December Calendar

01 Dec
1850-Departed Gibraltar.  At night, struck and sank British merchant brig
     CONFIDENCE; all but Captain rescued.
1917-In order that a new battlecruiser could be given the name, the sailing
     frigate was officially renamed USS OLD CONSTITUTION.
1931-Arrived at Charleston, SC.

      02 Dec
1799-Arrived at Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti.
1840-Departed Callao, Peru.
1842-Arrived at Norfolk, VA.
1844-A man given 12 lashes for going through other mens' clothes.
1845-Departed Honolulu, Hawaii.
1932-A Seaman AWOL 3 hours.
1990-Ms. Jennifer Cook of Belfast, Maine, became 1 millionth visitor of the
     year, the second consecutive year in which that number was exceeded.
     Total for 1990 was 1,011,184.

      03 Dec

      04 Dec
1853-Departed St. Helena I.

      05 Dec
1812-Three men given 12 lashes each, another 7, and another 6 for unspecified
     offenses; one man confined in irons for desertion; and three were
     excused from the unspecified charges against them.
1822-Departed Gibraltar.
1825-Daniel Todd Patterson detached as Captain.
1827-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1853-While at St. Helena Island, learned of Perry's success in opening Japan
     to American trade; crew gave three cheers.

      06 Dec
1837-One man given 18 lashes for intoxication.
1931-Departed Charleston, SC.

      07 Dec
1803-One man given 36 lashes for desertion, drunkenness, and neglect of duty;
     3 received 24 each for drunkenness and neglect of duty; and 1 got 6 for
1827-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1931-Arrived at Savannah, GA.
1932-Seaman AWOL.

      08 Dec
1799-Departed Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti.
1807-Hugh George Campbell placed ship in ordinary in New York.
1931-One man AWOL 9 hours; subsequently given a warning at mast.
1932-Departed Washington, DC.

      09 Dec
1803-One man returned to duty after three weeks in irons for attempted
1806-Departed Lisbon, Portugal.
1812-A Marine given 50 lashes per court martial order of 26 Nov and released
     from confinement.
1823-Seaman Thomas Kelly was discharged at his own request and sent aboard
     HMS TRIBUNE, frigate.
1848-Departed Boston, MA.

      10 Dec
1845-Jesse Duncan Elliott, Captain 1835-8, died in Philadelphia, PA.
1854-Arrived at Funchal, Madeira I.
1932-Mast gave a Petty Officer 3rd Class extra duty for insolence and the
     same to a Seaman for being out of uniform.

      11 Dec
1810-Two Marines flogged for drunkenness and a sailor for theft.
1824-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1837-Three men given 12 lashes each for leaving the Port Mahon Navy Yard
     without permission, and another 6 for intoxication and riotous conduct.
1879-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1931-Departed Savannah, GA.
1972-Thomas Coyne relieved John David McKinnon as Captain.

      12 Dec
1931-Arrived at Brunswick, GA.
1932-Mast gave 3 extra mid-watches each to a Marine and a Seaman for improper
     watch relief during last port call.

      13 Dec
1827-Seaman Owen Sullivan died "of debility" and was buried at sea. (Also
     reported as having occurred on the 11th.)
1931-Marine AWOL 7 hours.

      14 Dec
1811-Acting Sailmaker Lewis Crofford died and was buried ashore in Cherbourg,
     France, the next day.
1881-Edwin Malcolm Shepard decommissioned ship at New York City.
1931-A Marine given a warning and a sailor 2 weeks restriction, both for
     improper performance of duty.
1932-Mast gave insolent Marine 3 days bread and water and 27 hours in
     solitary confinement.  Arrived at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
1935-Edward Joseph Melanson, Jr., Captain 1959-60, born in Stoneham, MA.
1964-Clarence Earl McBride, Captain 1941-5, died.

      15 Dec
1824-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1827-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1848-Two men flogged, one for "carelessly leaving an iron loose in the top."
1931-Departed Brunswick, GA.  Deck court gave AWOL Marine 10 days in brig and
     $5 fine.

