January Calendar


      01 Jan
1813-Arrived at Sao Salvador, Brazil.

1861-"A large number of midshipmen were granted leave to attend the ball on

      02 Jan
1800-Sailmaker Samuel Cavalier died of a bilious complaint and was buried at

      03 Jan
1813-Seaman Stephen Walsh died of wounds received in battle with HMS JAVA.
1845-Arrived at Quallah Battoo (Kuala Batu), Sumatra I.
1850-Three men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      04 Jan
1807-Departed Algiers, Algeria.
1814-Seaman William Nine fell overboard and drowned.
1837-Arrived at Lisbon, Portugal.
1849-Eight men flogged, 1 for "letting a heaver fall out of the Top."
1932-Departed Key West, FL.
1933-Drydocked in Drydock #1 at Balboa, CZ.

      05 Jan
1779-Stephen Decatur, Jr., Captain 1804, born in Sinepuxent, MD.
1804-Seaman Thomas Farrell died.
1813-Departed Sao Salvador, Brazil.
1824-Ordinary Seaman William Johnson died; buried ashore at Gibraltar.
1836-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1838-One man given 24, another 18, and two 12 lashes each for intoxication;
     another received 24 for smuggling liquor; and yet another 24 for
1861-"The midshipmen of the CONSTITUTION gave a hop this evening.  Very well
     attended by the ladies."
1933-Petty officer warned at mast for AWOL as were 3 petty officers and a
     Seaman for intoxication.  Undocked from Drydock #1, Balboa, CZ.

      06 Jan
1813-Seaman Reuben Sanderline died of wounds received in battle with HMS JAVA
     and was buried at sea.
1845-Departed Quallah Battoo (Kuala Batu), Sumatra I.  Midshipman Lucius M.
     Mason died of dysentery and fever prior to sailing and was buried at sea
     with full military honors.
1854-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1932-Arrived at Pensacola, FL.

      07 Jan
1845-Arrived at Annalaboo, Sumatra I.  A man given 6 lashes for disobeying a
     petty officer.
1846-Two men flogged for fighting.
1903-Owen William Huff, Captain 1945-7, born in Columbus, OH.
1933-Departed Balboa, Panama.

      08 Jan
1845-Departed Annalaboo, Sumatra I.
1846-Gun crews experimented with flannel, felt, and rubber(!) powder
     cylinders.  Felt slightly better than flannel; rubber stuck in bottom of
1880-Departed Fort de France, Martinique I.

      09 Jan
1800-One man flogged for neglect of duty and insolence.
1812-Departed Cherbourg, France.
1849-Four men flogged, 1 for "throwing soapsuds in the eyes of the Capt. of
     the Afterguard."
1878-Oscar C. Badger relieved Augustus Paul Cooke as Captain.

      10 Jan
1822-Two men punished for drunkenness.
1880-Arrived at Frederickstadt, St. Croix I.

      11 Jan
1751-Silas Talbot, Captain 1799-1801, born in Dighton, MA.
1800-Private Asa Haskins died "with a complication of the lungs" and was
     buried at sea.
1807-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1849-Eight men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Eleven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1851-Arrived at New York City.
1932-Proceeded from Pensacola, FL, to Mobile, AL.
1933-One Marine returned by San Diego Shore Patrol, drunk and obscene.

      12 Jan
1846-Two men flogged for fighting and another for gambling.
1853-A Landsman deserter delivered to the ship by his mother.
1987-Owen William Huff, Captain 1945-7, died in Vista, CA.

      13 Jan
1822-A child christened aboard: Constitution Jones Nelson.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1855-Departed Funchal, Madeira I.
1877-Captain Henry A. Adams, Jr., recommissioned the ship at Philadelphia,
1975-Harry St. John Butler, Senior Officer on Board 1934-5, died at
     Bethesda, MD.

      14 Jan
1846-Arrived at Mazatlan, Mexico.
1850-Ten men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      15 Jan
1811-Court martial of a man who had deserted for nearly a year awarded him
     100 lashes and fined him apprehension costs.
1814-Quarter Gunner Thomas Coursey died of typhus and was buried at sea.
1854-Kroo crewmember John Grampus died in an accident ashore in Porto Praya,
     Cape Verde Is., and was buried there.

