April Calendar

 01 Apr
1821-Jacob Jones recommissioned the ship at Boston, MA.
1828-Purser John B. Timberlake died of consumption and was buried ashore in
     Port Mahon, Minorca.
1850-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1854-Arrived at Funchal, Madeira I.
1878-Departed Falmouth, England.
1932-Departed Port St. Joe, FL.

      02 Apr
1815-Arrived at Maranhao, Brazil.
1880-Arrived at Hampton Roads, VA.
1934-Arrived at Balboa, Panama.

      03 Apr
1779-John Percival, Captain 1844-6, born in Barnstable, MA.
1799-Captured ex-British packet CARTERET, a French prize.
1804-Arrived at Tunis, Tunisia.
1805-Departed Malta.
1806-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1814-Arrived at Marblehead, MA, being unsuccessfully chased by HMS JUNON and
     TENEDOS.  Later in the day moved to Salem, MA.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1878-Arrived at Le Havre, France.
1932-Arrived Tampa, FL.

      04 Apr
1799-Sailmaker William Felt died and was buried at sea.
1806-Arrived at Malta.
1828-Seaman W. Staples died "of the effects of intoxication."
1840-Arrived at Callao, Peru.
1849-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.

      05 Apr
1799-Three men deserted from a ship's boat.
1805-Arrived off Tripoli, Libya, for final phase of war.
1812-Arrived at Washington, DC.
1843-Three men given 6 lashes each for unspecified offenses.
1932-A Petty Officer 1st Class AWOL.

      06 Apr
1804-Departed Tunis, Tunisia.
1845-Arrived at Brunei, Borneo I.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1932-A Petty Officer 1st Class AWOL 1 day returned.
1933-Ship evacuated most of morning due to bomb threat; nothing found.

      07 Apr
1805-A Marine was "flogged by the Ship's Company" for theft.
1812-Two boys deserted in Washington, DC.
1827-Arrived at Milos I.
1828-Midshipman Henry K. Mower died.
1881-Departed Philadelphia, PA.
1932-Proceeded from Tampa to St. Petersburg, FL.
1934-Transitted the Panama Canal from Balboa to Cristobal.

      08 Apr
1853-Arrived at Spezzia, Italy.
1934-Departed Cristobal, Panama.

      09 Apr
1822-Departed Cadiz, Spain.
1823-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1828-Midshipman J. Hoover died and was buried ashore with full honors in Port
     Mahon, Minorca.
1850-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1932-Departed St. Petersburg, FL.

      10 Apr
1812-Seaman Thomas Williams was killed in fall from mizzen top.
1824-Departed Gibraltar, having concluded a tour as flagship of the
     Mediterranean Squadron.
1826-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1835-Arrived at Le Havre, France.
1839-Departed Norfolk, VA.
1845-Departed Brunei, Borneo I.
1865-Full dressed ship in honor of Lee's surrender at Appomattox.
1933-Mast gave a petty officer summary court martial for assault; court gave
     him a month in brig and fined him $25 for 3 months.

      11 Apr
1811-Court martial of a petty officer and a seaman for seditious conduct and
     disrespect relating to misunderstanding their enlistment contracts.  The
     petty officer was reduced to seaman, fined 2 months pay, and awarded 200
     lashes; the other was similarly fined and awarded 50 lashes.  On the
     court's recommendation, The Secretary of the Navy remitted the
1822-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1879-Departed Lisbon, Portugal.

      12 Apr
1843-A man given 12 lashes for desertion.
1933-Proceeded from San Francisco to Oakland, CA.

      13 Apr
1799-Arrived at Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica I.
1807-Arrived at Malta.
1815-Departed Maranhao, Brazil.
1836-Departed Lisbon, Portugal.
1927-The Secretary of the Navy authorized commencement of the ship's
1932-Man given suspended summary court martial for sleeping on watch.

      14 Apr
1804-Arrived at Syracuse, Sicily.
1827-Departed Milos I.
1934-Arrived at St. Petersburg, FL.

      15 Apr
1932-Arrived at Quantico, VA.

      16 Apr
1826-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1850-Four men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1864-Philip Carrigan Johnson, Jr., relieved Henry Martin Blue as Captain.
1932-Proceeded from Quantico, VA, to Washington, DC.

