape Coast Castle, Ghana.
1990-Commander David M. Cashman married Mrs. Bobbi Bishop on board, the first
     wedding in the ship of one of her Captains.  Chaplain (Lieutenant
     Commander, USNR) Joseph Baggetta officiated.

      23 Jul
1799-Departed Boston, MA.
1805-Departed Malta.
1806-Arrived at Algeciras, Spain.
1807-Departed Alicante, Spain.
1810-Arrived at Hampton Roads, VA.
1827-Arrived at Paros I.
1837-Arrived at Tenedos (Bozcaada) I.
1849-Three men flogged, 1 for "doubling the grog tub."
1854-Arrived at Accra, Ghana, and sailed again the same day.
1931-Proceeded from Portland, ME, to Gloucester, MA.  Five men commended "for
     excellence in the performance of duty under hazardous and trying
     conditions on the handling of anchor gear at Bar Harbor...on July 13..."
1954-Public Law 83-523 required ship to be homeported in Boston, MA.

      24 Jul
1799-One man flogged for theft.
1806-Departed Algeciras, Spain.
1837-Departed Tenedos (Bozcaada) I.
1844-Crossed the Equator north-south in the Atlantic with full traditional
1880-Arrived Newport, RI.
1925-Ship officially renamed USS CONSTITUTION upon the cancellation of three
     battlecruisers then under construction, one of which was to have borne
     the name.
1931-One man AWOL.

      25 Jul
1804-Arrived off Tripoli, Libya, to begin combat operations.
1806-Arrived at Cadiz, Spain.
1825-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1827-Departed Paros I. and arrived at Eginia (Aegina) I. the same day.
1836-Departed Messina, Sicily.
1837-Arrived at Scio (Chios) I. and sailed again the same day.
1993-Steven James Dannemiller, grandson of CDR robert L. Gillen, 59th
     Captain, baptised aboard.

      26 Jul
1812-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1823-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Arrived at Ahgway (Ouiwah, Whydah), Dahomey.
1933-Proceeded from Anacortes to Port Townsend, WA.

      27 Jul
1825-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1827-Departed Eginia (Aegina) I. and arrived at Milos I. the same day.
1837-Arrived at Cira (Siros) I.
1853-Arrived at Porto Grande, cape Verde Is., and sailed again the same day.
1854-Departed Ahgway (Ouidah, Whydah), Dahomey.
1931-One man AWOL 3 days returned.

      28 Jul
1778-Charles Stewart, Captain 1813-5, born in Philadelphia, PA.
1833-William Bainbridge, Captain 1812-3, died in Philadelphia, PA.
1837-Departed Cira (Siros) I. and arrived at Suda, Crete, the same day.
1846-Arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1854-Arrived off the Lagos River, Nigeria.
1880-Departed Newport, RI.

      29 Jul
1837-Sailed from Suda to Cania (Heraklion), Crete.
1850-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1931-Proceeded from Gloucester to Marblehead, MA.

      30 Jul
1821-Departed Leghorn, Italy.
1822-Arrived at Malaga, Spain, and sailed again the same day.
1836-Arrived at Kerkira (Corfu) I.
1837-Departed Cania (Heraklion), Crete.  Made good 14 knots for 2 hours.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.  Departed Naples, Italy.
1931-Departed Marblehead, MA.
1933-Departed Port Townsend, WA.

      31 Jul
1805-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1838-Arrived at Hampton Roards, VA.
1854-Visited by King Docemo of Lagos with full honors.  Departed the mouth of
     the Lagos River, Nigeria.
1880-Arrived Bar Harbor, ME.
1931-Arrived at New Bedford, MA.
1933-Arrived at Astoria, OR.  Mast gave a petty officer 10 days restriction
     for intoxication and the same to a Marine for disobedience.