      16 Jan
1799-Captured ex-British ship SPENCER, French prize.
1851-Captain Thomas Anderson Conover placed ship in ordinary at New York.
1879-Departed Le Havre, France.
1886-George W. Hayward, Officer in Charge 1869, died.
1917-George Dewey, Captain 1867-70, died in Washington, DC.

      17 Jan
1815-Seaman William Herrington fell overboard from the fore chains while ship
     was in chase.  Chase given over and man rescued.
1824-Seaman Elijah Armstrong died; buried ashore at Gibraltar.

      18 Jan
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1855-Arrived at Tenerife, Canary Is.
1879-Arrived at Portsmouth, England.
1932-Departed Mobile, AL; 2 AWOL on sailing.

      19 Jan
1799-Seaman Oliver Nester died of "nervous fever" and was buried at sea.
1812-Ordinary Seaman Elisha Pomeroy died and was buried at sea.
1816-Nathaniel Haraden, Officer in Charge 1802-3, died in Washington, DC.
1849-Nine men flogged, 1 for "smoking after 10 PM."  Arrived at Tripoli,
1853-Departed Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1855-Departed Tenerife, Canary Is.
1903-Eugene Carroll Burchett, Senior Officer on Board 1935-7, was born in
     Philadelphia, PA.

20 Jan
1932-Arrived at Baton Rouge, LA.  Marine demoted for direct disobedience of
     order and insolence.

      21 Jan
1804-Seaman John Sloane died.
1933-Arrived at San Diego, CA.

      22 Jan
1849-Departed Tripoli, Libya.
1850-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Arrived at Sal Rei I.

      23 Jan
1806-Arrived at Malta.
1826-George Campbell Read assumed command.
1854-Sailed from Sal Rei I. for Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is., carrying 20-21
     survivors of the wrecked ship SYLPH.
1932-Man AWOL 5 days returned.

      24 Jan
1799-Black Seaman Cornelius Howard, an original crewmember, died of a "putrid
     and nervous fever" and was buried at sea.  Arrived Prince Rupert's Bay,
     Dominica I.
1813-Seaman John Cheever died of wounds received in battle with HMS JAVA and
     was buried at sea.
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1854-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde I.
1934-Mast gave a man a suspended summary court martial for public

      25 Jan
1810-Ordinary Seaman John Christian died.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.

      26 Jan
1812-Seaman Henry Brown was washed overboard and lost in a heavy gale.
1837-Departed Lisbon, Portgual.
1849-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1880-Departed Frederickstadt, St. Croix I.
1933-Mast gave a Seaman 3 weeks restriction for intoxication.

      27 Jan
1849-Arrived at Malta.
1932-Proceeded from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, LA.
1952-Visited by Prince William of Sweden.

      28 Jan
1806-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1822-A coffin is made for Charles Nelson, eldest son of 1 of the seamen.
1835-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1837-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1841-Departed Valparaiso, Chile.
1887-Philip Carrigan Johnson, Jr., Captain 1864-6, died in Portsmouth, NH.

      29 Jan
1799-A man flogged for striking his superior.
1813-Lieutenant John C. Aylwin died of wound received in battle with HMS JAVA
     a month earlier and was buried at sea with full military honors.
1823-Seaman Joseph Henderson died; buried the next day.
1845-Peter Wolf, Captain of the Main Hold, died of dysentery and was buried
     at sea the next morning.
1911-Edmund O. Matthews, Captain 1866, died in Cambridge, MA.

      30 Jan
1799-Six men made to run the gaunlet, punishment for theft.
1814-Boatswain's Mate Richard Ormerod seriously wounded in thigh when
     half-cocked pistol in his belt accidentally fired.
1822-Seaman Abraham Perry died.
1855-Arrived at Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is., and sailed again the same day.
1879-Departed Portsmouth, England.

      31 Jan
1799-One man flogged for fighting; five others for "leaving the boat without
1814-Seaman George Coomes fell and broke his knee.
1837-Departed Gibraltar.