      17 Apr
1791-Thomas Anderson Conover, Captain 1849-51, born in Monmouth, NJ.
1799-Departed Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica I.
1814-Sailed from Salem to Boston, MA.
1827-Arrived at Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1849-Two men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1962-Louis Joseph Gulliver, Captain 1931-4, died in Bethesda, MD.

      18 Apr
1813-Report made to the Secretary of the Navy that 100 of crew have been sent
     to Sackett's Harbor for duty on the Great Lakes.
1822-Departed Gibraltar.
1836-Arrived at Malaga, Spain.
1841-A man given 7 lashes for doubling the grog tub and drunkenness.
1850-Departed Spezzia, Italy.
1881-Arrived at Piney Point, VA.
1934-A petty officer given an extra midwatch for neglect of duty.

      19 Apr
1836-Departed Malaga, Spain.
1849-Five men flogged for unspecified offenses.
1850-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy.

      20 Apr
1823-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1836-Arrived at Gibraltar.
1839-Arrived at New York City.
1919-Knied Haabendal Christensen, Captain 1950-2, born in Kvarndrup, Denmark.
1932-Summary courts martial gave AWOL Petty Officer 1st Class 2 months in
     brig and fined him $42 for 4 months, and a man got 2 months in brig and
     a fine of $31.05 for 6 months for"lying down and asleep while on watch
     as life buoy."

      21 Apr
1812-Two men deserted at Washington, DC.
1861-Due to potential threat of Confederate attack, midshipmen sent ashore
     and the ship towed out to anchor in the stream off Annapolis.

      22 Apr
1823-One man deserted from the launch at Gibraltar.
1838-(Sunday)  Flogged 4 men for unspecified offenses.
1846-Departed Mazatlan, Mexico.

      23 Apr
1821-Ran a trial of Sailing Master Briscoe Doxey's "propello marino,"
     considered successful.
1836-Departed Gibraltar.
1837-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1840-Able Seaman Henry Lowe killed in fall from cliff on San Lorenzo I. in
     harbor of Callao, Peru.
1934-Departed St. Petersburg, FL.

      24 Apr
1805-Captured a Tunisian privateer (8 guns) and her two ex-Neapolitan prizes.
1827-Departed Vourla (Urla), Turkey.
1835-Departed Le Havre, France.
1853-Sailed from Spezzia to Leghorn, Italy.
1861-Such Naval Academy midshipmen as had not resigned to join the
     Confederacy were moved aboard the ship to be transported northward.

      25 Apr
1804-Departed Syracuse, Sicily.
1827-Arrived at Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey.
1835-Arrived at Cherbourg, France.
1849-One man flogged for an unspecified offense.
1855-Fifty-two men placed in double irons for mutinous language; released 28
     hours later.
1957-David G. O'Brien relieved Charles William Morris as Captain.

      26 Apr
1825-Marine Lieutenant Henry W. Gardner died; buried ashore in Messina,
     Sicily, with full honors.
1845-Seaman John Thompson (#2) fell overboard while furling the fore
     topgallant sail and was lost.
1861-Departed Annapolis, MD, carrying loyal midshipmen northward.
1933-Proceeded from Oakland to Vallejo, CA.

      27 Apr
1813-Fifty more of ship's crew sent to Great Lakes (150 in all) for duty
     there.  Many served with Oliver Hazard Perry in his victory over the
     British on Lake Erie in September 1813.
1840-Party of sailors from ship put down mutiny in US whaler SAPPHIRE at
     Callao, Peru.
1849-Five men flogged, 1 for "throwing a belaying pin at the Boatswain's
1934-Arrived at Charleston, SC.

      28 Apr
1837-Arrived at Marseilles, France.
1861-Arrived at New York City.
1967-John William Powers relieved Joseph Clark Grew as Captain.

      29 Apr
1828-Departed Port Mahon, Minorca.
1836-Arrived at Port Mahon, Minorca.
1853-Departed Leghorn, Italy.

      30 Apr
1812-Four men deserted at Washington, DC.
1822-Arrived at Leghorn, Italy, and sailed again same day.
1849-Six men flogged for unspecified offenses.  Departed Spezzia, Italy.
1850-Sailed from Leghorn to Spezzia, Italy.  Enroute flogged two men for
     unspecified offenses.
1925-Visited by John Phillip Sousa, the "March King."
1952-Albert C. Messier relieved Knied Haabendal Christensen as Captain.