August Calendar

01 Aug
1822-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1838-John Rodgers, Captain 1804-6 and 1809-10, died in Washington, DC.
1845-Departed Whampoa, China.
1849-Arrived at Gaeta, Italy.  Received formal visits from King Ferdinand II
     of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies and Pope Pius IX.
1860-David Dixon Porter recommissioned ship at Portsmouth, NH.
1870-Henry Lycurgis Howison relieved George Dewey as Captain.
1931-One man given 10 days restriction for "improper conduct in connection
     with visitors."
1987-David Matthew Cashman assumed command at Boston, MA.

      02 Aug
1805-Private John Fording court martialled for sleeping on post and awarded
     50 lashes; Private Samuel Peacock court martialled for mutinous and
     seditious conduct and awarded 100.
1807-Arrived at Malaga, Spain.
1812-Departed Boston, MA.
1827-Became Flagship, Mediterranean Squadron.  Departed Milos I.
1842-A Marine given 12 lashes for mutinous conduct.
1844-Arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1845-Arrived at Boca Tigris, Cina.
1849-Midshipman George H. Chapman was knocked overboard by the main bowline
     and subsequently rescued.
1879-Francis H. Baker relieved Oscar C. Badger as Captain.
1933-Proceeded from Astoria to Portland, OR.

      03 Aug
1804-First attack on Tripoli; withdrawal of small craft covered by frigate's
1837-Arrived at Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Palestine (Israel).
1842-Two men deserted by swimming ashore in Hampton Roads, VA.
1849-Arrived at Naples, Italy.
1850-Jacob Jones, Captain 1821-4, died in Philadelphia, PA.
1854-Arrived at West Bay, Prince's (Principe) I.

      04 Aug
1837-Departed Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Palestine (Israel).
1849-Departed Naples, Italy.
1853-Arrived at Sal Rei I.

      05 Aug
1810-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1811-Departed Hampton Roads, VA.
1837-Arrived at Caesarea, Palestine.
1844-Four men and a Marine given 12 lashes each for unspecified minor
1846-Departed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1850-Departed Marseilles, France.
1860-Departed Portsmouth, NH.
1931-Man AWOL 3 days fines $10 for 2 months by deck court.
1945-John William Powers, Captain 1967-9, born in Salem, MA.

      06 Aug
1799-One man flogged for riotous behavior.
1823-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1837-Departed Caesarea, Palestine.
1838-Gave a man 12 lashes for desertion.
1842-A man given 12 lashes for drunkenness and insolence.
1880-Departed Bar Harbor, ME.
1931-Proceed from New Bedford, MA, to Providence, RI.
1974-Tyrone Gabriel Martin relieved Thomas Coyne as Captain.

      07 Aug
1804-Second attack on Tripoli.
1821-Gunner's Yeoman George Willard died about 3 hours after having been hit
     in head by accidentally falling main topgallant studdingsail boom;
     buried at sea the next day.
1822-Departed Gibraltar.
1827-Arrived at Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1836-Departed Kerkira (Corfu) I.
1837-Arrived at Tyre, Lebanon.
1849-Arrived at Messina, Sicily.

      08 Aug
1794-Contract signed with Furnace Hope of Rhode Island to produce 24-pounder
     long guns, 30 of which would be delivered to CONSTITUTION.
1810-A seaman was given 9 lashes for drunkenness and a Marine flogged for
1837-Departed Tyre, Lebanon, and called at Sidon, Lenbanon.
1850-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      09 Aug
1825-Arrived at Paros I.
1853-Departed Sal Rei I.
1854-Departed West Bay, Prince's (Principe) I.
1865-Departed Newport, RI.
1881-Commodore Stephen B. Luce shifted his flag to USS NEW HAMPSHIRE, ending
     the ship's final assignment as a flagship in normal service.
1932-A Petty Officer 1st Class assaulted by a Seaman, suffering several scalp
     lacerations, one requiring stitches.

      10 Aug
1812-Captured British brig LADY WARREN.
1823-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1850-Arrived at Naples, Italy.
1853-Arrived at Freetown, Sierra Leone.
1931-Proceeded from Providence to Newport, RI.

