TWELFTH Congress, Session II, Volume 2, Chapter 10.


An Act providing for navy pensions in certain cases.


          Sec. 1.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, if any officer of the navy or marines shall be killed or die, by reason of a wound received in the line of his duty, leaving a widow, or, if no widow, a child or children, under sixteen years of age, such widow, or, if no widow, such children, shall be entitled to receive half the monthly pay to which the deceased was entitled at the time of his death, which allowance shall continue for and during the term of five years; but in case of the death or intermarriage of such widow, before the expiration of the said term of five years, the half pay for the remainder shall go to the child or children of the said deceased officer: provided, that such half pay shall cease on the death of such child or children; and the money required for this purpose shall be paid out of the navy pension fund, under the direction of the commissioners of that fund.


          Approved, January 20, 1813.