      16 Dec
1803-Two men given 24 lashes each for drunkenness and neglect of duty;
     another given 24 for neglect of duty and leaving a boat; and a Marine
     was punished for sleeping on post.
1931-Arrived at Jacksonville, FL.

      17 Dec
1800-Departed Boston, MA.
1803-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1803-A Marine was given 24 lashes for embezzlement and sale of stolen
1814-Departed Boston, MA.

      18 Dec
1806-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1821-Departed Gibraltar.
1824-Ordinary Seaman John Foreman died; buried at sea the next day.
1836-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.

      19 Dec
1811-Two men flogged for smuggling rum on board.
1824-Seaman John C. Norman, a Black, died of consumption and was buried at
1853-Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.
1932-Departed Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
1993-Ian Toye, son of crewman Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Andrew J. Toye,
     baptized on board.

      20 Dec
1811-Midshipman William C. Pierpoint and Boy Abraham Harding died and were
     buried ashore in Cherbourg, France.
1822-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1844-Seaman John Weston died of consumption and was buried at sea.
1933-Lieutenant (junior grade) David W. Tolson married Miss Helen Lee Turner
     in the Wardroom, Lieutenant Commander (Chaplain) Clinton A. Neyman,
1939-Joseph Clark Grew, Captain 1965-7, born in Lawrence, NY.

      21 Dec
1821-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1824-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1853-Departed Monrovia, Liberia.
1931-Departed Jacksonville, FL.

      22 Dec
1806-Departed Gibraltar.
1844-Seaman Christian Fisher died of ulcers and was buried at sea.
1848-Flogged 4 men for unspecified offenses.
1849-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1852-John Rudd recommissioned ship at New York City.
1932-Arrived at Cristobal, Panama.

      23 Dec
1783-Thomas Macdonough, Captain 1824-5, born in The Trap, DE.
1848-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1931-Arrived at Miami, FL.

      24 Dec
1814-Captured British brig LORD NELSON.
1879-Arrived at Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe I.
1963-Hermann Pierce Knickerbocker, Captain 1940-1, died in Jacksonville, FL.

      25 Dec
1822-Boatswain's Mate Daniel Campbell died; buried ashore at Port Mahon,
     Minorca, the next day.
1850-Seaman Joseph Bryson stabbed Captain of the Mizzen Top Peter Wilson with
     a knife; placed in double irons.  Dishonorably discharged upon arrival
     in port.
1879-Departed Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe I.

      26 Dec
1810-Seaman Nathaniel Erburus (sp?) died.
1837-George Dewey, Captain 1867-70, born in Montpelier, VT.
1849-Nine men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      27 Dec
1799-Three men flogged for neglect of duty.
1811-Seaman James Lornson (sp?) died and was buried ashore in Cherbourg,
     France, the next day.
1848-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1879-Arrived at Fort de France, Martinique I.
1932-Transitted the Panama Canal from Cristobal to Balboa.

      28 Dec
1798-Departed Boston, MA.
1804-Arrived Lisbon, Portugal.
1811-Samuel Nicholson, Sr., Captain 1798-9, died in Charlestown, MA.
1836-Arrvied at Cadiz, Spain.

      29 Dec
1803-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1806-Arrived at Algiers, Algeria.
1812-William Bainbridge commanded ship in victory over HMS JAVA (38 guns) off
     Sao Salvador (Bahia), Brazil.  The Americans suffered 9 killed and 15
     wounded, including Commodore Bainbridge and Lieutenant John C. Aylwin,
     who later died along with 4 others of the wounded.
1848-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1932-Petty Officer 1st Class and Seaman made prisoners-at-large for
     unspecified offenses.
1933-One man AWOL 4 hours; later awarded 3 days restriction.

      30 Dec
1931-Departed Miami, FL.
1932-Petty Officer 1st Class made prisoner-at-large for intoxication.

      31 Dec
1813-Departed Boston, MA.
1827-Lieutenant George B. McCulloch died "of disease" and was buried ashore
     in Port Mahon, Minorca, the next day.
1836-Departed Cadiz, Spain.
1840-Arrived at Valparaiso, Chile.
1914-Henry Lycurgis Howison, Captain 1870-1, died in Yonkers, NY.
1931-Arrived at Key West, FL.