February Calendar


 01 Feb
1799-Seaman James Neaster died of bilious fever and was buried in the bay.
     Departed Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica I.
1800-Captured schooner SWIFT, illegal trafficker.
1838-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1878-Henry A. Adams, Jr., Captain 1877, died in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1880-Arrived at Aspinwall (Colon), Colombia (Panama).
1932-Deck court gave man 20 days extra duty for "neglect of duty."

      02 Feb
1804-A Marine given 48 lashes for stealing a watch, neglect of duty, lying,
     and throwing said watch overboard.
1807-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1836-Departed Gibraltar.
1845-Arrived at Singapore.
1855-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.

      03 Feb
1799-Seaman Henry Kirk fell overboard from maintopgallant yard and drowned.
1838-Arrived Malta.
1855-Departed Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1933-Mast gave a Marine 5 days bread and water for disrespect to a Chief
     Petty Officer.

      04 Feb
1822-Midshipman Thomas B. Worthington killed in a duel; buried the next day
     with full honors ashore on the site of Fort St. Phillip, Port Mahon,
1841-Arrived at Talcahuano, Chile.
1850-Daniel Turner, Captain 1839-41, died in Philadelphia, PA.

      05 Feb
1825-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1845-Seaman Charles Springer and Stephen Hoyt, lately deceased, buried ashore
     at Singapore.
1932-One man given 10 days restriction for "shirking duty" and a petty
     officer 7 days restriction for "improper performance."

      06 Feb
1799-Seaman Jacob Phelps died of bilious fever and buried at sea.
1855-Arrived at Bathurst, Gambia.

      07 Feb
1813-Seaman Peter Furnace died of wounds received in battle with HMS JAVA and
     was buried at sea, the last American fatality from that 29 Dec 1812
1828-Ordinary Seaman Nicholas Post died of consumption and was buried ashore
     in Port Mahon, Minorca.
1845-Ship visited by Commodore Henry D. Chads, RN, who, as Lieutenant,
     surrendered HMS JAVA to CONSTITUTION in Dec 1812.
1855-Departed Bathurst, Gambia.
1880-Departed Aspinwall (Colon), Colombia (Panama).

      09 Feb
1838-Three men given 12 lashes each and another 6 for unspecified offenses.
1855-Arrived at Goree (Dakar), Senegal.

      09 Feb
1805-Departed Lisbon, Portugal.

      10 Feb
1800-Two junior officers suspended for fighting between decks.
1812-Seaman Matthews Cavanaugh died and was buried at sea the next day.
1825-Arrived at Messina, Sicily.

      11 Feb
1836-Arrived at Lisbon, Portugal.
1837-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.

      12 Feb
1828-Seaman Joseph Williams drowned while attempting desertion; when found on
     27th, body interred ashore in Port Mahon, Minorca.
1849-Departed Malta.
1880-Arrived at Aspinwall (Colon), Colombia (Panama).
1932-David G. O'Brien, Captain 1957-9, born in Northampton, MA.

      13 Feb
1805-Arrived at Tangier, Morocco and sailed again same day, arriving at
     Gibraltar this date.
1822-Court martial convened of Midshipman John S. Paine, involved in duel.
1843-Isaac Hull, Captain 1810-2, died in Philadelphia, PA.
1855-Departed Goree (Dakar), Senegal.
1891-David Dixon Porter, Captain 1860, died in Washington, DC.
1932-Departed New Orleans, LA.

      14 Feb
1799-Seaman Daniel Shuteswell died of bilious fever and was buried at sea.
1814-Captured HMS PICTOU (14 guns) and British armed merchant ship LOVELY ANN
     (10 guns).
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1932-Arrived at Corpus Christi, TX.

      15 Feb
1849-Seven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-A boy flogged for an unspecified offense.
1932-Summary court martial gave man AWOL 5 days 1 month in brig and fine of
     $14.50 for 6 months.

      16 Feb
1807-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1826-Seaman Robert Owens given 25 lashes awarded by court martial.
1843-Foxhall Alexander Parker, Sr., decommissioned the ship at Norfolk, VA.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1866-Philip Carrigan Johnson, Jr., relieved by Edmund O. Matthews as Captain.
1932-Petty officer given suspended court martial for being "incapacitated for
     duty" and a marine was warned for smoking on watch.
1933-Departed San Diego, CA.

      17 Feb
1805-Departed Gibraltar.
1814-Captured British schooner PHOENIX.
1845-Arrived off Sambas River, Borneo.
1855-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1933-Arrived at San Pedro, CA.

      18 Feb
1800-Seaman Dennis Murray died of consumption and was buried at sea.
1807-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1815-Captured British ship SUSANNAH.
1879-Arrived at Lisbon, Portugal.
1932-Man AWOL 4 1/2 hours.

      19 Feb
1812-Arrived at Hampton Roads, VA.  Seaman Samuel Smith died and was buried
     ashore on Cape Henry, VA, the next day.
1814-Captured British brig CATHARINE.

      20 Feb
1799-Seaman Samuel Bayley died of bilious fever and was buried at sea.
1809-John Rodgers recommissioned ship at New York City.
1815-Charles Stewart won victory over HMS CYANE (34 guns) and HMS LEVANT (18
     guns) in night engagement off northwestern Africa, taking both prize.
     The Americans suffered 4 killed and 14 wounded.
1836-Edward Phelps Lull, Captain 1861-3, born in Windsor, VT.
1849-Seven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1932-Man AWOL 4 1/2 hours given 2 weeks restriction.

      21 Feb
1799-Arrived at Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica I., and sailed again.
1826-Daniel Todd Patterson relieved George Campbell Read as Captain.

      22 Feb
1799-Two men flogged for riotous behavior.
1810-Court martial began of 2 men for mutinous language and disrespect.
1845-Departed vicinity of Sambas River, Borneo.

      23 Feb
1805-Arrived at Malta.
1810-Court martial of two men for mutinous language and disrespect ended with
     each being awarded 100 lashes.
1932-Departed Corpus Christi, TX.
1933-Mast gave a man a suspended summary court martial for an unspecified
     offense; a petty officer awarded a commendation.

      24 Feb
1849-Constitution Stewart McCauley born to Ann McCauley, wife of a
     diplomat-passenger, D. S. McCauley,in the Captain's cabin at 0930.
     Arrived at Alexandria, Egypt.
1932-Arrived at Galveston, TX.

      25 Feb
1810-Two men found guilty of mutinous language and disrespect by court
     martial ending 23 Feb given 100 lashes each; another man got 12 lashes
     for fighting and still another was drummed out of service for unknown
1814-Seaman Alexander Gerrish died and was buried at sea.
1854-Departed Porto Grande, Cape Verde Is.
1932-Proceeded from Galveston to Houston, TX.

      26 Feb
1799-Seaman Philip Paine died in fall overboard from the mizzen topsail yard.
1840-Departed Callao, Peru.
1854-Arrived at Porto Praya, Cape Verde Is.
1866-Edmund O. Matthews relieved by Thomas Henderson Eastman as Captain.

      27 Feb
1813-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      28 Feb
1822-Court martial sentenced Midshipman John S. Paine, involved in fatal
     duel, to be suspended from duty for 6 months.  He was immediately
     transferred to begin voyage to US.
1833-James A. Greer, Captain 1877, born in Ohio.

      29 Feb