      11 Aug
1810-Arrived at Wilmington, DE.
1812-Captured British brig ADIONA (or ADEONA).
1826-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1837-Arrived at Beirut, Lebanon.
1881-Departed Newport, RI.
1917-Albert C. Messier, Captain 1952-4, born in Bristol, CT.
1933-Body of Coxswain John Joseph Brennan, missing since the evening of 7
     Aug, found floating alongside USS GREBE, moored ahead of ship at Tacoma,

      12 Aug
1812-One man given 12 lashes for drunkenness and another got 12 for
1822-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1823-Oscar C. Badger, Captain, 1878-9, born in Windham, CT.
1836-Arrived at Milos I.
1881-Arrived at New London, CT.
1993-Son Skyler Alexander born to Seaman Apprentice Sarah Rae Cloud; first
     child born to a serving female member of the crew.

      13 Aug
1836-Departed Milos I.
1845-Seaman Henry Lehman died.
1931-Proceeded from Newport, RI, to New London, CT.

      14 Aug
1799-The Boatswain suspended from duty and confined for riotous behavior.
     Arrived at Lynnhaven, VA.
1803-Departed Boston, MA.
1825-Departed Paros I.
1849-Eleven men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Freetown, Sierra Leone.
1880-Arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia.

      15 Aug
1761-Edward Preble, Captain 1803-4, was born in Portland, ME.
1800-Seaman Charles Leonard died of a fever and was buried at sea.
1809-Departed New York City.
1812-Captured an ex-American brig British prize and a British brig; burned
1827-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey, and arrived at Vourla (Urla), Turkey,
     the same day.
1836-Arrived at Napoli de Romania (Nauplia), Greece.
1877-James A. Greer relieved Henry A. Adams, Jr., as Captain.
1881-Departed New London, CT, and sailed to New Haven, CT, the same day.
1931-One man AWOL.

      16 Aug
1806-Arrived at Tangier, Morocco.
1821-Arrived at Gibraltar.  Private Walter Lee died and was buried ashore the
     next day.
1826-Arrived at Milos I.
1854-Arrived at Anna Bona (Annobon) I.
1865-Arrived at Annapolis, MD.
1931-Man AWOL 1 day returned.

      17 Aug
1799-Departed Lynnhaven, VA.
1823-Quartermaster John Smith (#2) died; buried the next day.
1836-Departed Napoli de Romania (Nauplia), Greece.
1844-Two men given 12 lashes each for insolence to a Midshipman ashore.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1863-George Washington Rodgers, Captain 1860-1, died in action off Fort
     Sumter, SC.
1854-Departed Anna Bona (Annobon) I.
1904-Edwin Malcolm Shepard, Captain 1881, died in Jeffrey, NH.
1923-Construction of 3 battlecruisers cancelled, including one to have been
     given the name CONSTITUTION.

      18 Aug
1799-Arrived at Norfolk, VA.
1806-Departed Tangier, Morcco.
1838-Jesse Duncan Elliott placed the ship in ordinary at Norfolk, VA.
1881-Departed New Haven, CT, and sailed to Smithtown Bay, Long I., NY, the
     same day.
1933-Marine AWOL.

      19 Aug
1805-Lieutenant Joshua Blake court martialled for quarrelling with a superior
     and awarded a public reprimand.
1806-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1812-Isaac Hull commanded ship in victory over HMS GUERRIERE (38 guns).  The
     ship suffered 7 dead, including Lieutenant William S. Bush, the only
     Marine officer ever to die in the ship, and 7 wounded, including
     Lieutenant Charles Morris, the First Lieutenant, and Sailing Master John
     C. Aylwin.
1825-Arrived at Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1835-Departed New York City.
1836-Arrived at Athens, Greece.
1849-Departed Messina, Sicily.
1853-Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.

      20 Aug
1807-Departed Malaga, Spain.
1812-Defeated HMS GUERRIERE scuttled.
1860-Arrived at Annapolis, MD.
1931-Proceeded from New London, CT, to Fort Pond Bay, Long I., NY.
1971-John David McKinnon relieved Jack Loren Reifschneider as Captain.

      21 Aug
1798-Arrived at Newport, RI.
1799-Two men flogged for desertion.
1849-Arrived at Palermo, Sicily.
1850-Departed Naples, Italy.
1931-Deck courts gave a man AWOL 1 day a $15 fine for 2 months; and of 2
     Marines found sleeping on post, 1 received 20 days confinement and the
     other, a $5 fine for 2 months.
1933-Marine returned after being AWOL 3 days, 15 hours.

      22 Aug
1799-Two Marine sergeants deserted from pinnace.
1826-Departed Milos I.
1853-Visited by J. J. Roberts, President of Liberia.
1860-George Washington Rodgers relieved David Dixon Porter as Captain.
1862-George Campbell Read, Captain 1826, died in Philadelphia, PA.
1866-Henry Martin Blue, Captain 1863-4, died in Charleston, SC.
1881-Departed Smithtown Bay, Long I., NY, and arrived to New Haven, CT, the
     same day.
1933-Proceeded from Portland, OR, to Kalama, WA.  Marine AWOL over 3 days
     given 5 days bread and water.
1992-Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Anthony Clurman married Ms. Suzanne Beauchamp
     on board.

      23 Aug
1837-Flogged 7 men for drunkenness, 1 for drunkenness and mutinous conduct, 1
     for mutinous conduct, 2 for improper conduct ashore, and 1 for
1877-Reigart Bolivar Lowry relieved James A. Greer as Captain.
1931-One man AWOL.
1996-On a turnaround cruise on this date, the largest number of guests -- 816
     -- were carried.

      24 Aug
1800-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1807-Arrived at Algeciras, Spain.
1810-Departed Wilmington, DE.
1836-Departed Athens, Greece.
1844-Two Midshipmen found guilty of unspecified offenses by a court martial
     and ordered off the ship for return to the US.  One man deserted from a
1845-Seaman George Fulcher died.
1881-Sailed from New Haven, CT, to Faulkner's I.
1931-Two men AWOL; 1 man AWOL 1 day returned.
1933-Proceeded from Kalama to Longview, WA.
1940-Hermann Pierce Knickerbocker placed ship in commission at Boston, MA,
     per Executive Order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

      25 Aug
1799-Departed Norfolk, VA.
1807-Edward Preble, Captain 1803-4, died in Portland, ME.
1839-Daniel Todd Patterson, Captain 1825 and 1826-8, died in Wilmington, NJ.
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Departed Monrovia, Liberia.
1880-Departed Halifax, Nova Scotia.
1931-Two men AWOL 1 day returned.  Proceeded from Fort Pond Bay to Oyster
     Bay, Long I., NY.  A previous AWOL given a suspended deck court.
1932-Summary court martial fined Seaman who assaulted a Petty Officer 1st
     Class $31 for 6 months and suspended bad conduct discharge.

      26 Aug
1804-Third attack on Tripoli.
1810-Eight midshipmen placed on report for negligence.
1811-Three midshipmen arrested for unspecified reasons.
1821-Boy Solomon Gardner died in hospital ashore at Gibraltar.
1822-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1836-Arrived at Suda, Crete.
1842-Two men given 9 lashes each for fighting.
1850-Arrived at Spezzia, Italy.
1881-Sailed from Faulkner's I. to New London, CT.
1933-Departed Longview, WA.

      27 Aug
1798-Departed Newport, RI.
1800-Seaman James Acomb fell overboard and drowned.
1803-Seaman Richard Beedland died of injuries suffered in a fall from the
     mizzen top 6 days earlier and was buried at sea.
1837-Departed Beirut, Lebanon.
1839-Arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1842-Two men given 10 lashes each for fighting.
1845-Departed Boca Tigris, China.
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Arrived at Sinoe (Greenville), Liberia.

      28 Aug
1804-Fourth attack on Tripoli; forts duelled into silence.
1837-Arrived at Tarabulus (Tripoli), Lebanon.
1841-Arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1853-Departed Sinoe (Greenville), Liberia.
1931-Departed Oyster Bay, Long I., NY.  Two 1-day AWOLs given suspended deck

      29 Aug
1850-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1853-Arrived at Cape Palmas, Liberia.
1916-President Woodrow Wilson authorized the construction of six
     battlecruisers, the first of which was temporarily assigned the name
1931-Arrived at New York City.
1963-John Christopher Kelleher relieved Victor Bernard Stevens, Jr., as

      30 Aug
1812-Arrived at Boston, MA.
1836-Departed Suda, Crete.
1850-Sailed from Spezzia to Genoa, Italy.
1916-Charles William Morris, Captain 1954-7, born in East Boston, MA.
1933-Mast gave a Marine 2 days solitary confinement for slow relief, a Petty
     Officer 25 hours duty for indifferent performance, and a Seaman 10 days
     restriction and 15 hours extra duty for intoxication.  Chief Yeoman J.
     H. Glass, the Captain's Writer, received a meritorious commendation.

      31 Aug
1825-Departed Smyrna (Izmir), and arrived at Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1837-Departed Tarabulus (Tripoli), Lebanon.
1843-A man given 12 lashes for insolence.
1880-Arrived New Bedford, MA.
1931-One Marine AWOL.
1933-Arrived in San Francisco, CA.